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Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance

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Memory Loss Frequently Indicates Hearing Loss

How Hearing Loss Affects your Brain

The symptoms and signs of hearing impairment can often be hard to detect. Hearing loss doesnt happen instantly. Damage to your hearing is often further along than you would want by the time you actually observe the symptoms. But if you get your hearing checked soon after detecting some memory loss, you might be able to catch the issue early.

My Hearing Centers Hearing Loss

Living with hearing loss can have some serious consequences. You have difficulty interacting with your family and friends, and have to ask people to repeat themselves a lot. Maybe youve stopped hearing the doorbell, or the stove timer, causing inconvenience or even a safety hazard. Not only does hearing loss affect your relationships or your efficiency at work, new research has found that it even has a massive impact on the very structure of your brain.

Does Hearing Loss Cause Balance Issues

Though some of these conditions are tied together, hearing loss and balance problems do not always occur together. Not all people who suffer from balance disorders suffer from hearing loss, and not all people with hearing loss experience a noticeable loss of balance. However, they do occur in tandem from time to time.

Both Labyrinthitis and Meniere’s disease can result in hearing loss and balance problems.

Labyrinthitis is an infection of the inner ear. It occurs when the labyrinth, a structure within your inner ear, becomes swollen and inflamed. This can lead to hearing loss,tinnitus, feelings of vertigo, and nausea. This condition is also known as vestibular neuronitis, but the difference is that vestibular neuronitis does not involve hearing loss. Most people do not experience a loss of hearing when suffering from an inner ear infection, but it is possible. That is when the condition becomes Labyrinthitis. Most cases of these conditions can be treated and cured, but severe infections can lead to lasting damage.

Get Help Finding The Right Hearing Aid

While its rare for something like a fit issue to cause enough problems that it leads to distortions in your sense of balance, an uncomfortable hearing aid fit can cause a variety of other small problems for you throughout the day. If you need a new hearing aid and youre looking for something comfortable you can count on for hours without having to think about, contact our team for an appointment. Getting help from professionals like our crew at the Happy Ears Hearing Center in Surprise, AZ is the easiest way to make sure you get just the right device for your needs.

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How Are Balance Disorders And Hearing Loss Connected

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

As of today, research has yet to identify hearing loss as a risk factor for acquiring a balance disorder. However, in 2016, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine explored the relationship between hearing loss and balance in a study.

The study revealed that senior individuals with hearing loss were twice as likely to fall as compared to those without it. While the study did not find that hearing loss can lead to a balance disorder, the results show that hearing loss can impact ones balance.

That being said, balance disorders often involve issues with the inner ear. In this way, hearing loss has a strong chance of occurring alongside, or as a result of, a balance disorder. By identifying the underlying cause of your balance disorder, you may be able to determine how it affects your hearing.

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Hearing And Spatial Sensation

The term proprioception refers to ones awareness of his body parts and their relation to his surroundings. Some choose to think of this dynamic as ones positional sense. Working in consort with both the vestibular and visual systems, the human body gains awareness of its position with respect to gravity. In this manner, the brain learns to coordinate these systems, helping to explain the reason we do not experience a continuous blurring of vision as we move through life.

Clearly, if one of these systems malfunctions to any degree, a situation known as a balance disorder occurs. Individuals suffering from such a disorder describe experiencing any or all of the following: feeling dizzy and unsteady, blurred vision, disorientation, confusion, fainting, and even panic or fear.

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Treatment For Hearing Loss

What are the Health Issues Related to Hearing Loss?

In the event that your dizziness and balance issues are caused by untreated hearing loss, theres no reason to fret. Our audiologists use a wide range of diagnosis and treatment options to give people a higher quality of life.

Hearing aids, for example, are the ultimate treatment option for hearing loss. Although there might be a stigma toward owning or wearing hearing aids, with todays technology, using them has never been more beneficial for peoples physical and mental health.

Before we get to the solutions though, the process of treatment requires the step of diagnosis. With hearing evaluations, hearing aid consultations, and hearing aid fittings, the treatment plans are fit to your individual needs.

Dont have time to come to the clinic for an appointment? Worried about the current virus? Dont worry. Our Hearing Center offers Virtual Hearing Visits, where Dr. Sonia Hamidi will get on a video chat and perform evals, consultations, and fittings from the comfort of your own home.

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  • The Causes Of Balance Disorder

    The different organs of the body work together to ensure balance, and the ears play a vital role here. Therefore, problems with your inner ear can also contribute to balance disorders.

    Here are some of the most common problems that can cause balance disorder issues.

    • Blood circulation issues inside the inner ear
    • Arthritis

    Balance disorder treatments entirely depend on the type of condition you are suffering from.

    Many patients with untreatable and permanent balance issues seek out various ear balancing disorder exercises. Such exercises are commonly called VRT or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy.

    These exercises will help your balance system be aware of specific movements, which will then eventually make it simple for you to move without even triggering your vertigo.

    Although it may not entirely solve the issue, it can indeed prevent you from falling and make it easier for you to move on with vertigo.

    Many patients who take VRT face fewer problems while turning their heads, bending over, and walking on patterned floors.

    VRT exercises need to be performed accurately to receive positive effects. Moreover, a VRT expert will always be there to guide you with proper counselling and activities.

    You may also consider hearing aids to deal with this problem. Visit to order affordable hearing aids.

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    How Your Ears And Poor Hearing Affect Balance

    A convenient place to tuck stray hair, holders to display chic jewelry, the means of hearing a symphonic orchestraindeed, our ears serve a multitude of functions! Learn how a sense of balance also requires proper functioning of our ears, and how to address the issue with aging clients.

    What Is The Link Between Balance And Hearing Loss

    How does your hearing loss affect family and friends ...

    Dr. Meryl Miller, Au.D., Director of Clinical Audiology at the Ear, Nose & Throat Institute says, Your hearing health is an important part of your overall health. One of the many ways your hearing health affects your overall health is balance. According to a study out of Johns Hopkins, individuals aged 40-69 that had a mild hearing loss were three times as likely to report falling in the past year. And, that risk increased with poorer hearing.

    Not only are audiologists saying it, but physical therapists too. Jose Crespo, PT, from ENTI agrees by saying, What we are now realizing however is that hearing loss is also a major factor when it comes to your balance and control. It is to no surprise that we are now beginning to see this relationship because what we see on a daily basis in the physical therapy clinic is that our body relies on every sensation available to assist in their movement control and that includes your hearing!

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    Your Ears And Balance

    Our balance is primarily maintained by input from our vision and nerves but the vestibular system is also a vital part of the process. Combined, the input is translated into meaningful information by the central vestibular system . Sometimes, when there are variances in vision or nerve input, it is not difficult for our bodies to compensate. But when it comes to abnormalities in the inner ear, they are difficult for our brainstem to process. Thats why if you have problems in the inner ear, you would often undergo experiences of dizziness, vertigo, or disequilibrium.

    Heres how it works: the inner ear has two parts, the cochlea and the vestibular system. While the cochlea helps with hearing, the vestibular system is responsible for balance. When we move, the vestibular system uses special sensory cells to detect movement, especially when you move and tilt your head. The movements it senses sends signals to the vestibular nerve, which then passes the signals to your brain. This is how balance is maintained.

    Can Deafness Cause Balancing Problems

    Although some conditions might initiate balance problems, balance problems are not always due to hearing loss. Not everyone who suffers from balance-related issues is suffering from hearing loss.

    However, certain diseases like Menieres disease and Labyrinthitis might result in balancing issues and even severe hearing loss.

    Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection. This occurs when the labyrinth starts to swell and becomes inflamed. It can eventually lead to conditions like tinnitus, nausea, vertigo, and hearing loss. This particular condition is usually known to be vestibular neuronitis, but the only difference is it doesnt involve any hearing loss.

    Hearing loss is possible if the entire condition turns into Labyrinthitis. Although this problem can be cured in most cases, when the infections get too severe, then this can have long-lasting damages.

    Menieres disease, once called Endolymphatic Hydrops, is an increased pressure built in the labyrinth.

    Moreover, this disease has no cure, but with medications, it can be managed. Patients who suffer from this condition usually start to feel the pressure growing inside just before this condition fully develops.

    Although, within several years, this condition might go away on its own but theres no treatment for this all you have to do is wait!

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    Causes Of Hearing Loss

    Several factors can cause hearing loss in people of different ages.

    • Hearing loss is associated with old age. Approximately 50% of people aged 75 years and older have difficulty hearing. Loss of hearing for people this age is associated with the degeneration of the inner ear.
    • Prolonged exposure to loud sounds.
    • Heredity
    • Regular exposure to sounds at your place of work.
    • Regular exposure to recreational noises, such as motorcycles, carpentry, and loud music.
    • Illnesses, such as meningitis, can result in high fever, which may affect the cochlea.
    • Some drugs, like chemotherapy medication, antibiotics, and some antimalarial drugs, can temporarily affect hearing.

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    Faq: Does Hearing Loss Affect Balance

    Hearing loss may not cause balance problems on its own, but it may be signal an underlying cause.

    Hearing loss is a very serious condition that can be a huge detriment to a persons psychological and physiological life. The ear is one of the most complex organs and it serves one of your most critical functions by processing sound waves so that they can be interpreted by the brain. The ear is also a host to your vestibular system, which is what provides you with a sense of balance and spacial orientation. A compromised vestibular system can lead to a balance disorder.

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    Does Hearing Loss Cause Balance Disorders

    According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in a study published in 2012, those with mild hearing loss are three times more likely to fall than someone without hearing loss. Every addition of 10 decibels lost gave way to a higher likelihood of lost balance. Apparently, this finding held true no matter what age or gender a person was either. Therefore, one might conclude that even mild hearing loss affects balance.

    Other conditions can cause both hearing loss and balance disorders. An inner ear infection known as Labyrinthitis causes inflammation, leading to both symptoms. Menieres disease involves a buildup of pressure in the labyrinth, which one can alleviate with medications.

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