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How To Pair Widex Hearing Aid With Iphone

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Using Your Hearing Aids With A Smartphone

Pairing Widex hearing aids with iPhone app

Many hearing aids can now connect to your smartphone to enhance your overall hearing experience. Here are a few of the features you may be able to use with your hearing aids and smartphone:

  • Stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids*
  • Stream audio, such as music or driving directions, directly to your hearing aids*
  • Change left and right volume together or separately
  • Switch between the programs or memories set by your provider
  • Find lost hearing aids
  • Check battery status
  • Control hearing aid accessories like a TV streamer or remote mic

The steps to using your smartphone with your hearing aids varies by model of hearing aid and by smartphone. Here are some general principles to help you get started.

Among People On The Bus

On another occasion, I was on a bus and tried out a few different settings to focus on speech. I wanted to eliminate background noise to clearly hear the stop announcements. What I ended up hearing most clearly was other people’s conversations.

During the bus ride, I also tested the Directional Focus program.;Telling your hearing aids which direction you’d like to focus on makes it easier for the AI to isolate the desired sound and eliminate noise coming in from all other;directions. This is particularly useful for conversations. On the bus, I could equally tune into conversations or drown them out by focusing on the traffic noise to my right.

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How Does The Remote Fitting Work

Hearing aids;can function out-of-the-box, but they won’t sound good. You’ll need to see an audiologist to adapt the settings to your hearing ability and personal preferences.

Assuming you had a hearing test and a physician recommended a hearing aid, you’d typically see your audiologist for;an in-person fitting of the hearing aid, which includes measurements of your ears. During the pandemic, however,;many audiologists have switched to remote fittings;and will rely on software for their measurements. For;my demo, I scheduled;such a remote fitting.

In preparation of the appointment, I installed the Widex REMOTE CARE app on;my phone,;plugged both ends of the provided audio cable into the two audio jacks at the top of the;Remote Link, and wore it;around;my neck.

Next, I;followed the on-screen instructions to pair the Remote Link with the app. The process was clear and easy to follow.

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Finally, I;joined the appointment using the app and waited for the audiologist to join the video call.

This next part could be challenging if your hearing is severely damaged on both ears as you won’t be able to use headphones or hearing aids during the call. You will be wearing the new hearing aids, but the audiologist will communicate with you through your phone’s speakers.

It;only took a couple of back-and-forths to get the settings right. Then she demonstrated a few different programs, including the PureSound program, which uses the ultra-fast digital processor.

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Troubleshooting 24 Ghz Bluetooth Connections

  • Check manufacturer compatibility lists to ensure your device are supported.;See Widex compatibility list.;
  • Double check common errors:
  • Are the hearing aids within range?
  • Are the hearing aid batteries fresh?;
  • If youre still having trouble connecting, try turning on and off;Airplane Mode.;
  • Turn off Wi-Fi connections to minimize signal traffic to the device.
  • Go to;Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices;or;Settings > Bluetooth;to forget the hearing aids and reconnect them.
  • Power down the phone then turn it back on.
  • What’s In The Widex Moment Box

    How to Pair your Hearing Aids to your iPhone or iPad

    My Widex MOMENT delivery included two boxes with the following items:

    • A pair of;mRIC R D hearing aids in a carrying case
    • A;charging;unit with a micro USB cable and a USB wall charger
    • Cleaning accessories, two NanoCare sets, a set of Widex Easywear instant open ear tips, and a cleaning tissue
    • A Widex Remote Link unit with a 3.5mm audio cable and a micro USB charging cable
    • Various instruction manuals and information cards

    The silver-gray behind-the-ear unit I received was;clearly marked as a demo. Consumers will be able to choose from a variety of colors and form factors.;Note that only the behind-the-ear mRIC R D model contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

    The Remote Link is optional. You’ll need it for a remote fitting. But if you’re able to see your audiologist for an in-person hearing test, they might be able to lend you a unit for your;follow-up remote fitting.

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    Selecting What To Stream To Your Hearing Aids

    • If you want to stream only phone calls to your hearing aids, Apple devices on iOS 13 or later allow you to turn off all notifications by going to;Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > Audio Routing > Media Audio;and set it to Never Hearing Devices. For Android devices, hearing aid wearers should disable apps that stream audio directly.
    • If you want to stream audio from selected apps to your hearing aids, both Android and iPhone users should go to;Settings > Notifications;and ensure that;Sounds;are turned on or off as appropriate for each application. Android users may have the option to disable all app sounds with a single switch.
    • To enable touchscreen and keyboard sounds, iPhone users should go to;Settings > Sounds; and turn on;Keyboard Clicks;and;Lock Sound. Android users should follow a similar process at;Settings > Sounds and Vibration.

    Can I Switch Between Programs Without The App

    Yes!;Your audiologist can load up to five programs onto your hearing aids. You can switch between these programs by pressing the on/off button on either one of the hearing aids.

    The Widex MOMENT also use Widex’s Sound Class Technology, which let the hearing aids automatically adapt to your environment by switching to one of up to 11 distinct sound classes. This feature automatically kicks in while using the Universal or PureSound program.

    To use your custom programs, you’ll still have to use the app.

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    How To Control Audio Balance On Iphone Or Ipad

    If you don’t hear as well in one ear, you can toggle the audio balance so that it’s louder on one side. Here’s how:

  • Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • Choose Audio/Visual.
  • Tap and drag the slider that appears at the end of the Hearing section. This will move audio between the right and left channels.

  • Our Widex Moment Verdict

    Widex Bluetooth Pairing: How to Pair Your Bluetooth Widex Hearing Aids to Your iPhone or iPad

    Lacking previous experience with hearing aids, it’s tough to issue a fair verdict. What I can say is that I did notice a significant improvement of my hearing on both my weak and my strong ear.

    What I loved most was amplifying the volume on my weak ear. Being able to dial up my hearing;felt almost like playing with a Bond gadget.

    I was impressed with how quickly the AI removed background noises and external distortions. I enjoyed;being able to customize the sound for different environments and activities.

    It would be great if it was possible to save modifications to the default programs loaded onto the hearing aid or;add custom programs to the hearing aid. And I wish Widex had combined the carrying case and the charging unit. Moreover, a;charging unit with an internal battery would be a lot more useful. At a price point of up to eight thousand dollars per pair, these seem like reasonable features to expect.

    If you’re in the market for a hearing aid, I would strongly encourage you to compare a few different models before you settle on one. This is a;significant investment, not unlike a car. If you’re attracted to super light AI-powered rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids, you should definitely test drive the Widex MOMENT.

    We hope you like the items we recommend and discuss! MUO has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from some of your purchases. This wont affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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    Great Hearing Aids Don’t Work With Iphone

    All of the problems seem to be related to the pairing of the hearing aids to the iPhone. During transmission it appears that the audio signal is dropped constantly by one aid or, it seems that the signal may jump from one ear to the other for no apparent reason. The other complaint was described as the stuttering of the signal, like it was dropping and connecting again very quickly. To give you an idea, I have quoted users below and referenced where the quotes can be found:

    They really do improve the sound over my previous hearing aids, however they also continually disconnect from the bluetooth and can’t reconnect without me having to open and close the battery door. This is especially problematic as they are connected to my phone’s bluetooth for work calls, and I never know when it’s disconnected, so after I answer the phone, I realize one or the other has been disconnected and have to go through the reconnection process. Dena C on Hearing Tracker

    One interesting comment was on the Apple Support Community, it was as follows:

    How Can I Charge The Widex Moment Hearing Aids

    The Widex MOMENT come with a charging unit. The charger does not have an internal battery, meaning it has to remain plugged in while charging. To charge the hearing aids, plug in the micro USB cable, lift the bar covering the charging slots, and fold it to the side. Then place your hearing aids in the charging slots.

    A half-hour charge;will give you four hours of battery life. A full charge takes a maximum of four hours.

    Note: When you remove your hearing aids from the charger, they will turn on by default. Be sure to turn them off before placing them in the carrying case.

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    How To Pair Your Hearing Aids With A Smartphone

    In recent years, weve come to rely more and more on interconnected technologies that combine screens, communication capabilities, and the internet. We can watch video contenta Netflix show, for exampleon three or four screens: our smartphone, computer, tablet, and television. And with the power of the internet, the experience is almost seamless, as we can pause on one device and resume at the same spot on another.

    Increasingly, we expect this sort of seamless experience with all of our technology-mediated interactions: listening to music, surfing the internet, watching a movie. And for individuals with hearing loss, hearing aids are a critical piece of the technology puzzle. For many people, if their hearing aids cannot connect with the other technologies we use and provide that seamless experience, they will either be not used or replaced.

    Fortunately, more and more hearing aids can provide this seamless experience, including the;Widex 2.4 GHz-enabled EVOKE RIC 312 D and BTE 13 D.;

    How To Connect Widex Hearing Aids With Your Iphone With Bluetooth


    This guide works for most Widex Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. You can pair your Widex hearing aid to most Apple devices including iPhones, iPads & iPods.

    Please ensure you have Bluetooth switched on with your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

  • On your iPhone / iPad navigate to Settings and select General, Select Accessibility.
  • Scroll down in the Accessibility menu until you see Hearing Devices and select it.
  • Place your Widex hearing aids close to the device, open and close the battery doors on both hearing aids.
  • The iPhone, iPad or iPod will automatically search for the Bluetooth connection. You will see a small spinning icon while the device searches for your hearing aids.
  • The Name & Model of your hearing aids appear once found. A pop up message will appear asking you to Pair or Cancel. Please click Pair.
  • Once selected the Widex Hearing aid will appear as a connected device.
  • If you have any queries regarding compatibility for your hearing aid simply call our team who are happy to assist.

    This article was written by:

    John Ryan, Co-Founder

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    What To Do If Your Made For Iphone Hearing Aids Wont Pair With Your Iphone

    If you are having difficulty successfully paring your devices, try these troubleshooting steps.

    Make Sure Your Software Is Up to Date

    Step 1: Go to your Settings from the home screen.Step 2: Scroll down and tap General.Step 3: Select Software Update. Any available updates will appear on this screen.

    Check for software updates

    Check Connectivity

    Step 1: Put your phone screen to sleep by tapping the button on the right side or top of your phone, depending on the model.Step 2: After five seconds, tap the button again.Step 3: Open the control center by either swiping down from the top right corner of the screen or swiping up from the bottom of the screen .Step 4: If your device is connected, you will see the name next to AirDrop.

    Step 5: If you do not see your device name here, try going to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Wait on this screen for a few seconds. Then check the control center again.

    How To Use The Widex Evoke And Tonelink App

    Widex have announced the launch of Widex EVOKE, their latest technological innovation and the first hearing aid to feature advanced machine learning in real time. EVOKE is based on their entirely new chip platform and is the first product inspired by the Widex Real-Life Hearing philosophy.

    With Widex EVOKE hearing aids, you can use one of two apps to control your hearing aids from your Android and Apple devices.

    The TONELINK app covers key functions like changing programs, while the EVOKE app also features SoundSense Learn, which guides you to personalised hearing.

    The TONELINK app is for all EVOKE models except the EVOKE CIC-M model and the EVOKE app is only for EVOKE F2 model .;

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    Control Hearing Aid With Your Iphone

    When you know how to pair hearing aids to an iPhone, youll be able to control your hearing aids from your phone. You can adjust your hearing aid volume, select environment presets, and turn on Live Listen, among other things. To control your hearing aid from your iPhone and set your preferences, use the Settings menu or the Accessibility shortcut. Youll then be able to:

    • Play ringtones through your connected hearing aids
    • Choose the default device for audio playback
    • Use your iPhone to adjust your hearing aid settings
    • Continue to listen to audio through your hearing aids, even when switching between Apple devices
    • Make quick volume and preset adjustments on your hearing device from the Lock Screen with the Control Centre hearing button or Accessibility Shortcut

    Todays hearing aids offer far more than just improved hearing ability and excellent sound quality. With features such as iPhone pairing, you can now stream audio straight to your ears and adjust your hearing aids with just a few taps on your iPhone.

    What Might Be Causing Poor Connection When I Am Using My Iphone Xs With My Widex Evoke Fusion 2 440 Hearing Aids A Lot Of Static Or Drops The Call Completely Or Drops Sound From One Ear Not Always The Same Ear

    Pairing Widex Moment Rechargeable hearing aids to iPhone

    Doctor of Audiology in Kailua

    15 August 2019 – 1.25K Views


    15 August 2019 – 1.26K Views

    Doctor of Audiology

    15 August 2019 – 1.26K Views

    Unfortunately troubleshooting the problem is just that, it could be the hearing aids, it could be the phone. I would start by clearing out your phone, all open apps, deleting the hearing aids from the phone and then restarting the phone and pairing the hearing aid to the phone again.; If it happens more, I would double check the phone is within a few feet of your hearing aids. If all of this doesn’t help then I would send in the hearing aids for repair and if it continues then I would replace the phone.;

    Good Luck


    15 August 2019 – 1.26K Views

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    How To Enable Visual Notifications On Your Iphone Using The Led Flash

    iPhone doesn’t include a dedicated notification light. It does, however, let you use the LED flash to provide a visible cue for incoming notifications.

  • Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • Select Audio/Visual.
  • Choose the switch next to LED Flash for Alerts to enable the feature.
  • Select the switch next to Flash on Silent to use LED flash alerts when the ringer switch is set to silent.

  • To disable the notification light, repeat the same process, and toggle the setting to OFF.

    Can I Stream Audio To The Widex Moment Hearing Aids

    You can stream audio;to the Widex MOMENT hearing aids;from;an iPhone. If you use Android, you’ll have to wait for a firmware update. At the time of publishing this review, no release date was available. To stream audio from;any Bluetooth;source to Widex MOMENT hearing aids,;Widex offers the;Com-Dex accessory.

    Note: Streaming audio runs through the Universal program, meaning it will use the Classic pathway, i.e. the 2.5ms processor.

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    How To Pair Your Hearing Aids With Your Iphone

    As more hearing aids are developed with direct-to-iPhone or iPad Bluetooth connectivity, more hearing aid users are realizing the wonderful benefits of hearing aids that also serve as wireless headsets for music and audio-book streaming, as well as Bluetooth headsets for phone conversations. ;Amy and Liz are two patients seen in our Houston office this week. ;Both could finally carry on a phone conversation with no difficulty for the first time in years, via Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. ;It was amazing to see the joy on both their faces as a new world opened up to them.;

    ;In addition, the iPhone can serve as the remote control for the hearing aid, and users can adjust various features from overall volume to frequency response to background noise suppression, all through handy apps on the iPhone.;

    This is all wonderful when everything works! ;Occasionally, the iPhone will drop the hearing aid connection, or something gets “hung” or “stuck” in the iPhone that prevents a good connection. ;Should that happen to you, follow the instructions below that walk you through re-pairing the hearing aids to your iPhone.;

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