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What Doterra Oil Is Good For Ringing Ears

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Antibiotics Are Not Always The Answer

Essential Oils for Tinnitus – How to Use Essential Oils to Stop Ringing in Ears?

Two of my kids have had ear tubes because of chronic ear infections, and we have our pediatric ENT on speed-dial. I honestly cant tell you the amount of antibiotics that have been pumped through their systems, trying to clear up the pain and infections. At one point, the antibiotics werent effective, and I personally feel that our doctor was carelessly prescribing them.

Do my kids get viral ear infections? Perhaps. But is there a chance a resistance to the antibiotics is building, or that there is a greater underlying problem? A likely possibility.

The Center for Disease Control recommends watchful waiting for healthcare providers before they engage in the knee-jerk reaction of prescribing antibiotics. I also found this article extremely informative in terms of information and studies about ear infections and antibiotic resistance.

The Long History Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquid concentrates derived from a wide variety of plantsusually herbs and fruit. Hundreds of fragrances can be extracted popular ones include peppermint, lavender, tea tree oil, cedarwood, lemon and eucalyptus. Oils are distilled from many different parts of the plant including the leaves, flowers, roots, bark, seeds, berries and needles.

People have been using essential oils as a type of folk medicine for hundreds of yearsas far back as the 12th century. Their use is on the rise again with modern-day Burbank residents who are looking for alternative medicine and natural remedies. Many believe essential oils promote positive well-being and can help with a range of health ailments. The oils are usually diffused, burned or rubbed into the skin. Believers swear they help do everything except make the bed! Specifically, they are alleged to:

  • Boost energy
  • Protect against infection
  • Relieve headaches, nausea and some skin conditions

Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA. This has led to some pretty far-out claims about their health benefits, but none has ever been proven. They wont cause harm when used as directed, but there are dangers associated with improper use. Essential oils can cause skin irritation and other allergic reactions in some individuals. Ingesting them can cause a burning sensation and inflammation. Children and pregnant or nursing women should avoid using them.

Calm And Quiet Sleep Sachet

Imagine a way to use sleeping hours to reduce tinnitus while promoting deep rest. This sachet does just that!

  • An organza or muslin sachet bag
  • 1 ounce of lavender buds
  • A 6-inch square piece of cotton quilt batting or flannel
  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of petitgrain
  • 2 drops of helichrysum

Place lavender buds on the batting/cloth. Fold in the edges and clip with a pin. Drop the oils onto the batting/cloth. Place in the sachet bag, cinching closed.

Tuck the sachet beneath your pillow or fasten to bedding. Infuse the sachet with fresh oils as needed.

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Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss

  • Foods like fish, sesame, soybeans, eggs, lotus seeds, cinnamon and walnuts are good in preventing hearing loss.
  • Avoid cold beverages or foods, especially during the nighttime.
  • Restrict the number of dairy products and processed meat.
  • Cut down on fried and oily foods.
  • Volume down the sound of the music player.
  • Donât put earphones or headphones in your ears for a long time .
  • Wear earplugs while visiting a pop concert.
  • Donât use cotton swabs to clean ears.
  • If you work in a noisy environment, wear earmuffs most of the time.

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What Is Helichrysum Essential Oil

Pin on Essential oils

Helichrysum oil has been in use for medicinal purposes in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. Its popularity has increased in recent times as researchers have found its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties useful for various health conditions.

Helichrysum italicum is a natural medicinal plant from which the Essential helichrysum oil is extracted. The plant is also known as the everlasting immortal curry plant. Both its flowers and leaves are used for medicinal purposes.

Some of the most popular uses of helichrysum oil include treatment of wound infections, digestive problems and heart health as well as masking the irritating noises of tinnitus.

Some believe that hearing losses and tinnitus due to nerve damages caused by infections and inflammations can be healed or reduced by the use of helichrysum oil.

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Helichrysum Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

  • Because of its chemical makeup, Helichrysum essential oil is known to have calming, soothing properties. The presence of chemical components called esters contribute to the oils calming characteristicsmaking it the perfect oil for when you want to create a soothing sensation. When your body could use a little pacifying, massage Helichrysum essential oil on the back of the neck for a soothing sensation.
  • While Helichrysum oil is well-known for its ability to help in anti-aging efforts, the oil has a myriad of benefits that apply to the skin. When you want to combat acne and promote a glowing complexion, Helichrysum essential oil is a helpful companion that will improve the appearance of the skin. Remember, when applying any essential oil directly to the skin, consider the strength and potency of the oil, as well as your personal skin sensitivity. To avoid skin irritation, consider diluting Helichrysum oil with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil before applying to the face or body.
  • Helichrysum oil may help promote a healthy metabolism.* To take advantage of these benefits of Helichrysum essential oil, take two drops of Helichrysum essential oil internally. When taking essential oils internally, you can drop them directly into the mouth, add a few drops to a glass of water, or place drops in a doTERRA Veggie Capsule.
  • Do Essential Oils Work For Hearing Loss

    Search online, and you’ll find websites claiming that several types of essential oils can help with hearing loss, according to a review of essential oil hearing loss claims compiled by Dr. Robert M. DiSogra, a New Jersey audiologist. For example, he found sites claiming:

    • Cajeput oil, geranium oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil could help sensorineural hearing loss, and
    • Helichrysum oil could help both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss

    But is there any evidence these oil will help? No, DiSogra points out in a separate review article on essential oils and hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo for Audiology Today. This means very little clinical research has been conducted on these essential oils, and most of the claims are either unfounded or based on people’s self-reports.

    “Audiologists should not recommend essential oils for hearing loss,” he said in the article.

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    Selecting The Right Carrier Oil

    It is always a good idea to use a carrier oil with essential oils to relieve tinnitus. Doing so will prevent irritation. Some of the best carrier oils to use include olive oil or sweet almond oil but there are many more to choose from. It is important to use a suitable carrier oil because essential oils are so powerful when they are applied undiluted. These oils will neutralize the harsh effects of certain essential oils that you are using, so they are safe to use.

    Garlic Oil For Ear Infections: Why You Should Make Your Own

    Best Essential Oils For Ear Infections

    Garlic oil ear drops are simple to make and a great natural ear infection remedy. The following is a simple recipe for how to make garlic oil for ear infections: crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and mix with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Leave the mixture to steep for 30 minutes, and then strain out the garlic. Voila! Youve made your own garlic ear drops!

    This post may contain affiliate links.

    Once strained, put a drop or two in each ear every hour for a few days. Results are typically seen within the first few doses!

    Most people who have used this remedy have had great results, often the pain lets up immediately.

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    Can Essential Oils Help The Hearing

    Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA. Like other popular alternative therapies such as CBD oil and homeopathy, there is simply no clinical evidence that EOs provide any medical benefitwith the possible exception of lavender oil, which has some demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties.

    Your Tucson audiologist says essential oils wont help those with hearing loss and does not recommend them as a treatment option.

    The Ultimate Tinnitus Oil Blend

    To pack a more powerful punch to combat your tinnitus, you can blend essential oils together to create the Ultimate Tinnitus blend. This combines the healing properties of the all the oils mentioned to give you the best chance of reducing ringing:

    • ¼ cup coconut oil

    • 5 drops helichrysum

    • 10 drops juniper berry

    • 10 drops cypress

    Combine the essential oils and carrier oil in a glass dropper bottle and shake to mix. This wonderful tinnitus mixture can be used to rub around your ears, and the sides of your neck and temples to get the benefits. Let the solution sit for at least 15 minutes, longer if needed, then wash off with warm water.

    Never apply this solution directly in your ears. This may cause severe irritation or sensitivity.

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    Signs And Symptoms Of Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is an internal sound that can either be continuous or occur intermittently. It can occur in one or both of the ears and can either be of a low or high pitch.

    Some of the sounds described by patients include whistling, clicking, chirping, hissing, static, screeching, buzzing, pulsing, whooshing, or roaring. Some even report that the sound is musical nature too.

    The volume of the sound caused by tinnitus can vary. The sound is frequently experienced at night or when a place is extremely quiet. Hearing loss may be involved when a person suffers from this problem.

    How Can Garlic Help With Ear Infections

    Pin on TINNITUS

    Garlic shares many of the benefits that olive oil offers, including being full of antioxidants. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and helps protect against cancer.

    This member of the allium family is high in sulfur compounds which aid the body in detoxification. It even helps our bodies to avoid forming carcinogens from overcooked meat! Garlic helps with iron absorption and is a good source of Vitamin C, manganese, selenium, and other important vitamins and minerals.

    These are only some of the wonderful benefits that garlic has to offer, and unfortunately many of them are quickly destroyed by heat. For this reason it is often recommended to add garlic when a dish is done, or very close to being done. This way you can take advantage of all the health benefits it has to offer.

    Garlic is important for ear infection remedies because it is potent and helps stop ear infections and the associated pain fast.

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    How To Use Essential Oil For Tinnitus

    It may seem like a good idea, but you should never put essential oil directly into your ear. Garlic oil has been known to be used in your ears for pain relief, but never essential oils. If you use essential oils undiluted in your ears, you may desensitize the mucous membranes found within the ear and do some serious damage. Easy ways to use essential oils include applying it to your skin, inhaling or using a diffuser.

    How To Use Essential Oils For Tinnitus

    Do not put essential oils into your ear.

    To use essential oils for tinnitus, apply two or three drops on the earlobe, behind the ear, and to the neck by the ear. Massage the oil into the skin gently.

    Essential oils are distilled from natural plants, bark, blossoms and other plant materials.

    The good essential oils are very potent and should always be diluted in a good carrier oil such as Olive, Grape seed, Coconut and Almond oil before they are applied to the skin.

    The treatments may be inhaled or placed in the areas around the ear.

    Dont put the oil directly into the ear.

    Essential oils can be blended and combined to suit an individuals needs according to the symptoms being experienced.

    If a person has tinnitus due to inflammation, try using juniper berry and helichrysum oils in combination.

    If the ringing sound is pulsing and might be due to stress, try combining petitgrain and cypress essential oils in equal amounts, combined with a carrier oil.

    If the ringing may be due to nasal or ear congestion, use a few drops of lavender and helichrysum oil to lessen the sound of the tinnitus.

    Combine one drop helichrysum oil, one drop of basil oil, and one drop of carrier oil. Place the combination on a warm, damp cotton pad.

    Place the cotton pad on the outside of the ear for a minute or two to gain relief from ear congestion and soothe tinnitus.

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    Heavy On Hype Light On Evidence

    Because the FDA does not regulate essential oils, many wild claims have sprung up. Unfortunately, not a single one has been substantiated. Essential oils are basically harmless when used as directed, but there is the potential for harm in some cases. Improper use can cause skin irritation or other allergic reactions. They should never be taken by mouth, as ingestion can cause a burning sensation or inflammation. In children, this could prove toxic.

    The above claims regarding sensorineural and conductive hearing loss are groundless. Sadly, they are no more effective in treating other hearing and balance issues.

    Allegedly, cypress oil, ginseng oil, helichrysum oil, juniper oil, lavender oil, lilies oil, olive oil, onion oil, petitgrain oil, rehmannia oil and spotted orchis oil, can all cure tinnitus. Your San Francisco hearing specialist is quick to point out that tinnitus is currently irreversible.

    Vertigo sufferers are urged to try basil oil, bergamot oil, bitter orange oil , CBD oil, clary sage oil, cypress oil, geranium oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, lemon balm oil, peppermint oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, tangerine oil or thyme oil to prevent the sensation of a spinning room. These are ineffective.

    Instead of turning to alternative medicine to treat a hearing or balance issue, your best bet is to rely on a health professional in San Rafael. Medical school, it turns out, is far more reliable than centuries of folklore.

    What Is Helichrysum Oil

    7 Essential Oils That Can Help to Stop Tinnitus

    The heli comes from the Greek word helios which means sun. Chrysos means gold.

    Makes sense, because this is the name of a plant genus covering some 600 species in the sunflower family. Nearly half of these perennial herbs come from the country of South Africa, while the remaining 350 or so can be found throughout other parts of Africa, Australia, and the Mediterranean region.

    It is in the Mediterranean, especially in the countries of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, where purported medicinal uses of helichrysum oil have been used for centuries, if not longer .

    The essential oil is made from the plants marigold-like flowers. While production methods will vary by manufacturer, generally to keep things organic only steam distillation is used to extract the plant compounds.

    It takes a lot of petals and hence, why the price is so expensive. Thats also why you typically see whats known as poor mans helichrysum oil, which is when its blended with something cheaper. Jojoba is a one example, as are lavender, frankincense, argan, coconut and rosehip seed oil. A few products use grapefruit extracts or magnesium oil.

    These poor man versions will typically have a dilution ratio of about 1 to 10, where its 10% helichrysum and 90% other ingredients. Now Foods sells a blend of that ratio. To save money, some people prefer doing the diluting and mixing themselves.

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    Which Essential Oils To Use

    The following essential oils have been found to be useful in dealing with symptoms of tinnitus. Always use them with one or more of the carrier oils to stop ringing in your ears.

    You can also use a combination of essential oil in one or more carrier carrier oils. Experiment and see what works well in your case. All of them should do a good job but some of them may be more suitable for you then the others.

    Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils which reduces anxiety and emotional stress, improves sleep, alleviates headaches, slows aging and improves cell repairs.

    All these capabilities help to remove the symptoms of tinnitus.

    These Home Remedy Ear Infection Drops Actually Work

    Ive used every ear infection support available. Antibiotics, costly ear drops, ear tubes, warm compresses, decongestants EVERYTHING.

    The first time I used these drops on my five-year-old at his initial complaint of an ear ache due to congestion from a cold, he immediately felt better, and didnt have any symptoms the next day.

    That first-hand experience right there gives me everything I need to continue using these beautiful plant medicines. For which I am immensely grateful. And I hope these can support and educate you in your wellness journey for your family, too!

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    Doterra Essential Oil For Earache

    It must be painful when you are having earache. The pain can come and go or may be constant. This can affect just one ear or both ears. There is doterra essential oil for earache that you can use to help treating this problem. What kind of essential oil is helpful for earache? Pay attention to the following explanation.

    Try Essential Oil from Doterra for Earache Treatment

  • Lavender oil. There is some doterra essential oil for earache. The first one is lavender essential oil or Lavendula angustifolia. This ingredient is considered as necessary oil to use in many cases when it is needed. It has relaxing and calming properties which are able to promote ease feelings as well. One of the primary benefits of doterra lavender oil is to soothe skin irritations which may happen occasionally. Beneficial property presented by this oil will be useful for earache. The essential oil of lavender itself has been used since ancient times by Romans and Egyptians. They even use this oil for relaxation, perfume, and cooking. You can also use this ingredient to help reducing skin imperfections.
  • Purify oil. Another doterra essential oil for earache you can try is purifying cleansing blend which presents the combination of several essential oils. It has the combination of pine, citrus, lemon, lime, cilantro, citronella , and tea tree essential oil. The soothing effect and other properties provided in purify oil from dottera may help treating earache.
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