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How Do You Say Hallelujah In Sign Language

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How To Pronounce Hallelujah In English

How do you say hallelujah in English? Pronunciation of hallelujah in English, a free online English pronunciation dictionary.

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Examples Of Hallelujah In A Sentence

hallelujahhallelujahWSJhallelujahLos Angeles Timeshallelujah Los Angeles TimeshallelujahHouston Chroniclehallelujah alhallelujahschicagotribune.comhallelujah The Denver

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Hallelujah The Remarkable Story Behind This Joyful Word

_Hallelujah_ by Leonard ...Ukulele Tabs on UkuTabs
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It begins with the violins orderly and baroque. The choir rises. The audience rises. And before you know it, the concert hall, church, rec center or school auditorium fills with the triumphant sound of one of the most beloved musical works of the season: Handels Hallelujah chorus.

Over the next four minutes the choir will repeat the word hallelujah 48 times, but the audience and musicians never seem to tire of it. Credit Handels vibrant melody, but also the almost mystical power of that combination of vowels and consonants.



But what does hallelujah mean, exactly? And why does it continue to resonate with us, untranslated, thousands of years after it first appeared in the Hebrew bible?

And what is it about hallelujah that inspires composers and songwriters to deploy it so frequently and reverentially from Handel to Ray Charles to Leonard Cohen?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines hallelujah as a song or shout of praise to God, but biblical scholars will tell you its actually a smash-up of two Hebrew words: hallel meaning to praise and jah meaning Yahweh, or God.

But thats just the official meaning. For Grant Gershon, director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, hallelujah is a perfect word because it can take on different meanings.

Its this sound that is just so full of possibilities, he said. You can fill it with whatever you need to say or communicate.

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Chambers 20th Century Dictionaryrate This Definition:

  • Hallelujah

    Halleluiah, hal-e-lya,n. the exclamation ‘Praise the Lord’ , which occurs in many songs and anthems: a song of praise to God, a musical composition based on the word, as the Hallelujah in Handel’s Messiah.n.Hallel, the hymn of praise chanted during the Passover supper, consisting of Psalms cxiii.-cxviii. inclusive.

  • Hallelujah Heres A Playlist

    When we got it working again, the first thing I said was, Hallelujah! she said. You immediately go: Praise God, Ive got heat again!

    You dont have to be in the church, or a Christian, or tied to the Jewish community to use that word, she said. Hallelujah shows up in the community.

    It shows up in Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So, where the singer uses it to implicitly thank the divine for bringing the woman next door into his life. Hip-hop artists like Chief Keef and Logic have titled songs Hallelujah as they celebrate their own success. Recently, the L.A.-based band Haim released a Fleetwood Mac-inspired song in which the word serves as a way to acknowledge the blessing of having friends and family help them through lifes challenges.

    But by far the most popular and famous use of hallelujah in popular music is Leonard Cohens haunting and frequently covered Hallelujah, written in 1984.

    The song does not rely on biblical quotations, but it does make use of biblical stories: Its about David, who consorts with Bathsheba, and orchestrates her husbands death so he can marry her. And its about Samson, who, instead of saving his people from a hostile army, runs off with Delilah, who cuts his hair, leaving him powerless.


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    Samuel Johnson’s Dictionaryrate This Definition:

  • Hallelujahnoun

    Praise ye the Lord. A song of thanksgiving.

    Etymology: .

    Unfained hallelujahs to Thee sing,Hymns of high praise.John Milton, Paradise Lost, b. vi.

    Singing those devout hymns and heavenly anthems, in which the church militant seems ambitious to emulate the triumphant, and echo back the solemn praises and hallelujahs of the celestial choirs.Boyle.

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