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What Does Your Ears Must Be Ringing Mean

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Ear Ringing Spiritual Meaning And Its Omens

Whats that ringing in your ears? – Marc Fagelson

Truth is, there are many superstitions, beliefs and omens related to ear ringing. Some of them date back to ancient times and the fact that they have survived the test of time might be an actual indicator of a spiritual nature behind this event.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore all the old wives tales, myths, omens and beliefs featuring ear ringing.

Omen 1: Someone is talking about you

The belief that when your ear is ringing or burning, means that someone is talking about you, is so widespread. I bet you already heard it .

This urban legend usually goes even further to specify that someone is speaking well of you, if the sensation is in your right ear and speaking ill of you, if it is located in the left ear.

The first found document attesting this fact is the Natural History encyclopedia, written in 77AD by Pliny the Elder, a Roman author. In the times of the Roman Empire, body symptoms were sometimes considered omens and they were to take very seriously if they happened to notorious people.

The distinction between good or ill, whether the ringing comes from the right or left ear, respectively, has been attributed to the different functions of the cerebral hemispheres. Right Brain is related to the unifying and holistic approach to existence, while Left Brain is related to the fragmenting and separatist approach .

Omen 2: It is a Sign of your Spiritual awakening

Omen 3: It is the Message from guides and other entities

Why Does This Occur

The ears anatomical structure is on a spiral whirling shape of a shell and the sun. The shell signifies the spiral of life. There is a relation between the ear and the birth itself. That is where your memory lies for checking on how receptive you are to change.

It is a constant reminder of how committed you are to transforming during your waking life. There might be two underlying reasons for your ear ringing: medical and metaphysical explanations.

Final Word Ringing In Right Ear Spiritual Meaning

The ringing in the right ears spiritual meaning may be taken as guardian angel and spirit and reflects an alter in vibrating state.

The vibrating that reflects from your ear is often because you are approaching higher areas of existence that enhance your spiritual and psychic abilities.

However, the spiritual meanings in your ears indicate your energetic connection is sensitive and give attention to the subtle energetic shifts occurring with your physical and spiritual world.

It signifies that you have clairaudient or clairsentient abilities and can discern information from the energetic exchanges.

However, ringing in the right ear is defined as the signature of spiritual existence trying to engage with you. The right ears are mostly open-minded to accept the external energies that are in your way.

It may exist in the form of a guardian angel, spirit guide, or loved ones who have passed away.

Further, it also refers to those people who have more attachment with you and give you psychic energy and energetic space that give you positive feelings.

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Ringing In Ears Blood Pressure

In this section, we are going toexplore and examine in details the correlation between the condition of ringingin ears and the blood pressure levels. When the pressure levels are normal,every faculty of the body operates well. However, when the conditions arealtered, the same effects are felt by the entire body.

a.) Correlation between Ringing in ears and Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular Problems

Some cardiovascular problems areresponsible for the emergence of this condition. In most cases, when the bloodvessels are narrowed or rendered incapable of discharging their roleseffectively, they might normally impair your hearing. This, in turn, willusually cause the ringing sound to arise.


Hypertension refers to high bloodpressure. Even though it does not in and of itself cause the condition, it cangreatly magnify it all together. The same case applies to those factors whichnaturally cause the problem like the caffeine, alcohol, and stress levels.


Tumors refer to abnormal growths ofthe various parts of the body. If a tumor presses blood vessels in the neck orhead region, it will most often interfere with the smooth flow of blood. Thisin turn either causes or accelerates the problem of ringing in ears.

Turbulent Blood Flows



b.) How to manage blood pressure levels

To prevent or mitigate the problemsabove, you are advised to follow the procedures below:

Walk and Exercise Regularly

Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Drink Less Alcohol

What Causes Ringing In The Ears

Left Ear Burning or Ringing  Meaning and Superstition

Prolonged exposure to loud sounds

This by far is the most common causeof the condition. It affects a whopping 90% of the people who have experiencedthis problem. The loud noise permanently affects the cochlea which impedes itsability to perceive sound. In the end, the ear generates the ringing sound.

Age-related Hearing Loss

As people age, so do their capacityto perceive sounds. It is hence not uncommon for them to develop this feelingof ringing on their ears. This kind of hearing problem is called presbycusisand affects many people who live beyond 60 years.

Earwax Blockage

The ear wax does play a crucial rolein trapping dirt and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. However, when too muchof it accumulates in the ear canal, it may become undesirable to your ears. Itmay also irritate the eardrum and if not mitigated, cause this ringing earcondition.

Ear Bone Changes

Some changes in the structure of theear may also give rise to these conditions. Examples include the stiffening ofthe bones in the middle ear. Such alterations may affect the manner in whichyou perceive sound and ultimately give rise to this condition.

Menieres Disease

This disease affects the inner earsand mainly comes in the form of some undue pressure or pains in the ears. Whenthese two issues hold on for a prolonged duration of time, they bring about aringing or roaring sound. The disease runs mostly through families and ishardly caused by external factors.

TMJ Disorders

Head or Neck Injuries

Acoustic Neuroma

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Can I Do Anything To Prevent Tinnitus Or Keep It From Getting Worse

Noise-induced hearing loss, the result of damage to the sensory hair cells of the inner ear, is one of the most common causes of tinnitus. Anything you can do to limit your exposure to loud noiseby moving away from the sound, turning down the volume, or wearing earplugs or earmuffswill help prevent tinnitus or keep it from getting worse.

Evaluate And Treat Underlying Problems

If you develop tinnitus, it’s important to see your clinician. She or he will take a medical history, give you a physical examination, and do a series of tests to try to find the source of the problem. She or he will also ask you to describe the noise you’re hearing and the times and places in which you hear it. Your clinician will review your medical history, your current and past exposure to noise, and any medications or supplements you’re taking. Tinnitus can be a side effect of many medications, especially when taken at higher doses .

Musculoskeletal factors jaw clenching, tooth grinding, prior injury, or muscle tension in the neck sometimes make tinnitus more noticeable, so your clinician may ask you to tighten muscles or move the jaw or neck in certain ways to see if the sound changes. If tight muscles are part of the problem, massage therapy may help relieve it.

Tinnitus that’s continuous, steady, and high-pitched generally indicates a problem in the auditory system and requires hearing tests conducted by an audiologist. Pulsatile tinnitus calls for a medical evaluation, especially if the noise is frequent or constant. MRI or CT imaging may be needed to check for a tumor or blood vessel abnormality.

If you’re often exposed to loud noises at work or at home, it’s important to reduce the risk of hearing loss by using protectors such as earplugs or earmuff-like or custom-fitted devices.

Selected resources

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Meaning Of Number Of Rings

The ringing intensity and number of rings affect as much as if you sense it in the right or left ear. When the first time you heard the ringing, listen to how often this occurrence happens. Does the sound is similar each time? Pay attention to how often the tones of each ringing happened. The more the number of tone repeats, the more critical and vital the warning is, and that the more caution you need.

What Does Ringing In The Right Ear Mean

Hearing RINGING in Your Ears? There Might Be a CLAIRAUDIENT Message for You!

The attempt of a spiritual being trying to convey an important message is often depicted through the ringing in your right ear. These signals often indicate opportunities for you to expand your psychic being and the higher realms above will likely guide you towards life-changing spiritual awakenings.

Ringing in the right ear will lead you to an eye-opening journey where your spiritual abilities will be rewarded. For instance, this may be a good time for you to start manifesting all the positive things that could happen to you and start developing your inner spiritual self.

You may be at a stage in life where you can easily enhance your unique psychic abilities such as clairaudience, clairsentience and/or clairvoyance.

Clairaudience is related to clairvoyance and runs exclusively on the audible level. For those who do not know what clairaudience means, it is the ability to hear what is inaudible.

With this ability it is possible to connect acoustically with the collective consciousness of humanity, but also with the natural beings and the astral plane.

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All these psychic elements will allow you to connect deeply with the other side. For instance, you may notice an enhanced possibility for you to hear, see and feel things beyond the normal human range.

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Do Your Ears Ring When Someone Is Thinking About You

People believe that when someone is thinking about you, your ear will be ringing when someone is talking about you. You feel an ear fuss.

Another variant involves having someone think of you in a particularly positive way. Others associate it with just gossip and hatred.

What Does the Ear Ringing Frequency Tell and Why sudden Ringing in One Ear happen?

It is just not about the questions of which ear sound is necessary, but also frequency is important. When you hear a buzzing sound, you have to give notice of how often it happens.

However, if you hear the sound more often with different characteristics, the message is significant for you, and you might be deal with it, so be prepared.

Ringing in ears can have causes that arent due to underlying disease. Examples include exposure to loud sounds, whiplash, head injuries, too much ear wax, or medication side effects.

What Does The Ringing In The Ears Mean Spiritually

Humans life mostly associated with spiritual life in distinct ways. However, people live in the physical world linked with a guardian angel who sends messages and spiritual sign to the respective people.

It is one of the ways for angels to communicate with people. From superstitious thought also indicates the signal come from the spirit and guardian angel.

The ringing in the left or right ear elaborates as you are increasing psychic abilities, and energy to reach the higher realms of existence.

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What Does Each Ear Represent

Many people believe spiritual significance depends on which ear is ringing. If you pay attention to a ringing in your ears while keeping this in mind, you might be able to develop a better understanding of the signals you receive when your ear is ringing.

Ancient folklore says that ringing in the left ear is lucky, but not if it occurs in daylight.

This means, during the nighttime, ringing of the left ear is thought to be lucky. When you feel ringing in your left ear at night, it means someone likes you and talks good about you. Therefore, you dont need to worry about slander or gossip.

Others believe that if you hear a ringing in your left ear, it means that someone is talking or thinking about you in practical ways, such as at work or in your daily routines.

The ringing in your right ear indicates that someone is discussing or thinking about your ideology, beliefs, or higher moral or philosophical issues.

Left & Right Ear Ringing Meaning: Spiritual Omen & Superstition

Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in Your Left Ear

What does it mean when your right or left ear rings? What does the ringing in the ears mean spiritually? Do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you? Today, you will get useful information about left or right ear ringing meaning, spiritual omen, myths, or superstitions.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Energetic Cords To Ease Ringing In Your Ears

Many energy workers will suggest that you cut the cords using visualization tools. However, in my experience, this is only a temporary solution to the problem. When someone can energetically cord you, it means that they have matching energy that is in resonance with some of your own energy.

In the world of energy healing and psychic knowledge, these are called matching pictures. Essentially, you and the other person have equally resonating energy that can allow a connection to be established.

This could be the same energy resulting from similar belief systems or similar traumas that you both experienced from relationships. Whatever the reason, energy will always find like energy to keep flowing: that is the law of attraction and energetic movement.

In order to clear the energetic cords once and for all, you have to clear the matching energy that you have with that person. This can bring up a lot of uncomfortable energy, so you should always seek out training or get the help of a professional intuitive counselor/spiritual advisor however, there are simple and gentle techniques that you can do at home to get you started.

Please remember to say gentle and at my own pace. When Spirit begins to move things around, it is always helpful to set parameters and boundaries, as things can begin to happen fast, which can put you in a healing crisis.

It is best to do this while meditating, and it may take multiple times for you to start noticing the difference.

What Can I Do About It

The most important thing you can do about your tinnitus is discuss it with your physician. Often you will be sent for a hearing test, because most tinnitus is associated with some degree of hearing loss. The hearing test will often provide additional information to the physician about whether further tests are necessary.

If it is determined that tinnitus is caused by any of the conditions previously noted, treatment aimed at those conditions may offer relief. If there is hearing loss, hearing aids may help both hearing and tinnitus. Distraction techniques such as a white-noise machine or background noise may also help, particularly during sleep.

One of the challenges in treating non-pulsatile, benign tinnitus is that there are few medications that reliably resolve symptoms. It is also difficult to find medical therapies for tinnitus, because we are still working to identify a specific location where tinnitus originates. Despite this challenge, there is new research showing effective non-medication approaches to tinnitus, One example of this is neural stimulation techniques, which have shown promise in appropriate patients.

The most effective treatment for non-pulsatile, benign tinnitus is cognitive behavioral therapy. Specific behavioral therapy, called tinnitus retraining therapy, has consistently been shown to reduce tinnitus compared to other treatment modalities. This can also aid in addressing any underlying stress or anxiety about the condition.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Ringing In Your Right Ear

This tends to be indicative of positive messages. The first interpretation is that good news or a positive outcome to a situation is on its way. Whatever you are struggling with, a ringing in your right ear suggests that a good outcome is waiting for you.

Another spiritual meaning of ringing in your right ear is that someone in your life is speaking about you. This could be positive or negative, but the Angels are letting you know that you are being discussed. This is commonly noticed just after you have made a new friend or begun a new relationship.

It can also be signifying that you are not alone in your spiritual journey. This is meant to be comforting, letting you know that the Angels are watching over you, protecting, and guiding you along your lifes path.

Reminder To Devote More Time To Spiritual Matters

|Spiritual Meaning Of Ringing In Ears|, “Left Ear Ringing, Right Ear Ringing”.

Not all right ear ringing is positive, and sometimes it can be a reminder that you are focusing too much on the physical world and are neglecting spiritual matters.

Do you think this could be the case for you? In which case, you need to take the time to devote more time to the spiritual side of things.

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Origin Of Ears Are Burning

People typically say this phrase when they overhear someone talking about them.

For example, if a man was walking past his co-workers and heard them say something about him, he could say, My ears are burning. It is possible to use this after overhearing something good or something bad.

This idiom comes from the belief that a persons ears burn whenever others are discussing him or her, even if the person isnt present. This belief dates all the way back to ancient Rome.

Romans believed that if the right ear was burning, people were giving the person praise. If the left ear was burning, it meant that people were criticizing the person.

Some people think that this belief started because people sometimes flush with embarrassment, and their ears can become red, when they hear something either positive or negative about themselves.

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