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How Good Are Kirkland Hearing Aids

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Considerations When Buying Hearing Aids From Costco

Costco Kirkland Signature 10 Detailed Hearing Aid Review | KS10 | KS 10.0T

One of the problems with Costco hearing aids is that they can be considered old technology. Costco doesnt get the newest hearing aids that are available and the devices can be six months behind the rest of the market.

Waiting times for hearing test appointments at Costco has been significantly reduced. Costco aims to have only a one week wait for customers. There are 12 Costco locations across Australia with some centres having up to three hearing test booths this means a shorter wait for appointments. Costco centres are open Monday to Saturday, between 8am 6pm, with some centres available for appointments up to 7.30pm.

Whats New In Kirkland Signature 80 Hearing Aids Besides Lower Price

According to the company, the KS 8.0 includes the following features:

  • Receiver In Canal available with 312 or 13 battery
  • 48 channels, 20 gain handles, and 6 programs
  • Optional model with telecoil
  • IP 68 rated against dirt and moisture

Click here for a review of hearing aids currently available at Costco. If youre curious how the latest Kirkland KS 8.0 hearing aids stack up against their name brand counterpart, check out this video from Dr. Cliff Olson:

For detailed specifications of the KS 8, interested readers can also refer to the datasheet and materials published at Hearing Tracker.

Resound Preza Hearing Aids

The Resound Preza range at Costco is made up of two Receiver In Canal hearing aids, one of which is a lithium-ion powered device and the other, a traditional zinc-air powered device. The Preza is available in one technology range which appears to be similar to the 9 level of LiNX Quattro hearing devices. Let’s take a quick look at the models.

A Lithium-ion Rechargeable Made For iPhone Hearing Aid

The LiNX Preza LT-61, which you can see above, is a rechargeable direct connection, Bluetooth enabled or Made For iPhone hearing aid. Resound have redesigned the wireless radio for the new platform and it is more powerful than ever before meaning more stability when streaming audio. Making it a lithium-ion rechargeable device makes a lot of sense, although Resound has used chip upgrades to improve power consumption, a rechargeable option allows you the comfort of never having to worry about hearing aid batteries. The battery life is also fantastic, they say that you will get 30 hours of use on one charge and 24 hours of life even if you are streaming for 50% of the time. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have a telecoil.

Traditional Zinc Air Powered

The LT-62 is a traditional zinc-air powered Made For iPhone device that takes a size 13 battery. It has a telecoil on-board and offers a multi-functional button which acts as volume control and programme button. The device is water resistant. This might be the device for you if you want an on-board telecoil receiver.

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How To Clean Custom Hearing Aids

  • Wipe down your hearing aids with a cloth, tissue, or designated hearing aid wipes or disinfecting spray .
  • Locate the microphone and speaker ports of your hearing aids. Keep in mind that some hearing aids have two microphone ports. The speaker port is often covered with a white wax filter.
  • Use a brush over the microphone and speaker ports to remove any loose wax or debris.
  • Use a wax pick to clear out the microphone or speaker port. Do not stick anything longer into the microphone or speaker port, as it can damage the components. Replace the wax filter if needed.
  • Locate the vent of the hearing aid. This is an opening that allows air to go from one side of the hearing aid to the other. Use a vent cleaner to clear out the vent.
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    Page : Information And Description Of Symbols

    Kirkland signature 8.0 hearing aid review
  • Page 49 Indicates the medical device manufacturer, as defined in EU Directive 93/42/EEC. This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to read and take into account the relevant information in these user guides. This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to pay attention to the relevant warning notices in these user guides.
  • Page 50 Important information for handling and product safety. During transportation keep dry. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered ® trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by the manufacturer is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 51 Operating The product is designed such that it functions without conditions problems or restrictions if used as intended, unless otherwise noted in these user guides. The hearing aids are classified IP68 and designed to be used in all daily life situations. Therefore you do not have to worry about getting the hearing aids exposed to a rain shower or sweat.
  • Page 52 Indicates the manufacturers catalogue number so that the medical device can be identified. Temperature during transportation and storage: 20° to +60° Celsius . Humidity during transportation: Up to 90% . Humidity during storage: 0% to 70%, if not in use. See instruction in chapter 18.2 regarding drying the hearing aid after use.
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    Accessories For Kirkland Hearing Aids

    Most hearing aid wearers want to make the listening experience as convenient as possible for them. Kirklands upgraded hearing aids support multiple accessories to make your life simpler.

    All Kirkland Signature hearing aid purchases come with a hard-shell charging case, a soft carrying case, and cleaning tools. These come completely free of charge.

    Lets take a look at some of the accessories available with both KS9 and KS10 hearing aids.

    Costco Reduces Hearing Aid Prices Yet Again

    Costcos Kirkland Signature label has always been the value brand for many products found at Costco, both inside and outside the hearing aid department. Over the past several years, however, the prominence of the Kirkland brand in its hearing centers has continued to grow significantlymaking it perhaps the most dispensed brand at the hearing centers today.

    The pricing trend continues what has been observed over the past several years with the KS brand devices, with each successive generation of Kirkland Signature hearing aids, the price is lowered by $100/pair:

    • KS 4.0: $1,999/pair
    • KS 5.0: $1,899/pair
    • KS 6.0: $1,799/pair
    • KS 7.0: $1,699/pair
    • KS 8.0: $1,599/pair
    • KS 9.0: $1,499/pair
    • KS 10.0: $1,399/pair

    The reductions in price, now at $1,399/pair for the KS 10, are consistent with growing calls to increase accessibility and affordability of hearing aids by consumer advocacy groups.

    The $1,399 price includes the hearing aids and charger, along with a brush and cleaning cloth.

    For more information, visit Costcos website.

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    Whats The Best Hearing Aid Available For Me

    To be honest, the best hearing aid is a myth. There isnt a singular hearing aid product on the market that is universally best for everyone. Many things need to be taken into consideration when recommending hearing aids, such as the degree of hearing loss, the physical size of your ear, and your lifestyle. When these three things are evaluated, the best solution to your problem can be prescribed.

    Are There Affordable Hearing Aids

    Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 Hearing Aids Review

    Most hearing aids are $1500-3000 each so, double if you need one for each ear. And insurance often doesn’t cover the device, so it’s a big purchase.

    Hearing aids sold online are often cheaper but all our experts agreed these aren’t a good option if you have moderate to severe hearing loss. Plus, ordering this way forgoes a crucial fitting and other services an audiologist provides.

    To lower costs while ensuring you’re getting a quality product and service, Dr. Sjoblad suggested asking your audiologist about base or value model hearing aids from major manufacturers, which may cost around $1,000 for a pair.

    She also recommended finding audiologists that offer unbundled pricing. This not only lets you see and understand each item you’re paying for but can lower costs since you’re not paying for features or services you won’t use.

    Many audiologists offer a payment plan for the purchase, too.

    Some nonprofit organizations, including the Hearing Loss Association of America and the Hearing Charities of America, also provide lists of programs and resources to help find affordable hearing aids.

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    Costco Hearing Aids Complaints

    The majority of Costco Hearing Center and hearing aid reviews are mixed with many stores receiving positive reviews and ratings, but other stores having less than stellar ratings among customers. Customers who wrote reviews on ConsumerAffairs gave Costco Hearing Centers a cumulative score of just under three out of five stars. The majority of complaints revolve around store location, appointment times or trouble with some hearing aid models. The Better Business Bureau gives Costco Corporate an A+ rating.

    Philips Hearing Aids From Costco

    When top-five hearing aid manufacturer Demant forged a partnership with Philips in the spring of 2019 to produce HearLink hearing aids under the Philips brand, people wondered how the global consumer electronics giant would distribute the high-end products. They quickly got their answer when Costco started to sell the new Philips HearLink hearing aids in its hearing aid centers.

    The 2nd generation of Costco’s Philips HearLink hearing aids

    Costcos new HearLink hearing aids are priced at $1,799.99 per pair , and like the last generation, come in receiver-in-the-canal and behind-the-ear form factors. They are Made for iPhone, providing wireless audio streaming from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and now support direct Android audio streaming through Android ASHA. They also feature multichannel directional microphones, and active noise management responding to changes in your listening environment.

    The SoundMap 2 sound processing software in Philips HearLink hearing aids benefits from Demants AI sound and brain hearing technologies, which allegedly improve your ability to understand speech in noisy settings. Philips claims that SoundMap 2 removes noise efficiently across 24 frequency bands to create a superb sound quality.

    Costco offers a HearLink app that lets you use your smartphone to change listening programs, adjust volume, mute your hearing aids, activate streaming functions, and even locate your hearing aids when you cant find them.

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    Page : Important Safety Information

  • Page 59 The hearing aid is suitable for the home healthcare environment and due to their portability it may happen that it is used in professional healthcare facility environment like physician offices, dental offices, etc.
  • Page 60 18.1 Hazard warnings Your hearing aids operate between 2.4 GHz and 2.48 GHz frequency range. When flying please check if flight operator requires devices to be switched into flight mode, see chapter 11. The intended use of hearing aids is to amplify and transmit sound to the ears and hereby compensate for impaired hearing.
  • Page 61 Changes or modifications to the hearing aid that were not explicitly approved by the manufacturer are not permitted. Such changes may damage your ear or the hearing aid. Do not use the hearing aids in explosive areas .
  • Page 62 If you feel pain in or behind your ear, if it is inflamed or if skin irritation and accelerated accumulations of earwax occur, please check with your hearing care professional or physician. In very rare cases, the dome can remain in your ear canal when removing the hearing tube from the ear.
  • Page 63 Hearing programs in the directional microphone mode reduce background noises. Please be aware that warning signals or noises coming from behind, e.g., cars, are partially or entirely suppressed. This hearing aid is not for children under 3 years old. The usage of this device by children and individuals with cognitive impairment should be supervised at all times to ensure their safety.
  • Kirkland Signature 80 Hearing Aid Specifications

    Kirkland Hearing Aids

    The latest in Kirklands line of hearing aids is the Kirkland Signature 8.0. While Kirkland has always been considered the value brand, this doesnt mean that its necessarily worse than other brands. In fact, the Kirkland brand has a high reputation and its line of hearing aids have successfully gained prominence in the last several years.

    Dont be fooled by the prices these are premium aids. Here are some of the specs that you should look out for:

    • IP 68 rating against dirt and moisture
    • Motion sensing

    While Connect Hearing has a lot to offer, Costco still manages to dominate the market with its customer service, convenience, and lower prices. The important thing is to remember that everyone is different and has needed an individual to them. This means that not every hearing aid is going to work for you, and likewise, if it worked for you, it might not work for someone else. In our comparison, we wanted to be fair to show how similar they can be.

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    Are Hearing Aids Covered By Health Insurance

    Many hearing aids are expensive, with the average cost coming in around $2,300. This price doubles if you need one for each ear, which is the case in around three-quarters of people with hearing loss. Also, hearing aids only last an average of three to seven years.

    Despite the high cost, many health insurance plans, including Medicare, do not cover hearing aids. Medicare may be expanded under the Biden administration to cover this area.

    Your hearing aid could be covered by insurance under Medicaid in certain states, under a Medicare Advantage plan, if you’re a federal employee, or if you’re a veteran eligible for hearing aids through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

    What Do I Do If I Have Locked Hearing Aids

    If you have locked hearing aids and youre unhappy with their performance, I would strongly recommend scheduling a Connect 365 Functional Hearing Assessment in our office.

    As part of the evaluation, we will compare your hearing ability with your current devices vs. hearing aids that are selected and programmed to your unique hearing needs.

    If you are unsure if your current hearing aids are locked, or youd like to schedule a Connect 365 Functional Hearing Assessment, please call us at 256-319-4327 or submit a contact request, and one of our helpful team members will call you back shortly.

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    What Is The Costco Hearing Test

    When you arrive at your local Costco hearing aid centre, the hearing aid staff will carry out your pre-booked hearing test. Hearing tests take approximately one hour to carry out, depending on the complexity of your hearing.

    Costco centres have sound proof booths for their hearing tests. After the test, the hearing aid staff will discuss the results of the hearing test and what it means. At this point, the most appropriate hearing aid/s to suit your hearing loss and lifestyle needs will be recommended.

    What Else We Recommend

    Costco Hearing Aid Center Review | Secret Shopping Kirkland Signature 10.0
    • Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids: The first FDA-cleared, self-fitting hearing aid, this set is relatively inexpensive, designed to help with mild to moderate hearing loss, and can be purchased online. It’s a self-set-up device, and while some research supports users fitting their own hearing aids, all our experts emphasized the importance of in-person hearing tests and fittings. However, if you won’t need assistance setting it up, this is a solid, very affordable, no-frills device.
    • Phonak Lyric: A professional has to place these small, battery-powered aids in the ear canal, but completely hidden from view, can be worn for months, and use the shape of your ear to provide more natural sound. Since they are semi-permanent, you can’t swim when wearing them, and they require a yearly subscription, they’re a niche pick rather than a top spot.

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    Resound Vida Power Bte

    The Power BTE is the largest and most powerful of the Vida behind the ear hearing aids from Resound. It is fitted with a traditional tube and mould. It has a telecoil onboard. The device is suitable for hearing losses from moderate to severe. While it will help some people with profound hearing loss, it will struggle depending on the exact level.

    The BTE is a sturdy hearing aid model with great reliability. They very rarely break down.

    The functional features of this model are as follows, it has a push button, volume control, the devices all have smart start which gives you a couple of seconds to get it in your ear before it comes on. You will get direct audio streaming from iPhones, ear to ear communication, and wireless accessories.

    More importantly, you will get access to the Smart 3D app and all the benefits that it delivers to your experience. This device takes a size 13 battery which again should deliver up to seven days of use

    Costco Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids

    Costco is not a manufacturer but rather a retailer. So it offers a range of hearing aids manufactured by others. Its own top-of-the-line Kirkland Signature 10.0 hearing aids are manufactured for Costco by Sonova, the worlds largest hearing aid manufacturer . They are available now for $1,399.99 per pair at all U.S. Costco Hearing Aid Centersand the product bundle includes a portable charger.

    Kirkland Signature 10.0 – What comes in the box.

    Perhaps the most exciting feature of the KS 10 is Sonovas industry-leading Made For All universal Bluetooth streaming technology, which enables audio streaming and hands-free control of the hearing aids by your smartphone. Other features include:

    • Receiver-in-canal form factor with rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
    • 20 fine-tuning channels, 9 automatic programs, 4 manual programs.
    • Premium-level classification of environmental sounds and streamed media with automatic program adjustments for changing listening situations.
    • Binaural signal processing, with wireless ear-to-ear coordination between two hearing aids.
    • Directional microphones with binaural beamforming for better understanding of speech in noisy environments.
    • Direct connectivity to any Bluetooth audio device, with audio streaming to both ears.
    • Simultaneous connections to two Bluetooth devices
    • Hands-free phone calls with built-in microphones.
    • Onboard telecoils to pick up landline calls and hearing loop broadcast audio

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