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How Much Are Lively Hearing Aids

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How The Lively Process Works

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

The Lively process is slightly different from other offerings on the market, so Ill break down how it all works step by step.

Step 1: Decide if you are a candidate.

If you are reading this article, theres a good chance that you have already identified your hearing loss or the hearing loss of someone you love. Even so, there are still a couple of factors to consider. Lively is not for people with severe hearing loss. The product makes sense for around 85% of the hearing loss population, but if you have been diagnosed with something more severe, I recommend you work with a local audiologist.

You can go through Livelys quick questionnaire here.

Step 2: Choose your hearing aid and price

Once you are ready to give Lively a try you will need to choose your hearing aid. There are just two options. Rechargeable for $2,000 or battery powered for $1,450. If you arent sure which route to go you can read my guide on rechargeable vs non rechargeable hearing aids.

Step 3: Submit a hearing test

After youve selected your hearing aids on the Lively website, Lively will ask you to upload an audiogram or take their online hearing test. I had an audiogram that I created using the free online Mimi test, so I submitted that. To complete this portion of the setup, you have a few options:

  • Take a free online hearing test on the Lively site.

  • Taking Family & Friend’s Concerns Into Account

    Ultimately hearing aids are an investment in the improvement of your quality of life and your budget has to be taken into account. It can be useful to break down the cost on a month-to-month basis and determine which technology level you can best afford. Financing option may also be available, and if you qualify you may opt for a 0% financing option up to 12 months.

    It is also important that your familys concerns are taken into account. If you are listening to TV at loud levels, it will affect everyone in your household. In this case you may want to opt for a hearing aid which connects wirelessly to your TV via a TV Box. If family concerns involve issues communicating over the telephone then you should be looking at hearing aids that connect to your landline or mobile phone.

    Are Hearing Aids Worth The High Cost

    Hearing aids are most definitely worth the high cost. Think about it. Lets say you purchase a hearing aid for $3,800 and you wear it for seven years. This means you are paying $543 a year for the hearing aid. Thats $45.25 a month, or $1.51 a day. Having the ability to hear is definitely worth $1.51 a day!

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    How Much Are Hearing Aids At Walmart

    Real Walmart hearing aids can range in price between $200 to $1000 a pair.

    Walmart is a great place to purchase hearing aids that are cheaper than any you can find at a hearing clinic or audiologist. Some of their devices are genuine, FDA-approved hearing aids, while others are just sound amplifiers.

    How Do Hearing Aids Work

    How Much Do Digital and Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost?

    Hearing aids are worn in or behind your ear. They are designed to make some sounds louder by magnifying sound vibrations entering the ear, which helps improve your hearing and speech comprehension. How a hearing aid works is fairly simple to understand. First, a microphone inside the hearing aid picks up nearby sounds. These sounds are analyzed and converted to electrical signals based on your hearing loss, which are then sent to the amplifier. The amplified sounds are sent to the speaker or receiver, which are transmitted to the inner ear by a tube or thin wire. Once in the inner ear, the sounds are transformed into electrical impulses that your brain processes into sound.

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    Lets Get Into The Product First Up Some Quick Facts:

    • Listen Lively offers rechargeable hearing aids for $2,000 and non-rechargeable for $1,450.

    • GN Resound manufactures Lively Hearing aids.

    • Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable products come with three years of audiologist support.

    • Both products come with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

    • Both products also come with a 3-year loss or damage warranty .

    • Listen Lively hearing aids come in only behind the ear style.

    • Listen Lively hearing aids come in a well-designed box with all the supplies you need.

    • The hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible and come with an app that allows for volume and settings control.

    • The volume can also be changed using the buttons on the back of your hearing aids.

    • Listen Lively offers a 100-day return policy .

    Overall, Listen Livelys offering is very impressive. Its clear that the brand is playing the long game instead of looking to make a quick buck.

    Who Owns Listen Lively

    Lively Hearing Corporation was formed from Redesign Health, a venture studio based in New York. It was co-founded by Adam Karp and Elad Kolet, and Karp is presently the CEO of Lively. The brand has also partnered with ReSound, one of the top brands for manufacturing hearing aids and accessories, to develop its products.

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    What Does The Audiologist Do With My Test Results

    The Lively audiologist will explain if and how a hearing aid could benefit you. They will then create an individualized hearing profile that will be used to program and personalize your Lively hearing aid. However, as mentioned before, this virtual hearing test is not as accurate or extensive as an in-person test, so there is room for error.

    Which Hearing Devices Are Best

    Living with Lively

    There are no “best” hearing aids, but there are some that work best for you and your unique needs.

    Determining the best hearing aids for you depends on several factors, all of which determine which hearing aid will provide what you’re looking for. Factors that many people consider include:

    1. The Degree Of Hearing Loss You Have

    People with mild to moderate hearing loss will be able to use a wider variety of hearing aids. People with severe hearing loss must use specially designed hearing aids for their unique hearing deficits.

    2. Your Lifestyle

    Do you want to go to an audiologist for an initial hearing test, and then for follow-ups several times a month? Are you comfortable using digital technologysuch as a smartphoneto communicate with your audiologist and adjust your hearing aid? Is changing the batteries on your hearing aid going to be something you, or someone you trust, can do without too much difficulty?

    3. Your Budget and Expected Value

    What is your budget? What types of featuresare you looking for in your hearing device? Would you prefer an inclusive package that comes with unlimited customer service and several years of audiologist support? Are you willing to invest in a higher-end product if it will have the longevity and user-friendly features that improve your experience?

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    The Lively Bundle Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    • One pair of Bluetooth-enabled battery-powered hearing aids
    • One full years worth of batteries
    • Three-year manufacturers warranty
    • Three-year loss and damage protection
    • Three years of follow up with the Lively audiology team, including unlimited video calls, support, and remote adjustments
    • Access to Livelys mobile app
    • Free shipping and returns

    Listen Lively Customer Reviews

    There are not many direct consumer reviews available for Lively hearing aids. The reasons for that are Lively is a new brand, and it uses a direct-to-consumer model. In general, most Lively reviews are positive, and customers praise the quality of the products and the excellent customer service. The brand is accredited by the Better Business Bureau .

    There have been some negative reviews about sales calls from the company, as well as the hearing aids themselves.

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    How Much Do Lively Hearing Aids Cost

    Livelys rechargeable hearing aids can be purchased for a one-time payment of $1,900, or for monthly payments of $62.

    Livelys battery-powered hearing aids can be purchased for a one-time payment of $1,350, or for monthly payments of $44.

    Lively offers several financing options through their partner, Bread. These are subject to approval of your credit application. Your rates may vary anywhere from 0% to 29.99%.

    Hearing aids are eligible for reimbursement through flexible spending accounts , health savings accounts , and health reimbursement arrangements .

    Hearing aids are not currently covered by Original Medicare . If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, your hearing aids may be a covered expense.

    Hearing aids are also covered by some private insurers. Check your plans specifics to determine what your out-of-pocket costs for hearing aids will be.

    Overview Of Listen Lively

    Listen Lively Hearing Aids Review

    Listen Lively was founded in 2019 by Adam Karp in an attempt to change the way people think about hearing aids. The companys fresh take on sound-enhancing devices makes them just as much wireless headphones as they are hearing aids.

    Of course, the focus is on the latter, and the company makes it easy for users of all ages to take a free online test, get assessed, and order their personalized hearing aids online.

    Lively also includes 3 years of virtual follow-up appointments with the purchase of their product.

    This dedication to providing affordable care post-purchase is one reason why customers love the brand. Buyers also appreciate that the process is simple and you never need to leave the comfort of your home.

    Based in New York, the brand opened their first brick-and-mortar location in Manhattan. Before we move on to how the testing and ordering process works, this Listen Lively hearing aids review will give you a quick rundown of the companys pros and cons:

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    The Lively Hearing Aid

    Lively currently offers just one model of hearing aids, aptly called the Lively. The Bluetooth-enabled devices are always sold brand new, so customers will never receive a previously used, refurbished hearing aid from Lively. Customers have their choice of seven different color options for the small behind-the-ear piece, intended to blend in with most users hair color. This camouflage effect combined with the in-ear-canal receiver makes Lively hearing aids nearly invisible.

    The sleek devices pack some of the most advanced FDA-approved tech in the industry into its small package. With 12 adjustable frequency channels, the Lively can be adjusted to personalize each pair for the user. It also auto-detects voices and focuses on those sounds, so users can hear people clearly even when in noisy environments. The device automatically adjusts its settings when a user changes environments, but users may also adjust the settings on their own using the Lively mobile app. Lively hearing aids are also equipped with four different presets for different environments, such as restaurants and sporting events.

    How Do I Know If I Need A Hearing Aid

    Unless a doctor or audiologist has recommended hearing aids, you may not know if you need a pair. But, if you’re noticing hearing loss in one or both ears, it might be time to consider hearing aids.

    Some signs of hearing loss to be aware of include:

    • shouting when talking
    • requiring electronic devices to be turned up louder than normal
    • asking people to repeat themselves because you can’t hear or understand what they are saying
    • straining to hear
    • ability to hear better out of one ear
    • difficulty hearing people on the phone
    • certain sounds and voices sound muffled

    If you’re experiencing any signs or symptoms of hearing loss, consider seeing a doctor or hearing specialist. They can perform a hearing test to determine the degree of hearing loss and recommend different hearing styles and brands.

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    Lively Hearing Aid Review

    COVID-19 Update: With social distancing and stay-at-home orders, many seniors are struggling with loneliness and isolation. Weve developed a list of products that caregivers or seniors can purchase to help older adults stay happy, healthy and connected, whether they are aging in place at home or in an assisted living community.

    Best Customer Experience

    Lively takes the popular direct-to-consumer business model and applies it to hearing aids, making it easy for anyone to access hearing aids and audiologist services from the comfort of their own home. In addition to making the hearing aid shopping experience simpler and accessible to anyone, the team strives to destigmatize the use of hearing aids to empower those with hearing loss to make the decision to wear an aid and hear better. Founded in 2018, Livelys hearing aids use enhanced technology for an easier and more comfortable user experience.

    Livelys hearing aids are always purchased directly through Lively, and a payment plan with 0% APR is available for qualifying customers.


    Hearing Aids Canadathe Many Brands We Carry

    Lively basics Get started with your hearing aids

    Signia, formerly part of Siemens group, is now a subsidiary of Sivantos, a premier hearing aid manufacturer based out of Singapore.

    Signia is known for their rechargeable hearing aids and their bluetooth technology.

    Their latest hearing aids are the Charge & Go, and the Styletto platforms.

    Phonak is part of Sonova Holdings AG, a Swiss company that specializes in hearing aids, and cochlear implants. It is one of the largest providers in the hearing care industry with a holding of 24% of global hearing aid market.

    Their latest platforms include the Belong, Marvel and Paradise series.

    Oticon is a hearing aid manufacturer that is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, the company is a subsidiary of William Demant Holding Group.

    Oticon is know for its innovation in technology. In 2016 Oticon launched the worlds first internet connected hearing aids with the Opn model.Their latest iteration includes the OPN S.

    GN ReSound is a provider of hearing aids and diagnostic audiological instrumentation, represented in more than 80 countries. Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, GN ReSound is part of GN Store Nord. ReSound was founded by Dr. Rodney Perkins of Stanford University.

    Their latest plaforms include the Linx 3D, Quattro series and ONE.

    Widex is one of the worlds largest hearing aid manufacturer. They are known for creating the worlds first 100% digital hearing aids back in 1996.

    Their latest platforms are the evoke, passion and moment series.

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    Best For A Discreet Look: Eargo

    Users looking for a discreet, barely there hearing aid will like what Eargo has to offer. Available in four models â the Eargo Max, Eargo Neo, Eargo Neo HiFi, and Eargo 5 â these hearing aids are known for:

    • Small size
    • Feedback cancellation
    • Excellent sound amplification

    The hearing aids come with four pre-set listening profiles you can change by double-tapping your ear.

    Further Insight Into Our Methodology

    Developing a methodology for hearing aids wasnt easy. With the exception of manufacturer warranties, most of the important parameters, like overall price, program features, and customer support, vary greatly because they arent necessarily set by the manufacturers, but rather by the hearing care provider. When you go to an audiologist and decide on a hearing aid that covers your prescription, the audiologist calculates the total price of your hearing aid, which includes the price of the device, the level of programmabilityexplained below, warranty length, and trial period. This price can also include clinic checkups and any other extras such as additional warranty for loss or damaged devices.

    Since some audiologists can charge you more than others for the same hearing aid or services, we couldnt depend on these malleable parameters. We couldnt just focus on aesthetics or on functionality, either, as the preferences and needs of every hearing aid user are different, and with eight hearing aid models available today, there are plenty of options out there.

    After analyzing 21 companies and their varied models, we were able to pick six hearing aids that met these requisites, and we divided them into six categories: best BTE, best IIC, severe to profound hearing loss, tinnitus, affordability, and active lifestyle. We also added an extra category, best hearing aid supplier, to help users who would prefer to buy their hearing aids online.

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    How Do You Know If Your Hearing Aid Is Working

    Hearing aids take a little getting used to and it’s very common to have questions as you adjust to living with your new devices.

    If you’re not sure if they are working correctly, consider the following:

    • It should feel comfortable Although it will take you a few days to get used to a new hearing aid, if you are experiencing discomfort while using it, you should speak to your audiologist for help with troubleshooting.
    • You should not be experiencing feedback If you are experiencing a high-pitched squeal or a whistling sound, you should check to see if your hearing aid settings can be changed to a different preset. If your hearing device doesn’t offer an app, or changing the settings doesn’t help, discuss the feedback with your audiologist, who can help you adjust your settings.
    • You should not be hearing excessive background noises No hearing aid can completely separate the sounds you are focused from other sounds in your environment. But most should offer options for adjustments based on your particular environment so you have the best hearing experience possible.

    Digital Vs Analog Hearing Aids: What’s The Difference

    How You Can Fix Your Broken Hearing Aid

    Hearing aids are available in analog or digital. Although digital is the most common type of device, some brands still carry analog hearing aids. The difference between analog and digital hearing aids comes down to the type of electronics used. Both devices convert sound waves, but it’s how they convert sound saves that sets them apart.

    With an analog hearing aid, you will experience amplification with all sounds, including nose and speech. In other words, they make continuous sound waves louder. Analog hearing aids require the user to change settings when in different environments.

    Digital hearing aids convert sound waves to digital signals, providing the clearest hearing possible. These devices are capable of clearing out background noise, reducing feedback, and helping to focus on the sounds and voices you want to hear. Digital hearing aids offer more complex programming, which allows you to process sounds more selectively.

    In general, you will find more digital hearing aids than analog devices. Some companies discontinued selling any analog styles, while others continue to carry one or two types of analog hearing aids.

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