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What Is The Best Oticon Hearing Aid

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Our Top Picks For Best Hearing Aids

UPDATED! Oticon More Hearing Aid Review | Is it the BEST Hearing Aid of 2021?
  • Facemask mode designed to better hear mask wearers
  • Resistant to debris and water
  • 5 colors available
  • Tinnitus relief program only available in 2X-7X technology levels
  • No telecoil option
Behind the ear Receiver in the canal
Type of hearing loss
Mild to severe hearing loss
Price range
Manufacturer’s warranty
1 year

The Signia Styletto X is our best choice for customers looking for a high-quality, lightweight and stylish BTE hearing aid. The devices are about as heavy as an AirPod, making it among the lightest on the market, and its price range isnt as expensive as other hearing aids on this list. The device runs on Signias new Xperience platform, which adds extra technologies for improved features, like sound and motion sensing.

  • Technology levels: 5
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Features: Bluetooth, iPhone and Android connectivity, hands-free calls, debris and water-resistant , binaural sound processing, feedback cancellation, high-frequency compression, extended dynamic range, tinnitus relief
  • Only hearing aid on the market with an IMU
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • In the canal model available
  • Has disposable and rechargeable battery options
  • 7 colors available
  • Very expensive for a hearing aid
  • Only the premium, 2400 technology level includes the IMU
  • Must pay $50 per hearing aid to make the ITC model rechargeable
Behind the ear , receiver in the canal
Type of Hearing Loss
Mild to severe hearing loss
Price Range
Manufacturer’s Warranty
3 years

Oticon Hearing Aids: Real User Reviews

Of course, you dont have to take our word for ityou can read what actual users have to say in Oticon reviews.

As of writing, Oticon has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on the consumer review website, based on 32 reviews. Verified reviewer Thomas C. of Colorado writes:

I have been using Oticon hearing aids for over 15 years and have found this product to be very durable and trouble-free. The warranty period is three years, and I ask my Audiologist to send them to the manufacturer for a final check-up just before the warranty runs out The sound is very good, and the Audiologist can make all adjustments via her computer program very quickly.

Sandra B. of Florida gives Oticon a 5-star review, calling them amazingly clear and crisp and a joy to wear:

No feedback, buzzing, or distortion. Integrate with technology to receive sound directly from the TV. The enhanced setting for listening to music. I would highly recommend Oticon Ruby hearing aids.

An Affordable Oticon Alternative: Mdhearingaid

Although Oticon hearing aids come with excellent brand recognition, their tremendous costalong with the price of visiting an audiologist for testing, fitting, and adjusting your hearing aidsmakes Oticon too expensive for many hearing loss patients to afford. Moreover, many patients feel that Oticons alleged bells and whistles are not worth the price.

In our opinion, Oticon builds some of the highest-quality hearing aids with the most recent technology. However, we are not convinced the advantages this technology brings is always worth paying thousands of dollars more in price.

For hearing loss patients suffering from mild to moderately severe hearing loss, you might want to consider MDHearingAid as an affordable Oticon alternative. MDHearingAid hearing aids can effectively fit individuals with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, and they will not break your budget. In fact, MDHearingAids were designed exactly for this purpose: To affordably and effectively treat your hearing loss so you can better connect with your loved ones. Its as simple as that!

Here are some of the benefits you get with MDHearingAid:

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Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid: Nano X2 Rechargeable

This rechargeable device features a BTE model, and you can use the device for 16 hours on one charge. The portable charging cable is included with the hearing aid devices.

This hearing aid features large, simplistic buttons for controlling volume, two-directional microphones, and an automatic feedback controller. For noise control, this device features four frequency control settings and automatic noise reduction technology.

Why consider Nano X2 Rechargeable: Nano X2 Rechargeable allows you to forget the hassle of changing batteries. You can easily set up your frequency control setting to hear in noisy situations. Also, automatic noise reduction and feedback controller helps reduce background noise and allow you to hear properly.

Most Advanced In Technology: Miracle

5 Best Hearing Aids for Moderate Hearing Loss 2020 ...

Miracle-EarCONNECT offers you a personalized hearing experience. This hearing aid consists of a motion sensor to understand your situation and calibrate itself to give you the best hearing experience.

In this hearing aid, Genius 4.0 technology was used to isolate speech even in the noisiest situations. Also, voice recognition technology allows you to hear your own voice as naturally as possible. The next-generation acoustic sensors in this hearing aid allow you to listen to sounds without compromising speech sound quality.Why consider Miracle-EarCONNECT: This hearing aid has multiple technologies to enable you to hear better even in the noisiest situation.

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Our Top Pick: Phonak Paradise P90rl

Image credit: Phonak

Phonak, a perennial leader in the world of hearing aid technology, created another exceptional product in the Paradise P90RL. Most importantly, the P90s deliver on sound quality. Our patients say that the Paradise sounds clear and crisp, while maintaining a natural quality. In addition, it has essentially all the other features you would want in a hearing aid: a rechargeable battery that lasts all day, a comfortable and discreet fit, Bluetooth streaming for phone calls and music/media, an app for volume adjustments, the option for a telecoil, waterproofing, and an array of accessories. It is reliable and sturdy, rarely needing to be repaired. It typically comes with a 3-year warranty for repair and loss.

At most clinics the programming, fine-tuning, and all audiology services associated with the hearing aids will be included in the price, for at least the length of the warranty. You get the benefit of in-person care, including Real Ear Measures which any quality audiologist should perform. This verifies that the output of the hearing aids is personalized to your hearing, and that you can get the best performance out of these great Paradise P90RLs. If money was no object, this would be the hearing aid we recommend, because in our opinion it is the best hearing aid of 2022.

Our Top Pick: Phonak Paradise P30r

Image credit: Phonak

Built on the same computer chip as the Phonak P90, the P30 is the least expensive in the Paradise family. Although you give up some meaningful features, this is still a very solid hearing aid and costs about half as much as the P90. If you want a traditional in-person clinical experience at a lower cost, with a device from a top hearing aid manufacturer, this is a good option.

Relative to the P90s, the P30 has the same form factor, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth streaming, telecoil, accessories, and app. You get the same in-person care from an audiologist including Real Ear Measures. The aspects you trade-off are some features in the sound processing algorithm, which may slightly reduce overall sound clarity in noisy situations. However, in independent studies, the value-level hearing aids hold up pretty well compared to the top-of-the-line devices from the same manufacturer. In other words, if the P90s dont fit your budget, the P30s performance is close enough that theyre still worth it. The warranty on a value-level hearing aid is typically shorter, usually one or two years versus three.

All things considered, the Phonak Paradise P30 is a great value option for folks who want a traditional in-person audiology experience.

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Hearing Aids Arent Waterproof

Most hearing aids have a debris and water resistance rating known as the ingress protection rating . This rating determines how resistant each device is to these factors, but since the IP rating determines resistance, it means that hearing aids arent waterproof. If you leave your hearing aids unattended in a damp area, like your bathroom, or if you shower with them, chances are that theyll get damaged. This is true even with all water-resistant devices: if you expose them enough to water, youll have to replace them.

If you leave your devices in damp areas or live in a humid environment, you need to take extra precautions to protect them. You can buy disposable hearing aid dehumidifiers or even UV light devices that remove humidity overnight.

Considering The Other Options

BEST Hearing Aids of 2021 | Receiver-in-Canal Edition

While Ruby is a good budget-friendly hearing aid, there are other manufacturers that offer more modern lower-priced options . For example, Phonak offers the Audeo Paradise P30, which runs on Phonaks current technology platform . Purchasing a product from a manufacturers most recent platform may be helpful to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Oticon claims the technology in Velox S enables reduced listening effort in complex listening environments, like restaurants. However, since Ruby runs on a previous-generation technology platform, it wont perform as well on noise processing and speech enhancement as products running on Oticons new Polaris platform.

If you are an existing, successful Oticon user interested in an upgrade but not a high price tag consider Ruby. Many audiologists have found that patients are typically successful with new technology from a given manufacturer, if theyve been successful with that manufacturer in the past even if the new technology isnt from the flagship technology level. As always, ensure you go to a provider who knows the technology inside and out, and therefore can adjust the devices to suit your needs in the most optimal way, regardless of the bells and whistles involved.

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Faqs About Oticon Hearing Aids

What do the levels of Oticon hearing aids mean?

The three levels of Oticon hearing aids indicate the levels of technology features Oticon uses. Level 3 is standard, Level 2 is advanced, and Level 1 is premium.

What technology are Oticon hearing aids based on?

Oticon hearing aids are based on the neurological science of hearing. They call it brain hearing, meaning their hearing aids aim to help the thinking process of hearing as well as the physical volume and clarity.

Does Oticon give discounts to senior citizens?

A: Oticon does not give any discounts to senior citizens, but they do work with veterans. Oticons website says that its hearing aids and other products are covered through their Veterans Health Administration benefits. But make sure to check with the hearing loss professional you work with just to make sure.

Where do I go if I have problems with my Oticon hearing aids?

Oticons website has an extensive section on troubleshooting your hearing aid problems and how to fix common issues that may come up in the lifecycle of your equipment.They also have tutorials on how to maintain your hearing aid in its best condition, how to connect your hearing aid to your wireless devices, and how to download extra copies of your instruction manual. If you have questions that you cant find on their website, theres also contact information for Oticon itself and a way to find your nearest hearing loss medical provider.

Standard Hearing Aid Features

Like all major manufacturers, Oticon organizes their hearing aid models into levels of technology and features to fit the lifestyle and budget of every patient. Certain features are standard on all current Oticon hearing aid models intended for adults:

  • Digitally programmable to fit a wide variety of hearing loss configurations
  • Available in an array of styles and colors
  • Wireless capability to connect with phones and other external devices
  • At least one style that can accommodate a t-coil for accessing induction loop amplification in public spaces, like theaters and places of worship

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Build Quality And Durability

Since the early days, Ive always found Oticon products to be well built and durable. They offer up to a three-year warranty, and, in my clinical experience, they have always gone the extra mile to resolve any repair issues promptly. As with other Big Six companies in the industry, the warranty is international, and they have an extensive network of independent providers and company-owned HearingLife locations.

Here is a picture of my friends father-in-law with the Oticon Opn S, which Ill explain in more detail below.

My Friends Father-in-Law wearing Oticon

Not only can you see that he is wearing a mask for safety, but the hearing aid itself is barely visible. This is his second pair of Oticon hearing aids. The first lasted 13 years they still work, but he wanted to take advantage of the newest technology.

Below is an image of the rechargeable base station. Simply put it on your nightstand, and you’ll have a full days charge when you wake up in the morning. It is smaller than a clock radio, making it easy to place.

Oticon Rechargeable Base Station

Here’s one last picture of the hearing aids resting on the bench of this septuagenarian’s boat he rented for the day to water ski. He took out the hearing aids before skiing and snapped the photo for me. You might notice they’re color-coded to easily tell left vs. right ears.

Oticon Hearing Aids

How To Buy Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Ruby 2 MiniRite R RIC Hearing Aid, Oticon BTE ...

Oticon doesnt sell its hearing aids to patients directly but through third parties. A hearing assessment and talking with an Oticon specialist will help you get started on the right footing. From there, youll work with an audiologist to determine the best Oticon hearing aids to suit your needs.

If youve never had an audiologist assessment, the Oticon website can help you get started:

  • Take the hearing test. The company offers a free and straightforward online hearing test under the Your Hearing link at the top of the main page. This assessment takes five minutes and is for screening purposes only. It does not provide sounds but only questions about your hearing issues.

  • Find an audiologist. If you show potential for hearing aids, the site prompts you to the Contact a Hearing Professional link, which provides a list of Oticon-authorized hearing centers and audiologists in your area.

  • Undergo an audiologist assessment. Technically, any audiologist can perform the initial audiogram and calibrate an Oticon hearing aid for you. If your health insurance covers audiograms or hearing aids, your best bet may be going to an in-network audiologist. However, by going to one of Oticons partner hearing clinics, you will be able to access a risk-free trial. This trial will let you test out one of the companys flagship models for 30 days. If you decide to keep it and buy it, you will receive a $50 gift card for Oticon accessories.

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    Oticon Opn S Minirite R

    Opn S miniRITE R offers the simplicity of rechargeable batteries, the groundbreaking open sound experience, and outstanding connectivity to other devices. This discreet hearing aid comes with a sleek and stylish charger and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

    • Super-fast three-hour charging time for a full day of power
    • Quick recharge 30 minutes for an additional five to six hours of power
    • Contact-free and reliable, inductive charging
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use and stylish charger
    • Connect to TVs, smartphones, and other devices with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology
    • Smart ON/OFF hearing aids start charging when placed in the charger and turn off when removed
    • Easy battery replacement replace the lithium-ion battery in the clinic no need to send in for service

    Oticon Hearing Aids Comparison

    Uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy technologyFive in-the-ear custom styles and colors

    FYI: Studies show that the cost of hearing aids is often a deciding factor for seniors that often leads to individuals who need hearing assistance going without. There are a number of affordable hearing aids to explore.

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    Best Bluetooth Hearing Aid: Oticon More

    Oticon More is the current flagship hearing aid model from the Oticon family. This hearing aid hosts a DNN-powered approach to enable the user to enjoy, follow, and engage in conversation.

    Compared to Oticons previous models, More offers a 15% increase in speech understanding. This device claims to execute advanced algorithms with 16x more capacity with twice the computation speed. Also, Oticon More utilizes 64-channel to process sound to reduce background noise.

    Why consider Oticon More: Oticon More offers you elevated hearing experience than its previous models. This hearing aid utilizes 64 channels to process sound, and you can easily avoid background noise and hear more precise sounds.

    Our Top Pick: Lively 2 Plus

    Oticon More Detailed Hearing Aid Review

    Image credit: Lively

    Based on our research and testing, Lively offers the best overall experience for buying hearing aids online in 2022. Critically, they provide telehealth support from audiologists. They also use high quality hearing aids, which are white-labeled ReSound aids .

    Their audiologists can personalize and program the Lively hearing aid in real-time using a full suite of programming software no other direct-to-consumer hearing aid brand offers that important service. The hearing aids are rechargeable, they have Bluetooth for an app and streaming, and they come with a 100 day free trial and three year warranty.

    There are some drawbacks with Lively, specifically that their hearing aids are the value-level model, i.e. not top-of-the-line. Also, ReSound aids can be slightly under-fit at first, and unless you ask the audiologist for more volume you may not get the full benefit of the hearing aids . All in all, Lively is an excellent value for what you get. If you want to buy hearing aids online and/or youre on a budget, Lively is a great option.

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