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How To Pair My Phonak Hearing Aids With Iphone

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Care Tips For Hearing Aids

Pairing Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids with IPhone

Clean your hearing aids regularly to keepthem working reliably.

  • Get the proper tools: A wax pick and brush are indispensable tools for at-home cleaning. Earwax can accumulate in the opening at the end of a hearing aid where the sound comes out causing muffled sound or feedback . Left long enough, it can damage the receiver. Use the pick and brush to gently clear wax away.
  • Establish good habits: Always wash your hands well before cleaning your hearing aids. Leave hearing aids out during your hygiene routine. Shower and wash your face and hair without your hearing aids in so water and soap cant damage them. Put your aids in after you apply hair products like sprays or gels.
  • Clean your device at the end of the day: Cleaning your hearing aids before bedtime gives them several hours to air out before you will put them in again. Avoid wipes with chemicals or alcohol when cleaning hearing aids as they could damage the devices.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold: If the temperature is below freezing and you take your hearing aids out of your ears to shovel the driveway, leave them inside the house instead of stashing them in your coat pocket. Likewise, if you take your hearing aids out to jump in the pool on the hottest day of the summer, take them inside the house instead of leaving them on a poolside table.

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Pair A Hearing Device With Iphone

If your hearing devices arent listed in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices, you need to pair them with iPhone.

  • Open the battery doors on your hearing devices.

  • On iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, then make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.

  • Close the battery doors on your hearing devices.

  • When their names appear below MFi Hearing Devices , tap the names and respond to the pairing requests.

    Pairing can take as long as 60 secondsdont try to stream audio or otherwise use the hearing devices until pairing is finished. When pairing is finished, you hear a series of beeps and a tone, and a checkmark appears next to the hearing devices in the Devices list.

  • You need to pair your devices only once . After that, your hearing devices automatically reconnect to iPhone whenever they turn on.

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    How To Pair My Compilot Ii To My Tablet Or Ipad

    Switch ComPilot II On.

    Press and hold the connect and volume up buttons simultaneously until the audio indicator starts to rapidly blink blue.

    Find the connectivity settings of the tablet or iPad menu program and switch on the Bluetooth settings.

    Select âPhonak ComPilot IIâ from the list of found Bluetooth devices.

    Pairing is successful when the audio indicator light stops blinking blue and the tablet or iPad shows that ComPilot II is connected.

    A quick pairing instruction is also shown on the back of ComPilot II.

    Troubleshooting Problems Connecting Hearing Aids To Iphone

    How to Pair your Hearing Aids to your iPhone or iPad

    Not all hearing aids are built to be compatible with iPhones. And it’s important to not just make sure your hearing aids are compatible with iPhone, but that you have an iOS device that supports hearing aids, too.

    Triple-check everything is compatible if you’re having problems, first.

    If you have an iPhone-compatible hearing aid, but it’s not an MFI hearing aid, you may have to consult your hearing aid’s manual to find out how to put your device into pairing mode.

    Second, it’s important to remember while most, if not all, hearing aids use Bluetooth to connect to iPhone, Made for iPhone hearing aids are not connected in the traditional Bluetooth menu on iPhone and instead connect through the Hearing menu.

    Make sure you’re in the right place when trying to connect your hearing aid.

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    Venture And Belong Phonak Hearing Aids

    For Venture and Belong Platforms you will need to use an intermediary device called the Phonak ComPilot II or Phonak ComPilot Air II.

    The ComPilot will allow you to connect to any Bluetooth device. In order to use the ComPilot, it will first need to be configured by your audiologist.

    Note: You do not need to be seen in the office for ComPilot configuration but the ComPilot will first need to be programmed at the audiology office.

    The Equalizer Does Not Work

    The equalizer does only work when you stream the sound from the your phone or the Oticon TV adapter to your hearing aids. Therefore the hearing aids need to be set in the streamin program. You can switch the programs in the remote control setting by swiping to the left and right in the upper thiord of the screen. Normal environmental sounds can not be influenced with the equalizer.

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    Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

    Every hearing aid brand has wireless enabled hearing aids that will connect to both iPhones and Android phones. However, they will only do so through an intermediary streamer device. For some people, this seems to be an intolerable solution. I dont know why, I dont mind streamers, especially multifunctional ones like the Oticon Connect Clip. In fact, I think wireless hearing aid accessories are outstanding and I recently wrote an article about them and why you should buy yourself one for Christmas. Anyway, nuff ranting here is the comparison chart I promised earlier

    Feature Comparison

    Capturing The Voice At The Source

    How to connect a Phonak Marvel hearing aid to an iPhone

    The ComPilots predecessor, if you are unaware, was the iCom. The iCom was a Bluetooth interface device that allowed you to use cellphones, connect to computers, and use up to eight Bluetooth devices. The ComPilot is the same. You can pair up to eight devices with it. The ComPilot is an expansion upon what we had with the iCom. The ComPilot has its remote control capabilities, but at the same time we have some other wireless accessories. We have the ComPilot, the TVLink, which you can buy as a bundle, or the RemoteMic, which can also be purchased as a bundle as well.

    You can alter the streaming volume. Straight out of the box, ComPilot is utilized by putting it around the neck. You can listen to music, stream television, have FM, stream phone calls and change the volume without grouping the ComPilot or having it ever touch the software. That is the nongrouping aspect of it.

    Figure 6. Phonak RemoteMic.

    For instance, if you had a TVLink and the individual was going to stay at a hotel for the weekend, rather than wrapping the TVLink up and taking it with them, they can just take the RemoteMic and put it right by the TV. It is good for outdoor activities, sporting events and shopping at the mall among other things.

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    Connecting My Hearing Aids To Technology

    As a young adult, Im constantly using my phone and computer to communicate and stay connected with the world, so of course I expect my hearing aids to be compatible with my technology.

    Not too long ago I received new Audéo B-R hearing aids, and the transition to new hearing aids has been great. Each day I am grateful for all that they do. However, one of my main concerns when getting new hearing aids was how they would work with all the technology I use on a daily basis.

    Ive found one great solution with the Phonak ComPilot Air.

    Using technology with hearing aids

    Technology and hearing aids have been a constant problem throughout my life. When I first received my hearing aids when I was little, I couldnt wear headphones or talk on the phone for a while. There was a long period of time where I couldnt talk on the phone with my hearing aids because of the interference between my hearing aids and cell phones. I am sure many of you remember when you used to be able to tell when someones cell phone was about to ring because of the buzzing noises that would go off in your hearing aid. As cool as it was to be able to predict phone calls, the repetitive buzzing noise got annoying. As time progressed it because easier to use headphones and the phone with hearing aids, but it still was difficult at times.

    Music Streaming and Phone Calls

    Learn more about the ComPilot Air, and other Phonak accessories, here.

    What Hearing Aids Work With Iphones

    It is a question we get asked regularly, which hearing aids work with iPhones. Funnily enough, nearly every hearing aid on the market will work with an iPhone. You have to be careful though, just because a hearing aid has an iPhone app, doesnt mean it is a Made For iPhone hearing aid. Many will not work without an intermediary streamer. If your question is, which hearing aids have a direct connection to the iPhone? The simple answer has to be any hearing aid that carries the Made For iPhone mark. Since I wrote this article there have been many changes and developments, so I decided it was long past time to update.

    Just because a hearing aid has an iPhone app, doesnt mean it is Made For iPhone!.

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    Control Your Mfi Hearing Device

    You can use your Apple device to select environment presets adjust the volume, turn on Live Listen, and more. To control your hearing device, use Settings or the Accessibility Shortcut.

    Set preferences for features that you control with your Apple device by going to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices. Then tap Hearing Devices.

    Play RingtonesYou can play ringtones through connected hearing devices.

    Audio RoutingChoose the default device for audio playback.

    Control Nearby DevicesUse your Apple device to adjust the settings of hearing devices that are on the same WiFi network and connected to your iCloud account.

    Audio HandoffContinue listening to media through your hearing device when you switch between your Apple devices. For example, if your hearing device is connected to your iPhone but you start watching a movie on your iPad, the hearing device automatically switches to the iPad.

    Control on Lock ScreenQuickly make preset and volume adjustments on your hearing device right from the Lock Screen with the Accessibility Shortcut or Control Center hearing button.

    You can also tap your hearing deviceâs name in Settings to:

    • View connection status
    • Adjust volume levels for either or both hearing devices
    • Choose an audio preset

    Pair More Than One Device

    How to Pair Hearing Aids to iPhone X

    When you connect your hearing aids to more than one Apple device, the connection will switch from one device to the other when you stream audio. The connection will also swap over when you receive a phone call on your iPhone. If you choose to make changes to your hearing-aid settings on one of your devices, it will automatically be sent to your other Apple devices, too.

    To pair with a second iPhone or iPad or iPod touch, you just need to:

    • Check all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and they are all signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID
    • Follow the earlier steps above to pair your additional hearing device

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    Streaming With Your Fm/dm System:

    If you dont have a hearing aid accessory for your hearing aids such as a Streamer Pro or ComPilot II, then you can also stream audio with your FM/DM system! Each FM/DM System Transmitter will have an Aux input port. Once connected with the hearing aids, the Aux cord can be plugged into the computer or audio device, and the other end of the Aux cord will plug into the FM/DM System Transmitter. If you dont have an Aux cord, this one will work great:

    Hear Indiana has an Assistive Technology Loaner Bank to allow families to trial an FM/DM system for up to 6 weeks at no charge. To learn more or inquire about a loaner system, .

    How To Unpair And Pair Hearing Aids To The Myphonak App On An Iphone

    Unpairing and Pairing Hearing Aids to the myPhonak App on an iPhone

    From time to time, you may need to unpair and pair your hearing aids to the myPhonak app on your phone. This may be necessary if you have loan hearing aids, or your hearing aids have had a service, or perhaps there was a firmware update to your hearing aids or an operating system update on your phone which has disrupted the pairing between your hearing aids and the myPhonak app.

    Remove the existing pairings from the myPhonak app

  • Open the myPhonak app and go to the menu tab .
  • Select My Hearing Aids.
  • Select Forget devices
  • Close the app. Then go to your phone menu and select Settings Bluetooth. Tap on the blue info iconnext to LE_R-Phonak hearing aid and LE_L-Phonak hearing aid. These pairings are for the myPhonak app. N.B. Your clinician may have renamed these, so look for 2 devices that are prefaced with LE_.
  • Select Forget This Device.
  • Now, your MyPhonak app is free from any pairings.
  • Pair hearing aids to myPhonak app

  • Ensure your hearing aid batteries have adequate battery life.
  • Open the myPhonak app and select Continue. This will prompt it to begin searching for your hearing aids.
  • Turn your hearing aids off and on. For hearing aids using a standard battery, open and shut the battery door.
  • Wait for both hearing aids to be identified by the app. Then select them both.
  • You will hear a series of beeps from your hearing aid confirming that the hearing aid is now paired to the myPhonak app.
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    Dont Turn Up The Volume

    If you often turn up the volume on the TV, your family has probably been asking you to turn it down, and they complain that its far too loud. When the TV is loud, you can hear some of the dialogue. But even with the volume on high, you still cant quite make out whats being said. Thats because hearing loss doesnt affect all sounds in the same way. Youre more likely to have hearing loss in higher frequencies. Youll have a harder time hearing high pitched sounds such as consonants. This means that hearing loss will affect sound clarity, not just volume.

    Lets Look At The Differences Between Compilot Ii And Compilot Air Ii:

    Un-pairing and re-pairing your Phonak Marvel hearing aids to an Iphone/Ipad
    • ComPilot II needs to be worn around the neck, with the neckloop, in order to connect to the hearing aids. The ComPilot Air II will only need to be worn near the hearing aids and has a clip on the backside. The ComPilot Air II may be worn near the waist, but if connectivity is not stable, then you should try moving it closer to the hearing aids, possibly wearing it around the neck.
    • ComPilot Air II does not have an Aux input port like the ComPilot II, so its only able to stream audio from Bluetooth capable devices.
    • Unfortunately, the ComPilot Air II does not have a Europlug, which would allow for direct audio input to connect to an FM/DM system.

    To Connect the ComPilot Air II to your computer:

  • Open your Bluetooth settings on your computer. You can usually search for Bluetooth settings in your search engine or click on the Bluetooth icon and select Bluetooth settings or Bluetooth preferences.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is on and put the computer into search mode, or select an Add device option.
  • Make sure ComPilot Air II is powered off.
  • Put ComPilot Air II into pairing mode by holding the button first then powering on ComPilot Air II while holding the button until the indicator light is rapidly blinking blue.
  • Once the ComPilot Air II is in pairing mode and rapidly blinking blue, the ComPilot Air II will appear in the devices options of the Bluetooth settings on your computer.
  • Once paired to the computer, the ComPilot II LED will be slowly blinking blue.
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    What To Do If Your Made For Iphone Hearing Aids Wont Pair With Your Iphone

    If you are having difficulty successfully paring your devices, try these troubleshooting steps.

    Make Sure Your Software Is Up to Date

    Step 1: Go to your Settings from the home screen.Step 2: Scroll down and tap General.Step 3: Select Software Update. Any available updates will appear on this screen.

    Check for software updates

    Check Connectivity

    Step 1: Put your phone screen to sleep by tapping the button on the right side or top of your phone, depending on the model.Step 2: After five seconds, tap the button again.Step 3: Open the control center by either swiping down from the top right corner of the screen or swiping up from the bottom of the screen .Step 4: If your device is connected, you will see the name next to AirDrop.

    Step 5: If you do not see your device name here, try going to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Wait on this screen for a few seconds. Then check the control center again.

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