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How To Clean French Bulldog Puppy Ears

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Set An Ear Cleaning Routine

How To Clean Your Frenchies Ears | French Bulldog | JUST A TIP TUESDAY

Its best to establish a regular ear cleaning routine, so you dont forget to do it and cause more severe problems down the road.

Try to clean your French Bulldogs ears at least once a month for optimal health.

Cleaning your French Bulldogs ears is an important task that can help prevent infection and other health problems down the line.

Always remember that its better to be safe than sorry!

Bottom Line For French Bulldog Cleaning

Baby wet wipe, wrinkle cream, and baby powders are a must for bulldog owners. Also, using cotton swabs can help you to prevent water from going inside of your dogs ears. Try not to use ear wipes and avoid using a damp washcloth unless it is recommended by a Veterinarian. This will keep your Frenchie free of ear infection.

The French Bulldog is indeed smaller in size but bigger at heart, as it gives a very empathic company with his presence. French bulldogs are the best homie-pets one can ever have. Also, we hope this How to clean french bulldog information can help you to keep your loved one happy and healthy. For more separation anxiety and potty training tips, please visit our latest Frenchie blog posts.

French Bulldog Cleaning: 10 Tips To Keep A Frenchie Healthy

19/12/2019 by Karen Snow

Love for pet-dogs drives all of us crazy. Indeed, the dog is proved as a good therapist at bad times. Some look aggressive, and a few look so cute. One of the most famous breeds of dogs who look cute is French Bulldog. If you continue reading you will learn 10 crucial tips for French Bulldog Cleaning.

French Bulldogs breed: French Bulldogs belong to the brachycephalic breed and also abbreviated as Frenchie or Franky, look endearingly sweet due to the fluffy wrinkles on their faces. Different breeds of French bulldogs are the lilac French Bulldog, merle French bulldog, teacup French bulldogs, etc.

Frenchies Nature: Frenchie is the smaller version of the English Bulldog, love cuddles and attention from owners. They dont bark unnecessarily. Frenchie takes care of his home, likes to stay in there, possesses a calm nature, and is too supportive. Frenchie is a room partner, best friend, and lovable, just like children.

So, his health and cleanliness are as important as kids. Lets dig-in it!

If you are lucky, French dog will come into your life, steal your heart, and change everything.

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How To Clean Your French Bulldog Ears

You know that your Frenchie doesnt like you approaching them with anything that looks like a medical treatment. Your pup gets stressed by the fact of uncomfortable objects approaching his ears. To ensure this doesnt happen, you should teach your dog whats going to happen before actually doing it so as not to cause any unnecessary stress.

The first time your dog gets his ear cleaning class make sure it will not last for more than a minute. Its important as an owner to make sure that dogs can remain calm enough during the process. Its the key to success in this line of work.

Dogs love it when you pet them, especially behind the ears. So try giving your dog a good massage. Make sure youre in a place with enough space and no distractions, since you need to focus on your dog and make sure they can feel comfortable with you touching their ears. The cotton swab is one of the most important things to clean dog ears you can allow your French bulldog to sniff it or even lick it.

How Often Should I Clean French Bulldog Ears

French Bulldog Ears! How To Keep Them Clean?

How Often Should I Clean My French Bulldogs Ears? How much you have to clean the …

Video answer: Cleaning your french bulldog’s ears

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Wipe your French bulldogs ear with a dry paper towel or cloth. After your dog has had a chance to shake out its ears, use a dry paper towel or cloth to wipe around the inside of your dogs ears. Make sure that the inside of your dogs ears are completely dry. Dont skip drying your French Bulldogs ears!

Wash the inside of the dogs ear Give a shot of dog ear cleaner to the dogs ear Massage ear in question, so the ear cleaner can soften the dirt in the ear. Give the dog the opportunity to shake extensively. Wipe away the dirt that has been shaken from the ear canal. Give your dog a treat

Place the nozzle of the solution in the opening of your French Bulldogs ear and give a squeeze. Flap over the pinna to cover the hole and massage the ear for 10-15 seconds. This helps the solution to work its way down the whole ear canal. Next, stand back and let your French Bulldog shake his head to remove as much as possible.

After you applied the Spirit French bulldog Ear Cleaner on a cotton ball, you should gently clean the outer part of the ear. Keep in mind that you need to avoid deep cleaning of the ear because in that way you can hurt the ear canal. Make sure that there are no pieces of cotton balls left inside because they can cause an infection.

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How To Clean French Bulldog Ears

If we would ask hundreds of people what is the first feature they spot on the French bulldog breed, most of them would say it’s their ears. French bulldog ears not only catch everyone’s eye, but they also collect a lot of dirt. Since they are wide-opened, every owner of this furry gremlin needs to clean them regularly.

French Bulldog Ears Care Why

Did you know dogs can hear frequencies up to 60,000hertz? Which in comparison, a human with excellent hearing can only hear up to20,000 hertz! And while a dogs hearing is exceptional, it is not the onlypurpose of the ears. Your dogs ears have 18 different muscles in them, whichmakes them one of the most expressive parts of their body.

It is therefore really important to care for your French Bulldogs ears. Are you providing your French Bulldog with the right ear care? Find out more about French Bulldogs ears types and issues, learn how to cure them properly at home by yourself, and how to cleanse them so they stay forever healthy!

So, why should you protect your French Bulldogsears?

  • Common issues that can cause deafness areeasily avoidable with a cleaning routine!
  • French Bulldog dog ears are prone to infection. If you dont pay attention to them, they will most certainly cause trouble.
  • French Bulldog dog ears are more sensitive than average dog ears

Keep your French Bulldog free of any type ofinfection or aggravated issue using our easy-to-follow tips and cleaning routine.Lets get started!

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Infected Ear/medication After Cleaning For French Bulldogs

1. After cleaning your Frenchies ears, you can use prescription medication right away. Further information about how often medicine should be given and how often drops should be administered can be obtained from your veterinarian.
2. Pull the ear flap straight up from the tip of the ear, revealing the ear canal and straightening out the ear canal.
3. Your veterinarian will tell you how many drops of medication to give.
4. Keep the medicine bottles tip out of your Frenchies ear. If the tip of the container touches the ear of your French Bulldog, wash the tip-off with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball to prevent bacteria or yeast growth.
5. Keeping your ear flap vertical, gently rub under the ear entrance for about 30 seconds while keeping the base of your ear up vertically. In this way, the entire ear canal can be coated with medicine. As the medicine coats the horizontal part of the ear canal, you should hear a squishing noise in the ear.
6. Affected parts of the ear flap should be treated with the medication prescribed if they are infected. With your finger, spread the medicine all over.
7. Continue this procedure with the other ear, if necessary.
8. To clean the ear flap, soak a cotton ball with an ear-cleansing solution and wipe off debris or medication.

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Dr Kraemers V4b Ear Infection In Bulldog And Otitis In French Bulldogs Maintenance:

Cleaning Your French Bulldogs Ears

Because bulldogs ears dont self-clean like ours and another dog breed, early and frequent cleaning is the key to preventing your bulldog and french bulldog puppy ear infection, chronic pain, needless discomfort, and expensive Dr. exam and rx. Dr. Kraemers bully ear rinses and wipes are the ideal preventive and care kit.

Remember, there is a learning curve to becoming an expert. Repetition will help you recognize even minor changes from the norm. Dr. Kraemers free Bully Ear Maintenance Toolbox includes articles, photos, diagrams, and videos.

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Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Everyone thinks they have the best Frenchie. And none of them are wrong. quote: W.R. Purche

One of the basic needs of all living things is water. Other than cleaning, Water intake matters. Keep pup hydrated as water saves from many diseases. Moreover, keep checking Frenchies water pot and refill it when needed. In summers, ice cubes can also be added into the bowl.

Because dehydration may slow down your little soul and can cause many problems like:

  • Dry nose and eyes
  • Loss of appetite and skin elasticity
  • Vomiting without diarrhea
  • Thick saliva and sticky gums

Dont ignore these symptoms as soon as they showed up and try to get your baby-boo checked by the vet in the priority. Hydration is crucial to keep your dogs folds healthy and to prevent a heat stroke when they are exposed to a lot of heat temperatures.

How To Look After Frenchies Floppy Ears

Any dog with floppy ears will be prone to ear infections.

Moisture and debris collect within the ear because of the heavy flap covering the ear canal. As a dog exercise and plays , the ears get dirtier.

NOTE: Even French bulldogs with fully erect ears should have them cleaned regularly. Because they are so open to the elements, they can easily become congested with dust, debris, and moisture.

Look for the link below to the best video youll ever see on caring for a French bulldog.

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How To Tell A French Bulldog That Its Time To Clean Your Ears

Some French bulldogs will allow you to clean their ears on the first try. The others will not allow you to do that, so you will have to teach them to let you clean their ears.

Everything takes time and patience. Every French bulldog has its own character and peculiarity, so you will have to adapt to its temperament.

Have a veterinarian who takes care of your dogs health explain the correct way to clean your dogs ears.

After a few cleanings, you will see is the best way to clean your dogs ears.

Choose A Spot To Clean The Ears Comfortably

How To Solve French Bulldog Smelly Ears?  AskFrenchie.com

Choosing a spot to clean your dogs ears is important for two reasons:

  • To avoid distractions .
  • To avoid making a mess .
  • During warmer months, I prefer to do most of the grooming outdoors, in the garden. That being said, some dogs get very distracted and wont stay still. I found myself following my Foster Westie around the garden whilst trying to clean his ears, for instance.

    If the garden is not an option, you can consider cleaning your pups ears in the bathtub .

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    Choose The Type Of Ear Tape

    There are different types of tapes for your dogs ears. Its about personal preference between soft and sports tapes.

    In both cases, I would recommend applying two or three layers for proper support.

    What You Should Know About French Bulldog Ears

    If you think that French Bulldogs are born with ears naturally up, we are afraid youre wrong. Their ears have a phase of life for over a few weeks or months. You dont have to worry if your puppy isnt showing pointed ears right from birth.

    So, now you might be wondering when your French Bulldog ears will stand up. It will most of the time stay straight up or perk up between five or fifteen weeks from their birth. Or sometimes it may not happen between the given period.

    It may also occur after the puppys teething phase is complete. The ears currently down will fully stand up after the completion of the teething period. Butthere are also some cases where it will not stand up until eight months.

    And if you are worried about your Frenchies ears not going up, then you shouldnt. Presumably, you might think that it is abnormal, but it isnt! It is normal, and you must show love to them even if their ears are down.

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    Cleaning Your Dogs Ear Canals

  • 1Position your dog in the corner of a room if it will not sit still for you. Cleaning the inside of your dogs ears is a bit hard and it may not want to stay still for you. Positioning your dog in a corner and using your body to keep your dog still will help to make the process easier on both of you. Your French bulldogs butt should be in the corner and its side should be right up against the wall. Sit on the other side of your dog to help keep it still while you clean its ears.XResearch source
  • Since your dog will shake solution and gunk out of its ears when you clean them, you may want to do this outside, such as on your patio.
  • If you clean your dogs ears indoors, make sure there is nothing around that would be damaged by ear cleaning solution or debris, such as food or delicate clothing.
  • Ask a friend to help you by holding your dog steady! This will free up both of your hands to clean your dog’s ears.
  • 2Grasp your French bulldogs ear flap near the top and gently pull up. Grasp the earflap near the top of the ear you will be cleaning first. Pull it upwards gently to help open up the ear canal. Hold the ear in this position with 1 hand while you clean the ear with your other hand.XResearch source
  • French bulldogs have large ears. Holding the earflap while you clean each of your dogs ears will help you get cleansing solution deep into the ear canal for a thorough cleaning.
  • You may need multiple cotton balls or pieces of gauze to dry out your dogs ears.
  • How To Clean The Face

    How to clean French bulldog puppy ears – funny frenchie

    You can use a tear stain remover or a simple alcohol-free baby wipe or moist rag. After cleaning your dogs face, always make sure that you have removed all the moisture, since that may lead to an infection.

    On the other hand, if you left your Frenchies folds too dry, it may cause serious irritation and rashes. In that case, you can put some Vaseline inside those folds after you previously washed them well.

    We use Arava pet eye wipes, Eye Envy, and wrinkle paste. Once again, make sure the products you use are chemical-free, and avoid tear stain products that contain bleach.

    Some suggest cleaning the fur with colloidal silver, which is safer near the eyes. Others suggest that switching to filtered tap water can help, as well as adding apple cider vinegar to your dogs food.

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    How Often To Clean Your Frenchie’s Ears

    Ear cleaning is important, but it’s also important to have a limit on everything. Having an ear wax is healthy because it protects your dog’s ears from environmental allergies and other potential dangers. Therefore, don’t overclean your Frenchie’s ears.

    It’s enough to use a Spirit French bulldog Ear-cleaning solution twice a month. In the meantime, I advise you to regularly check for a stuck plant and observe your dog’s behavior. If he started to excessively scratch the ears and if they became smelly, then he started to suffer from an ear infection.

    Ear Yeast infection is also common in the French bulldog breed. The signs usually include the strong smell that reminds of popcorns. It should be treated with antifungal medicines and requires cleaning a dog’s affected spot with a mild solution made of 70% of water and 30 % of apple cider vinegar.

    This solution should not be applied inside your little gremlin’s ear canal but can be used for wiping out the outer ear. I recommend you to soak a sterile gauze in a solution and to use it daily until you don’t see an improvement. Apple cider vinegar is completely safe for a dog, and you can also add a teaspoon to your dog’s water bowl. It helps your dog’s skin to become healthy, while his hair will look shiny and smooth.

    Healthy And Small Treats

    Healthy treats are a great way to reward your Frenchie after cleaning his ears. For tips on healthy and small food rewards, check 10 Boston Terrier Treats That Are Species-Appropriate blog post.

    I wrote it having Bostons in mind, but it works for Frenchies too. Plus, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers have the same food allergies, so the tips are highly applicable for both breeds.

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