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How To Clear Blocked Ears With Olive Oil

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Causes Of Clogged Ears:

Ear Bites: Ear Wax – How to remove it using Olive Oil

There can be many reasons of clogged ears. Here are some which you could identify with:

  • Blocked nose: Nasal congestion or stuffy nose could lead to blocked ears.
  • Building up of ear wax: Excess of ear wax production can lead to ear wax build-up and earache.
  • Build up of water within the ears: Discharge of fluid and fluid build-up in the eardrum can lead to clogged ears.
  • Cold: This is often the cause of sinus congestion which blocks your Eustachian tubes thereby causing clogged ears. It is like saying that clogged nose can lead to clogged ears.
  • Allergy: Ears can get affected by allergies too.
  • Sinus infection: This can lead to clogged ears, pain in the ears and even temporary loss of hearing.
  • Altitude changes: Change in the atmospheric pressure whenever you are aboard a flight can bring a sense of discomfort to your ears.
  • Swimmers Ear: This happens due to fluid build-up in the ear as a result of swimming underwater.
  • Now let us find out the symptoms that indicate clogging in ears.

    Ways To Treat Clogged Ears

    There are a lot of different ways to tackle the problem of clogged up ears. Some involve medications, but others you can do with things you likely already have at home.

    In some specific cases, you may need to check with a doctor about getting a prescription.

    Here are some tips for unclogging your ears. First, you need to determine if the problem is the middle ear, behind the eardrum, or the outer ear specifically the auditory canal, where earwax can build up.

    Using Tea Tree Essential Oil Safely

    There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and social media about how to use essential oils safely. I think many people assume that because they are natural and made from plants, that they can be heavy-handed and use them on everyone and everything.

    Thats not the case. Many essential oils are not safe for children under the age of six. And in my opinion, oils should NEVER be ingested and taken internally.

    Tea tree oil is toxic when ingested and is only to be used topically or aromatically. Also, it is regarded as safe for children in instances to support bacterial infections, such as an ear infection.

    Lastly, its imperative that you use a therapeutic pure grade of essential oil when using them topically. I use doTERRA because of their high standards and testing for purity, and sustainable and ethical attention to co-impact sourcing. If youre interested in how to use essential oils to support your wellness and provide more natural solutions, read my essential oils starter guide here.

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    Is It Dangerous To Put Garlic Oil In Your Ear What About Botulism

    The short answer is no. Studies show that herbal remedies for ear infections produce better results for earache management than the use of the antibiotic amoxicillin, and should be a go-to .

    It is widely known that garlic is a potent antimicrobial agent. More recent studies confirm that the substances in garlic are potent antifungals and can inhibit the growth of aflatoxins and cure infections when diluted and applied topically .

    It is best to make a new mixture every 24 hours, to preserve the benefits of the garlic and olive oil and ensure the mixture doesnt get contaminated by Clostridium botulinum. This bacteria grows best in anaerobic conditions, and typically takes hold after 3 days of storage in the fridge. This is one of the reasons I prefer to make a new batch each day.

    What Causes A Clogged Ear

    Olive Oil for Ear Infection: 10 Effective Uses for Instant ...

    Clogged ears can disrupt the balance, affect hearing, and also cause pain and discomfort. Both internal and external factors can trigger the condition. They include:

    • Barotrauma It occurs when your ears cant adapt to the changing pressure on an airplane .
    • Ear Infection It is a result of fluid build-up in the ears that may cause virus or bacteria to multiply . A cold or flu often triggers an ear infection.
    • Earwax Impaction It occurs due to an excessive production of earwax, which causes a build-up of wax in the ear canal .
    • Presence of a foreign object like cotton inside the ear
    • Swimmers Ear This condition results from water being trapped in the ear .
    • Smoking

    Some of the lesser common causes of ear congestion are migraines and spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leakage.

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    Avoid Using Cotton Swabs

    Cotton swabs should only be used to clean the outer part of the ear in fact, they tend to push the cerumen towards the bottom of the ear instead of removing it. This can lead to the formation of cerumen impactions and in the most serious cases the perforation of the eardrum. To eliminate the earwax, you should opt for gentler and more effective solutions.

    Apple Cider Vinegar And Alcohol

    Apple cider vinegar has amazing health benefits and using it together with rubbing alcohol is a great way to unclog ears naturally. The ACV mixture also has antibacterial properties that can help to reduce any ear infection that is causing clogged ears. The low pH content of ACV also helps to reduce any itching in and around your ear canal.

    Pediatrician Dr. David Hill says that this concoction will soften the troublesome ear wax, allowing it to flow out of the ear more easily.

    To use apple cider vinegar and alcohol to remove excess wax from your ears, this is what you should do:

    • Mix equal amounts of ACV and rubbing alcohol.
    • Put a few drops of this solution in your ear.
    • Keep your head sideways, so the ear wax remedy stays in.
    • You can also put a piece of cotton ball over your ear to prevent the fluid from dripping out.
    • Let it work for 10 minutes to soften the wax buildup.
    • Remove the wax carefully from the outer part of your ear with a cotton bud.

    You can repeat this remedy 2-3 times if you have a large blockage of ear wax.

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    Can Olive Oil Help Clear Earwax Buildup

    The short answer here is maybe.

    Earwax is naturally secreted by glands in your ear canal, which helps clean and lubricate your ears, and trap dust and other particles, according to the Mayo Clinic. Typically, ear wax gradually makes its way to the ear opening and falls out, since your ears are self-cleaning. But earwax can build up and potentially block the ear canal for a few reasons:

    • You may simply produce more wax than the average person
    • You could also have abnormally narrow ear canals that get blocked by wax more easily
    • If you try to clean your ears with a cotton swab like a Q-tip, you may actually be pushing wax in deeper, causing a blockage
    • You wear hearing aids, which can stimulate ear wax production while simultaneously blocking wax from leaving the ear canal

    This annoying wax buildup can cause pain, mess with your hearing , ear aches, and ear infections. So you want to deal with it quickly!

    Adding several drops of olive oil to your affected ear is thought to soften earwax and help it come out naturally. But how effective is it?

    Another study, from 2013, found that participants who applied 0.05 ml of olive oil to one ear every night for 6 months actually had greater wax buildup in that ear than in their non-treated ear. However, the study also found that short-term use of olive oil right before a doctor removed the ear wax buildup, did make it easier to remove all the wax.

    Safety Precautions When Using Olive Oil For Ear Problems

    How to Unblock Your Ears | UNCLOG a CLOGGED Ear | How to Drain Your Fluid Filled Ear

    While using olive oil in your ears is relatively harmless over the short-term, you do not want to use it if you suspect you have a ruptured eardrum. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of a ruptured eardrum include ear pain that may subside quickly mucuslike, pus-filled, or bloody drainage from your ear hearing loss ringing in your ear a spinning sensation and nausea or vomiting that can result from vertigo.

    Additionally, you never want to use hot olive oil in your earswarm is fine, but hot oil can seriously burn your skin and damage your eardrum.

    Finally, remember that olive oil isnt a magic bullet for any medical condition. So if you have any concerns or adverse side effects, be sure to contact your doctor or a healthcare professional.

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    Swallow To Help Open Up Your Clogged Ears

    If your clogged ears are due to a sudden change in air pressure, like what happens during an airplane landing, suck on some sugar-free lozenges or chew sugarless gum.

    This stimulates saliva production and increases how often you swallow. As you swallow more, the Eustachian tubes open more frequently and may relieve the excess pressure in your ears.

    A Note On Ear Infections

    Recurring ear infections should not be a normal part of childhood! It often signifies that something is wrong. Dietary intervention may be necessary, and sometimes just eliminating dairy makes a huge difference. For more information, read this related post for how to stop recurring ear infections naturally.

    Adding fermented foods such as sauerkraut and fermented daikon can also be very helpful. Including more garlic in the diet can lead to a stronger immune system and therefore less infections as well.

    Have you tried making your own homemade ear drops? What do YOU use for ear infections?

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    Miranda Robertson

    Tuesday 24th of August 2021

    Hi I’m just wondering if you need to worry about cleaning the garlic oil out of the ear once you are done with treatment Or will it make it’s way out on its own?

    Will fluid drain out even if you don’t lay with the bad ear on a heated cotton ball?

    How many days do you have do this?


    Monday 19th of August 2019

    This is great! Our pediatrician actually recommends making it with coconut oil because it has natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties!

    Monday 19th of August 2019


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    Adopt A Good Sleeping Position

    Adopting a good sleeping position can also help ease ear congestion by allowing fluid to drain easier from the ears. Many health conditions deteriorate overnight and we wake up feeling groggy and run down. To help prevent your ears becoming congested while you are sleeping, you can do the following:

    • If you sleep on your back, use a few pillows to prop your head up and sleep in a semi-upright position. This will help the ear canals to drain properly to prevent clogged ears.
    • Some people find relief from blocked up ears by lying on their side. Lay down for about an hour with the congested ear facing down. This can help to reduce pressure and enable your ears to unclog easier.

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    How Safe Is It

    5 Home Remedies for Ear Infections (No.1 Provides Instant ...

    It appears that placing a small amount of olive oil into your ears is safe in most cases. Side effects of using olive oil in the ear are rare, but they may include itching, dizziness, skin irritation, and inflammation of the outer ear canal.

    The safest way to remove excess earwax at home is with a clean washcloth in the shower. Cotton balls and applicator tips should be avoided because it is easy to push the swab too far into the ear canal and damage the eardrum.

    If you are concerned that you have a ruptured eardrum, do not place any liquid, including olive oil, in your ear. Rather, see your doctor right away. Symptoms of a ruptured eardrum include ear pain, drainage, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, and weakness of the facial muscles. The discharge associated with a ruptured eardrum may be clear, bloody, or filled with pus.

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    Try Droplets Of Hydrogen Peroxide Into Your Ear

    Hydrogen peroxide, if properly applied, can break up earwax. Hearing experts suggest that you mix the solution with warm water making sure that the water isnt too hot and then place a drop or two into your ear with a pipette. After you tilt your ear upward and put the drops in, a few seconds should be enough to break up the wax blockage. You might need to repeat this several times a day for a couple of days, but ultimately, the clog should clear.

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    Is Ear Wax Removal With Olive Oil Actually Effective

    A study by Clegg et al1 conducted in 2010 which explored different methods of earwax removal concluded that although softeners are effective for softening and/or removing wax, which specific softeners are most effective remains uncertain. An experimental study by Rogers2 in 2015 however was conducted to determine whether daily lubrication of the external ear canal with olive oil enhances the normal expulsion of earwax. It found that whilst regular olive oil lubrication increased the ear canal contents, olive oil applied to the ears immediately before removing wax enabled total wax removal.

    This reinforces our experience at Earworx. Earworx have found that whilst it does not occur 100% of the time, olive oil applied a few days before or on the day of the procedure helps to soften the earwax but does not break it down a perfect scenario for wax removal via microsuction. Our registered nurses then apply suction to the pre-softened wax and more times than not, it is removed in one plug.

    Softened wax is also more likely to be carried out of the ear by the migrating skin layer it supports the self-cleaning process of the ear and is always worth a try as a first step where the ear is blocked with wax.

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    When To See Your Gp

    Contact your GP surgery if you have particularly troublesome symptoms or eardrops haven’t helped after three to five days.

    Your GP or practice nurse will look inside your ears to check if they’re blocked and might carry out some simple hearing tests.

    They may suggest using eardrops for a bit longer, or they may carry out a minor procedure called ear irrigation to clean out your ear canal.

    If these treatments aren’t suitable or don’t help, your GP may refer you to the ENT department of your nearest hospital for more specialised treatments such as microsuction or an aural toilet.

    Remove The Earwax Blockage With A Warm Cloth

    Soft Olive Oil Infused Ear Wax Removal – #364

    This old-fashioned method involves heating the blockage to soften and remove it naturally. To do this, just heat a folded cloth with an iron. Once the cloth is warm enough, lie on your side and put your ear on it. Then, rinse your ear out with warm water using your shower head. You can also do the same thing with a damp cloth for even greater effectiveness .

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    How To Relieve Ear Pressure When Youre Sick

    Fortunately, ear pressure usually goes away when the underlying infection or illness clears up, Dr. Del Signore says. This can either happen naturally or through prescribed medication .

    In the meantime, reducing ear pressure comes down to relieving congestion and swelling in areas like the nose and throat to open up those Eustachian tubes. This basically means treating your condition with whichever at-home remedies you normally rely on to tame symptoms, like antihistamines for allergies and nasal decongestants.

    You can also try the same tricks you might use when youre dealing with ear pressure on an airplane, as outlined by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. These tactics are all designed to open up the Eustachian tubes, allowing airflow to equalize the pressure on either side of your eardrums:

    • Swallow
    • Yawn
    • Chew gum
    • Take a breath, then try to breathe out gently with your mouth shut and holding your nostrils closed
    • Suck on something like a cough drop

    Pick Out The Wax Using A Cotton Swab

    Ever since you were a child, having a parent clean your ears with a cotton swab was commonplace.

    Although it does not come with instructions, the idea is to insert the cotton swab, give it a couple of twists, and out pops all the wax.

    Unfortunately, that is not what happens. The wax you pull out is just residual, and the truth is that more wax gets pushed into your ear than removed. Once it is compacted, then only a professional can remove it.

    You should always listen to your parents about everything, except when it comes to using cotton swabs.

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    How To Remove Water From Ear With Hair Dryer Best Way To Dry Your Ears Safely And Easily

    How to remove water from ear with hair dryer is something that almost all people who have been regularly using this device ask.

    This is mainly due to the fact that it can cause a lot of damage to the Eustachian tubes and the inner ear if it is not handled properly.

    If you want to know how to remove water from ear with hair dryer here are some things that you need to understand:

    First of all, you need to make sure that the hair dryer that you are going to use for this purpose is designed in such a way that it has no ventilation and no wire connections. This will allow you to prevent any kind of fluid or vapor from entering the ear drum.

    The next step on how to remove water from ear with hair dryer is to make sure that the head of the earring is gently tugged from the ear.

    You need to do this gently and gradually because the more the pressure is applied, the faster the ear will swells and turn into a painful swelling.

    You may also apply some eucalyptus oil in order to further increase the swelling or fluid out of the ear.

    When the fluid in the ear is properly removed, you need to follow up with clean water and salt water gargling. This process of flushing out the ear with salty water or eucalyptus oil will help in reducing the pain that one feels in this area.

    First of all, the increased pressure that is caused here can cause damage to the inner ear cartilage and the eardrum itself.

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