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How To Use Ear Wax Candles

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So We Know Ear Candling Doesnt Work But Dangerous Is It

Do Ear Candles Work To Remove Earwax? | Ear Candling Proof!

Whats the danger in trying, right? Well, whenever you get hot candle wax around your ears, youre asking for trouble. You may be fine if you try earwax candling. People do it all of the time. But that doesnt mean there arent hazards involved, and it definitely doesnt imply that ear candling is safe.

Here are some negative impacts of ear candling:

  • You might cause serious injury when you play around with an open flame and potentially even put your life in danger. You wouldnt want to burn your house down, would you? Eliminating a bit of earwax isnt worth that amount of danger and risk.
  • Once the wax cools down it can block your ear canal. You could end up temporarily losing your hearing or even requiring surgery in severe cases.
  • Your ear can be severely burned. When melted candle wax goes into your ear, it can lead to serious hearing issues and burns. In the most serious cases, this might permanently damage your hearing.

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Do you know that other ear wax remover can be used to unclog your ears other than the normal ear drops? Well, there are moments when you will find your ears blocking due to external factors or wax buildup in the ears.

Can Olive Oil Make Ear Wax Worse

Over time, olive oil actually increased the amount of ear wax. However, applying olive oil to the ear just before having a doctor remove extra ear wax did seem to help ensure that all the wax was removed. When it comes to removing ear wax, its best to stick with ear drops specifically designed for removing ear wax.

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But Why Did I Say Ear Candles Dangerous

Some individuals elect to use them without placing a paper tray around the candle. There have been some instances where the hot wax drips down into the ear canal and can actually land on the ear drum. Besides the intense pain you feel when the wax hits the ear drum, the wax will harden and cause a temporary hearing loss. It will require an ENT to use a microscope and a hook in order to retrieve the candle wax off of the ear drum and restore your hearing. Another danger of ear candles is the fact that its a fire. You are typically laying down, probably on the sofa or bed, in order to use it. If you drop the candle or roll a little bit, the fire can touch the fabric, your clothes, or your hair and start a fire.

The biggest issue with the use of ear candles, is that in my experience, the majority of people who think they have muffled hearing because they have too much ear wax, in fact do not have too much ear wax. They have a hearing loss. If you are experiencing muffled hearing, whether you think it is caused by ear wax or not, your best bet is to see a medical professional for safe and appropriate wax removal and possible referral for a hearing test. If you feel that you might have a wax build-up or are having difficulty with muffled hearing, call our office to schedule an appointment.

How To Use One

Ear Candling Best Guide

Ear candling is usually done by an herbalist, massage therapist, or a beauty salon specialist. You should never try it on yourself, even if you know how to use an ear candle. This will only increase your risk of injury.

Generally, the candle is inserted through a foil or paper plate. The plate is supposed to catch hot wax.

An ear candle practitioner might also place a towel on your head and neck for more protection.

Here is how an ear candle is used:

  • Your practitioner will have you lie on your side. One ear will be facing up.
  • The pointed end of the candle is placed in your ear. The open end is lit.
  • As the candle burns, it will be trimmed and kept open.
  • No wax is allowed to drip into the ear or on the skin around the ear.
  • The candle is burned for about 15 minutes.
  • The flame is carefully blown out.
  • After the procedure, the candle can be cut open to display the inside materials.

    The warmth of the candles flame is thought to create a vacuum. The suction is supposed to pull earwax and debris into the candle.

    However, in 2010, the announced that they havent found reliable scientific evidence on the effectiveness of ear candling.

    They also warned consumers against ear candling because it can cause serious physical injuries.

    Ear candling can also make earwax buildup even worse.

    The FDA reports that ear candles are associated with dangerous side effects. Ear candling increases the risk for the following accidents and issues:

    Here is one way to use olive oil for earwax removal:

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    What Is Earwax Candling

    So the basic setup goes like this: Perhaps youre not certain how to eradicate all your built up earwax. Youve read that its risky to use cotton swabs to clean your earwax out. So, after doing some investigate, you find a technique known as earwax candling.

    Heres how earwax candling allegedly works: By jamming a candle into your ear , you cause a pressure differential. This pressure differential then sucks the wax out. Any wax that might be clogged up in your ear can, in theory, be pulled out by this amount of pressure. But this dangerous technique is not a smart method of cleaning your ears.

    Don’t Leave The Ears Wet

    As any water left in the ears might be used as a medium for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and make cultures, leaving your ears wet is risky. After taking showers or going for a swim, it is better to dry all the water left in the ear canals. If infected by bacteria, the infection can cause many problems such as unbearable pain, swelling, and hearing loss.

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    What Are Safer Methods To Clean Our Ears

    Our ears naturally do a fair amount of cleaning, according to Dr. Zhao.

    Cerumen naturally gets extruded out from the ear canal overtime, so putting anything in your ear interferes with this natural process, she said. It migrates from an inside-out direction and on its way out it traps hair, dust and debris.

    According to Dr. Zhao, the safest way to manage excess wax buildup is to have the blockage cleared by an ear, nose and throat specialist. If you want to try to remove the wax at home, you can gently clean the outer ear with a damp washcloth and then pat dry with a towel, but never try to clean your ears by sticking anything in the ear canal. Dr. Zhao doesnt recommend using Q-tips or cotton tip applicators because those tend to push the wax further into the ear canal and may cause other issues.

    Advantages Of Using Ear Wax Candles

    Do Ear Candles Remove Earwax? Fact or Fiction… (Ear Candling)

    If we talk about science, there are no proposed benefits out yet about Beeswax ear candles or the ear candling process. However, the makers and practitioners of ear candling tend to say that it has a lot of benefits.

    Even, some practitioners also claim that the use of ear wax candles is efficient for curing different types of cancers. Yes, cancer is the most horrible disease, which is affecting thousands of peoples around the world. With the use of ear wax candles, you can cure this disease as per the producers.

    Apart from that, there are also several benefits of ear candling around the world. Following are the different diseases, which can easily be cured by the use of these candles.

    Removing Bacteria from Ears:;Bacteria in the ears can cause a lot of ear issues. At last, you would also end up with listening issues. Therefore, its always essential for a person to go towards a proper ear treatment, which is only possible with the help of ear candling treatment.

    Sinus Infection:;Sinus is another major infection that can cause due to ear issues. With sinus, you can end your life by barely breathing. Why? Because it slowly infects all of your face objects, which needs extra care to recover. With the help of an earwax candle, you can easily cure all of your sinus infections or issues.

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    So Are Ear Wax Candles Good For You What Medical Science Has To Say

    Unfortunately, there is no medical evidence to support the benefits of thermal-auricular therapy alleged by practitioners.

    Claim/Benefit number 1: Ear Candles remove ear wax by creating suction.This claim can be disproved with a basic understanding of how ear wax works. Earwax is sticky and adheres quite strongly to the inner sides of the ear. Consequently, an extremely strong form of suction would be required to remove it. The strength of this suction would easily be felt by the person undergoing the process, which is at odds with the sensations reported by those who have undergone ear coning. In addition to this, a study into the process found that not only did those ear wax removal candles tested failed to create a strong enough suction to realistically remove ear wax, but they actually failed to create any kind of suction at all.

    Claim/benefit number 2: An ear wax removal candle works by melting the wax and forcing it to fall out.Common earwax does not have a particularly high melting point in comparison to something like metal or even plastic, but it does have one in comparison to body temperature. However, studies carried out found that temperatures created by the candle in the ear canal were below body temperature and therefore far too low to melt the wax. In addition, wax will reharden shortly after the heat source melting it has been removed, so it does not make sense that softened wax would fall out over a period of several days.

    The Truth About Ear Candling

    At best, ear candling is ineffective and pointless. At worst, it can leave you with hearing loss. Here are the facts about your ears, and why ear candling is always a bad idea.

    “Ear candles suck out the earwax.”

    Earwax is sticky and thick. It clings to the inside of your ears and slowly dries out as it’s worked towards the entrance of the ear canal. Over time, the movements of your jaw will work out the earwax. From there, it can be wiped off with a wet rag. Ear candles don’t produce any suction, making this claim false. Even if they did, it would take a large amount of suction power to remove earwax straight from your ears, and this amount of power could rupture your eardrum.

    “Ear candles melt the earwax.”

    Even if the candle burned at a temperature high enough to melt earwax, this amount of heat would be dangerous. You should never put open flames or heat sources inside your ear canal. Melting the earwax has no purpose, as it would just flow farther back into your ears and congeal into a mass. Regardless, candles don’t melt earwax; the only wax melting is from the candle.

    “Ear candles clear out my ear passages.”

    Your eardrums block your middle and inner ear from the outer world. There is no way that ear candles can leech debris and liquid from these areas because they’re sealed away inside your head. If these areas are breached, you run the risk of infection and hearing loss. Ear candles pose no purpose, and this is a completely false claim.

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    Stop Inserting Objects Into Ears

    Most of the time, people try to clean out the wax from their ears by inserting different objects such as cotton swabs into their ears, which is not advisable as it can push the wax further near the eardrum. The wax in proximity with the eardrum can affect the hearing, and if it becomes hard, it can block the opening through which wax is washed out.

    As the wax is disposed-off after a few days, there is no need to clean it out yourselves. If you still want to clean, use other non-intrusive and relatively safe methods such as Beeswax Ear Candles or Ear Candling Treatment.;

    How To Use Those Ear Wax Candles And Cones

    Ear Candling Results

    Massage therapists, herbalists, and beauty salon specialists are the right persons who can perform this method of treatment. As a noob, you should never try this method on your own. Even if you are well-known for the use of an ear wax candle. Why? Because it may only increase the chances of risk for you. So, you better stay alert and take the right precautions to perform it.

    Apart from that, ear candling candles are generally inserted with a paper plate or foil’s help. To catch the hot wax, the plate is supposed to be used. For better protection, the help of a towel on your neck and head also take place.

    After taking all the precautions, you have to lie on your side, just like you sleep, where one ear has to face up while the other tends to hide in the pillow. In this position, the pointed end of the candle will be put into your ear. However, just like the regular candles, the open end tends to enlighten with the help of a lighter.

    When you enlighten the open end, it will burn and then trim. Its essential not to drip any ear wax on your skin area; otherwise, the skin will burn. The procedure will take a maximum of 15 minutes.

    After the recommended burning time, it will then be carefully blown out. After completing the procedure, the candle will then cut to open the inside materials display.

    You can also take your children or pet along with you for this treatment. Because it will never harm or have any type of side effects.

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    Using A Candle To Remove Wax

  • 1Be aware of the risks of ear candling. Alternative medicine practitioners are strong advocates for the benefits of ear candling, but many medical doctors believe that candling is ineffective and dangerous. Being aware of the risks and concerns about ear candling can help you make an informed decision if it is the best way for you to remove your ear wax.XResearch source
  • Studies by otolaryngologists have shown that ear candling can cause burns, blockages in the ear canal, ear infections, and ear drum perforations even if you use the candle according to the packaging.XResearch source
  • Most medical doctors believe that ear candling is ineffective for removing wax.XResearch source
  • 2Have a friend or family member assist you. It can be difficult to perform ear candling by yourself. Have a friend or family member assist you during the process. This can help minimize the risk of burning yourself or causing other trauma to your ear.
  • 3Size the tapered, or small, end of the candle to your ear. The candle should be fitted to the size and contours of your ear. This can help ensure the most safe and effective candling process.XTrustworthy SourcePubMed CentralJournal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of HealthGo to source
  • Use the scissors to trim the end, making the opening slightly larger so it fills the ear canal.
  • You can wash your hands with a simple and basic soap.
  • You may want to use an soft soap that is antimicrobial and antibacterial.
  • Wipe off your ear with a moist cloth.
  • How Can Hollowcare Organic Beeswax Candles Help In Aiding

    Until now, we have seen that earwax is a very useful substance that blocks many different threats from the external environment and keeps the ears safe. While that may be the case, extensive amounts of earwax produced might also cause damage to your ears and hearing as the excess of everything is harmful.

    Ear Candling Treatmentcan help remove the earwax that has hardened in the ear cavity.

    Now, in the following context, we will take a look at the places you can buy wax candles with a lot of other perks.

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    Removing Ear Wax With Alternative Procedures

  • 1Wipe the outside of your ear. You can clean the outside of your ear canal with a cloth or paper tissue. This may help remove discharge or any wax that has worked its way outside of your inner ear.XResearch source
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe around the outside of your ear and on your outer ear canal.XResearch source If you like, you can wet the cloth slightly with warm water.XResearch source
  • Wrap a paper tissue around your finger and gently wipe your outer ear and outer ear canal with the tissue.XResearch source
  • 2Apply an over the counter eardrops to remove wax. For those people with minimal to moderate amounts of earwax, use an over the counter wax removal preparation. This can help clear any impacted wax.XResearch source
  • Most over the counter drops are mineral oil and peroxide solutions.XResearch source
  • The hydrogen peroxide will not dissolve your wax, but help it move through the ear canal.XResearch source When using hydrogen peroxide, lie on your bed with your head to its side and a towel placed under your head. Pour a small amount of H2O2 into the ear. The ear will start to feel warm and you will begin to hear a bubbling sound. This is normal. Roll your ear over onto the towel to let the peroxide drain out. Repeat on other side. If you have any ear discharge consult a doctor immediately.
  • Make sure to follow the package instructions for using the products to help ensure you donât cause further problems.
  • Tilt your head to drain the water.XResearch source
  • Why You Shouldnt Use Ear Candling For Clogged Ears

    Using Ear Candles

    Although earwax is not a pleasant subject, the yellowish, waxy substance actually serves a purpose. It protects the delicate lining of the ear canal, helps to keep the canal clean and lubricated, and even provides some protection against bacteria and other harmful organisms. Unfortunately, earwax can build up within the ear canal and press against the eardrum or other structures of the ear, which can cause discomfort, mild dizziness, ringing in the ears, and other symptoms. When faced with this problem, many people look to over-the-counter remedies, such as earwax removal candles, to try to alleviate the problem. Our FastMed Urgent Care medical professionals decided to take a closer look at ear candling and answer these commonly asked questions:

    • What is the candle wax ear treatment?
    • Ear candlingdoes it work?
    • Is ear candling safe?
    • What is the best way to remove earwax?

    What Is the Candle Wax Ear Treatment?

    Ear CandlingDoes it Work?

    At this time, there is no scientific evidence to support that ear candling wax results in any earwax being removed from the ear canal. Proponents of ear candles argue that all of the various passages within the ear and head are connected and that using the candles essentially cleans out the head. This is simply not anatomically correct, since there are solid barriers, such as the eardrums, within the passages.

    Is Ear Candling Safe?

    What Is the Best Way to Remove Earwax?

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    How Frequently Should You Go For Ear Candling

    We all know that we should get our teeth thoroughly cleaned twice a year to keep our gums and mouth healthy. Similarly, we need to keep our ears clean. An ear candling session is great to remove all excess wax and impurities from your ear. There is no hard and fast rule on the frequency you should follow for the ear candling treatment. You should judge yourself after examining your ears condition and define a frequency for yourself that best suits you. You will intuitively know when your ear will be clogged, or you experience sinus pressure that will be the time to opt for an ear candling session.

    Adults generally;use a single candle or a maximum of two ear wax candles for about fifteen to twenty minutes. In some cases, if there is excessive dirt and impurity, the practitioner might use a third one, but these cases are rare.

    You can do ear candling once a month if you have chronic issues, and in such cases, it is better to consult a physician as well. Otherwise, go for this treatment after every 3 to 4 months or again as per the frequency that suits you.

    Does Ear Candling Really Work

    The vast consensus of the medical community is that this procedure does not effectively remove earwax or any other contaminants from the ear canal . Heat from the process does not exceed body temperature enough to cause a difference in pressure.

    The FDA does not recommend this procedure and has issued medically reviewed warnings in an article against it . They recommend ear irrigation instead.

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    Earwax Candles Do They Work

    Spoiler alert: No. They absolutely dont work.

    Why then do otherwise rational people persistently accept in this pseudo-science. Thats a hard question to answer. But even though the sensible choice is pretty obvious, learning more about the risks of earwax candling will help us make an informed choice.

    They Should Never Be Used On Children

    How Ear Candles Work: Efficacy and Safety

    Ear wax candles should never be used on children as the risks increase greatly. Firstly, because their ear canals are smaller than an adults and are therefore more prone to blockages. The second reason is that children will often move around during the procedure, increasing the risk of injury via dripping wax or burns.

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    What Are Other Ways Ear Candles Help

    Ear candling candles are not limited to a specific treatment. Therefore, it also contains other health beneficial aspects that most people are not fully aware of. Aromatherapy ear candles are a well-known method of treatment in the current times.

    These candles contain different essential oils. These essential oils tend to provide a sense of relief and a relaxing environment for every patient. There are thousands of people around the world who tend to have stress and anxiety issues.

    The best thing about aromatherapy candles is that it helps every patient to ease their mind and have a relaxing environment. The essential oils and other ingredients used in this candle make it easier for the person to have the right ease and a comfortable environment.

    The natural aroma and the other positive aspects of these candles help every single person to get all those aspects in a room. It can help them to get the possible mental relief in their life.

    A considerable amount of people also lose their focus and control in life due to stress. In such cases, the use of aromatherapy candles helps them to have better focus and stability in their life. Every candle comes in different flavors. Therefore, every flavor tends to make things better for the patients.

    Also, the flavors’ options in the aromatherapy candles help you choose the one that you love a lot. Let’s say you feel relief with a lemon or strawberry flavor; you can get the aromatherapy candles of this flavor to make your mood better.

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