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Can You Use Just One Hearing Aid

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Lower Volume Means Better Sound Quality

Why Can’t I Wear Just One Hearing Aid?

When a person is wearing one hearing aid, they will need to set the volume at a higher level to compensate for the other ear not receiving any sound. This could become uncomfortable and interfere with sound quality. The louder the volume on a hearing aid, the more the sound becomes distorted and the more difficult it is to hear speech clearly. If you use two hearing aids, the volume on both the hearing aids can be set at a more comfortable level and one will be able to hear adequately. Often people who have one hearing aid complain that everything becomes too loud and they do not enjoy wearing the hearing aid as they find it uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that if the volume is extremely high on one ear, it could damage the hearing even more. By having two hearing aids you are able to set the volume lower and you wont cause any damage in the process.

Can You Have A Hearing Aid In Just One Ear

Were used to thinking of them as pairslike Reeses peanut butter cups or Twixbut can you have a hearing aid in just one ear? Well, sure, you can as in, you are physically able to place a hearing aid in only one ear. Whether its a good idea or not involves a more complicated answer.

We can boil it down like this, though: in most cases, two hearing aids are going to be preferable to only one. But there are some instances in which a single hearing aid might be the way to go.

Reducing The Volume Needed To Hear

Wearing two hearing aids allows an effect called binaural summation. This is when a listener hears a sound at a greater volume when both ears hear a signal together compared to when either ear hears a signal by itself. Binaural summation also helps to discriminate frequencies and improves speech understanding no matter if youre in noise or in quiet.

When your brain has an increased perception of volume from wearing two hearing aids, it means the hearing aids themselves do not have to do so much work. The hearing aids can be programmed with less gain and power settings than if you are wearing one aid.

This can assist in listening comfort, particularly reactions to louder sounds eg painful or startle reactions to sudden impact sounds. It can increase your battery life as the hearing aid does not need to draw so much power and may even mean you can wear smaller hearing aids as smaller batteries may be sufficient.

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When Should You Purchase Two Hearing Aids

One of the obvious benefits to wearing two hearing aids is the overall loudness they provide to both ears. This increase in loudness is referred to as binaural summation. Having two hearing aids can provide up to 10 decibels of additional gain to the overall perceived enhancement of sound quality. In addition to providing this overall loudness, having two hearing aids can provide addition benefits that most people dont realize and some of them are discussed here:

Reasons Why Two Hearing Aids Work Better Than One

Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss
  • Date: August 13, 2018

A very common question we get here in our Lake Oswego office is do I need two hearing aids or one? There are reasons why only one hearing aid may be recommended such as if you only have hearing loss in one ear, or if one ear is so bad that a one will not help on its own. Outside of this, the arguments for wearing two at a time are very strong and supported by numerous studies.

Here are five reasons why two hearing devices are better than one:

1. Better understanding of speech in background noise.

It is hard enough to hear people with a lot of background noise when you have great hearing. Imagine hearing in someone in background noise with bad hearing. Our brain uses sounds coming in from both sides to help focus on speech in difficult listening environments.

2. Better ability to tell where sounds are coming from .

This is important for determining the origin of speech, as well as warning signals and other alerting sounds. We use both ears to tell the direction of sound.

3. Avoid deterioration of hearing in the unaided ear.

Wearing only one hearing device can deprive the other ear of stimulation and can cause it to further deteriorate.

4. Better reception of sounds from both sides.

With only one hearing aid, you will still miss a significant portion of the speech signal when someone is speaking to you from the unaided side.

5. Wearing two hearing aids is less tiring.

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Wearing One Hearing Aid Is A Choice

Ultimately, it is down to the individual to decide whether they go with one hearing aid or two but this should be an informed choice. If you have hearing loss in only one ear and normal / near normal hearing in the other, then one hearing aid is all you need. It is however, more typical to have hearing loss in both ears, especially if the loss is age-related.

How To Use Hearing Hero Hearing Aid

There is no special technological know-how required to start using this hearing aid. Ideally, it should be the function of your Audiologist to show you how to use it. So after you purchase your Hearing Hero device from the manufacturers website on any of the order buttons and links from this site, take it to your Audiologist for further instructions.

But even at that, this hearing aid device comes in a package with instructional manuals which explain how it works, how to use it, and simple maintenance tips on how to make it last longer for you all in detail. All these are contained in the FAQs section of the package which the hearing aid comes with.

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The Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Hearing Aids For Both Ears

Youre experiencing hearing loss in one or both ears? When you come to accept the fact that it might be time to invest in a hearing aid, a visit to your trusted, local Audiologist is the first step on your journey to better hearing health. But dont be surprised when they recommend that you get not one, but two hearing aids. They have your best interest in mind. Continue reading to find out why.

The TV volume maxing out, a constant ringing your ears, struggling to understand people on the phone or in noisy environments. When we first notice signs of hearing loss, we tend to shrug it off. This is a very dangerous choice because the risks of untreated hearing loss are great.

Yet, it is often not until we experience its effects on our day to day life, social interactions, school or work, that we finally seek help and book an appointment with a hearing care expert. If youre in the same boat, dont worry. Whilst it is true that hearing can not be restored, hearing aids can give you back the ability to hear and help you live your life to the fullest.

When you think about getting hearing aids for the first time, you will, like many others, wonder whether one hearing aid might be enough to help you, or if youll need two hearing aids, one for each ear.

Here are the reasons why you might benefit from wearing two hearing aids as well.

Predictors Of Preference For A Unilateral Hearing Aid Fitting

Can I wear just one hearing aid instead of two? Cary, NC

As seen in , there were 16 a priori potential predictors of preference for bilateral aiding in this study. They were drawn from conventional wisdom as well as from research with normal-hearing and hearing-impaired groups of listeners. The statistical exploration of these data yielded a finding that the preference for one or two hearing aids could be predicted accurately for about two-thirds of patients using four variables . The combination of useful variables reinforced several aspects of conventional wisdom and basic research.

Conventional wisdom suggests that patients who have more hearing problems are more likely to appreciate two hearing aids. In this study, scores from the unaided APHAB quantified the extent to which the subject believed that the hearing loss caused problems in daily life. A report of more problems was associated with greater likelihood of preferring two hearing aids. This trend was also reported by previous researchers

Many practitioners have argued in favor of bilateral aiding based on the well-established advantages of binaural listening for normal-hearing listeners. In this study, one of those advantages was found to make a positive contribution to the preference for two hearing aids: greater binaural loudness summation was predictive of a preference for two rather than one.

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Why Is It Important To Manage Unilateral Hearing Loss Or Single

It’s beneficial to hear with two ears for several reasons. Our brain hears best when it receives input from both ears. For example, input from both ears allows our brain to separate speech from background noise to hear better in noisy places, such as restaurants, classrooms and social gatherings.

Sound localization is only possible when there is sound input from both ears. For safety reasons, this is especially important when you need to identify a sound source quickly. In addition, our brain actually amplifies the intensity of the sound when it receives input from both ears so that we can hear softer sounds with two ears compared to only one ear.

Is It Possible To Use Just One Hearing Aid

It makes more sense to wear two hearing aids instead of one. However, there are a few reasons where it might be possible to use one hearing aid. These include:

  • Experiencing hearing loss in only one ear where the other ear picks up sound frequencies normally.
  • It might make sense to use only one hearing aid because of your working environment.
  • Personal preference

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Is It Alright To Wear Just One Hearing Aid

There are a number of benefits to wearing two hearing aids rather than one hearing aid. When you have a hearing loss in more than one ear, it is recommended that you wear two hearing aids.

If a person has hearing loss in one ear and normal or almost normal hearing in the other ear, one hearing aid will most likely be recommended, even if they are affordable hearing aids. However, if that person has a hearing loss in both ears, whether the same level of hearing loss in both ears or a different level of hearing loss, two hearing aids would most likely be recommended. Why? Because we hear better in pairs!

One Hearing Aid Is Not As Beneficial As Two

Buy ReSound ONE 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Two hearing aids, however, are going to be better than one for your ears and hearing in the vast majority of circumstances. The benefits of having strong hearing in both of your ears are simply too many to dismiss. So, yes, in most cases, two hearing aids are a better choice than one . Make an appointment with a hearing care professional to have your hearing examined.

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Can I Just Wear One Hearing Aid

A common question hearing professionals receive during a hearing aid evaluation is the question, Can I just wear one hearing aid? Although each patients hearing loss is different, in the majority of cases the answer is two. The following is a list of reasons why two hearing aids are better than one.

1.Better sound localization. Sound localization is the ability to determine where a sound is coming from. Our brain is wired to use auditory information from both sides to determine precisely where sound originated. Improved localization will allow you to immediately draw your attention to a person talking directly to you in situations where more than one person may be talking. Localization is also important for safety, allowing you to locate approaching traffic, sirens, or other important environmental sounds.

2.Improved hearing in background noise. When in a situation with both speech and background noise, the brain compares the speech and the noise entering both ears to automatically attempt to filter out background noise and focus on understanding speech. Using one hearing aid requires more focus and effort to discriminate speech from noise. Additionally, many hearing devices include features to reduce background noise automatically that are only available when used as a pair.

Do You Invest In Just One Hearing Aid Or Buy Two And How Can You Choose

by Maico Audiological Services | Sep 14, 2017 | Hearing Loss Articles

When its time to make a decision about hearing aids, you might wonder, Do I really need two hearing aids or will one do?

Is there really a point to spending the money on two hearing aids when your hearing loss only affects one ear? Lets look at why you might consider getting two hearing aids and when one really is enough.

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Additional Reasons For Preferring One Or Two Hearing Aids

Using four of the variables that were selected a priori as potential predictors of a preference for two hearing aids, it was possible to correctly categorize two-thirds of the subjects regarding their preference. However, 18 subjects who were predicted to prefer two hearing aids actually chose one, and 14 subjects who were predicted to prefer one hearing aid actually chose two . To further explore their underlying motivations, all subjects were asked to provide in their own words up to three reasons for their choice of one or two hearing aids. summarizes these data and clearly demonstrates that subjects who preferred one hearing aid used very different decision criteria from those who preferred two. The three most frequently cited reasons for preferring one hearing aid were more comfort, better quality, and it is enough to meet my needs. These subjects seemed to indicate that help provided by one hearing aid was good enough and they found persuasive advantages in having one ear left open. Amplified sound in the second ear did not yield benefits sufficient to overcome disadvantages related to quality, comfort, and loudness . This impression is supported by the five reasons listed in which can be summarized as: Two hearing aids did not help more than one and sometimes were worse.

In The Event One Hearing Aid Is All You Need Dont Count Us Out Yet

Using Controls on Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids – Boys Town National Research Hospital

Yes, we do only sell them as a pair, however, the cost of our system is still less than the average cost of one hearing aid from most local hearing aid clinics.

Eargo right and left hearing aids are the same size and shape, so they can be worn in either ear. If you only need one we recommend wearing the one device for a week while keeping the other safe in the charger, and the next week switch and use the other. Plus, youll always have a back up device waiting in the wings if you need it.

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When Should I Consider Getting Two Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an investment, so Its tempting to purchase just one and save the expense of a second device. You might want to reconsider, though. There are benefits to getting a hearing aid for each ear, especially if you have some hearing loss in both such as:

  • Better clarity and alertness that having two functional ears gives you
  • Research suggests that hearing well in both ears lets your brain distinguish between important auditory input and useless background noise
  • Two hearing aids help you locate where sound comes from so you can fully tune into the message
  • Offers a sense of clarity through balancing incoming stimuli
  • Lowers the risk of developing tinnitus

Hearing Hero Hearing Aid Price

The price of one hearing aid $199.99 dollars which could be converted to your own local currency depending on its exchange rate to the US dollar.

This is a very good advantage that places hearing heroes among the best hearing aids in the market today. Other hearing aids cost anywhere above $500, $1000, $7,000 to $11,000. And hearing hero still beats a lot of them in many obvious ways.

On top of that, there are discounts attached for every purchase you make. So you can easily buy two at a very cheap and reduced price of $369.99.00.

This price is mainly for people living in the United States, U.K, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Ireland. The price may vary if you are not from any of the above-mentioned countries. But you should check it out and see how much it is for your country.

The manufacturers also offers a 45-day money back guarantee, free shipping, and trial offers.

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Improved Hearing In Background Noise

Generally, the brain uses both ears to determine the direction of speech and the type of speech coming in. It tends to use both ears to separate the target speech from the background noise. This is useful in everyday conversations and formal situations.

If you have only one hearing aid available, it makes it more challenging to filter the background noise and hear the target speech clearly. So even though you wear a hearing aid in your weak ear you may still strain to hear what people say.

As well as the brain’s ability to separate speech from background noise when wearing two hearing aids, often hearing aids have features that reduce background noise automatically. However, these features only work when operating as a pair.

When Is One Hearing Aid Better Than Two

Should I Get Two Hearing Aids?

Some research indicates that for people with cognitive delays or dementia, one hearing aid may work better than two, even if a person has hearing loss in both ears. It’s thought that two hearing aids are over-stimulating for the brain and auditory pathways.

If you have normal hearing in one ear, and mild hearing loss in the other, you’re probably fine to just wear one hearing aidjust remember to get regular hearing tests to make sure your “good ear” is still hearing well.

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