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How To Teach Baby Sign Language

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How to Teach Your Baby Sign Language

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  • How To Teach Baby Sign Language

    You don’t have to put special time aside to teach your child signs. All you have to do is make the gesture whenever you say the word in your day-to-day routines. The key is consistency and persistence on your part: Every time you give your child his bottle, say the word “milk” and do the sign for “milk.”

    Whichever signs you decide to teach first, they should be used in addition to speaking aloud, experts say. It’s important to show the sign and say the word or phrase every time. Adilen Figueroa, who teaches a Sign, Say, and Play class in Hartford, Connecticut, suggests starting with mealtime signs, since your child eats multiple times a day and because most babies are fascinated by food as they begin to branch out into a variety of solids.

    “Milk” is an easy first sign for babies to learn: You open and close your fist as if you’re milking a cow. When handing your baby a bottle, say, “Here’s your milk” while using the symbol. “More,””sleep,””Mommy,””Daddy,” and “bye-bye” are some other early signs you can try.

    Don’t be discouraged if your baby doesn’t mimic a sign right away. You’ll probably need to demonstrate it repeatedly for up to a few weeks before he picks it up. Once he does, though, watch out: He’ll be telling you what he wants and you’ll need to be ready to respond.

    These tips can make the learning process smoother:

    Learn More Baby Sign Language Words

    Which Signs Should I Start With

    Although any word that relates to your babys world can be helpful, there are a few that are particularly useful. Functional signs, such as milk and full, are a great starting point, says Steyns. But the fun ones are actually important as well because theyre what your baby will likely be most interested in practising with you, she says. These may include signs like bath, if your little one loves tub time, or dog, if your pooch is already your babys best friend.

    Introduce between one and three signs at a time, repeating them often as firm statements and saying and signing the words at the same time. Avoid using the signs as questions because this can confuse your baby, says Steyns.

    In addition to practising on your own, it may be worth signing up for an online or in-person course on baby sign language to ensure that youre getting the gestures just right.

    Before long , your baby will begin signing back to you. But keep in mind that, as with speech, their early versions of the words in sign language will often be a bit different at first. They may only be decipherable to you in the beginning, but thats OKjust keep trying together.

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    Start Basic Signs Early

    For us, this meant introducing certain baby signs, like milk and bath, and sleep. As a beginner to sign language, these are easy to learn and remember. We started these with Cooper when he was just a few months old. One of my biggest worries with signing was that I would forget to do it, simply because its new to me too. So I found that only having three or so activities associated with a sign made it feel more manageable early on. At seven months old, Cooper is recognizing certain signs. Its incredibly rewarding to see that recognition in his actions. He hasnt signed back yet, at least not that weve recognized. I have no doubt that he is on track to do so.;

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Baby Sign Language

    Baby Sign Language Basics & Benefits

    Baby sign language can be a useful communication tool for babies, and also an ideal bonding opportunity for both of you.Baby sign language gives babies and young toddlers a way to communicate before they can say their first words. This may ease some of the frustration they might feel when theyâre not able to say what they feel, want, or need yet.Knowing that your baby can convey some of those basic wants and needs through signing may take some of the guesswork out of parenting, too, as your little one will be able to tell you if sheâs hungry or cold, for example.

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    How Can I Make This Easier To Teach My Baby

    This takes practice on your part. Begin with a few signs to get in the swing of things and add more as you become more confident and consistent. You cannot overwhelm your child by signing too much. Incorporate signs into your daily routines such as feedings and mealtime, bath and evening routine, and play. Signs should be used during meaningful experiences and activities, not drilled or taught in isolation.

    Will Sign Language Slow Babys Verbal Development

    Research suggests that by giving your baby an early method of communication, sign language can stimulate his desire to learn more communication techniques, including talking. Baby sign language gives him an effective way to engage with those around him, so he gets even more out of social experiences.

    Signing with your baby means youll be spending more time talking with him too and theres no better way to help him learn to speak than speaking to him.

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    HOW TO TEACH BABY SIGN LANGUAGE | The First 9 Basic Signs

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    What Signs Should I Teach My Baby

    When deciding what signs to target, it is important to choose functional vocabulary to meet your childs current needs and wants. This will look different for each baby and will change as they grow and develop. These signs should also be repeated often throughout your childs day, in multiple contexts and settings.

    For example, MILK could be used for a young baby before, during, and after every feeding by each caregiver. HELP could be used for older babies when they need assistance getting out-of-reach toys, stacking blocks, or picking up their water cup.

    When To Start Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

    You can start at any age, old or young.

    An older child will be able to acquire new signs much faster than a younger child.

    If you start as a young baby, your baby will likely show signals or gestures that she comprehends much earlier than she ever signs what you want her to.

    A great age to get started in the teaching side is 5 months or older.

    The age your baby will respond with signing back to you will vary based on many things, but you can expect it to happen for most around 6-8 months old.

    Babies naturally start to try to communicate through motions around 6-8 months. They will wave or point to things, so they are naturally very capable in this range.

    It is never too late for parents to teach baby signs.

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    Learning The Basics Of Signing With Your Baby

  • 1Know when your baby is ready to learn how to sign. There’s no concern of starting too early, but there is a point at which your baby is better able to start picking up what you’re putting down. The best benchmark is your baby’s ability to sit up without use of their hands. At this point, they are able to begin reading and processing the concept of signing, and may even be able to start copying the signs you make.XResearch source
  • For some babies, this will occur as early as six months. Many babies will begin reading and using signs at around nine months old.
  • Look for signs your baby is already making. Chances are, your baby has learned a sign without your intentionally teaching it most commonly, waving hello or goodbye to people is something babies simply pick up. If this is occurring, take it as a sign your baby will be especially receptive to sign training.
  • 2Watch for signs of increased interest by your baby. Lots of children will begin showing interest in regular things you do. For instance, if they start to coo or wave their arms around whenever you start running the bathwater, recognize that they are excited by the action and are trying to communicate. Know that babies will also want to sign about things they are excited about, in addition to their more basic needs.XResearch source
  • Take these signs of increased interest as indication that your baby will be receptive to training about how to communicate.
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    Why Should I Teach My Baby To Sign

    Baby sign language can encourage babies to communicate, as well as improve parents ability to understand what their tots are trying to say, says Lee Ann Steyns, owner of Signing Babies, a Vancouver-based company that teaches baby sign language.

    One of the biggest benefits is the possibility of fewer frustration-related crying jags. Using sign language before they speak can dial down your babys frustration and dial up their confidence that you will listen and respond, says Steyns. Many parents report fewer temper tantrums in older babies who sign, she says.

    Learning sign language can give parents a confidence boost, too, especially first-time moms and dads. Sign language can create a framework for how you go about your daily routines and help you feel like youre guiding communication instead of just rolling with the punches, says Steyns. In addition to helping you better understand each other, learning baby signs can also help with your babys developing motor skills and may even boost IQ.

    How Does Sign Language Work

    Babies understand language long before they have developed the ability to use it. Most infants and toddlers can wave or point well before they can say “bye bye” or “what is that?”. Providing them with signs allows them to communicate the language they understand, but cannot yet speak.

    Babies love to mimic and learn best through observation. They are naturally prone to using gestures so it only makes sense to provide them with signs that have meaning, so they can communicate to us in a way that we can understand. Although babies love to mimic, it is important to note that not all babies will be interested in signing. I know several families where some of their children took to signing and their other children showed no interest. Like anything, it will take some trial and error to see if your children will engage in this behavior or not.

    Sign language is a great way to help infants and toddlers communicate and grasp the world around them. As parents and providers, it is important for us to communicate and narrate every day activities to the little ones in our care. Narrating everything that is going on around them allows children to better interpret the world around them. If we are already doing this, adding signs can become second nature. I started with the easy signs that I could easily incorporate into my everyday conversations like please, thank you, and more.

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    Sign Faster And Easierwith The Full Kit

    Our award-winning Baby Sign Language Kits get your baby signing faster.

    • DVDs Your baby learns to sign while being entertained by the music of Rachel Coleman & the Signing Time Crew.
    • Flash Cards Extend your babys vocabulary to people, foods, and animals with these sturdy flash cards.
    • Teaching Guide Utilize advanced topics for faster results, potty training, and transitioning to speech.
    • Signing Dictionary Have the right sign at your fingertips to satisfy your childs curiosity.
    • Wall Chart Help grandparents, babysitters, and caregivers learn the basic signs.

    Is Sign Language Good For Babies

    How to teach baby sign language

    The answer is yes! Not only is this a valuable language for kiddos to learn, but it could even help them express the emotions they dont have the words for yet. Baby sign language gives kids the opportunity to express frustration, which could prevent crying and tantrums. Remember, when teaching baby how to sign, be verbal. Sign language is not meant to replace oral communication, so make sure youre talking as you sign, so your child learns to speak in both languages.

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    Teaching Your Baby Sign Language Can Benefit Both Of You

    Should parents use baby sign language?

    Baby sign languagea specialized sign language used to communicate with preverbal infants and toddlershas become increasingly popular over the last few decades. It is intended to help very young children to express their needs and wishes earlier than they could otherwise. Baby signing experts believe that frustration and tantrums can be avoided by closing the gap between desire to communicate and the ability to do so.

    Infants from about six months of age can begin to learn the basic signs, which cover such objects and concepts as thirsty,milk,water,hungry,sleepy,pacifier,more,hot,cold,play,bath, and teddy bear.

    Joseph Garcia, an American Sign Language interpreter, conducted research which showed that babies who are exposed to signs regularly and consistently at six to seven months of age can begin to use the signs effectively by their eighth or ninth month.

    In addition to ASL, there is an established system of signing called makaton. It comprises key word manual signs and gestures which are commonly used with children and adults who have communication, language or learning difficulties. Makaton is a communication aid, not a language, whereas ASL is a language with its own grammar and is used fluently by deaf people. But using signs is likely to be beneficial no matter what method you choose.

    Benefits Of Baby Sign Language

    Learning sign language can be valuable for your baby and provide the following benefits.

    • Makes communication easier: Babies usually begin to understand their needs by the age of 8-9 months. However, they may be unable to vocalize them until 18-24 months, often leading to frustration and irritation. Sign language could help babies express themselves and communicate their needs effectively. It is a great tool to bridge the communication gap between the baby and parents.
    • Encourages bonding: Practicing sign language with your baby may help you connect with them better. When your baby starts expressing using sign language, you will be able to understand them better. These sessions may serve as an excellent parent-child bonding activity.
    • Works as a fun activity: Make the learning interactive and fun for your child. Practicing some fun songs or nursery rhymes in sign language can turn it into an enriching experience.

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    Good Signs To Teach Baby

    I had a few words I taught all of my little ones. They all also had individual words that I found useful for them.

    Words I taught all of my babies are:

    • Please
    • More
    • All Done

    For other words, think of what is helpful for your kiddo. Does she frequently want milk and throws a tantrum instead of asking for it? Teach her to sign milk.

    Is your toddler ripping off her poopy diaper? She might benefit from being taught to sign poop.

    Signs can be used to help aid in resolving specific issues. Here is a baby sign language chart.

    When To Start Baby Sign Language

    Typically, most babies can begin signing in the range of 8-12 months of age. Rebelo suggests that interested parents begin using sign language when their baby is 6-8 months old but says not to worry if your child is older since there isnt a magical window that closes.

    Parents can start teaching sign language to their baby at any time, she said. Some parents start right away, and others wait until after their baby’s first birthday when they realize it would be really helpful for their frustrated toddler!

    And just like with other milestones like rolling over, crawling, and even talking, the exact time when sign language will begin working will vary from baby to baby.

    Five months is the youngest I have seen personally, says Rebelo. Other babies may not begin to sign back until around the first birthday, but then their sign language may take off rapidly. Sometimes it just doesn’t click until after they turn one, but then it happens rapidly, says Rebelo. Remember that you are the expert on judging your babys readiness.

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    Getting Started Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

    You may love the idea of baby signs, but you arent really sure how to teach your baby even basic signs. I have some tips for you.

    First, I would say to start as early as it seems like your little one is paying attention. Again, it is never too late! We started later with Brayden and it still worked out for us , but as soon as you know, act on it.

    Think of words you would like to incorporate into your signs. Pick words you will use often and words that your little one will care about.

    As you teach baby, show them as you say them. You want to speak and sign at the same time.

    Keep things simple. Always start with easier signs and work up from there.

    If you are starting with a young baby, I would start simply by coupling the sign with the word when you say it.

    So as you say please you also gesture the sign please.

    As your baby starts to develop fine motor skills, you can start to mold her hands in the position of the sign.

    So as you say please you would also move babys hand in the motion of please in sign language.

    At some point, your baby will start signing back to you, and even signing first.

    With a baby I just show the sign over and over. Sometimes I take my babys hands and show her how, though mostly it is just me showing.

    Then they start doing it themselves at some point.

    If you are starting with an older child, you can expect results faster. You can show a sign, help your child sign it, and expect your child to follow suit all at once.

    Wont Baby Sign Language Ruin Baby Language Development


    Some parents wonder if it is good to teach baby signs or even wonder if it is bad.

    I have read and also heard from people that signing will or might delay your childs speech development since they are signing. They believe it will ruin language skills and actually delay verbal abilities.

    I honestly do not believe that to be true.

    There is no way to know when a certain baby would have learned to talk with or without sign language.

    The only way to judge that is to look at babies who do sign language, and those who dont, and take averages from those groups and compare averages.

    Even if you did that, it would be very hard to control variables. Researchers would have to take into account if the parents used baby talk or not, if they read to the child or not and how often and for how long, how often signs were done during the day, what the parents expectations were for the signs, and whether or not words accompanied those signs, just to name a few.

    It is unethical to create a study that puts babies into a controlled environment. You couldnt even compare children in the same family who did signs with one baby but not another because parents change over time.

    Remember my friend I mentioned that started signs very young with her son? He verbally said his first word around 9 months and started full sentences at 15 months, which is very early, especially for a boy.

    I think saying a word is physically easier for some than making a sign with their hands.

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