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How To Clean A Boxers Ears

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The Right Way To Clean Your Boxers Ears

Boxer Ear Posting Pt. 1

Ideally your dog is 100 per cent healthy and his ears are clean as a whistle.

If not, and while you are waiting for proper feeding and other measures to work, you can use a clean cotton pad such as a makeup removal pad.

Even better, use a piece of soft fabric like an old T-shirt cut into squares. This avoids the lint from cotton pads, which you dont really want in the ear.

Use the cotton square or pad to gently wipe out the ear, being careful to sweep in an outward direction to avoid jamming gunk further into the ear canal.

It can help to fold the cotton pad, and to use the edge to get into the nooks and crannies.

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Put Everything Within Arms Reach

The last thing you want when trying to clean your dogs ears is to discover halfway through the process that you forgot something and have to get up to find it. Do this and youll likely find yourself needing to wrangle your dog back into position and possibly even having to start the whole process over.

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How Often To Clean Dog Ears

When talk about how to clean dog ears, the most common question that I always hear is, how often should I clean dog ears? The answer depends on many factors. It can be anywhere from once or twice a week, to every two months.

Your dog’s breed, age, activity level, coat type and level of earwax production will all determine how often his ears will need to be cleaned. Generally, at least inspecting your dog’s ears should be done every other day to make sure there’s nothing abnormal.

A brief conversation with your vet will help you find the right answer. On average, most dogs should have their ears cleaned at least once per month, but your dog may need it more frequently or less frequently. If your dog is a regular swimmer, it could be as often as once a week. Talk to your veterinarian to decide on the best schedule for your Fido.

How Do I Clean My Dog’s Ears

How to Clean Your Dog
  • Fill the ear canal with an ear cleaner.
  • Give the ear a good massage to dislodge the debris and then let your dog shake his head.
  • You can then use a cotton ball to wipe debris out of the ear canal.

Ear cleaning products sold in vet clinics are generally made from a solution containing a type of soft alcohol, which allows the ear to dry out after swimming, for example.

Its important to never use cotton swabs/tips, as they push debris towards the back of the ear, which can cause blockages.

Also, be careful not to wash them too often and hold off if you suspect an infection.

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Getting Your Puppy Used To Ear Cleaning

Water is also a great way to practice ear cleaning in long eared puppies.

That way, if they get an ear problem later in life, they will be used to having their ears handled, and the whole cleaning process wont be upsetting for them.

Use the instructions below to practice regular ear cleaning with warm water.

But do talk to your vet if your puppy shows any suspicious symptoms, as sometimes nature needs a little help he may need something stronger to restore his ears to good health.

Boxer Dog Ear Cropping Price

The cost of the ear cropping surgery varies from place to place. Boxer dog ear cropping price also different from one vet to the other and no one can give a fixed figure of the actual cost. Depending on how intense it was on your dog, the method, time, healing all requires all sums up to different amounts. At the lowest many vets can either do this in $100-$200 and can go as high as $900. The average cost is $ 250- $300.

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The Anatomy Of A Dog’s Ear

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your dog’s anatomy for grooming care like this. This can help you prevent any damage and get a better understanding of what you’re looking at while cleaning. A dog’s ear is a fairly complex structure:

  • The visible outside flap of the ear is called the pinna. This pinna will flop in some dogs while in others it stands up straight. Floppy ears may allow less airflow to the ear canal, making some floppy-eared dogs more prone to ear infections.
  • Just inside the visible ear opening is the external canal. This canal travels down the side of the head , then takes a turn inward . The canal is skin-covered and contains cartilage that creates ridges and creases on the surface. The external canal also contains glands that secrete wax and oils into the ear.
  • The external canal ends at the eardrum . This is a thin piece of tissue that vibrates in response to sound waves and assists in hearing. The tympanic membrane also protects the middle and inner ear.
  • Beyond the eardrum is the middle ear followed by the inner ear. These areas contain the delicate structures associated with hearing and balance. Damage to the inner or middle ear can cause significant harm to a dog’s hearing and balance. In some cases, the damage is even permanent.

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Boxer Ear Posting Pt. 3

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Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

  • 1Purchase a commercial dog ear cleaner or make you own with common household products. Either cleaner can be used on the outer portion of the inside of the ear flap. The procedure for cleaning the ear is the same with a commercial ear cleaner as it is with the homemade version.
  • Mix a few tablespoons of vinegar and the same amount of rubbing alcohol together in a clean bowl. Make sure it is at room temperature prior to using, as no one, dogs included, likes cold fluid on their ears. This mixture is safe to use on the visible inner part of your dogs ears. DO NOT use this mix if you suspect your dog has an ear infection and do not pour into the ear canal itself.
  • There are many good all-purpose dog ear cleaners on the market. Ask your veterinarian for advice on what you can purchase locally. You can also ask for recommendations at your local pet supply store.
  • 2Dip a cotton ball into the liquid. Squeeze out the excess so the cotton is wet but not dripping. If you have a very small dog, you may want to use half of a cotton ball.
  • Alternatively, you can wrap a piece of gauze loosely around your pointer finger and dip it in the liquid. The gauze shouldn’t be sopping wet. If you accidentally put too much cleaner on it, wring it out a bit and continue. This is a gentler alternative to a Q-Tip, which can make your dog a bit uncomfortable. Just hold the gauze in place with your thumb and index finger.
  • Clean the inside of both ears.
  • Prevention And Proper Care At Home

    • Remove excess hair – Hair stops the natural flow of air into the dogs ear canal. Excess hair should be plucked out with tweezers.
    • Flushing – Once any excess hair is removed, the ears should be flushed and cleaned. This can be done with solution given to you by your dogs veterinarian or over the counter dog cleaner products. After doing this, carefully and gently massage the base of your dogs ears to help move the solution in and around the folds inside the ear. This solution will not only clean, but will dry the canal and help keep the pH balanced properly.

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    Whats That Black Gunk Lurking Inside Your Dogs Ears

    BoxerVille: Ear cropping, where do you stand?

    Whats that Black Gunk Lurking Inside Your Dogs Ears?

    If you have a dog with ears that flap over, youll recognize that OMG! moment when you casually lift up the ear flap and are shocked to see an entire universe happening inside that ear canal that you were oblivious to! Your first reaction is probably like mine, which is to drop the ear and ask yourself, Now what the heck did I have to go and look in there for?! However, once you have taken a look at the horror story that has been going on in there, you know you have to do something about it.

    My new puppy Wanda has the most beautiful silvery gray ears, soft and delicate and way too big for her little Weimaraner face, which is waiting to catch up with the size of her ears! She loves to get in the shower with me , so I know she is a really squeaky clean little girl. Which made it even more of a shocker to lift up her lovely ear flap only to find, to my horror, that beneath that nice exterior it was reddened and there was black tarry gunk coating the intricate and convoluted shell shape as far down inside her ear canal as I could see.

    Tracie Hotchner

    Halo is a sponsor on Radio Pet Lady Network, by our invitation.

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    How To Clean Your Ears Safely At Home

    Note: Do not try to clean your ears on your own if you have a hole or a tube in your eardrum. Also, if your symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

    Everything in the body has a purpose and earwax is no exception. Earwax is important to the health of the outer ear canal, as it provides protection, lubrication and antibacterial properties.

    Your ears produce earwax constantly, so that there is the right amount in your ear canals. However, sometimes wax can accumulate excessively, resulting in a blocked ear canal.

    When earwax or gunk builds up in your ears, they can feel plugged up and it may even affect your hearing.

    Other symptoms are aching in the affected ear, fullness or ringing in the ear, an unpleasant odor coming from the ear, dizziness and even a cough. Excess buildup dirt, bacteria, and other debris in the ear can increase the risk of infection, which can cause pain in the middle ear, fluid drainage and impaired hearing.

    People who use hearing aids or ear plugs as well as older people and people with developmental disabilities are more likely to develop excess earwax.

    Usually, earwax works its way out of the ear naturally through chewing and other jaw motions, but you need to safely remove earwax from the outer ear.

    Here are the top 10 ways to clean your ears safely at home.

    How Do They Treat Them

    If you have ever trained in MMA or BJJ you may sometimes have seen someone getting their cauliflower ear syringed. Now I have seen this in person and it was one of the other reasons I did not want to be next in line.

    But essentially they get their ears drained by someone who is familiar with the process. And this person wont usually be in any way medically trained. But usually, someone who has experience in dealing with the condition and knows exactly what to do or even do it on themselves.

    Draining The Ear

    So below is a quick overview of how the ear is usually drained. I am in no way recommending that you do it yourself, as it should be done in a safe and hygienic environment. By trained persons who know what they are doing. So take this as simply as an informational overview.

  • They clean the swollen area around the ear with some alcohol wipes.
  • Insert the syringe into the front of the ear at an angle, directly into the location of the swelling.
  • Begin to draw down on the syringe, extracting the mixture of blood and fluid which has built up in the cavity. And depending on the volume in the ear, this can take some time.
  • If the syringe is filled, they do not reuse it, using a new sterile needle to repeat the process.
  • Sometimes they will apply some pressure to areas around the insertion to push any excess fluid into the cavity. Making sure that as much of the fluid is extracted as possible.
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    How To Clean Dogs Ears

    There are three important things that you need to know about dogs ears:

  • Theyre sensitive, so they need regular maintenance to prevent infections.
  • Dogs dont want their ears cleaned, so youre going to have to work with them.
  • If you dont do it the right way, you can cause serious damage.
  • So how exactly do you go about cleaning your dogs ears to keep him or her healthy?

    Gunky Boxer Ear Heres How To Clean It

    How to Clean Your Puppies Recently Cropped Ears (American Bullies and Pitbulls, Doberman, Corso)

    In a healthy Boxer, you should never need to clean the ears at all. Ears are self cleaning.

    If there is a lot of brown gunk in your Boxers ears, simply wipe it out with a cotton pad or even scrape it out gently with a clean fingernail. Avoid putting ear cleaning products, medicated drops or home remedies in your Boxers ears.

    Then, get to thinking about why your dogs ears are producing an excess of this material.

    Because if you dont address the cause, it will continue.

    Worse, the same thing thats causing the ear gunk will eventually go on to result in more serious health problems.

    I am not a vet. This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. I encourage readers to see my full disclaimer here.

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    How To Clean With Warm Water

    The more positive an experience you can make this for your puppy, the better.

    Have on hand lots of tiny treats, and if possible a helpful friend.

    Although you can clean a small puppys ears alone, it will be easier and more pleasant for you both if you have someone helping you out.

    Sitting on the floor, pop your puppy into your friends lap.

    Ask your friend to very calmly stroke the puppy, encouraging him to stay in one place. Get them to periodically with the other hand pass him treats.

    Remember, only give the puppy treats when he is staying fairly still. Not when he is wiggling around with excitement.

    Take your cotton wool pad and dip it in the warm water. Make sure it is damp, but not soaking.

    Use one hand to lift the ear, and the other to gently wipe any dirt that you can see clinging to the outside of the ear.

    A few treats will make ear cleaning a happy experience for your puppy

    Very carefully wipe around the outside of the ear canal, and just around the opening. Be sure not to drip water or poke your cotton wool into the ear canal itself.

    Equipment You Need To Clean Your Puppys Ears

    To clean your puppys ears you will need some cotton wool pads, warm water or special ear cleaning solution. It will also help if you have some treats and a friend on hand to help!

    Remember if you want to use ear cleaning solution, read the bottle carefully. Make sure it is designed for use on small puppies, and check how often it is recommended to be used.

    If in any doubt consult your vet first.

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