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How To Clean Toddler Ear Wax

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About Ear Wax In Children

How to clean babys ear wax?

Ear wax has an important job. Its a filter for your childs ear, protecting the ear canal from water, infection, trauma and foreign objects.

Ear wax comes from glands in the ear canal. The ear canals lining constantly renews itself. Along with chewing and talking, this process of renewal usually moves wax out of the ear.

When its first made, ear wax is soft and colourless. When it comes into contact with air, it gets harder and becomes yellowish-brown.

The ear has three main parts the outer ear , the middle ear , and the inner ear .

How To Clean Baby Ears Using Baby Ear Drops

If you suspect there is wax build-up inside babys ear, see your pediatrician before buying any baby earwax drops. If your pediatrician says its a good way to clean baby ears, you may get a prescription. There are also several brands sold over the counter that your doctor may recommend.

Sometimes the doctor will recommend a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution when parents ask about how to clean baby ears. As with the drops, you will want to check with your pediatrician first. If you get the green light, first fill a small, clean glass bottle half-way with hydrogen peroxide. Next, fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake it up to mix. Now youre ready to drop it into babys ears.

Whether youre using a hydrogen peroxide solution or prescription drops, there are some things to keep in mind when youre putting them in.

  • Earwax removal drops for infants should only be administered when baby is calm.
  • Rub the bottle between your hands to warm it up.
  • Fill the dropper to the appropriate level.
  • Place the dropper above the ear canal.
  • Put the liquid into the ear one drop at a time if more than one drop is necessary.
  • Try to keep baby lying still for five minutes to make sure the drops get into the ear canal.
  • How To Clean Baby Ears Using A Washcloth

    If you decide to go the washcloth route, there are some things to keep in mind. This method is typically used for cleaning the outer ear. It is also the method most recommended by pediatricians. Here are some quick and easy tips:

  • Wet a washcloth with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot.
  • Next, ring out the washcloth well. You dont want excess water to drip inside babys ear.
  • Gently rub the washcloth around the outer ear to pick up any wax build-up there.
  • Never put the washcloth inside babys ear. You wouldnt do it with a cotton swab, so dont do it with a washcloth. Its not how to clean baby earwax.
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    What To Do When Your Child Has Earwax Buildup

    Earwax is actually a good thing, but too much can lead to hearing problems.

    By Claire GagneOctober 27, 2019

    Sonya Hendersons son, Noah, was three-and-a-half years old when the Toronto mother noticed he was having hearing troubles. Noah would ask her to turn up the TV, even though his sister, who was sitting next to him, could hear it fine. When he started pronouncing new words incorrectly, Henderson took him to the doctor, who checked Noahs ear and said that the eardrum was completely blocked with wax.

    How And When To Clean Your Childs Ears

    Quick &  Easy Guide On How To Clean Baby Ear Wax Safely

    When I worked in pediatric primary care, one of the biggest ear concerns that I heard from parents was about the presence of wax in their childs ears and how to clean ears. While earwax is not pleasant to look at, its harmless and good for your ears! Everyone knows that ears are responsible for allowing us to hear, but did you also know that the very inner part of your ear is responsible for maintaining balance? Ears serve a very important function for our bodies, so its important to take care of them. In this blog post, I hope to take some of the mystery out of ear care.

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    Whats The Safest Way To Remove Earwax

    While the rule of thumb is not to clear your childs ear of wax, if a doctor says theres too much buildup, youll likely be sent home with instructions on how to remove it with olive or mineral oil. A doctor can effectively clear the wax by syringing water into the ear but, for obvious reasons, this method is not popular with kids. If wax is still built up after trying these methods, your doctor can refer you to a specialist, who can remove it using specialized tools under a microscope.

    Luckily for Noah, olive oil did the trick. On the third day of using the drops, hard chunks of wax started coming out of his ear, says Henderson, who is happy to report that when Noah watches TV these days, she cant hear every word from the other room.

    Rubber Ball Syringe To Remove Ear Wax

    Rubber ball syringes are also used to remove wax from the ears of toddlers. The syringes are filled with warm water and a gentle stream of water I poured into the ears of toddlers. This water drains all the wax from ears. These syringes are used with extreme caution otherwise, they can puncture the eardrum.

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    Ear Wax In Toddlers Should It Be Removed

    Like the adults, your toddlers ears also produce ear wax. This sticky substance helps to keep your childs ears clean and healthy by catching dust, dirt or bacteria that can damage her eardrum. The ear wax helps to prevent ear infections, which the toddlers are more prone to. It is a common practice for the parents to remove ear wax from their childs ear in order to keep it clean. But this ear wax is not something undesirable. Well, this may come as a surprise to you. Continue reading all about ear wax and should it be removed from your toddlers ears?

    What Is Ear Wax And How It Is Formed?

    Ceruminous glands in the outer ear canal produce ear wax. Ear wax is also known as cerumen. It is a combination of the secretion produced by the ceruminous glands, hair follicles, dead skin, sweat, and sebum. Ear wax usually accumulates, dries, and then travels to your childs outer section of ear canal from where it drops out. At times it may happen that earwax accumulates quicker than what your toddlers body can expel. This is when excess build-up can take place.

    Importance Of Ear Wax In Toddlers?

    Here are few ways in which ear wax can be important to your toddler:

    Why Earwax Need Not Be Removed

    Parents tend to go mining for wax in their toddlers ears even if when the child complains of the pain inside. Here are few reasons which tell you not to remove the wax forcefully from your toddlers ears:

    When To Remove Earwax In Toddlers?
    Ways To Remove Ear Wax In Toddlers

    What Can Parents Do

    Simple & Easy ways to clean baby ears & remove Ear Wax/ How to manage your child’s ear infection.

    If your child complains of ear discomfort and you see earwax in the ear, it’s OK to wipe the outside of the ear with a washcloth. But don’t use a cotton swab, a finger, or anything else to poke inside the ear. It could damage the delicate ear canal and eardrum, or pack the wax in even further.

    Check with your doctor before using an over-the-counter earwax removal treatment.

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    When To Call The Pediatrician

    While some people have more earwax than others, in general the ear makes as much wax as it needs. Rarely do kids ears make too much wax. However, there are some concerns that Dr. Chavan says warrant a call to the pediatrician:

    • The child complains of ear pain, itchiness or discomfort, like a blocked feeling in the ears.
    • The child is experiencing hearing difficulties.
    • An infant or toddler tugs at their ears, which can be a sign of an ear problem.
    • The child has green earwax or yellowish green earwax, foul smelling earwax or the earwax is tinged with blood. These could be signs of an infection.

    After you seek advice from a pediatrician, they may recommend removing the earwax in some instances: its painful, itchy or uncomfortable it affects hearing or to provide a better view of the eardrum to check for problems.

    Removal typically happens in the pediatricians office, and while the process may be slightly uncomfortable, it isnt painful. Here are a few methods the provider might try:

    • They might scoop, pull or suction it out with special instruments designed for this purpose.
    • They might flush it out with warm water. Sometimes a doctor will put drops into the ear canal to soften the wax and break it down. They might also ask you do this at home and then return to the office for wax removal.

    Removal takes only a few minutes, Dr. Chavan says. If theres a sign of infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic ear drops.

    What Part Of The Ear Makes Wax

    The ear is separated into three major parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear contains the Pinna or the ear itself. The canal and ear drum are comprised of the middle ear, which captures and channels sounds. It is the middle ear that most parents have trouble with. The middle ear contains glands that produce ear wax which helps protect the inner ear from dirt and dust. Most parents are surprised to learn that it is never a good idea to use Q-tips or other similar devices to remove ear wax, especially in kids. Q-Tips simply just cause ear wax to get pushed deeper into the ear and compress the wax into a tight wad.

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    Do You Need To Clean Your Babys Ears

    Its important to keep your babys ears clean. You can clean the outer ear and the skin around it while you bathe your baby. All youll need is a washcloth or cotton ball and some warm water.

    Its not safe to use cotton swabs or to stick anything inside your babys ear. If you notice earwax inside the ear, you dont need to remove it.

    Earwax is healthy for your baby because its protecting, lubricating, and has antibacterial propertires. Removing it can cause potentially harmful damage.

    Read on to learn steps for cleaning your babys ears, plus safety tips.

    To clean your babys ears on a daily or regular basis, youll need a cotton ball thats been soaked with warm water. You can also use a gentle washcloth with some warm water.

    To clean babys ears:

  • Wet the washcloth or cotton ball with warm water.
  • Ring out the washcloth well, if using.
  • Gently wipe behind babys ears and around the outside of each ear.
  • Never stick the washcloth or cotton ball inside your babys ear. This can cause damage to the ear canal.

    When It Comes To Your Child Where You Take Them Matters

    Quick &  Easy Guide On How To Clean Baby Ear Wax Safely

    If your child has ear infections, strep throat or other issues that impact their ears, nose or throat, find a pediatric otolaryngologist or click the link below to schedule an appointment.

    Nandini Govil, MD, MPH, joined Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta as a Pediatric Otolaryngologist and joined Emory University as an Assistant Professor in 2019. She came to Atlanta by way of Pittsburgh, Penn., where she completed a fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh.

    This content is general information and is not specific medical advice. Always consult with a doctor or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the health of a child. In case of an urgent concern or emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department right away. Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals on the Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta team are independent providers and are not our employees.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Earwax Removal

    Excess wax which causes blockage in the ear is a frequent cause of hearing loss. The situation becomes worse when someone attempts to clean the ear with a cotton swab. This is because the swab does little more than push the wax further into the ear canal. Ear wax removal is a superior cleaning method because:

    • It softens the wax
    • Restores hearing

    How To Remove Ear Wax Safely At Home

    When cleaning your childs ear, keep in mind a cotton swab or cloth is perfectly safe for the outer ear only. The inner ear canal should be cleaned regularly as well. To remove hard wax from your childs ear, you will need to soften the ear wax first. Use either mineral oil or olive oil and warm the oil up. Make sure the oil is not too hot before putting it in your childs ear, test it on the inside part of your wrist. Put four drops in the ear canal. The warm oil can help soften and make the canal slippery. Allow the warm oil to remain in the canal for 5 to 10 minutes. The thickness of the oil often helps bring the wax out. Have you child lean their head to the side and let gravity do the rest. For stubborn wax you can use an ear syringe to help suck the wax out.

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    Problems From Using Cotton

    • The cotton-tipped swab pushes the wax back in. The earwax builds up and causes symptoms.
    • Ear canal blockage
    • Trapped water behind the wax .
    • Itchy or painful canals, especially in teens who often use Q-tips. A dry ear canal is always itchy.
    • Sometimes, bleeding or damage to the eardrum.
    • Cotton swabs cause more than 10,000 ear injuries each year in the US. More than 2,000 are punctured ear drums. Never allow young children to play with cotton swabs.

    How Do I Use It

    Ear Wax Removal off Eardrum in Courageous Toddler Aged 3! – Ep 295
    • Mineral oil should be kept at and administered at room temperature.
    • Instill 3-5 drops into the affected ear at bedtime. Over night the oil will turn the hard/dry wax into a liquid substance.
    • In the morning, simply clean the outer part of the ear with a washcloth to remove the residual oil and ear wax.

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    How Does Earwax Accumulate In Infants And Toddlers

    The ears secrete earwax as a way of preventing the eardrum from getting damaged by dirt, dust and other particles. Usually, the earwax finds its own way out of the ear canal. However, sometimes, it might accumulate and turn hard causing irritation in the ear.

    While cleaning your toddler’s ears with cotton swabs, you might accidentally push the earwax deeper into the ear canals leading to blockage. Some children might also use their fingers, which push back the accumulated wax.

    When To See A Doctor For An Ear Infection

    Ear wax build up can lead to many medical problems. If the childs ear has any blood, oozing or you see pus, this can be a sign of a lesion, sore or infection. If the child complains about ear pain or has high fevers it is wise to have your child seen by a doctor. If you can see a foreign object in the childs ear, it also recommended you take them to a doctor.

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    This Is Exactly How To Clean A Toddlers Ears

    I may receive a commission for purchases made through product links on this page, but I always stand by my opinions and endorsements!


    They can be pretty gross sometimes, right?

    They tend to get snot everywhere, never cover their mouths when they cough, and accumulate massive amounts of dirt under their fingernails.

    And if you ever look inside a toddlers ear, youll likely be pretty horrified!

    Yes, even their ears can get surprisingly filthy.

    But do you need to clean a toddlers ears? Is it safe? Whats the best way to clean a toddlers ears?

    In a large majority of cases, you dont need to really do anything to get ear wax out of a toddlers ears.

    For general hygiene, the easiest and safest way is to simply take a wet, warm washcloth and gently wipe out dirt, wax, and gunk from the outer part of the ear.

    The big safety rule to remember is to never put anything bigger than an elbow in your childs ear! That means no Q-tips! Wax thats still deep inside the ear canal will almost always work its way out on its own.

    Still, theres a little more to it and some special circumstances worth examining. Lets take a closer look at everything you need to know about cleaning childrens ears.

    Symptoms Of Earwax Buildup

    How To Clean Baby Earwax: Safety And When To See A Doctor ...
    • Too much earwax can cause rubbing of the ear or poking in the canal.
    • A piece of ear wax can become dry and hard in the ear canal. This creates a feeling that an object is in the ear.
    • Complete blockage of the ear canal by wax causes more symptoms. These include decreased or muffled hearing.
    • A large piece of earwax may be seen inside the ear canal.

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    What Does The Post

    Post care procedures for earwax removal are minimal. ENT for Children provides eardrops that can be used to soften the wax within the childs ear, and it can also be washed or even vacuumed out. In severe cases, where standard treatments are ineffective, the wax may be removed through a process called microscopic visualization. Contact us to learn more about ear wax removal and find out how Dr. Samadi can help to maintain better ear health for your child.

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