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How Often Are Nhs Hearing Aids Replaced

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How often should I replace my hearing aids?

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Cons Of Nhs Hearing Aids

  • You may not get much choice in the type of hearing aid you end up with – its likely to be a behind-the-ear model with earmould, or open-fit. Some areas issue receiver-in-the-ear/canal hearing aids too. For more information, see our guide to hearing aid types.
  • There may be a charge if you lose a hearing aid – check with the audiologist.
  • While in some areas you’ll be seen quite quickly, the wait between your GP referral and treatment may be shorter if you go privately.
  • Your local hospital may offer a drop-in clinic for aftercare/repair, but you’ll usually have to wait to be seen.

If you’re planning to buy hearing aids privately, make sure you know what you’re getting in the price. We compare what each company really offers in its hearing aid prices, and what you can expect to pay for the latest models.

A Lot Of People Are Buying Expensive Hidden Hearing Aids To Keep Their Hearing Loss A Secret

Elaine Green from Suffolk is one of those who bought an invisible in-ear hearing aid privately, only to later wish that she had gone to her doctor first.

It was about vanity. I realised that my hearing had declined but I didnt want others to know, so I told the man that I wanted the smallest, most discreet aid possible, she says.

She went to a big-name chain and paid £700 for the aid, but says she almost immediately had problems with it, as sounds had become muffled.

Eventually I came to my senses and went to see my GP. The NHS audiologist did exactly the same test and came to exactly the same conclusion, but gave me a behind-the-ear hearing aid which she made up on the spot, she says.

To be honest, it has been so much better. Sounds are no longer muffled, and though it can be seen by other people, Im getting over that. As a society we have to stop treating people who are deaf as stupid and accept that older people cant hear as well as they once could. A lot of people buying expensive hidden hearing aids are doing so because they want to keep their hearing loss a secret I was one of them.

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Your Financial Situation Has Improved

Maybe when you bought your first pair of hearing aids a few years ago, you needed the most basic and economical option. But if you can now afford more advanced devices, it might be time for an upgrade. Some people buy new hearing aids and keep their old ones as an extra set in case their new devices need repair.

Hints And Tips On Maintaining The Successful Use Of Your Nhs Hearing Aid

Audiology (hearing) services at Warwick Hospital

There are several things that we would suggest you do to ensure you get the best out of your NHS Hearing Aid/s. Below is a list of hints and tips that you can follow to maintain the successful use of your aid/s.

  • Ensure you get your hearing aid/s serviced at least once every 6 months
  • Keep your hearing aid/s turned off and in a safe and dry place when not in use
  • Keep your hearing aid/s away from water
  • Keep your hearing aids clean, wiping them when removed after use
  • Remove your hearing aids when using hairspray or perfumes
  • Ensure your ears are clear of blockages eg. Wax
  • Do not sleep with your hearing aid/s in

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust contributes to life in the Leeds region, not only by being one of the largest employers with more than 20,000 staff, but by supporting the health and well-being of the community and playing a leading role in research, education and innovation.

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What Can You Expect A Hearing Aid To Do

Obviously, you want your hearing aid to help you hear better. And if you lead a simple life you may just need a hearing device that will help you engage in quiet one on one conversations or hear the television more easily. In this case, the lower priced products from reputable manufacturers will be more than adequate.

There is a great deal of truth in the old adage you get what you pay for. And if you settle for one of the really cheap hearing devices sold online then you may find the results are worse than useless. Many of the really cheap hearing devices sold online fail because they are:

  • Poorly made from inferior materials
  • Uncomfortable and poorly fitted
  • Unsuitable for your specific hearing loss
  • Very basic with no customisation possible
  • Lacking backup and expert support

Modern technology means that modern hearing aids can offer so much more. House of Hearing recommends only the most trusted hearing aid brands that offer real value with advanced customisation features, noise protection, wireless connectivity, automatic listening level adjustment, and so much more.

Qualified audiologists are trained to help you find the perfect hearing aid for your needs and your budget. Our House of Hearing audiologists and technicians can show you what a difference a well-designed and fitted hearing aid from a reputable brand can make.

What Is The Difference Between An Open

  • An open style dome has small holes, which allows sound to pass through. This helps people with certain types of hearing loss from experiencing what is called the occlusion effect. This can give some people the sensation of hollow or booming sounds, especially from their own voice. This experience is similar to putting your fingers in your ears and listening to yourself talk. Open domes may be the right choice for some people as it can allow certain pitches to enter the ear canal without amplification, thus making the sound seem more natural.
  • A closed style dome does not have any holes in it. It is intended to reduce natural sounds so that it can more aggressively boost the sound level through the hearing aid. It can also boost low-pitched sounds for the person wearing the aids. Closed style domes are often selected for patients with more severe hearing losses.
  • A power dome is the most occlusive type of dome and is often used for people with more significant hearing losses. They are often used to occlude or block the ear for more power and to reduce feedback or whistling if it thats an issue for the user.

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If You Are Eligible The First Step Is To Visit Your Gp And Ask Them For A Referral Into The Service

In the areas listed below, a GP referral is not required, and people are able to self-refer at a Specsavers store of their choice. If you live in one of these areas, visit your nearest Specsavers store for more information.

  • Derbyshire
  • Devon
  • West Hampshire

Please note that additional variations set by the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups around eligibility for the service can apply.

Access to the service and fitting of hearing aids following referral will depend on local NHS requirements and the outcome of the initial clinical assessment.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

How to put in and remove an earmould hearing aid

In our previous blog post about how hearing aids work, we discussed what hearing aids are, how they work and what the different types are. Now that you know about the many benefits of wearing a hearing aid, you may be looking to buy one and wondering how much itll cost. This depends on a few variables, which well look at below.

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Benefits Of Nhs Hearing Aids

So why would you opt for NHS hearing aids over a private clinic? Well, the most obvious reason is financial. Having the opportunity to restore your hearing ability without having to spend four figures is a big plus.

Theyre also not cheaply made. When you see a free product, the first inclination is to think that its low quality anything but premium. But NHS hearing aids are up to a solid standard, and while they dont have the biggest range of selectable hearing aids, youll still have some choice in regard to what youll be getting.

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What Causes Hearing Loss In Older Age

Most people who experience hearing loss as they get older do so because of wear and tear to the tiny hair cells in the inner ear.

There are also other factors that can cause hearing loss, such as:

  • regular exposure to loud noise
  • a history of middle ear disease
  • a family history of hearing loss.

Some people have a condition called tinnitus, which causes you to have persistent noises such as ringing or buzzing. This can also be linked to hearing loss.

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How Do I Get An Nhs Hearing Aid

The first step is to go to your GP, who will check your ears and rule out any temporary causes of hearing loss, such as wax or infection, before referring you to a specialist.

This will generally either be an ear, nose and throat doctor or an audiologist.

Clinics are usually run by audiology staff at your GP surgery, local hospital or health centres.

The audiologist or one of their team will assess your hearing to find the cause of your hearing loss.

If youre having difficulty persuading your GP to refer you, you can ask for a second opinion with another GP.

Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aids

Relative size difference between current issue NHS hearing ...

Receiver in the ear hearing aids are similar to BTE hearing aids.

The main difference is that with RITE hearing aids, the part of the hearing aid that sits behind the ear is smaller and is connected by a thin wire to a speaker placed inside the opening of the ear.

RITE hearing aids are less visible than BTE hearing aids and are suitable for most people with hearing loss, but they can be more fiddly to use than BTE hearing aids.

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Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

Bone conduction hearing aids are recommended for people with conductive or mixed hearing loss who can’t wear a more conventional type of hearing aid. Bone conduction hearing aids vibrate in response to the sounds going into the microphone.

They can also sometimes help people with no hearing in one ear and normal or mild hearing loss in the other ear.

The part of the hearing aid that vibrates is held against the bone behind the ear by a headband. The vibrations pass through the mastoid bone to the cochlea and are converted into sound in the usual way. They can be very effective, but can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Store At Room Temperature

You may have heard that you can lengthen the life of your batteries by keeping them in your refrigerator. The colder temperature decreases the release of power, or so the reasoning goes.

The problem is that the opposite takes place. Zinc-air batteries and moisture do not mix, and the condensation that develops from the refrigerator leads to corrosion and an enhanced risk of premature failure.

Simply store your batteries at room temperature for the greatest results.

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Can I Get Financial Help With Hearing Aid Costs

If you decide that NHS Hearing Aids are not for you then buying Hearing aids privately can sometimes be an expensive investment. Some models can be as much as a secondhand family car. Not at Hearing Direct. Our founding principal was to provide affordable hearing aids direct to the customer. There are various other ways to make it more affordable:

Can I pay by installments?

It is crucial to know which type of hearing aid is the most appropriate for your individual condition. Once you know your options, it is wise to shop around as prices can vary considerably even for the same model. Some high street hearing aid retailers have special monthly installment packages. You will usually have to pay part of the sum at the time of purchase and the rest will be split over a specific number of months. Such packages may seem convenient and affordable but you need to be aware of the interest rate as very few offer interest free options. In many cases, the final total cost for a hearing aid could be a lot more than the initial price. Paying a small sum every month may seem more affordable in the short term but can be very expensive in the end. It is also important to take the lifetime of the hearing aid into account when thinking about repayments.

Will my Health Insurance cover the costs?

Buying Online for Home Delivery

Do you know if you are eligible to reclaim VAT?

Ways To Increase The Life Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

How often will my hearing aids need to be repaired?

by Bright Audiology | Jan 5, 2017 | Hearing Loss Articles

Stretching out the lifespan of your hearing aid batteries can save you both time and money. If you can get a couple of extra days out of each battery, thats a good amount saved over the course of a year.

Fortunately, there are a handful of things you can do to maximize your hearing aid battery life. If you can turn these eight tips into habits, you should notice a difference immediately.

Listed below are eight ways to optimize the lifespan of your hearing aid batteries.

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What To Do If You Have Problems With Your Hearing Aid

If your hearing aid is not working properly or you feel it needs some adjustment and it has been thoroughly cleaned/checked for wax or any blockages ) then you will need to contact the department. You will then be advised to either post the hearing aid in to be checked along with a cover letter and a stamped addressed envelope or where it is felt appropriate booked in for an appointment to see a technician or an Audiologist.

Do You Currently Wear Hearing Aids

If youre already wearing hearing aids and want to update them, the best place to start is with the current device style. If youre happy with that style, youll often be able to find the same or a similar style to your outdated device, just equipped with newer and more modern features. Its possible the type of hearing loss has changed over time, however, so its important to have your hearing tested before updating hearing aids. More: Signs you need a new hearing aid.

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Different Types Of Hearing Aids Offered

Behind-the-ear hearing aidsA range of digital BTE aids are available to suit differing degrees of hearing loss.

Body-worn hearing aidsThese hearing aids are usually worn on the clothing and a cord links the device to an ear piece. Body-worn hearing aids may be suitable for patients with sight problems, or problems using very small switches or buttons.

CROS/BiCROS hearing aidsThese are for people with severe to profound unilateral or asymmetrical hearing loss. A hearing aid is fitted to the better ear with a separate microphone placed on the worst ear side. The microphone and hearing aid are wirelessly connected to each other. The purpose of this aid is to provide better sound perception on the worst ear side.

What To Do If You Need Replacement Batteries/hearing Aid Tubes And Domes

NHS Tayside

If you require batteries, please attend a Hi-Kent drop in clinic or send your brown hearing aid book and a return stamped addressed envelope to the Audiology Department at Maidstone Hospital.

If you require new tubes and you have a hearing aid with standard tubing and a moulded ear-piece, please attend a Hi-Kent drop in clinic where the volunteers are able to do this for you. If you are happy to retube the earmould yourself then we can send you tubing through the post please send us your brown hearing aid book and a return stamped addressed envelope . If you have a hearing aid with slim open or life-fit tubing, please attend a Hi-Kent drop in session or send in your brown hearing aid book and a return stamped addressed envelope and we will send you spares. If you have a hearing aid with a wire and a dome then please post in a stamped addressed envelope with your brown book for any replacement domes/filters.

Hi-Kent run clinics in the community and these are often closer to your home and easier to access than the hospital. The volunteers are able to exchange hearing aid batteries, retube earmoulds and supply spare tubes/domes. They are unable to repair faulty hearing aids or make any adjustments to the sound of the hearing aids. If you think you have a faulty hearing aid or your problem is more complex than a battery exchange or replacement tubing, please contact the Audiology department directly.

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