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How To Say Vagina In Sign Language

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Emma Rees On Language Taboos And A Word With An Almost Unparalleled Power To Shock

Demonstration Speech – Sexual Sign Language

The marriage, late in 1964, of the American actors Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman, lasted just shy of 40 days. On asking his wife how an audition had gone, Borgnine was told: Well, they were mad about my 35-year-old body, my 35-year-old voice, and my 35-year-old face.

Is that so? Borgnine responded. And what did they think of your 65-year-old cunt?

Mermans killer rejoinder came back without missing a beat: You werent mentioned once.

Cunt is a word with an almost unparalleled power to shock, so what should we teach our sons and daughters to call the female genitals? If, while sipping prosecco and leafing through the Boden catalogue, we casually tell them to use the word vagina, and then silently congratulate ourselves on our were terribly open with our children, dont-you-know values, were doing them a disservice. For whats Harry to think when he learns that the word vagina comes from the Latin for a sheath or scabbard and has an entirely functional, not-much-fun, meaning ?

And how is Annabel possibly going to cope when she discovers that her vagina is only one part of the whole genital ensemble, and that she also has labia, a vulva, clitoris and, probably, since shes called Annabel, a gap year in Thailand, too?

In researching my book, The Vagina, I carried out a revealing survey, asking people to write anonymously about genitals .

We need a name that will help us to discuss, and to celebrate, to reveal, and to assimilate, the named.

Genital Warts And Cancer

Genital warts are not cancer and don’t cause cancer. They’re caused by a different strain of HPV.

The HPV vaccine offered to girls and boys in the UK to protect against cervical cancer also protects against genital warts.

From July 2017, the HPV vaccine has also been offered to men who have sex with men , trans men and trans women aged up to 45 years.

If you didn’t have the vaccine at school and dont fulfil the above eligibility criteria, you can purchase the vaccine privately.

Speak to your GP or local sexual health clinic for more information.

Positron Emission Tomography Scan

A positron emission tomography or PET scan uses a mildly radioactive sugar that’s put into your blood. Because cancer cells use sugar at a higher rate than normal cells, they absorb more of the radioactive sugar. The areas of radioactivity can be seen with a special camera.

The picture is not finely detailed like a CT or MRI scan, but it provides helpful information about your whole body. PET scans are not often used in women with early vaginal cancer, but they may be helpful in finding areas of cancer spread in more advanced cancers.

Vulva Vagina: They’re Not The Same

I applaud efforts to normalize the word vagina, but I would like to take it a step further.

Ninety percent of the time, when a woman talks about her vagina, she’s really talking about her vulva  the external genital tissues as opposed to the internal structure that no one but a gynecologist sees. When a woman tells me she has a sore or a rash on her vagina, 100 percent of the time the sore is actually on her vulva. When a woman complains that she does not have a “pretty” vagina , she’s almost always referring to her labia, which anatomically is part of her vulva, not her vagina.

It’s a sad truth that most women not only can’t say the words out loud  they also dont have basic knowledge of their own anatomy.

Guys, of course, have the distinct advantage of being able to inspect their genitalia with essentially no effort on their part. For women, not only is it a little more mysterious, but they also have not been given “permission to explore or understand their sexual body parts.

In her fine book, , Peggy Orenstein explores this issue. She describes a culture in which boys have an expectation of and feel entitled to sexual pleasure, but young girls typically have sex for their partner’s pleasure as opposed to their own. Orenstein attributes much of this to mothers who have not had the “talk” with their daughters about sexuality.

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Important: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not Everyday Health.

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Here Are 3 Tips That Should Help You Perfect Your Signing Of ‘vagina’:

What Are The Warning Signs Say The Your Vagina Is ...
  • Look at the way native signers say ‘vagina’: use YouGlish for that purpose. Repeat the track as much asyou need and if required, slow down the speed of the player.
  • Record yourself signing ‘vagina’ on camera then watch yourself. You’ll be able to mark the points of weakness in your techniques.
  • Look up tutorials on YouTube on how to say ‘vagina’ in Sign Language.

Here Are 3 Tips That Should Help You Perfect Your Signing Of ‘vaginal’:

  • Look at the way native signers say ‘vaginal’: use YouGlish for that purpose. Repeat the track as much asyou need and if required, slow down the speed of the player.
  • Record yourself signing ‘vaginal’ on camera then watch yourself. You’ll be able to mark the points of weakness in your techniques.
  • Look up tutorials on YouTube on how to say ‘vaginal’ in Sign Language.

Nsfw: 9 Smutty Sign Language Phrases

Learning a new language is always a two-part process. You go to class and learn the basics of polite conversation and everyday objects, like “How are you?” “What is the weather like?” and “Where is the library?” Then you go home and search on your own to try and find out how to say the dirtiest words you can think of. Everyone does this. After four years of learning French in high school, the two sentences I remember best are “I would like a ham sandwich” and “You have a porcupine stuck up your behind.” I think it’s human nature to want to learn about the raunchy side of a new culture.

It was the same in college, when I started to learn American Sign Language. My friends and I would learn new vulgar words and phrases, and excitedly share them with each other. It was so interesting to see what this other culture did to express the same taboo concepts, to see how we were united in that, hearing and deaf alike, we all thought about these unmentionable things and put names to them. And the more I learned about American Sign Language, the more I wanted to share it with people! I wanted to let everyone else see how exciting and fun it was. After two and a half years of a successful YouTube channel posting videos as I’ve learned new phrases, I’m proud to share my new book, , chock full of the best and filthiest phrases I’ve learned in ASL. Here are a few examples:

Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services

Piikani Traditional Knowledge services serve the Piikani Nation as the first stop in understanding the development of meaningful relationships with the Indigenous Nation. Their vision is to enhance, preserve, protect, and be keepers of the Piikani culture, language, spirituality, songs, customs, and history. This program is committed to sustaining and preserving Piikanisinni the way of life of the Piikani that identifies characteristic values, principles, and integrity maintained from ancient Piikani culture and practices. The program includes Piikanissi Cultural Education and Training, Piikanissini Cultural Mobilization, Piikanissini Data Management, and provides resources that promote Piikanissini. This program is community-based where they focus on keeping Blackfoot’s culture and language alive.

Radio Programming In Blackfoot


Radio station KBWG in Browning, Montana, broadcasts a one-hour show for Blackfoot language learners four times a week. The Voice of Browning, Thunder Radio, FM 107.5, or “Ksistsikam ayikinaan” went live in 2010, and focuses on positive programming. In 2011, John Davis, a 21-year-old Blackfeet Community College student explained “I was the first Blackfeet to ever talk on this radio”, Davis said. “This is my coup story.” A story in the Great Falls Tribune noted, “When the station was replaying programming that originated elsewhere, the radio was all ‘tear in my beer‘ and ‘your cheatin’ heart.’ They called it the suicide station for its depressing old country themes …” The station’s offerings have now expanded beyond country to include AC/DC and Marvin Gaye, and “on-the-air jokes they would never hear on a Clear Channel radio station, such as: ‘The captain is as cool as commodity cheese.'”

“So far we have broadcasting Monday through Friday from around 6:30, Indian time”, quipped station manager Lona Burns, “to around 11, Indian time.” … “It’s Indian radio”, agreed Running Crane. “Where else can you hear today’s hits with traditional music?”

Through Her Unique Youtube Series Henson Is Teaching Novices All The Curse Words And Phrases You Wont Find In Textbooks

Ever been insulted by a deaf person but were unsure how to retaliate? Or perhaps youve spent time awake in bed at night wondering how to say cum bubble in sign language?

Kristin Henson provides answers to these burning questions in her regular YouTube video series, offering step-by-step tutorials on how to say dirty words in sign language.

The first things you want to learn in any new language are the dirty words, so thats what I started with, Henson told the Daily Dot.

The series started innocently enough. Henson, a 26-year-old American Sign Language novice who previously studied animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology, attempted to order a large pizza from the school cafeteria, using sign language she learned from her friendexcept the employee turned away as if in disgust.

I asked my floormate what had happened and learned I was actually taught the phrase, I want lesbian vagina, not I want a large pizza, Henson on her personal website. From that point on, I became fascinated with learning dirty phrases in sign language.

At the behest of friends who lived far away, Henson started posting tutorial videos to YouTube in January 2011.

Things just grew from there, she said.

Theres even a book deal in the works.

Despite the phrases extremely lewd nature, there are some that Henson refuses to do.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Henson studied American Sign Language instead of animation at RIT.  

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging scans use radio waves and strong magnets instead of x-rays to make images of the inside of your body. The energy from the radio waves is absorbed by your body and then released in a specific pattern formed by the type of tissue and by certain diseases. A computer translates the pattern into a detailed image of parts of the body. Like a CT scanner, this produce cross-sectional slices of your body. An MRI can also produce slices that are parallel with the length of your body.

MRI images are particularly useful in examining pelvic tumors. They may show enlarged lymph nodes in the groin. They are also helpful in finding cancer that has spread to the brain or spinal cord.

Know If You Need To Wee

If you have any urinary symptoms, your GP will almost certainly want to test a urine sample. Even if you don’t think the problems relate to your waterworks, they’ll want to check out frequent or painful urination and especially blood which may be in your urine rather than from your vagina. It’s best to err on the side of caution and ask for a specimen pot when you arrive for your appointment – you can always dispose of it on the way out if you don’t need it.

Inverse And Direct Theme

How To Teach Infant Their Name

When there are two animate arguments acting in a transitive animate verb stem one of the arguments must be acting on the other. Which argument is the actor and which is the acted upon is indicated by the use of direct or inverse theme marking. If a subject argument is higher than the object argument on the person hierarchy then the direct suffix is used. Conversely, when an object outranks the sentences subject then the inverse suffix is used.


‘My daughters love me.’

Italian Sexual Euphemismsposted By Geoff On Dec 16 2015 In Uncategorized

With a title like that I wouldnt be surprised if this turns out to be our most viewed post of 2015! WARNING: This Blog Contains Naughty Words and a joke with the word God in it!

In my article Italian False Friends I wrote: If I were you, Id be more concerned about the plethora of euphemistic words that refer to genitalia and sex now those can be really embarrassing! Hmm, I suppose Id better write a blog on the topic Well folks, here it is!There are literally hundreds of sexual euphemisms in Italian, but in order to keep you out of trouble Im going to narrow down the list to those words which have a double meaning, one perfectly innocent and the other potentially embarrassing.


Whats so funny about a new neighbour who wants to get drunk and sweep all night long? Well, the verb scopare is one of the many Italian euphemisms for fuck.


 Yep trombare is another euphemism for fuck!

Two other common euphemisms for fuck are: chiavare, literally to use the key and fottere, to plant


Then we have segare which is used for male masturbation, hence farsi una sega means to masturbate one self.


Particularly dangerous for the unwary foreigner are Italian euphemisms for cunt:

Hmmm 1 meter 88, 26 years old, entrepreneur, 90-100 million a year. Hmmm 2 tits 1 cunt

Two other common Italian words for vagina are: farfallina and patatina


Against Other East Asians

Against Japanese

Against Koreans

  • Golì bàng z A neutral term used against all ethnic Koreans . / refers to Ancient Korea , while means “club” or “corncob”, referring to how Korean security guards hired by the Japanese during WW2 were not given guns, only clubs/batons as they were untrustworthy. The term is modernized sometimes as
  • s bàng z Literally “dead club” or “dead plank” with the sexual innuendo of a “useless or dead erection”; refer to above.
  • èr gu z During World War II, referred to Traitors among the Han Chinese hanjian and Koreans in the Imperial Japanese Army, as the Japanese were known as “” for massacring innocent children and women. literally means “second devils”. Today, is used to describe ethnic Koreans who had been absorbed into Japan and joined the Japanese Imperial Army. It is rarely used as a slur in recent times.
  • Bihán gòngfi Literally “North Koreancommunist bandits“. Used by the anti-communists in Taiwan towards the Workers’ Party of Korea as well as the North Koreans.

Against Taiwanese

  • tái w / w w Literally “Taiwanese frogs”. A sarcasm since Taiwanese are seen as , often hold naive believes on mainland.
  • tái dú A slur for Taiwanese people who advocate for Taiwanese independence, literally means “poison of Taiwan”.
  • tái bzi A slur and slang term for Taiwanese. The term originated from Mainland China as a pejorative towards Taiwanese.

Avoiding Passing On Genital Warts To A Partner

Using a condom every time you have vaginal, anal or oral sex is the best way to avoid passing on genital warts to a partner. However, if the virus is present on skin not protected by a condom, it can still be passed on.

Your doctor or nurse may advise you to avoid sex while you’re having treatment for genital warts.

How To Prepare

Anita Martini Homemade Sign Language

When trying to describe a sexual problem or preparing to have “the talk” with your teen, it always helps to prepare and practice. There are several ways to do this:

  • Start by writing down what you want to say, taking care to ensure that you use the proper terms like “vagina,” “penis,” and “semen.”
  • If there are concepts you don’t fully grasp, don’t pass those misconceptions on to others. Either educate yourself using a reputable website, call your doctor, or call a community health hotline .
  • Be aware that certain sexual words in ASL use hand gestures that mimic the act being described. Practice these so that you not only get them right but are able to do so without embarrassment. Other words like “herpes” and “HIV” are communicated with fingerspelling.
  • Have visual or printed materials on hand to help you, but don’t rely on these too heavily. It is ultimately more important to engage your loved one in ASL so that he or she is able to do the same with others.
  • Ensure that the conversation is two-way, encouraging questions and feedback to ensure the message is being received correctly.

As uncomfortable as some of this may seem, it is important to recognize how valuable a direct approach is. While we can often skate around sexual concepts when using words, we are less able to do so with ASL and, as a result, are less likely to get the message wrong.

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