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What A Wonderful World Sign Language

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Happy By Pharrell Williams*

What a Wonderful World in Sign Language with Bob Hiltermann

If you are looking for a song to lift your spirits, you may want to consider giving Happy* a listen to. Listening to this upbeat song, you cannot help but feel happy.

The song is sung by talented artist Pharell Williams, who uses his unique voice to convey a wonderful message. Although some of the lines in this song are written in figurative language and metaphors, it is still fairly easy to comprehend.

Girl On Fire By Alicia Keys*

Alicia Keys song Girl on Fire* is an anthem for all the women in the world who are making it and winning at life, despite all of the hardships women face in modern society. Keys uses the metaphor of fire to describe the woman in her song, and all women in general.

Shes just a girlAnd shes on fire.

The metaphor is extended throughout the song and, at points, becomes hyperbole. No one is actually on fire, but Keys uses the metaphor to say the girl is both strong and persecuted.

Another pop anthem by the musical genius Sia, Chandelier* embraces figurative language. The talented artist uses the perfect blend of her amazing voice and figurative language to convey her need to indulge in extreme behaviors. In the chorus, Sia sings,

I want to swing from the chandelier.

In this beautiful melody, Sia describes her battles with alcohol and substance abuse and the personal troubles she endured in her past. Although Sia touches on her personal troubles, it is a song that many people can still resonate with.

Love Story By Taylor Swift*

In Love Story*, pop singer Taylor Swift delivers a loving portrayal of unrequited love. In her love story, Taylor describes forbidden love through the use of metaphors. In one part of the song, Taylor speaks about being a scarlet letter to her Romeo.

You were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter.

Figuratively speaking, Taylor is noting that the guy she is in love with is her crime. Although Taylor Swifts Love Story is a bit mystified, it has a beautiful message worth listening to.

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Fireworks By Katy Perry*

This upbeat pop song is a must-have for this list. In addition to having an uplifting upbeat melody, this catchy song will have you joyfully singing in a manner of seconds. Katy Perrys song Fireworks is filled with figures of speech as well. Even the title of the song is hyperbole. In the song, Katy uses the term fireworks to allude to peoples inner light and stardom. A deeper analysis of the song highlights lyrics like theres a spark in you to depict the songs figurative nature.

Key Reasons To Sign Asl And Songs Like What A Wonderful World With Kids

Final What a Wonderful World with easy sign language

What a Wonderful World has been a highly popular song for generations. It is an inspirational song that makes us all fee good. And now we feature this song on our We Play Along YouTube Channel. You can learn how to turn What a Wonderful World into a fun activity song that features the movement and visual nature of American Sign Language, ASL.

You do not need to know anything about ASL or signing in order to use this song effectively with kids as a fun and interactive musical activity. Just watch our < What a Wonderful World Instruction> and well clearly demonstrate how to sign the words in the song. Keep in mind that you do not have to sign all the signs. Choose only the signs your comfortable with at first and add more later.

Once you have learned the signs then sing and sign along to our < What a Wonderful World Song> demonstration that is performed to the recording featuring Louis Armstrong.

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The Easy Fast & Fun Way To Learn How To Sing: 30daysingercom

I see trees of greenRed roses tooI see them bloomFor me and youAnd I think to myselfWhat a wonderful worldI see skies of blue And clouds of whiteThe bright blessed dayThe dark sacred nightAnd I think to myselfWhat a wonderful worldThe colors of the rainbowSo pretty in the skyAre also on the facesOf people going byI see friends shaking handsSaying how do you doThey're really sayingI love youI hear babies cryI watch them growThey'll learn much more Than I'll ever knowAnd I think to myselfWhat a wonderful worldYes, I think to myselfWhat a wonderful worldOoh, yes

What A Wonderful World In Sign Language With Bob Hiltermann

www.shutupandsign.comFrom SHUT UP AND SIGN, the crazy Sign Language dvd series that makes learning Sign Language FUN, comes this music video from Episode #4 What a Wonderful World. In the dvd, Bob Hiltermann teaches Signs for all kinds of thingsoutdoors, while you gradually learn all the Signs you need to know to Sign along with this music video! Go to www.shutupandsign.com for more info!

What a Wonderful World Performed by Louis ArmstrongCourtesty of the Verve Music Group under license from Universal Music EnterprisesWriters: George David Weiss and Bob ThielePublishing rights granted from Range Road Music, Inc. ,Larry Spier Music LLC andBMG Rights Management, LLC

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Hungry Like The Wolf By Duran Duran*

Duran Durans 80s hit Hungry Like the Wolf* is an extended metaphor, comparing a mans pursuit of a beautiful woman with a wolf on the hunt for its prey. Almost every line lends itself to this metaphor. Additionally, the songs iconic title is a simile, a type of metaphor that uses the words like or as.

Im on the hunt Im after you.Mouth is alive with juices like wine.And Im hungry like the wolf.

There are two similes in the lines above, comparing saliva to wine and romantic desire to a wolfs hunger.

Best Songs With Figurative Language

How to Sign “What a Wonderful World” | ASL Song

When you think about figurative language, you may think of poetry or classic novels. You probably dont think about popular songs from the last several decades. However, many songs on the radio today and in the recent past are full of wonderful examples of figurative language.

Check out our list of ten songs with figurative language. Itll change the way you listen to music and make you appreciate the songwriters even more.

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Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen*

Bohemian Rhapsody* is arguably Queens most popular song and one of the most famous rock songs of all time. It tells the story of a young man who has killed someone, gone on the run but knows that he will eventually be caught and punished. Fans have speculated that the song is a metaphor for something more, but no one knows.

The song contains some outstanding elements of figurative language, such as:

Caugh in a landslideno escape from reality.

This line is a metaphor for feeling stuck by what is going on in your life and not being able to escape. It also contains allusions to the Bible and a 17th-century comedy.

Ehs Students Learning Sign Language

About 15 pupils in grades 9-12 gather each day in Andy Lesnanskys classroom for an online American Sign Language course through the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center, which is a first for the school and is offered as a foreign language subject. The Interactive Video Distance Learning class is taught by instructor Jenna McBriar and includes mostly hands-on education conducted through signing. McBriar said the students are catching on quickly and she was pleased with their progress.

Its been going really well, she said. We teach mostly in ASL, so the voice is off for at least 30 minutes.

McBriar said eight teachers instruct sign language classes through the ECOESC and interest is growing among school districts.

Its so popular we dont have enough people to teach it. This is a foreign language requirement and weve picked up two to three new schools this year, and one is Edison.

So far, the class has been learning the basics such as the alphabet, names, colors, shapes, numbers and parts of conversation such as greetings and saying thank you. The first 10 minutes also includes a practice video review of the previous lesson.

Right now, were working on using our fingers to describe a picture. They are getting to the point that they are more comfortable with it, Lesnansky said. They are getting more skilled at it.

A few of the students said they were already putting their knowledge to use.

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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams By Green Day*

If youre looking for a more rocking version of figurative speech in song, try Boulevard of Broken Dreams* by Green Day. As one of the classics, this song takes listeners on a journey through a boulevard of hardships. The song starts with the somber lines:

I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Dont know where it goes, but its home to me, and I walk alone.

If you are into rock music, this one may be right up your alley. In the song, Green Day describes the feeling of being alone in a world of broken dreams. Their use of figurative wordplay envelopes its deep meaning of being scared and alone to connect and resonate on a deeper level with their fans. If you have yet to hear this rock anthem, consider giving it a listen today.

So many songs include elements of figurative language. It gives artists a way to express themselves and adds another dimension to some of our favorite songs. Youll be surprised how many uses of figurative language you begin to notice on the radio.

Preparing For A Digital Performance

What a wonderful world in sign, what a wonderful world ...
  • Inform students of the goal of rehearsals: To showcase What A Wonderful World using American Sign Language in a digital concert.
  • Identify the number of rehearsals students while have to learn the sign language.
  • Discuss student learning expectations.
  • Teach the sign language and lyrics simultaneously.
  • Display the lyrics and bold the words that have corresponding signs. I suggest watching a recording of the song with American Sign if you are not fluent in ASL.
  • Sing through each verse, ask students to identify the action words.
  • Teach the corresponding sign.
  • Repeat singing and signing until students have learned the first verse.
  • Repeat the process until students can sing all of the verses.
  • A fun way to add variety to your rehearsals is to have students sign to the songs recorded version.

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Ways To Teach What A Wonderful World For Elementary Music

This post may contain affiliate links. You pay the same and I get a small commission. Yay!

I use this song with every grade level, just with different activities and different focuses. In the ideas below, I let you know what grade it will work with the best.

You can do all six of these activities with this What a Wonderful World Google Slides lesson on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is an interactive lesson from students to learn about and listen to the song. Theyll learn about Louis Armstrong, the instruments of jazz, the lyrics of the song, and its interactive!

If you want a FREE Jazz Google Slides activity, you can click here to grab the FREE Google Slide March Madness style bracket. It features 16 different jazz artists. Students will listen to two of the songs, and vote for their favorite. Their favorite will then go to the semi and quarter finals until there is only one left.

Thanks To Dad Simon And Fans Everywhere We Gear Up For The Biggest Mandy Harvey Performance To Date

Mandy, who was a music major in school, lost her hearing due to a connective tissue disorder when she was 18. She had no idea what to do with her life, but her father encouraged her to continue pursuing her singing career. Today Mandy is a singer, songwriter and motivational speaker. She must work very hard each day to keep her voice in shape and in tune. But the hard work is paying off. She has produced three CDs, performed for many prestigious venues, and, of course, is now a featured contender on Americas Got Talent.

Tuesday night it is Make It or Break It Night on AGTand million in America will be watching as Mandy and the 12 remaining finalists perform live on the most viewed season of NBCs Americas Got Talent in five years. We urge everyone in Invisible Disabilities to join us in watching this important show and cast your vote for Mandy. We want to show solidarity in our cause and for Mandys courage to sing out and let her voice be heard, even when she herself could not hear it. We have great respect for Mandy, and are very proud of her and for everyone who rises up to meet their own challenges each day. In our book, and we know Mandy would agree, you are all heroes. Just remember, when Mandy sings, she is singing for all of us.

Learn more about this years celebrity inspiration award winner for the IDA Gala Awards in October, 2017.

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Smart Start Week 1: What A Wonderful World

Theme: We live in a Wonderful World!

Letters of the Week: V & W

Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, I Wonder by Kari Anne Holt, The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin, and Llama Destroys the World by Jonathan Stutzman

Play Invitations: Alphabet Soup, Jack and the Beanstalk Puppet Show

Creative Movement & Music: Alphabet Movers, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons listening experiment, Maracas , Letter W movement

Visual Art: Stamping celery roses, Wacky Picasso Faces

Discovery Center: Bean sprout experiment, planting rainbow chard and rainbow carrots, dandelion wishes

Monday and Tuesday were all about the letter V. We talked about the difference between fruits and vegetables and did some cooking in the Home Center. We played with different vehicles in the Building Center and went looking for letters in the Sensory Center. During Creative Movement and Music we listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and tried to decide which piece represented each season. We also learned about maracas and how they were originally created using vegetables, beans, and seeds combined to make a musical instrument. Visual Art had us printing with vegetables. Just wait until you see the beautiful art our students created using celery! In the Discovery Center, we enjoyed a Jack and the Beanstalk puppet show and then planted our own “magic beans”. You can see those growing in our windows.

We will see you next week! Get eXcited because X & Y are up next! See you soon!

New York New York By Frank Sinatra*

Sing “What a Wonderful World” in American Sign Language | ASL Song

Frank Sinatras classic New York, New York* is another must-have on the list of figuratively speaking songs. Although Frank is actually referring to the big city of New York, there are several lines throughout the song with hyperboles and metaphors.

For example, on one line Frank speaks of waking up in the city that never sleeps. While this line shouldnt be taken literally, it speaks to the constant hustle and bustle of the big apple and the need to always be your best.

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What A Wonderful World

While trolling Barnes & Noble one wild Saturday night, I stumbled on What a Wonderful World. I absolutely love the gorgeous illustrations that accompany the infamous Louis Armstrong song!

First, we listened to the song . Then, I asked the students to illustrate one line of the lyrics. Since there are just 18 lines a few kids paired up for their illustrations!I could stare at these beautiful illustrations all day! I hung the finished pictures on my cabinets, but Ive included a cover page in case youd like to turn it into a class book!

To finish the lesson, we then read the book! I didnt want the kiddos to just copy the illustrations in the book, so I saved it for last!

Want to do this activity with your class?

Grab the Class Book

Now For Our 3 Key Benefits To Sing And Sign Asl With Kids:

  • Songs that feature movements are powerful memorization tools for children. They learn vocabulary, language skills, and understanding of words and their meanings. Understanding words and enhanced vocabulary are key ingredients for reading readiness.
  • Children learn to appreciate not only kids songs, but to appreciate and learn vocabulary to the 4th most used language in the United States. It offers a level of communication that hearing children can use with deaf children.
  • ASL activity songs are a fun and playful bonding activity that parents, teachers, and caregivers can do with children of all ages. Children love this interaction and will establish bonds that will last a lifetime.
  • Learn more about Why Music and Movement are so Vital for Children

    Visit our website for lots of fun and interactive songs and DVDs featuring American Sign Language for kids. www.4parentsandteachers.com where you will find ASL DVD products like American Patriotic Songs which features both instruction and sing and sign-along song demonstrations.

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    Recording And Sharing A Digital Performance

    • There are a couple of options when creating a concert in a distance learning scenario.
    • Students perform American Sign Language to the recorded version of Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World.
    • If you have the resources and time students can submit a recording of themselves singing What A Wonderful World. Mix the recording using music software like GarageBand or Audacity, and then you can have students use ASL and their singing.
    • Record the student performance on Zoom or in Google Meets and then email to video or upload it onto YouTube.

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