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How To Use Your Iphone As A Hearing Aid

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How to Pair your Hearing Aids to your iPhone or iPad

Disability rights groups have long been praising Apple for its dedication to developing accessible technology for people with visual and hearing impairments. Many people with these impairments have even gone as far as saying that iOS devices have dramatically changed their lives for the better.

Apples newest device, the Apple watch, is the latest device to hit the headlines for its fantastic accessibility features, particularly for those with impaired hearing. The latest version of the watch can be used to set mono audio, sending both audio channels into a single ear, so that hearing aid users can hear missed music or notification sounds.

The watch also has a Taptic Engine, which can be configured with a specially designed Prominent Haptic setting, which pre-announces common alerts to those with impaired hearing.

Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Every hearing aid brand has wireless enabled hearing aids that will connect to both iPhones and Android phones. However, they will only do so through an intermediary streamer device. For some people, this seems to be an intolerable solution. I donât know why, I donât mind streamers, especially multifunctional ones like the Oticon Connect Clip. In fact, I think wireless hearing aid accessories are outstanding and I recently wrote an article about them and why you should buy yourself one for Christmas. Anyway, nuff ranting here is the comparison chart I promised earlier

Feature Comparison

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How To Use Your Iphone As A Hearing Aid

If you ever need a little extra volume. Here’s how to use your iPhone as a hearing aid or sound amplifier.

The app I use is called Vonbruno Hearing Aid . Vonbruno make a number of microphone apps and they all do the same thing. Ranging from .99 to $4.99. Trust me, the .99 one works just as well.

What their microphone and hearing aid apps do is feed the sound that goes into the iPhone microphone to what ever is plugged into the headphones jack. So this can also be used as a microphone.

Plug in your headphone or speakers and open the app.

Tap the circle to turn it on. The environmental sound will be amplified kinda like a hearing aid.

Scroll the wheel on the left to turn the volume up and down. You can also use the volume controls on your iphone. You should have to volume of your iPhone turned all the way up when using this app.

The app will continue to work in background while it’s still on . So you can still browse around your phone as its amplifying sound around you. Turn off the app to close it.

As you can see. It’s very simple and straight forward. Does exactly what it’s suppose to do and nothing more.

When could this be useful? Well if you’re hearing impaired you should get real hearing aids but this could still be helpful. But imagine a situations where you might need a little extra volume.

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Iphone Accessibility Features For People With Hearing Difficulties

Apple includes lots of useful accessibilities features in the iPhone for people with hearing difficulties.

Hearing is a valuable tool for engaging with, connecting with, and building relationships with people. It aids us in communicating and interacting with the world around us.

Apple has been known to continuously improve the iPhones accessibility features to meet more users needs. If you struggle with impaired hearing, you can use the iPhone accessibility features below to help you out.

Changing Audio Routing Defaults

Top 5 Best Bluetooth sound amplifier hearing aid for iphone

Its obvious by now that the default behavior of the iOS hearing aid integration is to send all audio to your hearing devices. There should be a way to change this, and there is.

Back in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Hearing Devices, the screen where you connected your hearing aids contains more controls, one of which is labeled Audio Routing.

Tapping Audio Routing > Media Audio shows three choices.

The default here is Automatic. Changing it to Never Hearing Devices sends all audio to the iPhone speaker. So this would have been one solution to the Voice Memos problem: switch to Never Hearing Devices, play the memo, and then switch back to Automatic.

Always Hearing Devices is, in my testing, poorly labeled it should be Always Hearing Devices . Heres why: If your hearing devices are connected to the iPhone, this option sends audio to them if they are not connected, sounds play through the iPhones speaker. The question remains: what does Automatic do? In my testing, its the same as Always Hearing Devices . Apples support document has this to say:

Audio Routing

Choose the default device for audio playback.

Well, thats helpful. If you know what Automatic does, please leave a comment.

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How To Pair Hearing Aids To An Iphone

Its important to make sure your Bluetooth settings are turned on before pairing your iPhone to your hearing aids. Once paired and properly connected, you will be able to change the sound and volume settings directly from the iPhone app your hearing aid provider offers.

These apps usually are free to download, and theyll let you adjust your hearing aids remotely with your iPhone. With some you can stream, listen to music, and even do hands-free calling once your hearing aid is successfully paired. Keep in mind that this process may vary depending on your iPhone model or hearing aid provider. Visit the companys website for detailed information on pairing and Bluetooth connectivity.

Connect Hearing Aids To Iphone

  • Take your hearing aids out of your ears
  • On your phone, go to Settings and select Bluetooth
  • Open the battery compartment door on your hearing aid
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Select Accessibility
  • Close the battery compartment door on your hearing aid
  • Your iPhone will now search for your hearing aid
  • Under MFi Hearing Devices, tap the name of your hearing aid
  • If you wear two hearings aids, you should see L + R
  • If you only wear one hearing aid you will either see L or R depending on which ear you wear your hearing aid in
  • When you see the pairing request on the screen, select Pair. If you have two hearing aids or hearing devices you will receive two requests.
  • You can begin to use your hearing aid when it is shown under MFi Hearing Devices with a tick.
  • Control on Lock Screen will be on. Leave it to enable you to control your hearing aid from the Lock Screen.
  • Your hearing aids are now paired with your iPhone.
  • Each time you turn off your hearing aid, it will automatically disconnect from your iPhone. When you turn your hearing aid back on, or open and close the battery compartment door on your hearing aid to reconnect.

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    Background Sounds For Tinnitus

    While Apple doesnt specifically say anything about tinnitus, its clear that this new accessibility feature will be welcomed by the large community of people suffering from tinnitus:

    Everyday sounds can be distracting, discomforting, or overwhelming, and in support of neurodiversity, Apple is introducing new background sounds to help minimize distractions and help users focus, stay calm, or rest. Balanced, bright, or dark noise, as well as ocean, rain, or stream sounds continuously play in the background to mask unwanted environmental or external noise, and the sounds mix into or duck under other audio and system sounds.

    Apples new Background Sounds will offer sounds such as as ocean, rain, and stream sounds, help minimize distractions and help users focus, stay calm, or rest.

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    How You Can Turn On Live Listen

    AirPods Live Listen: Hearing Aid or Spy Tool?

    For turning on the Live Listen feature on your iPhone, first, go to the “settings” option of the phone. Then go to the accessibility option. Select ‘Hearing Devices’ from there, and tap the name of your hearing device under the option MFi Hearing Devices. Then Tap Live Listen to start it. After that, place the phone near the person you want to listen to. After you are done with using Live Listen, tap End Live Listen to turn it off.

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    Signia Pure 13 Bt Primax

    The Signia Pure 13 BT primax provides an optimal personalised hearing experience in challenging, noisy environments. This hearing aid can be controlled using the myControl app to adjust volume, personalise settings, change programs, view battery life, monitor noise exposure and voice activity for hearing health, utilise 360 degree microphone steering and switch to flight mode.

    Find a Signia Supplier near you.

    More information on:

    Why Should You Try Iphone Or Ipad Compatible Hearing Aids

    There are plenty of great things about combining your Apple communications devices with high-quality hearing aids. Between them, the two pieces of technology can result in better hearing and a higher quality of life. With your iPhone or iPad acting as a microphone, you will be able to set up environments that are much better suited to easy conversation, or hear things like presentations more easily.

    Its also worth noting that theres a difference between Apple phones and Android phones when were talking about hearing. While you can stream audio from Android phones to hearing aids, you will usually need a Bluetooth device to act as an intermediary. With iPhones, you just stream directly from one device to another a much more convenient solution. Not everyone will need to fuse phones and hearing aids.

    However, its an option that hearing-impaired people can use, and should consider if they are Apple users. Get in touch, and we will help you find the right hearing aid to make the most of your iPad or iPhone.

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    How To Pair Hearing Aids To Iphone

    Now, letâs find out how to connect your iPhone to hearing aids.

    • The first thing you need to do is to connect your iPhone to your hearing aids. If your hearing aid won’t pair with your iPhone, check the Settings section of your device to make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled.
    • You’ll be able to use the device when you see it listed under your “MFi Devices”with a checkmark.
    • Generally, you only need to pair your hearing aids to your device once. Once successfully paired, the hearing aids will connect automatically to your device whenever activated.

    How To Pair Hearing Aids With A Smartphone Using Bluetooth

    Steps to Connect Made For iPhone Hearing Aids with compatible iPhone

    Naturally, there will be slight differences to this process depending on the specific hearing aid and smartphone youre using, but for 2.4 GHz-enabled hearing aids the process is fairly universal.1. Turn Bluetooth on on your smartphone. You can usually find it in the device Settings or even on its control menu.2. On an iPhone®, you will find hearing aids under Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices. On Android phones, you will find hearing aids by clicking into the Bluetooth menu.

    3. If your hearing aids arent immediately visible, you may need to open and close their battery doors or use their recharger to turn them off and then on again.

    4. Select your hearing aidsand they are now paired.

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    Which Features Can Be Managed By Iphone

    Thanks to the integration with the Amplifon App, you can use your hearing aids with your iPhone and listen directly from the hearing aid. Stay connected to the things that interest you the most and carry out ordinary operations, such as switching from app to app, making a call, listening to music, adjusting the volume settings, and so much more.

    Book an appointment and come and visit us at one of our Amplifon centers, our hearing care professionals will be ready to show you our range of Amplifon “made for Iphone” hearing aids.

    Signia Motion 13/13p Nx

    The Signia Motion 13 Nx provides speech clarity of both your own voice and others, and offers versatile fitting options. The Motion 13P is ideal for those with individual fitting requirements with greater hearing loss. This hearing aid can be controlled using the myControl app to adjust volume, personalise settings, change programs, view battery life, monitor noise exposure and voice activity for hearing health, utilise 360 degree microphone steering and switch to flight mode.

    You can buy this accessory from Hearing Savers, Focus Hearing and Value Hearing among other audiologists and audiometrists. You can also find a Signia Supplier near you.

    More information on:

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    Hearing Aid Brands To Consider

    Less than 20 percent of people who would benefit from a hearing aid wear one,1 even though untreated hearing loss can lead to additional health problems. Many say high prices keep them from getting hearing aids, and others worry about a negative stigma around hearing loss. Whatever the reason, millions of people in America are struggling with their hearing.

    Luckily, for many older adults with mild hearing loss, wireless earbuds like AirPods can be used as an assisted listening device when paired with a smartphone. They are cheaper than hearing aids, and the wearer doesnt have to let anyone know that theyre using the devices to amplify sounds. Inexpensive and discreet? We like the sound of that. In this guide, well show you how to set up and use your AirPods to help with hearing step by step.

    How To Connect Hearing Aids To Iphone

    Use Your iPhone and AirPods As a Hearing Aid

    Once you ensure your iPhone and your hearing aid are compatible, connecting your hearing aid is as easy as connecting any other Bluetooth device to your iPhone, which means it only takes a few seconds and a couple of taps.

  • First, make sure Bluetooth on your iPhone is turned on.

  • On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing, and then select Hearing Devices.

  • Open the battery doors on your hearing aid, and then close them. This will put your hearing aid into pairing mode while your iPhone searches for it.

  • Your hearing aid will appear under the MFI Hearing Devices heading. When it does, tap your device, and then select Pair.

    If you use two aids, i.e., one for the left ear and one for the right ear, they will appear individually, and both will need to be selected and paired. Both will also need to be first entered into pairing mode as described above.

  • Pairing can take up to a whole minute, and youâll need to pair both devices, so this can take a few minutes. Once paired, you can begin using your hearing aid as normal.

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    Pairing Oticon Opn Hearing Aids With Tv Adapterprint

  • Make sure your TV Adapter is connected to your TV and plugged in. You should see a blinking BLUE light.

  • Open and close the battery doors on both of your hearing aids . If you have rechargeable hearing aids, hold the volume down button for 3 seconds to turn them off, then do this again to turn them on. Now they will be in pairing mode for 3 minutes .

  • Place both hearing aids on top of the TV Adapter

  • Pairing is completed when the TV indicator light is solid BLUE. It will remain blue for 30 seconds, then change colors. If the RCA cables were used, both indicator lights should turn green. If the optical cable was used, one indicator light should be green, and the other blue.

  • Follow this guide to properly connect the TV Adapter to your Television:Once a TV Adapter has been paired with your hearing aids it will be available as a program in your hearing aids.There are a few ways to change programs in your hearing aids:

    • Press and hold the button on your hearing aids for a brief 2 seconds .

    • Press and hold the plus button on your Connect clip for 3 seconds.*The program cycle will depend on the programs already available in your hearing aids. If you have 2 programs before pairing with the TV Adapter then a 3rd program will be made*

    Pairing Oticon Opn hearing aids with traditional batteries with TV Adapter

    How to change the program on an Oticon miniRITE hearing aid

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    Phonak Audo Marvel Connects Directly To Apple And Android Devices

    The Phonak Audéo Marvel provides clear, rich sound and adapts to ranging listening situations for greater speech clarity and less listening effort. This hearing aid can be controlled using the Phonak Remote app to adjust volume, change programs and make personalised changes, while the myPhonak app provides real-time communication, support and hearing aid adjustments with a professional.

    This hearing aid also supports the Phonak myCall-to-Text app which transcribes audio from incoming phone calls in real-time into on-screen text for extra support and assurance during phone conversations.

    The Phonak Audéo Marvel supports direct streaming from an Apple device without needing an accessory. All Bluetooth-enabled devices can stream sound directly to the Phonak Audéo Marvel.

    You can buy this accessory from Hearing Savers, Focus Hearing and Value Hearing among other audiologists and audiometrists. You can also find a Phonak Supplier near you.

    More information on:

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    Stream Audio Directly From Your Tv To Your Hearing Aids Using Bluetooth

    Audiology Manager and CASLPO registered Audiologist, Andreas Seelisch will guide you through this video tutorial and teach you how to pair your hearing aids with your television using Bluetooth.

    This video will hopefully make it easier for you to watch your favourite television shows, must-see sporting events and all the latest news and entertainment with ease.

    Aural rehabilitation is an important component of your hearing solution. We offer in-clinic counselling as part of our patients hearing aid package. However, now our aural-rehab online video tutorials can provide the practical information you need to care for and maintain your hearing aids wherever you are, 24-hours a day.

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