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Can Hearing Aids Be Used By Someone Else

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Do Small Hearing Aids Work

Can I Wear Someone Else’s Hearing Aids? | Ask the Hearing Doctors

All hearing aids work to some degree. The style, size, and features determine how well they work for each type of hearing loss. Small hearing aids include larger styles, like in-the-ear , and nearly invisible styles, like in-the-canal and completely-in-the-canal . These types of devices are more appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss, with a select few appropriate for severe hearing loss.

The advantage of small hearing aids is the almost invisible appearance they provide. Many people can wear these devices without anyone knowing they have hearing aids, which can help those who experience stigma surrounding hearing aids. Research shows that many people, especially older adults, associate hearing loss and hearing aids with stigma related to perceived feelings of lower cognitive ability, ageism , and vanity . And that stigma was enough to delay people from seeking help for their hearing loss. For those who experience similar stigma, small hearing aids may help. Small hearing aids are also lightweight and often provide a more natural sound quality beca they are placed deep into the ear canal.

That being said, because they go in your ear, they may not be a good fit for everyones ear canal. Thats why its a good idea to go to a professional to get fitted for a hearing aid. Small hearing aids may also require more battery changes since they can only hold a small battery, and the compact size may result in fewer features.

Resource Guide: Hearing Aid Assistance

AARP Hearing Care Program-HearUSA

Website: AARP-Hearing Care Program-HearUSA

Savings and discounts on a wide range of digital hearing aids and hearing aid accessories available through the AARP Hearing Care Program provided by HearUSA. In addition to your 20% hearing care discount, save an extra $200 off a pair of hearing aids.

Alpha One

1048 Union Street, Suite 2Bangor, ME 04401

Website: Alpha One

Alpha One is a community-based program directed and managed by people with disabilities to provide independent living opportunities. Alpha One promotes peer interaction, community resource utilization, and self-advocacy skills. It seeks to ensure equal opportunity and compliance with all disability-related laws through increased public awareness, professional consultation, and community advocacy.

The Adaptive Equipment Loan Program , Adaptive Driver Education, and Information and Referral Service are of special interest to deaf citizens and agencies who serve deaf clients.

The mPower Loan Program lends funds for assistive equipment, such as hearing aids, to individuals in Maine who are able to repay the loan over time. Loans have flexible terms and can cover hearing aids,flashing alert systems and other equipment.


Administered by EPIC Hearing Healthcare17870 Castleton Street, Suite 320City of Industry, CA 917481-866-956-5400 Website: Audient

DRM Telecommunications Equipment Program

Verification of Disability

For more information, contact:

333-8300 333-4320

Lion’s Club

Regulations For Used Hearing Aids

There are conditions for buying and selling refurbished hearing aids, due to federal regulations. Those include the following:

  • Used or rebuilt hearing aids are required to have packaging and identification that the aid is not new.
  • The person buying the hearing aids must have a medical evaluation from a doctor. They must complete the evaluation within six months before the sale.
  • If youre buying used hearing aids from someone other than an authorized dealer, you do not have to show proof of the evaluation, but it is strongly recommended. The risk of purchasing a hearing aid online or through an individual without an assessment is that you have no recourse if the hearing aid does not suit your needs. Some individuals will require a signed waiver if they dont get an evaluation, but others do not.

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How Does An Audiologist Program Your Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a well-known condition that millions of people experience but no two hearing loss cases are alike. Each individual with hearing loss is unique and is living with a specific set of circumstances and needs that will influence the course of their treatment.

As one would expect, individual needs have to be met with customized solutions, particularly in terms of how hearing aids the most common treatment for hearing loss are programmed.

Someone Gave Me Their Old Hearing Aid Can I Wear It

Can I Wear Someone Else

by Dr. Emily J. Taylor | Aug 14, 2014 | Hearing Aids

This question is asked regularly in our office, lets discuss! The simple answer to the questions is: IT DEPENDS! The most important factor to consider when figuring out if you can wear someone elses hearing aid is to determine what style hearing aid has been given to you. Is it a custom hearing aid or a hearing aid that goes behind-the-ear ? If someone has gifted you a custom style hearing aid, you are unfortunately out of luck. A custom hearing aid has been specifically made for an individuals unique ear shape and in order to properly amplify, a perfect fit is necessary. If you have a behind the ear style device, you are in luck. This style can be used by multiple ears. Please refer to the flow chart to understand the process better. Also, here are a few extremely IMPORTANT things to keep in mind!!

At the Taylor Listening Center, we specialize in hearing aid fittings. Please call us with the brand of the hearing aid you have so we can determine if we have the software for that specific brand. Let us know if you have a current hearing test from the past 3 months. Do not worry if you do not have one, we can test you in the office! If you decide to purchase a new set of hearing aids, we would love to give your old set of hearing aids to someone in need at no charge to them.

Follow this chart to determine if you can use someone elses hearing aid! Call us with questions 443-544-7555.

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Consider The Lack Of Warranty

Depending on where you receive used hearing aids, you may still have had to shell out a fair chunk of change to buy them. As some hearing aids cost thousands of dollars upfront, people may try to sell them for near that amount. If youre buying a used pair of hearing aids, consider that you wont receive any warranty on them.

Imagine you paid for used hearing aids that break within a short time of use. Unfortunately, youre essentially out of luck. You likely cannot get them serviced without having proof of purchase or a second-party warranty. Consequently, youll need to buy a new pair of hearing aids, used or not. This may cost end up costing a similar amount of money to buying one new pair of hearing aids.

Consider The Type Of Technology

Hearing aids come with different technology. First, hearing aids may be analog or digital. Although digital hearing aids are more common, some users prefer analog hearing aids. Users of analog hearing aids claim to receive a much more natural sound. Analog hearing aids take in sound waves and continually amplify them. They essentially amplify all noises that they pick up.

Alternatively, digital hearing aids pick up noise, convert the sounds to a digital signal, and then they attempt to amplify separate noises while reducing the level of other background noises. Thus, digital signals do not sound as natural as analog hearing aids.

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Adjusting Various Types Of Hearing Aids

Some hearing aids fit inside your ear canal, while others are worn behind the ear. The adjustments that are made to hand-me-down hearing aids so you can use them depends on the type. Hearing aids that fit inside the ear have an outer case that was made specifically for the wearers ear. If you get a used hearing aid of this type, youll have to have the case changed to fit yours. Otherwise, it might fall out or give you extreme discomfort. Have a hearing specialist make a mold of your ear. They can then send that along with the hearing aid to the manufacturer so it can be re-cased to fit you. Once you get it back, you will need it to be reprogrammed to fit the results of your hearing test.

Hand-me-down hearing aids that fit behind the ear are a little easier to refit to your needs. The cases on these hearing aids dont need to be replaced since they arent shaped to your ear. However, you will need a new outer earmold so that it fits properly over your ear. Your doctor can take the earmold impression and reprogram the used hearing aid so that it is specific to your needs.

What To Do With Old Hearing Aids

Hearing aids: Frequently asked questions and misconceptions

While many people may consider selling their used hearing aids an option, it may be too difficult. If your hearing aids are prescription-based, theyre custom-made for you. That means they fit your ears, and theyre programmed for your specific condition.

Instead of letting them sit in your home unused, donating can be much more effective for someone who needs them. Typically, when you donate old hearing aids, they are refurbished, repaired if need be, and distributed to sellers, nonprofits, or those in need.

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Why Are Some Hearing Aids Becoming Available Without A Prescription

Hearing loss significantly affects quality of life for tens of millions of adults in the United States and contributes to high health care costs. Untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation, and it has been associated with serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, dementia, reduced mobility, and falls. Yet only one in four adults who could benefit from hearing aids has ever used them. Making hearing health care more accessible and affordable is a public health priority, especially as the number of older adults in the U.S. continues to grow.

Leading experts in science, technology, and hearing health care have been working with researchers, health professionals, and consumers to find safe and effective ways to improve access to hearing health care for adults. They suggested changing some regulations that studies showed were barriers to adults getting the hearing help they need. They also recommended that the FDA create guidelines and quality standards for OTC hearing aids.

How Do You Donate Hearing Aids

If youre interested in donating a pair of old hearing aids, you first need to find somewhere to donate. As described above, many organizations would love to accept your hearing aid donation.

Depending on the donation, you may have different protocols to follow before donating your hearing aids. You can reach out directly to your group of choice to find information, or the organization may have the information listed on their website.

If you are going to donate your hearing aids to a local charity, you may have to go to their location to drop them off in person. Although the group handles recycling, cleaning, and more, you should do your best to clean them beforehand.

If youre donating to a larger nonprofit, you may be able to ship them to a donation center. This process is quick and easy, as they will provide you with direct instructions from the organizations website.

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Why You Should Consider Donating Your Pre

First, here are some significant stats about hearing loss and hearing aids in the United States:

  • Of the total populace, around 14% have some kind of hearing loss
  • Of all of the adults who have loss of hearing 91% percent are over 50 years old
  • 15% of school-age children suffer from some form of hearing loss
  • Almost 29 million adults with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids, but
  • only 16% of them actually make use of hearing aids
  • First time hearing aid users have an average age of 70, but again
  • Of those over 70 who require hearing aids, fewer than 30% percent have ever had them

This is extremely troubling. Because health problems like mental decline, increased risk of falling, and depression have been linked to untreated hearing loss. The importance of your hearing to your general health is backed up by new research coming out all of the time. Getting hearing aids can lessen these health issues .

And hearing loss will cost the typical family up to $12,000 each year which should be a very persuasive fact. But that expense can actually be decreased by up to 50% with hearing aids.

For a family that loses out on $12,000 each year, it may simply not be possible for them to pay for a hearing aid.

See An Audiologist For A Hearing Test

Hearing aids and everything else surrounding hearing loss ...

It is important that you have a complete hearing test. Audiologists will test your hearing in sound-treated rooms that keep other sounds out. They use special earphones and equipment that meet national standards. Online hearing screens do not have to meet these standards and may lead to test results that are not correct.

Learn more about getting your hearing tested.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Read Aloud

In the beginning, some people are a little self-conscious about the volume of their voice or perceive it as louder. But almost every hearing aid user will tell you that with a little practice, they not only get used to it, but are able to determine the appropriate speaking volume better than before.

So besides just wearing your hearing aids, you should practice hearing yourself speak. For instance, you can read a book, the newspaper, or even recite something like The Pledge of Allegiance in a quiet place in your home. Seriously, give it a try

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

If you practice reading out loud for a couple of minutes a day, youll be used to the sound of your voice and be comfortable with your speaking volume by the end of the first week.

Pair A Hearing Device With Iphone

If your hearing devices arent listed in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices, you need to pair them with iPhone.

  • Open the battery doors on your hearing devices.

  • On iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, then make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.

  • Close the battery doors on your hearing devices.

  • When their names appear below MFi Hearing Devices , tap the names and respond to the pairing requests.

    Pairing can take as long as 60 secondsdont try to stream audio or otherwise use the hearing devices until pairing is finished. When pairing is finished, you hear a series of beeps and a tone, and a checkmark appears next to the hearing devices in the Devices list.

  • You need to pair your devices only once . After that, your hearing devices automatically reconnect to iPhone whenever they turn on.

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    How Often Should Hearing Aids Be Reprogrammed

    As with most answers in life is that it depends. Hearing aids should truly be reprogrammed as often as needed. That being said is that it would be my recommendation to not go more than a year without them being checked. Your hearing loss may change over time and hearing aids may also change. Hearing aids are little electronic pieces that require maintenance.When you take them in for reprogramming, the audiologist should also run tests on them to ensure that they are functioning at peak levels. If they are not, I would get them repaired or replaced so that maximum benefit can be obtained from them.

    Can Hearing Aids Be Reused

    Hearing Aid Self Help

    Hearing aids can be quite expensive and when you see cheap second-hand hearing aids for sale online, it is easy to be tempted into buying them. However, hearing aids are made specifically for the patient intending to use them. This means that they are molded to their inner ear and programmed for the right level of sound.

    Though you can feasibly reuse a hearing aid, this is most likely going to turn out to be a much more expensive option than you might have thought as you will still need it to be reprogrammed and refitted to suit you. After all your efforts and trips to the audiologist, it will probably turn out to be cheaper to buy new.

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    What To Do With Hearing Aids When Someone Dies

    Hearing loss can have a devastating effect on someones life. If your loved one dies and they have usable hearing aids, you have options to help someone else in need. With the worldwide shortage of affordable hearing aids, there is no reason to leave them in a drawer or throw them away. Talk with other family members about the best way to give these valuable assets a new life.


    Buying Used Hearing Aids

    The first step in buying any hearing aid is getting a medical evaluation. These are usually conducted by a doctor such as an otolaryngologist. The medical evaluation is done to make sure that all possible treatable medical causes for the hearing loss are identified before you are referred to an audiologist or other hearing healthcare professional for a hearing aid evaluation. The doctor doing the medical evaluation will give you a statement that verifies that a medical evaluation has been done.

    Even though a medical evaluation is recommended, used/refurbished hearing aids are sold legally, and you can likely get your hands on one without first visiting a doctor. Sellers on sites such as eBay and Craiglist have posted FDA warning statements on their “for sale” listings to inform potential buyers that it is in their best health interest to get a medical evaluation first and that, if the buyer does not get one, he or she must provide the seller with a signed, written waiver. Still, there are other sellers who do not post this responsible warning.

    Disregarding the recommendation to get a medical evaluation prior to purchasing a hearing aid is something you do at your own risk. Furthermore, it’s important to have a hearing healthcare professional not only evaluate your needs for an aid but help guide you as to what type of device is best for you.

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