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How To Use Black Seed Oil For Ear Infection

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Learn how to Properly Use Black Cumin Oil to Prevent Severe Respiratory Infections like Pneumonia

If you plan to treat your ear infection with essential oils, you should consult your doctor beforehand. They can help guide you through the process and provide you with information that may help prevent a reaction or clogged eardrum. They can also help you determine if your eardrum is ruptured.

Essential oils arent regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so its important to do your research. You should only purchase products from a trusted manufacturer.

Cure Dry Mouth Or Throat Problem

People with reduced production of saliva often experience dry mouth or xerostomia. They might find difficulty in speaking too. Try swishing the black seed oil to cure dry mouth or any throat problems. Just swallow a teaspoon of black seed oil and swish it like you do oil pulling for 10 to 15 min. Then do not rinse your mouth for at least 30 minutes, let the black seed oil do the work. You can do this twice a day.

Reduce Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

As a powerful anti-inflammatory, black seed oil has shown promising results in healing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. A study on 43 women with rheumatoid arthritis showed significant positive outcomes for those given black seed oil compared to the placebo group. The women that were given black seed oil noticed a reduction in arthritis symptoms, blood levels of inflammatory markers, and the number of swollen joints.

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Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infection Precautions

As indicated earlier, not all cases of dog ear infection are suitable for home treatment. Where the infection is so widespread and the eardrum is perforated, leave the treatment to the vet. Before administering any homemade treatment, ensure that the dog has been looked at by the vet and if they give a go-ahead for home treatment, use any of the recommended treatments above. In case after a number of days no improvement is seen, take your pet back to the vet.

Also important to note is that dog ear infections can be prevented thus reducing the likelihood of recurrence. Below are some tips that can help.

  • Feed your dog an appropriate diet to help prevent leaky gut which could lead to yeast infection in dogs which are a major cause of ear infections.
  • Keep the dog ears clean especially for breeds whose ears hang down as these are prone to trapping moisture and debris which exaggerate the problem.
  • Ensure that you dry the ears of swimming dogs thoroughly to reduce the chances of infection.
  • Know your dogs allergic triggers and keep them protected against them as these reactions could trigger infections.
  • Treat ear mite infestations in time to prevent them from developing into ear infections.
  • Remember to always contact your veterinarian whenever you have concerns about your pooch. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Infections

Black seed oil for infections

It has also been used for pink eye , pockets of infection , and parasites. Today, black seed is used for treating digestive tract conditions including gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

You may ask, Is it safe to put tea tree oil in your ear?

When applied to the skin in its pure form, tea tree oil seldom causes irritation. Tea tree oil is not safe to take by mouth. It is not recommended for use in the ears, because it may cause damage to the inner ear.

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Can I Use Black Seed Oil For Ear Infection

black seed oil caninfectionearacheusing black seed oil

Headache, EaracheApply Black Seed Oil on the forehead, temples, sides of face adjacent to the ears and behind the ears, depending on the pain. Also take 2 capsules or half teaspoon of Black Seed Oil morning and evening for a few days.

Additionally, how do you get rid of an ear infection fast? Treatment

  • Apply a warm cloth or warm water bottle to the affected ear.
  • Use over-the-counter pain relief drops for ears. Or, ask the provider about prescription eardrops to relieve pain.
  • Take over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain or fever. DO NOT give aspirin to children.
  • Thereof, can black seed oil cure infections?

    It has also been used for pink eye , pockets of infection , and parasites. Today, black seed is used for treating digestive tract conditions including gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

    Is it safe to put tea tree oil in your ear?

    When applied to the skin in its pure form, tea tree oil seldom causes irritation. Tea tree oil is not safe to take by mouth. It is not recommended for use in the ears, because it may cause damage to the inner ear.

    Can Essential Oils Help With Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is the name for persistent;ringing in the ears. DiSogra uncovered unproven;claims that the following essential oils could ease tinnitus: cypress oil, ginseng oil,;helichrysum oil, juniper oil, lavender oil, lilies oil, olive oil, onion oil, petitgrain oil,;rehmannia oil and spotted orchis oil, among others.

    Only one of these, lavender oil, was linked to a health benefit in published medical literature, and it was about potential anti-inflammatory effects on the central nervous system,;not tinnitus.;

    What about CBD oil? It’s one of the few oils out there that has been the subject of rigorous research: The FDA has approved a prescription drug made with CBD for severe types of epilepsy, for example. When it comes to tinnitus, we found preliminary-but-conflicting research showing CBD oil may help.;

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    What Causes Ear Infections

    An ear infection occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects the middle ear. Inflammation and fluid build up in the middle ear because of blocked Eustachian tubes.

    These can occur for varying reasons such as allergies, sinus infections, and colds, to name a few.;

    In my personal experience, the ear infections in myself and my children are ALWAYS a result of lingering colds.

    Stomach Pain Or Dyspepsia Relief

    Best Essential Oils For Ear Infections

    If you are experiencing stomachache, cramps, or dyspepsia then regularly eat at least 1 tsp of black seeds with honey. Alternatively, you can add 1 tsp black seed oil in herbal teas like peppermint and sip that warm. In this way it helps to treat many symptoms like nausea, bloating, burping,belching, loss of appetite, shortness of breath and more.

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    Black Seed Oil Has Anti

    If research has anything to say about black seed oil, its that it is a potent cancer cell fighter. Studies have shown its active compound, thymoquinone, reduces malignant colon tumor sizes, induces cell death in pancreatic and breast cancer cells, and has anti-metastatic actions .

    One study also mentioned that the combination of thymoquinone with standard cancer treatments like chemotherapy could actually reduce the toxicity of chemo and make treatments more effective . Combined with chemotherapy, black seed oil can make cancer treatment more effective.

    Interestingly, scientists from another study mentioned that thymoquinone and thymohydroquinones antitumor effects may be dose-dependent, stating: The results indicate that THQ antitumor activity may be improved with further dose increase of the investigated substance. This was after also discovering that these two compounds resulted in a 52 percent decrease in tumor cells .

    Now, we all know that the positive results of these studies dont necessarily mean that black seed oil is a definite cancer cure for everyone. However, it does give us a great starting point in using this oil as an alternative treatment.

    How To Use Essential Oils To Treat An Ear Infection

    You should always dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil before use. This will lessen the potent nature of the oil and prevent burning or irritation on your skin. Common carrier oils include jojoba, coconut, and extra virgin olive oils. You should use 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for every 1 drop of essential oil.

    Before using essential oil in the ear canal, you should do a small skin patch test to assess how your skin will react to the substance. Dilute your essential oil, and spread the mixture on a quarter-sized area of skin. Your inner arm is generally a good place to try this. If you dont experience any irritation or inflammation over the next 24 hours, it should be safe to use the essential oil.

    You can use an essential oil to treat an ear infection in a few different ways.

    In one method, soak a cotton ball in the diluted essential oil, and then place the cotton ball lightly in your ear. This will allow the oils to seep slowly into the ear canal. Be careful not to force the cotton ball into your ear. This can cause the fibers to get trapped and may worsen the infection.

    You can also rub the diluted oil around your ear. This may help reduce inflammation and pain. If your ear infection is affecting the middle ear, this approach likely wont bring relief.

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    Beauty Diys Using Black Seed Oil:

    • Add just 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice to required Black Seed Oil.
    • Apply it on face and keep for 10-15 mins.
    • Wash with normal water and moisturize afterwards.
    • Optionally you can also use honey with it, to give overall skin lightening effect along with reduction of scars.
    • You will see noticeable difference in scars just after one or two use.

    Note: ;Dont make excessive use of lemon on face as its acidic and can affect the ph. level of skin, it will even make skin sensitive to sun.

    How To Treat Ear Infections Naturally

    Patchouli Essential Oil #PatchouliEssentialOilbenefits ...

    I have six daughters. They have all dealt with ear infections during their childhood. So far we have never needed antibiotic treatment for any of them and only once given tylenol or motrin. Even in cases where conventional medicines are necessary I hope this natural treatment guide can be of use to parents. Please note none of this is medical advice please consult your own healthcare provider for treatment of health conditions. Some conditions mimic others and it is important to have someone with a full picture in mind to avoid complications.

    The soul lives in the airy element. This soul process is evident in speech, music, and demonstrated pathologically in typical presentations of acute asthma and hyperventilation. The soul body continuously works to make certain organs airy and to expel substance from the body. Evidence shows that if we work against the body accomplishing this process through undue use of antipyretics or antibiotics we can short circuit the process and see complications or chronic cases develop. Of course eliminating the risk factors we can such as smoking in the house is essential.

    This study shows that children treated for ear infection with an Anthroposophic natural approach had faster pain reduction and parents were more satisfied than the conventional approach.;

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    Aloe Vera Natural Dog Ear Infection Remedy

    Aloe vera gel is known for its healing properties and ability to cure different skin problems. Its antibiotic nature will help in eliminating infection causing microorganisms as well as disinfect the ear.

    Aloe vera will help in getting rid of dog ear infection and the accompanying redness, itch, and irritation. It can be used alone for two to three times in a day or together with other natural remedies for dog ear infections.

  • Warm up some aloe vera gel.
  • Put a teaspoon of it to each of the affected dog ears or use a cotton ball to clean up the infected ears.
  • Key Natural Remedies For Ear Infection

    Onion is one of the cornerstones of natural treatment. Almost always have I been able to achieve fast alleviation of ear pain. Once I substituted garlic when we were travelling and it worked well too.;

    Either cut the onion in half or chop finely and warm in a some oil in a pan. Make a compress with a thin cloth or cheese cloth and make sure it is warm but not too hot. Place directly over the ear and leave in place as long as possible. Occasionally I have achieved therapeutic results with very uncooperative children by making an onion bath. Human soup!;

    Ear oil; is another useful remedy. One must be certain the eardrum is not ruptured . The oil is made from several healing plants. Lovage, chamomile, hops, oregano, basil, arnica, angelica, usnea, and St Johns wort work together to soothe and heal the ear infection.

    Lovage is a remarkable healing plant. It has a strong connection to the warm and airy elements and is a support to the soul body in ear infection. The bodys inflammatory process can be supported and thus fulfilled . The honey bees relation to this process of inflammation is supportive and thus combined in this excellent remedy.

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    Black Seed Oil Protects Against Liver Damage

    Black seed oil has been shown to protect against liver damage from hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury while also protecting liver tissue against the effects of toxic metals. It has even been shown to create a protective effect against radioactive chemicals, including cadmium, by rejuvenating the antioxidants that were depleted after exposure to the chemicals .

    Why Is It Great For The Hair

    Black Seed Oil for Cellulitis? Viewer Question

    Nigella sativa is an annual flowering plant that grows to 20-30 cm tall. The delicate flower has 5-10 petals.

    Black seeds have therapeutic effects that are reported a significant impact on many skin diseases.

    The oil is rich in Thymoquinone , linoleic, and linolenic acid . TQ possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties .

    These antifungal and antibacterial properties make it an ideal choice for minor scalp issues and condition hair.

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    Dog Ear Infection Treatment Over The Counter

    For people with no access to the natural ingredients or those who dont have time to make homemade home remedies for dog ear infections, over the counter dog infection treatments can suffice. These are easy to use are readily available thus perfect as a quick fix. These remedies could be topical or oral. Some of the products you can try include:

    • Hydrocortisone creams for itchy and irritated ears.
    • Zymox Ear Solution which is highly effective against bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. The solution is said to react with the organic matter to form its antimicrobial properties. Cleaning of the ear prior to its use is not required as it could interfere with enzyme activity. Zymox Otic pet ear treatment with hydrocortisone has been lauded as quite effective in clearing ear infections.
    • Well & Good Dry Ear Powder for Dogs is great for painful, irritated and uncomfortable ears. It helps in absorbing moisture too which enhances overall dog ear health.

    What Is Black Seed Oil

    Black seed oil is the oil derived from black cumin seeds. The seeds come from the black cumin plant, which is part of the Ranunculus family.

    Most people know cumin for its fragrant properties in Asian, Mediterranean, and African cooking but indeed its medicinal properties reach far wider than just flavor. In these countries , black cumin seeds are still used to this day as herbal medicine.

    The medicinal properties of black cumin seed oil are linked to three natural chemicals: thymoquinone , thymohydroquinone and thymol. These phytochemicals have very strong antifungal properties that have been shown to kill a wide range of fungus and molds.

    Black seed oil is also known as black cumin seed oil, but it is not the same thing as true cumin, black pepper, black sesame, or black cohosh.

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    If You Need Hearing Care

    Despite what you may find online, there’s not much actual evidence to indicate any essential oil will help with hearing issues. It’s possible this will change if researchers decide to study;essential oils more closely.

    In the meantime, though, there are many proven effective treatments for hearing and balance problems. If you or a loved one needs hearing care,;our consumer-reviewed directory of hearing clinics is a good next step.;

    When Should You Take Black Seed Oil

    Tabitha Black on Twitter

    Nigella sativa is a plant known by many names, including black seed. Its an annual flowering plant native to southwest Asia. Its seeds have long been used in cooking and in alternative herbal medicine in some countries. Many studies on black seed have concluded the plants seeds and oil have many health benefits. Black seed oil benefits include the treatment of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory and , and diabetes. Other therapeutic black seed oil uses have also been found, but its important to understand these findings in context before you start popping black seed oil pills. Learn more about black seed oil benefits and side effects to keep yourself informed.

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    How Do I Use Black Seed Oil For Eczema

    Before using black seed oil for eczema, its a good idea to do a patch test first.

    To do this, place a small amount of oil on your skin, then wait 24 hours. If you develop irritation, avoid using the oil. If you develop no symptoms, you can continue using it.

    Heres one popular method for using black seed oil for eczema:

  • Wash your hands and pat them dry.
  • Place two or three drops of black seed oil onto the palm of your hand. Rub your palms together to warm up the oil.
  • Pat the oil onto the affected skin. Avoid rubbing it in, as this may cause irritation.
  • Apply once a day, to start. Increase to two or three applications per day if your skin responds well to the oil.
  • If you develop a rash or irritation, stop using the oil immediately.

    As with all topical remedies, black seed oil can potentially cause side effects.

    In a , three people developed contact dermatitis after applying black seed oil. Contact dermatitis is skin inflammation caused by a substance.

    According to the study, the people developed a range of severe symptoms, including blisters and pustules.

    Another 2020 article shares that thymoquinone is the substance responsible for contact dermatitis related to black seed oil.

    Its worth noting that eczema can make your skin extra sensitive to different substances. Talk with a healthcare professional before adding any natural remedies, including black seed oil, to your treatment plan.

    Are There Side Effects

    Black seed oil can thin the blood. For this reason, it is not advised during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, or in conjunction with any ailments or medications that might be complicated by blood thinning.

    Black seed oil might increase the effects of medicines that the body processes through a pathway called cytochrome P450. Common medications like beta-blockers and blood-thinners may indeed become more potent while taken with black seed oil, so consult with a doctor if you are taking any prescription medications.

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    Can Black Seed Oil Reverse Grey Hair

    When it comes to greying of hair, prevention is ideal. Like hair loss, grey hair can be reversed depending on the cause. Black seed oil can play a role in reversing premature hair discoloration, by nourishing the hair cells responsible for the pigmentation of hair follicles. If the discoloration is premature or due to the death of the pigment cell, black seed oil can indeed help bring the color back.

    Can I Substitute Another Type Of Oil

    Black seed oil for sinus problems

    I highly recommend using extra virgin olive oil because of the properties it has inherently. However, you can also make garlic oil for ear infections with a good quality sesame oil or coconut oil.

    I would not use vegetable oils such as canola, corn, rapeseed, etc to make this garlic oil remedy. These vegetable oils can cause or worsen inflammation. I would personally choose the coconut oil for ear infection relief if I could not access olive oil.

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    Is It Really An Ear Infection

    Dr. Allan Lieberthal, the lead author of the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, believes that ear infections are a highly over-diagnosed condition. If the child is acting funny, the ear hurts, and there is some redness of the inner membrane, it doesnt automatically mean that he or she has an ear infection. It might just be that the fluid from the ear is not draining well.

    Prescribing antibiotics wont always solve the problem. Ear infections can be caused either by bacteria or viruses. In viral cases which are very common antibiotics wont work as viruses dont respond to them.

    According to a research, the watchful waiting approach is much more advisable, especially in children over the age of two. Dr. Lieberthal suggests waiting for 48 to 72 hours to see if the pain, swelling, redness, and discomfort caused by infections in the ear go away by themselves.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that antibiotics are prescribed only if there is moderate to severe bulging of the tympanic membrane . Also, to make sure the infection in the inner, middle, or outer ear is caused by a bacterial infection, a swab should be taken first.

    Black Seed Oil For Bacterial Infection About Black Seed Oil

    German scientists also confirmed the antibacterial properties of black seed, praised for her exquisite complexion, Ive also personally called and interviewed the founders to make sure the oils met my standards, and therapeutic practices have been closely related.How Can You Take Black Seed Oil? With its spicy flavor of 100 %, or black caraway oil, Cumin Black Seed is available as raw seed, grind it all into a powder, A, Once the infection is gone, They can be viewed here., and Side Effects

    Black seed oil is extracted from N, Research shows that fungus and mold cannot co-exist with the compounds found in black seeds, For >Fungal infections occur when bacteria grow on top of your skin, Physicians in Pharaohs times used black seed as a remedy for colds,Queen Nefertiti, Black seed oil dosage used to fight bacterial infection: Take 1 tablespoon of black seed oil with 1 teaspoon of honey daily at least 30 minutes before breakfast, M, 2017Black seed oil extraction occurs via the compression of the black seeds, , Drink the solution on empty stomach before going to bed.Black Seed Oil Benefits in Oral Health Care, The process is performed at low temperatures to preserve the active ingredients in the oil, Many oral diseases can be prevented and for many years, Where to Find It & How to Use It

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    Where Can I Find Black Seed Oil

    Black seed oil can be found in health stores, pharmacies, and online. It can be purchased as a liquid or in capsule form. Since quality is of utmost importance, make sure to source black seed oil that is 100 percent pure, cold-pressed, therapeutic grade, and certified USDA organic. You can find high-quality black seed oil soft gels on the Revelation Health website.

    Balances Cholesterol And Lower Blood Pressure

    Look lively! The three seed oils infused in our Oils of ...

    A study examining the impacts of black seed oil on diabetes found an unintended side-effect: a better cholesterol profile in the animal subjects. A six-week study followed diabetic animals given small doses of black seed oil and resulted in a lowering of the bad LDL cholesterol, and an increase of good HDL cholesterol.

    A subsequent human study gave patients with mild hypertension varying doses of black seed oil. Results demonstrated that their systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure decrease relative to the dose of black seed oil they were given. It also caused a decrease in total cholesterol and in harmful LDL cholesterol levels.

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