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How To Clean Cane Corso Ears

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How to Clean Your Puppies Recently Cropped Ears (American Bullies and Pitbulls, Doberman, Corso)

If you ask how much you should pay to a vet for this procedure, the answer is 200-500 USD or a little less euro. But if you ask your breeder how much this will cost, most of them would say a higher amount. Don’t get me wrong, in both cases, the same; licensed vet should be doing the procedure. And the procedure is the same for you and the breeder. But the breeder should do the aftercare process after surgery for every pup, the same way you should do it for one puppy if you are bringing it home after surgery. That is a hazardous period for puppy health, and you must be very cautious.

Choosing The Right Vet For A Correct Cane Corso Ear Crop:

Choosing a vet to crop your Cane Corso pup’s ears for you is a very important decision. While there are many vets that can and will crop ears, there are not many that know what a Cane Corso is, or are familiar with what a correct Corso crop should be. We STRONGLY recommend that you make sure your vet has experience with Cane Corso crops and can show you at least 4-5 photos of adult Cane Corso dogs he has cropped. We have seen entirely too many dogs get bad crops from vets that claimed to know what they were doing. Just check out a few of the photo examples of bad crops shown below. Remember, once you get a bad crop, your dog is stuck with it for the rest of its life.

They Make Excellent Guard Dogs

Based on their physical appearances, Corsi are naturally good guard dogs. Their protective and highly territorial nature makes them excellent at patrolling your garden and home.

In case of a potential threat, these mastiff breeds are fearless. Hence as a cane Corso owner, you are obligated to keep your Corso contained and under control when you have people coming to visit your home.

Cani Corsi have a protective and highly territorial nature which makes them excellent at patrolling your garden and home.

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Third Cane Corso Health Problems: Indigestion

Cane Corso may also present some dog health problems in the digestive system such as stretching or twisting of the stomach as a result of excessive training or frequent movement immediately after eating. Therefore, any physical activity or training before and after meals should be strictly prohibited to avoid such health problems, which are common in some large breeds of dogs.

How To Tell When A Dogs Ears Need Cleaning


Before you break out the dog ear cleaner, check to make sure your dog actually needs ear cleaning. Over-cleaning your dogs ears can lead to infection and irritation, so familiarize yourself with what a healthy, clean ear looks like and smells like , and clean it only when you notice a change.

Some dogs require infrequent ear cleanings, while others, such as those predisposed to ear infections or dogs who spend a lot of time in the water, may need them often. The Merck Veterinary Manual recommends that the ear canals be kept dry and well ventilated by using topical astringents in dogs that swim frequently and by preventing water from entering the ear canals during bathing.

If you notice a mild odor or see that your dog is shaking his head more than usual, it is probably time for a cleaning. And if your dogs ear looks red and inflamed, smells yeasty, or he appears to be in pain, contact your veterinarian. These symptoms could indicate an ear infection, fleas, or ear mites, or allergies, and require medical attention. Cleaning an infected ear often causes more harm than good.

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The Ear Cropping Procedure

Ear cropping is a simple procedure. The dog is sedated, and the area around the ears is anesthetized, so the dog doesnt feel anything. Under sedation, the ears are cropped and the cuts are stitched.

The vet attaches the remainder of the dogs ears to a splint or other hard surface to guide the ears upright. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.

Afterward, the owner must constantly monitor the bandages, which may need weekly changing.The bandaging and the wound may cause the dog discomfort and it will try to get rid of the bandage by shaking its head.

The owner must keep the ears taped so they will be upright after the healing process.

How To Clean Cane Corso Ears

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cane Corso


  • The Cane Corso may be a domestic dog who completely loves having employment to try and do.
  • Cane Corso dog breed was developed to protect property and hunt game.
  • It is sensible for private protection.
  • Cane Corso puppies are Stable, Trainable, Quiet, and Calm.
  • The Cane Corso could also be a dog who utterly loves having a job to do to.


  • They have the ability to kill a human.
  • They are danger for other dogs or animal.
  • Furthermore, they need very much exercise and coaching.
  • They are not suggested for first time dog owner.
  • Likewise, they are fearful for strangers.

But My Dog Hates When I Clean Their Ears

Posting Cane Corso Ears: Tutorial on posting your Cane Corso ears after cropping

First of all, its totally normal for your dog to be reluctant to ear cleanings, so dont panic. Here are some ways you can build trust and get them ready, willing, and able to have their ears cleaned at home without all the fuss.

  • Touch their ears more. One of the reasons your dog hates ear cleanings might be that theyre not used to having their sensitive ears touched. So, before you even attempt to clean their ears at home, start by touching their ears and rewarding them with treats. That way, when it comes to cleaning, they wont be taken by surprise.
  • Use a saturated cotton ball. During the cleaning itself, it might be the shock of the liquid that causes them to act out. One way to get around that is by saturating a cotton ball with the liquid solution and gently sitting it at their ear opening. Dont push it in; instead, let it sit and massage the area so the liquid drips down into their ear canal. Then, remove the cotton ball and gently wipe away any visible gunk.
  • Use peanut butter and treats. If all else fails, keep them distracted while you clean their ears. Peanut butter is a great way to do this. We recommend swiping a spoonful of peanut butter on the bathroom wall to keep them in one place while you clean their ears.

If your dog seems to be in pain when you try to clean their ears, take them to the vet for professional ear cleanings instead.

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Cane Corso Temperament And Personality

If we carefully observe the history of Cane Corso, we will identify that this breed has a vigorous temperament. These dogs are always ready to meet any sort of challenge with confidence. However, with the right training and leadership, these aggressive creatures can be turned into amazing family dogs.

Generally, Cane Corso dogs are docile and affectionate towards their families, especially children. To make these dogs well-behaved and social, training from a very early age is required. Cane Corsos can not live happily around people who do not like or are afraid of dogs or have absolutely no clue how to behave around large dogs.

Cane Corso dogs are bossy in nature but are highly intelligent. Due to this, training them according to your family rules is easier. If you dont want these dogs to dominate the environment, make them obey the rules at an early age.

When training these dogs, make sure to not go extremely strict or start hitting the dog. Cane Corsos are powerful dogs and can get really aggressive if not treated right. Moreover, these dogs are smart enough to recognize the tone when you want to reward them on something nice or when you show a firm reaction to something which they did wrong.

Cane Corso puppies should be exposed to different people, animals, sounds, sights, and experiences to make them comfortable. Moreover, if you wish your Corso to grow up to a well-rounded, fearless, and well-behaved dog, teach him socialization at an early age.

They Are Not A Good Choice For First

Italian Mastiff can be one of the most rewarding breeds to own. However, they need a confident and experienced dog owner.

You need to know how to handle, motivate, and manage a large, potentially dominant, and powerful dog. Because Corsi have territorial traits, proper supervision and care is imminent.

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They Are Food Motivated

Cani Corsi responds well to food and treats, especially during training sessions. For high-quality dry food, the recommended daily amount is 4-5 cups a day for a cane Corso.

How much you feed an adult Italian Corso will depend on his age, size, metabolism, build, and activity level. Just like people, dogs are individuals, and they dont all require the same amount of dog food.

A highly active Corso will require more food than a couch potato Corso. To make sure your dog is adequately nourished, you need to buy high-quality dog foods.

Measure a Corsos food to keep him in good shape. You can further ensure this by feeding him twice a day instead of leaving food out for him all the time.

If you think your corso is overweight, give him a hands-on test and eye test. Begin by looking down at him; make sure you can see the waist. Then place your thumbs along his spine, hands on his back, and spread your fingers downward.

Without having to press hard, you should be able to feel but not visibly see his ribs. If you cant, you will have to feed him less food and provide him with more physical exercise.

What Do Cane Corsos Ears Look Like

Cane Corso Sisters (Cropped ears KITTY) (Natural ears ...

The appearance of a Cane Corsos ears depends on whether the dogs ears have been cropped or not. The two states give a completely different appearance.

The cropped Cane Corso looks much more alert and fierce, ready for battle.Cropped ears enhance this breeds impressive looks.

A dog whose ears have not been cropped, sports floppy ears that give the dog an adorable, friendly look.These dogs look more approachable.

Most people prefer the impressive look that cropped ears give this breed. Or at least, they are more impressed by the look.

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Best Grooming Brush For Cane Corso

Unlike grooming gloves,slicker brushes can untangle any knots and mats. They can penetrate deeper thanjust the topcoat and help in removing loose hair lying on the skin. The alsocollect debris found in the skin, in case you dont have time for a propershower. The brushes are also great at stopping mat formation. However, youshould go to the vet if theres a large, really complex knot.

De-shedding tools areonly to be used occasionally . Theyre wonderful duringshedding season and during molting, but they can damage your dogs skin andcoat otherwise. De-shedding tools can be harmful to puppies as well as adults.Its better to consult your vet about this and buy a de-shedding toolspecifically designed for short-haired dogs.

Grooming gloves are anamazing tool for caring for short-haired dogs. They might not be good at dealingwith mats or knots in the hair, but using them often can prevent them fromforming. Gloves are designed to pick up loose hair and dirt from the topcoat,efficaciously reducing the chance of infection and cleaning accumulation ofloose hair. And as a plus, your dog will feel like its being massaged orpetted. Who said grooming couldnt be a bonding moment?

Here are some of my favorite products which youll lovetoo

More About This Breed

  • The Cane Corso is a serious dog breed for a person who is serious about having a dog as a companion and who can provide him with the firm and loving guidance he needs to become a great dog. He is a family-only dog. Dont expect him to buddy up with everyone he meets: He has no interest in people or other animals outside his family, but those within the family will have his undivided loyalty and protection.

    Give this dog a job. Hes unwilling to just lie around all day and will find his own work to do if you dont provide it: usually running the fence and barking at passersby, digging holes to China, or chewing up your furniture. If you have a farm or ranch, he will help you with the livestock; otherwise, get him involved in a dog sport such as agility, dock diving, nose work, obedience, or tracking.

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    Is Ear Cropping Illegal

    Ear cropping is illegal in England and Wales, under Section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. It’s a painful process where a dog’s outer ears are removed altogether or are surgically altered, with the tips or huge sections of the outer ear being cut off.

    It’s against the law to carry out this procedure yourself or to send your dog to a vet in this country or abroad to have their ears cropped. Unfortunately, it still happens.

    In some medical situations, vets may perform a procedure called a pinnectomy that can look like the ears have been cropped. This is only done in the case of disease of the ears and is more usually required in white cats who can sometimes get skin cancer.;The procedure;is allowed when there are clear medical reasons -;clearly very different to when ears are surgically altered for cosmetic reasons.

    Tail docking is;another procedure that is illegal unless carried out by a vet for medical reasons – and having a ‘working dog’;is not an exemption to the rule. No dogs should have their ears cropped. Period.

    Interesting Facts About Cane Corso

    Cane Corso ear wrap using a wooden post

    If considering this breed, you should know that there are several interesting facts about these dogs that are not commonly known to people. Learning these will make it easier for you to make the decision.

    • Cane Corso as Emotional Support Animal

      Because of their affectionate nature and guarding traits, Cane Corsos can be good emotional support animals. People with different mental health conditions require loving companionship, protection, and support from the people around them to gain control and confidence in life.

      Cane Corso can easily provide these things to its owner. To get this breed as your emotional support, you just need an ESA letter from an expert.

    • Basic Environment

      Unlike other large dog breeds, Cane Corso do not require huge spaces to enjoy. They can be happy in a confined room as much as they are in a spacious backyard. As this dog requires exercise, you can arrange dog sports or take him for a run with you in the morning.

      Cane Corso is a type of breed that will be loving and extremely protective at the same time. Getting this dog as your pet or emotional support animal is the right choice. However, due to their temperament and non-social behavior, there are some legal issues that should be kept in mind.

      Every dog can be trained to be nice, and so does this breed. Contact a reputable breeder to find you a perfect Cane Corso pup to be your best furry friend.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Cane Corso banned in Australia?

    Is Cane Corso a good family dog?

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    Does Cane Corso’s Ear Cropping Have Any Benefits

    If you are a new Cane Corso puppy buyer and a future owner and you have doubts about cropping ears to your Italian Mastiff, I will try to help you from my own experience. I should mention that I own many cropped and a few uncropped Cane Corsos, and I owned many more in the past. This is my opinion only!

    You can read about three main reasons for cropping your Corso’s ears:


    Practical reason and

    Aesthetic reason.

    From my experience and everything I read about health reasons for Cane Corso ear cropping, I can’t find firm evidence that ear cropping reduces the risk of ear infections at the Cane Corso breed. I didn’t have not even one issue with my uncropped dogs considering ear infection. Also, I didn’t find not even one official veterinary study and evidence on this issue. My thought is that some breeds are more prone to ear infections than others. Also, some individuals of the same species are more prone to some issues than others.

    In my opinion, there are more practical reasons for ear cropping and tail docking.

    First of all, that the floppy ears are natural handles for grabbing. As a “catch and hold” hunting dog, Cane Corso puppies every day “toy” are ears of his littermates. They grow up fast and guess how they play together, in lack of actual toys. Working dogs should have cropped ears for protection reasons. It should reduce the chance of grabbing and holding their head by intruders.

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