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How To Change Battery In Oticon Hearing Aid

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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Should you buy hearing aids that use rechargeable, or disposable batteries? Each have their pros and cons, and in this video I’ll provide a high level overview of the most important things to think about as you make this decision.WATCH

Contact A Hearing Aid Professional Now

Theres no getting around the fact that becoming a hearing aid wearer means you need to spend time properly caring for and maintaining your hearing aid. However, the time spent is worth a lifetime of crystal-clear hearing.

Dont suffer in a world of silence. We can answer any questions you might have or help you book a free hearing test. Contact a hearing aid professional through EarPros and schedule a consultation now. With our assistance, youll be able to find the best hearing aids for your specific needs.

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Place The Dome Back Over The Filter

The final step is replacing the dome back over the filter. Using your fingertip and thumb over the outer point, reposition the dome over the new filter. Once its on, feel free to give it a quick tug to make sure its fit snug into place. Everyone produces wax differently, so how often you need to do this can be on an as needed basis. We are also happy to help you in our office, if you give us a call we can schedule you a time for a good cleaning.

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How Rechargeable Hearing Aids Work

Get em charged up!

Before you can use your rechargeable hearing aids – you guessed it – you have to charge them!

Any rechargeable hearing aid you buy will come with a proprietary charger that was made by the manufacturer of your hearing aids.

Your hearing aids will be fully charged in 3-5 hours, depending on brand of your hearing aids.

Enjoy a full days use

Your fully charged hearing aids will last between 16-30 hours before theyll need to be charged up again.

When they do need to be charged, theyll play a tune letting you know your battery is dying. In many cases, you can also check the battery life of the hearing aids via a smartphone app.

If you expect to wear your hearing aids longer than 16 hours a day, we recommend choosing a hearing aid brand that offers mobile chargers and mobile power packs, which provide a quick way to charge your hearing aids when youre on the go- without the need to even plug the charger in.

Rinse & repeat!

At the end of your day, just set the hearing aids back in their charger so theyre ready for use the next day.

Most people do this before bed. Dont worry about over-charging them. After theyre fully charged, theyll stop charging, and sitting in the charger wont hurt the hearing aids.

Finally, keep an eye on the warranty of your hearing aids. Towards the end of your warranty period, we recommend getting your hearing aids sent back to the manufacturer , so you can get a new rechargeable battery put in the hearing aids.

Where Can I Buy Hearing Aid Tubes In The Uk

How to pair Oticon EduMic with hearing aids with rechargeable batteries ...

Did you receive an NHS hearing aid? Then chances are you received a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid with a custom mould. This style of hearing aids is the most common because they provide the most power and are therefore suitable for a range of hearing impairments, including profound hearing loss.

A thin tube connects the hearing aid behind your ear and into the custom mould sitting inside your ear. Understanding hearing aid tubes is key to ensuring your hearing aid continues to perform to a high standard.

Lets examine what you need to know about hearing aid tubes in the UK.

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Brush The Microphone Ports & Remove The Dome

The first thing you will want to do is attempt to brush your microphone ports . If your device came with a brush, we recommend using that.

Next, you will want to remove the dome from the device. The dome is the piece of the device that enters your ear canal, and can be removed by placing your fingertip on the outer point and using your thumb to gently peel it off. Using electronic safe wipes roll the dome between your fingers, you can also use a microfiber cloth or little wipe with soap on it. Be sure not to use anything that exposes your device to a lot of moisture. The wipes will help clean any wax buildup on the dome and can also be used to clean the exterior of the device. If a good cleaning of the dome still yields a dirty looking dome, it can be replaced if you don’t have any spare just let our office know.

Looking After Your Hearing Aid Tubing

If your hearing aid has an ear mould you are most likely to have a plastic tube that has been cut and tapered to fit securely in your ear mould. At the other end the tube will attach to your hearing aid. This type of tubing will get brittle over time and will need replacing about every 6 months to keep it working efficiently. Moisture can be another element that causes a problem with this type of tubing. If you suffer a lot with perspiration, sweat or moisture build up around your hearing aids, there is a likelyness your hearing aid tubing will block up with moisture. This can be the case as well if there is no air circulation getting into the ear which is normally provided by a vent in the ear mould.

Some tubing are also made with a cut tapered end. This allows for easy application into your ear mould. A hearing aid tube is cut to fit the mould and also cut to measure up neatly to match up with the hearing aid. This allows the hearing aid to sit comfortably behind the ear. If the tubing is cut too short it can feel tight or if it is cut too long the tubing will make the hearing aid sit higher allowing it to move off the ear.

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How To Test Your Battery

  • With a battery testerPlace the battery on the battery tester surface. Ensure that the positive marking is facing upwards. Slide the battery in the direction of the arrow and read the result on the display.
  • Without a battery testerInsert the battery in the hearing aid and close the battery door. Close your hand around the hearing aid and hold it up to your ear and listen for the jingle. If you can hear the jingle, the battery is functioning.

How Do I Connect My Oticon Opn & More Hearing Aids To My Android Phone

Oticon More Hearing Aid Review | Why I returned them
  • Find and tap the Settings icon on your phone.
  • Select Bluetooth®.
  • If Bluetooth appears to be off in this screen, change the setting to On. Then open and close the battery drawer of your hearing aids
  • Under Paired devices you will see your first name followed by hearing aid , as soon as the device recognizes your hearing aids. If your name doesnt appear in the Devices list within 5-7 seconds, tap Accessibility in the top left corner, then tap Hearing Aids.
  • Tap the hearing aid name to pair the hearing aid with your device.
  • The devices are now paired.
  • Open the app and follow the prompts to get started.
  • Free donation to charity
  • More than 5000 worldwide customers

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How To Insert Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are colour coded with red markers indicating the right aid and blue markers for the left. You will see the colour markers if you open the battery door.

How to turn your hearing aid on and off

The battery compartment is the on/off switch. When you put your hearing aid on, close the battery door. When you take your aid off, open the battery door to turn it off. If you have poor eyesight you can feel for the catch on the battery door, underneath the hearing aid.

How To Buy Hearing Aid Batteries

You can purchase hearing aid batteries online, but you must be aware of certain things. Mainly, make sure you get the right batteries for your device. Different types of hearing aids require differently sized batteries. For example, a behind-the-ear hearing aid usually needs a bigger battery than one worn in the canal . Batteries are generally color-coded to express their size, so be aware of that as well.

Speak to an audiologist if you want to know what hearing aids fit your device. The worst thing you can do is guess! In the end, youll probably buy batteries that dont fit and dont work.

Also, its a good idea to buy hearing aids when you need them. Dont buy lots in bulk as they will lose their performance as they age. Even if theyre not activated in their packaging, old batteries wont be as good as new ones. So, look for long use-by dates to get the newest and best ones around.

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How To Test Hearing Aid Batteries

You should check your hearing aid batteries before you use them. Also, its good to test the battery if your hearing aid turns off or stops working. Either way, this is how you carry out the tests:

  • To start, insert your batteries into the battery chamber of your hearing aid
  • Make sure the positive marking faces upwards, then close the chamber door
  • Try turning your hearing aid on, if it works, then the battery is fine
  • If your hearing aid still doesnt turn on, then carefully close your hand over the hearing aid and raise it to your ear
  • If you can hear a squealing sound coming from the device, then the battery is working. If not, then it may be dead

If you have access to more than one hearing aid, then carry out this test across multiple devices. Essentially, it just ensures that the hearing aid isnt at fault.

Alternatively, you can buy a hearing aid battery tester. This is the easier method as you just slide the battery in and read the results!

Rechargeable Cell Easily Replaced

NEW Oticon Hearing Aid Batteries size 13 from Hearing Savers

One of the common concerns for users is the replacement of the lithium-ion battery in rechargeable hearing aids. Most rechargeable devices are graded to offer 80% of their battery life at year six so that gives them some comfort. Oticon went a step further, they made their rechargeable battery replaceable in the clinic. So if it needs to be replaced, it can be done at an in-clinic appointment rather than going back to the factory. A lot of users are really happy with that idea.


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Remove The Existing Receiver

Locate where the receiver is connected to the hearing aid.

On the underside of the hearing aid, you will see a small notch indent. Insert the pin removal tool into the bottom section of the notch and gently push down and drag up towards the tip of the hearing aid to remove the existing receiver.

You will see the receiver slide out of the hearing aid.

Behind The Ear How To Put On Your New Hearing Device

  • Make sure that you put the device at the top/behind your ear first- to where it hangs on the ear.
  • Then push the dome tip into your ear canal until the wire is flush with your skin.
  • Using your thumb, make sure the thin wire is in the bottom of the ear.
  • Push the HA in all the way to make sure they are on all the way
  • For more information visit .

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    How To Turn Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aids On Or Off

    This video demonstrates how to turn on and off the power on Oticon Opn S Rechargeable hearing aids.

    Need additional help? Technical Support is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm EST by:

    How to turn Oticon Opn STMand Oticon Opn PlayTM rechargeable hearing aids ON or OFF


    Zoom in on a hearing aid.

    To turn a hearing aid ON, hold the lower button for 2 seconds.

    1, 2 sec.

    Release the button and wait until the LED flashes GREEN. The hearing aid plays a start-up jingle to confirm it is turned ON.

    To turn a hearing aid OFF, hold the lower button for 3 seconds, until the LED flashes red.

    The hearing aid plays four descending tones to confirm it is turning OFF.


    **30-Day Risk-Free Trial begins at the date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange, varies by state. See office for complete details and restrictions. This offer is available at most HearingLife offices. Check with your local provider. Information within this offer may vary or be subject to change.

    Privacy Policy | HearingLife, 2501 Cottontail Ln, Somerset, NJ 08873

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    Review: Signias Newest Rechargeable Custom Hearing Aid

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    • Borrow technology and devices which support deaf childrens communication and independence.

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    Follow These Easy Steps To Replace Your Wax

    #1:If necessary, remove the dome from your receiver.

    You will need to remove the dome to find the wax guard. Domes are a friction fit to the receiver. To remove, gently tug on the dome.

    #2:Remove the old wax-guard.

    There are 2 styles of wax guards. The Oticon No Wax, Pro Wax and Pro Wax Minifit are a turtle shape while the Wax stop or Cerustop are little sticks in a small container.

    On one end of the stick or on one side of the No-Wax, there is a new wax guard and at the other end there is a small prong. Place the prong end of the stick straight into the wax guard in the hearing aid and then pull straight out. The old wax guard is removed from the hearing aid. Do not rotate or twist.

    #3:Put in new wax-guard.

    Rotate the Stick and place the new wax guard into the opening by pushing it in straight. Discard the used wax guard in the trash.

    #4: Replace the dome if needed.

    Slip the dome over the tip of the receiver. It is a friction fit. Tug gently on the dome to make sure it is securely on.

    Get Hearing Help

    If you think you’re starting to have hearing issues, want to treat hearing loss or need some more information about hearing, get in touch with our team today.

    For Assistance Changing Your Hearing Aid Batteries

    We know that getting to a clinic might be difficult right now. If you are having difficulty changing your hearing aid batteries, and you theres no one who can currently assist you, please call us on or Live Chat with an Audika Customer Service Representative, available weekdays from 9am – 5pm .

    1 Consult your clinician or the instructions for use for your device for specific information and instructions on changing the battery in your hearing aids, as this may differ between manufacturers. Always read the instructions for use. Follow the instructions for use.

    2 Oticon. How to replace the battery in in-the-ear hearing aids. Available:

    3 Oticon. When is it time to change the battery? Available:

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    Hearing Aid Tubing Decoration And Colours

    You may be happy with a see through and transparent hearing aid tubing option but for some the idea of it being inconspicious is a little boring. There are a number of fun options to decorate your hearing aid without it harming your sound quality. You can get different coloured tubing options from a translucent pink to suit a skin tone to a bright pink to show off your personality. You can get blue, yellow, green and red tubing, different colour options are something you will need to purchase. You do need to be careful where you have bought it from and that you dont just colour them yourself as you might find with moisture build up the colour rubs off onto your ear.

    Other hearing aid tubing decorations are jewels and fun characters that attach around the tubing. In the UK there are couple of small bussiness out there that have developed such decorations as hearing aid wearers themselves or parents to children who are hearing aid wearers to add a bit more jazz to them. Ones to check out our tubtastic pimps, my lugs and the beautiful earring style designs by Hearrings.

    What I would say is be careful of the weight of the item, if you choose to wear a decoration on your hearing aid tubing. You do not want to compress the tube preventing the sound from getting through.

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