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How To Repair Phonak Hearing Aids

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Also Keep Your Ears Clean

How to replace the receiver on a Phonak Audéo M hearing aid

In addition to keeping the hearing devices themselves clean, its important for you to keep your ears clean, too. Keeping the devices and ears free of debris can lessen the need for frequent hearing aid repairs. Earwax is a completely natural and necessary secretion of the ears, but it can cause trouble if it becomes lodged in ports or crevices of the hearing aids. To keep earwax to a minimum, clean ears with a washcloth daily.

If you suspect your amount of wax is out of the normal range or your hearing devices are becoming clogged on a consistent basis, reach out to your hearing healthcare professional for additional tips or options.

Keep in mind its not safe to insert cotton swabs or anything sharp in your ears to clean them. Using these items could push the earwax deeper into the ear or puncture the eardrum.

Make Sure They Are Clean

Many repairs are a minor problem and can be performed at home. The first thing you should check is that your hearing aids are clean of all debris and wax, that the batteries are fresh and that they are not set to the telecoil setting. In addition, make sure the hearing aid is actually in the on position and the volume is adjusted correctly. Inspect your hearing aids for visible signs of damage. If you see damage, its time to get them to the audiologist for repair.

Care Tips For Hearing Aids

Clean your hearing aids regularly to keepthem working reliably.

  • Get the proper tools: A wax pick and brush are indispensable tools for at-home cleaning. Earwax can accumulate in the opening at the end of a hearing aid where the sound comes out causing muffled sound or feedback . Left long enough, it can damage the receiver. Use the pick and brush to gently clear wax away.
  • Establish good habits: Always wash your hands well before cleaning your hearing aids. Leave hearing aids out during your hygiene routine. Shower and wash your face and hair without your hearing aids in so water and soap cant damage them. Put your aids in after you apply hair products like sprays or gels.
  • Clean your device at the end of the day: Cleaning your hearing aids before bedtime gives them several hours to air out before you will put them in again. Avoid wipes with chemicals or alcohol when cleaning hearing aids as they could damage the devices.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold: If the temperature is below freezing and you take your hearing aids out of your ears to shovel the driveway, leave them inside the house instead of stashing them in your coat pocket. Likewise, if you take your hearing aids out to jump in the pool on the hottest day of the summer, take them inside the house instead of leaving them on a poolside table.

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Lastly Keep Hearing Aids Dry

Prolonged exposure to moisture is the leading cause of repair in hearing aids. Most people dont realize how much moisture hearing aids can accumulate with daily use. At night, open the battery compartment and remove the batteries to allow aids to air out. If you live in a very humid area, are athletic or perspire heavily, it might be wise to invest in a hearing aid sleeve or sweatband.

Another tool to help keep devices dry is a hearing aid dehumidifier. These inexpensive devices can help keep moisture to a minimum and can possibly prolong the life of hearing aids.

Wash and shower before putting hearing aids in for the day. Use care when applying hair and face products as these can build up on and inside hearing aids. Take hearing aids out when swimming or engaging in water activities.

If Your Hearing Aid Stops Working

Pin on Hearing Aids

While it may seem obvious, the first step to take if your hearing aid is not working is to check that its on! Once youve established that your hearing aid has a working battery, check to make sure the battery is inserted correctly and that your hearing aid turns on when the battery door is shut.

If youre not sure whether the battery is charged or not, try a new battery and see if you hear a chime when the battery door shuts. Changing the battery is one of the easiest methods of hearing aid repair. If youre sure that the hearing aid is on and the battery is working properly, checked the tubing and the earmold to make sure there is no wax or moisture clogging up your hearing aid.

Are you ready for change? Watch our latest video:

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Tips For Maintaining Hearing Aids

The Heuser Hearing Institute offers some hearing aid maintenance tips. These include:

  • Daily cleaning: People may use a soft, dry cloth. A cleaning kit may help clean hard-to-reach areas. Dehumidifiers may also be useful, as they ensure that the device does not contain moisture.
  • Replacing parts: This depends on the type of hearing aids a person owns, as they may have to replace batteries, wax guards, tubing, or wax filters. It may be helpful to have some spare components to use when necessary.
  • Keeping it dry: This may help lower the chance of malfunction. In addition, it may be helpful to remove the hearing aid before applying perfume, hair spray, makeup, or shaving cream, as these can also damage the circuit.
  • Taking batteries out before bed: This can extend the battery life and prevent an accidental use of the device.
  • Troubleshooting: Before a person visits a hearing aid specialist for repairs, they should check the device for minor issues, as these can cause malfunction. Audiologists may remove and replace the battery and other parts, as well as clean the battery compartment and check its programming settings.

BTE hearing aids often come with a drying kit that people can use for drying the devices battery every night. This helps the hearing aid dry and reduces the likelihood of malfunction.

People should keep the hearing aids away from heat, as it can damage the circuit.

Common Hearing Aid Problems

The most common hearing aid problems are no sound produced, decreased volume and sound quality, distorted sound quality, and whistling or feedback sounds. Learning how to detect these issues and developing a habit for regularly checking if your hearing aids are working correctly allows you to troubleshoot them quickly, or ask a hearing aid practitioner right away:

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How To Clean Your Hearing Aid

With regular maintenance, your hearing aid will be kept in good working order. Hearing aids operate in an environment that is far from ideal they are subjected to earwax and moisture on a daily basis and while theyre fairly robust devices, careful cleaning will ensure their ongoing optimum functionality.

Read our guide to cleaning hearing aids below and get in touch if you need assistance with your hearing loss, we can offer advice on the best hearing aid for your needs or offer an up to date hearing test with our hearing healthcare professionals.

Phonak Hearing Aid Models

How to Get Your Hearing Aid Repaired

Phonak makes three styles of hearing aids: behind-the-ear , receiver-in-the-canal , and in-the-ear . The company manufactures several models of hearing aids, including:

  • Naida Paradise
  • Appropriate for severe to profound hearing loss for the changeable battery model and mild to severe hearing loss for the rechargeable model
  • Comes in four levels: 90, 70, 50, and 30
  • Changeable zinc battery
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
  • Prices for the Naida Paradise range from $1,399 to $2,199 per aid or $2,798 to $4,398 per pair
  • Appropriate for moderate to profound hearing loss
  • Comes in four levels: 90, 70, 50, and 30
  • Built-in rechargeable battery or changeable zinc battery
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
  • Prices for Naida Marvel range from $1,499 to $2,299 per aid or $2,998 to $4,598 per pair
  • Appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Comes in four levels: 90, 70, 50, and 30
  • Built-in rechargeable battery or changeable zinc battery
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
  • Prices for the Bolero Marvel range from $1,499 to $2,299 per aid or $2,998 to $4,598 per pair
  • Appropriate for mild to profound hearing loss
  • Comes in four levels: 90, 70, 50, and 30
  • Built-in rechargeable battery or changeable zinc battery
  • Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
  • Prices for Audeo Paradise range from $1,349 to $2,399 per aid or $2,698 to $4,798 per pair

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Phonak Hearing Aids Author Review By Shelley Webb

Phonak has a solution for all types of hearing loss. It has seven product lines: Four lines cater to those with profound hearing loss and one serves single-sided deafness. Consult with your local provider about financing options. Phonaks website also provides a list of organizations that may be able to assist you financially.

  • Products: Seven model lines are available, featuring receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles. A completely invisible design, called the Lyric, is also available. Phonak sells the CROS, as well, which is for people with single-sided hearing.

  • Features: These hearing aids are available with rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth compatibility and smartphone connectivity. Some models are water- and dust-resistant, and there are options for colors.

  • Trial and warranty: Phonak offers a one-year warranty on all hearing aids. Check with your local provider to learn if a free trial is available.

  • Locations: There are no physical locations for this company, but customers can find a local seller on its website.

Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.

Where Do You Go

Start the repair process with the audiologist that fitted your hearing aids. The place you purchased your hearing aids is the obvious choice for performing repairs. However, if you have moved or the audiologist no longer practices in your area you still have plenty of options. Most audiology offices deal with the same brands and manufacturers. This means they will be familiar with your hearing aids and warranty even if they didnt sell you the devices.

If you are going to a different location, look online or call to make sure they handle your brand.

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If The Sound Is Too Weak

If youre encountering a sound issue with your hearing aid, the first thing is to check your dome for earwax. Your dome could be clogged up with earwax and need replacing. If your dome is starting to look yellow in color, it is likely time to replace it.

If you have a RIC hearing aid, you should take off your dome and check the wax guard beneath it to see if it is clogged. The wax guard on your hearing aid can be replaced easily with the small black plastic tool that was included in your hearing aid purchase.

If you have an open-fit hearing aid, such as the Dia, you should check your tube to see if there is any earwax insidethis could block sound from reaching your ear. If the tube is clogged, you will need to replace it you can purchase new tubes on our website or send your hearing aid in for a cleaning! Alternatively, you can clean out the tube using the small blue plastic piping that was included with your hearing aid. Run this piece of plastic through the center of your tube to push out any dried earwax.

If all of the above solutions sound a bit daunting, you can simply purchase the Audicus Clean & Care package and have us take a look at your hearing aid for you. Once we receive your hearing aid, we will clean out any earwax buildup, replace the domes, replace the wax guards, replace the batteries, and send you back a full new pack!

What To Expect If Your Hearing Aids Need Repair

1 NEW Phonak Audeo B50 RIC BTE Digital Hearing Aids Aid ...

Nothing lasts forever. Even the best car or the finest washing machine eventually needs a repair. Your hearing aids are no different. The thought of being without your hearing aids once you depend on them to keep you connected to the world can be frightening. Dont panic. Heres what to expect if your hearing aids need repair.

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If Your Hearing Aid Gets Wet

A common hearing aid problem is when hearing aids get wet. If you accidentally wore them in the shower or just spent too long in a very humid environment, it can affect your hearing aids and may cause permanent damage to the devices.

Luckily, there are steps you can take for hearing aid repair! Let your hearing aids air-dry, or put them in a bowl of uncooked rice to absorb the moisture. Check out this post for an in-depth look at how to approach wet hearing aids.

Phonak Repair: Out Of The Box Idea

Need some collective advice

I have a pair of PHONAK AUDEO YES V Hearing Aids They are about 5-6 years old. Yesterday on my right side aidone of the two metal prongs that hold the battery in place on one of them when you close it broke off Its a metal tab about 1/16th-1/8th” long The hearing aid will not work without it

As Phonak refuses to deal directly with customers I called my audiologist explained the problem and she said virtually any repair to any Phonak hearing aid is $350 Kinda of a flat rate fee No doubt the audiologist takes a cut of that, but thats neither here nor there

as I can buy a used hearing aid on eBay for less than that Im kinda torn My question is this

This is a simple metal piece that broke off and I still have the piece Im wondering if a watch or clock or jewelry repair person could simply solder the piece back on I would assume it would cost a whole lot less than $350. Those guys are used to working with tiny pieces under magnification

Any thoughts or feedback on this idea?? and yes money is tight these days

If you pay someone to solder the metal piece and it ends up frying your aid, youll be out a lot more than $350. I wouldnt risk it. There are companies that repair hearing aids. I think Lloyds is mentioned often here. Maybe theyd do better than 350.

Cost was $150 + shipping Great service reasonable prices. Painless transaction. The best partit was back in my hands in just under 2 weeks Sweet!!

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How To Get Started With Phonak

If youre new to hearing aids, using Phonaks free online hearing test is one place to start. Based on that evaluation, you can determine whether or not you wish to find an audiologist or hearing professional that sells Phonak products.

Theres a find a provider tool and interactive map you can use on the Phonak website to identify providers in your zip code.

Phonak recommends always making an in-person appointment with one of their professionals. There are online sellers of Phonak hearing aids, but not all of them may be authorized to sell these products through the manufacturer.

How To Fill Out And Sign 5yrs Online

How to Change a Phonak/Unitron Hearing Aid Receiver

Get your online template and fill it in using progressive features. Enjoy smart fillable fields and interactivity. Follow the simple instructions below:

Choosing a authorized specialist, creating a scheduled visit and going to the office for a personal conference makes doing a Phonak Repair Form from start to finish exhausting. US Legal Forms enables you to rapidly create legally valid documents based on pre-constructed online samples.

Prepare your docs in minutes using our simple step-by-step guideline:

  • Find the Phonak Repair Form you need.
  • Open it with cloud-based editor and start editing.
  • Fill out the blank fields engaged parties names, addresses and numbers etc.
  • Customize the template with smart fillable fields.
  • Put the particular date and place your electronic signature.
  • Simply click Done following double-checking all the data.
  • Save the ready-produced document to your system or print it as a hard copy.
  • Swiftly generate a Phonak Repair Form without having to involve specialists. There are already over 3 million people taking advantage of our rich catalogue of legal forms. Join us right now and get access to the #1 collection of browser-based blanks. Try it yourself!

    Experience a faster way to fill out and sign forms on the web. Access the most extensive library of templates available.

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    The Takeaway On Phonak Hearing Aids

    Phonak hearing aids are priced competitively in the upper range of the industry. However, during our hands-on review of Phonak, we found that they are worth the price tag. The Switzerland-based company is well-known for its commitment to quality and industry-leading technology. With several devices designed for mild to proud hearing loss, ranging from traditional behind-the-ear to custom in-the-ear styles, there is a hearing solution for most users. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly hearing aid or you want to make your purchase online, it may be best to consider other industry-leading hearing aid providers. However, we’ve found that Phonak offers top-of-the-line customizable hearing aids with the latest technology.

    Maintenance Checks You Can Do Yourself

  • First, try changing your battery for a new one or charging your hearing aids if they are rechargeable.
  • Next, check that there are no blockages to the sound outlet:
  • If you wear a RIC hearing aid, check the dome to ensure it is clean and free of wax. If it requires a change, remove and discard it and replace with a new dome from your pack. See this instruction video for guidance.
  • With the dome removed, check that the wax filter in the speaker port is also clear of wax and debris. Follow the instructions in this short video to change the filter if required.
  • If you wear a hearing aid with an earmold, check that your earmold tubing is clear. Follow these instructions to clean your earmold.
  • If you wear a custom in-the-ear hearing aid, follow these instructions to change your wax filter.
  • Contact your provider to send you filters, domes, batteries or cleaning kits by mail if you run out.
  • If after these checks are completed, your hearing aid is still not working, the best thing to do is seek advice from your hearing care provider by phone or by email. They may need to send your hearing aid in for repair and will be able to guide you on the best and safest way to get your device to them during these times of social distancing.

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