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Is Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Safe

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Syringing Vs Microsuction: Whats Safest For You And Your Ears

If youre prone to blocked ears, chances are youve had your ears syringed before.Thats the traditional method used to remove ear wax blockages, and for a long time it was considered the best option for professional ear cleaning.

But unfortunately, complications from syringing are increasingly common. In fact, one in five cases of medical negligence brought against GPs are related to ear syringing gone wrong.

If youre a GP, thats a concerning statistic. And if youre a patient with blocked ears, its even more worrying.

The good news is, theres now an alternative. Thanks to advances in technology, microsuction is an increasingly popular solution to the discomfort of ear wax build-up.

Knowledge is power, so heres what you need to know to make an informed decision about how best to get your ears clear and comfortable again.

Book An Appointment Online Or By Phone

First things first, youll need an appointment and its easy to get one online. As part of the booking process, youll be asked some questions to make sure the service is the right option for you.

03452660566 – Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm, Bank holidays: 8am to 1pm.

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Wondering what gives microsuction wax removal the edge over the traditional method of ear syringing? Here are some of its major benefits:

  • It offers doctors a clear view of the ear. The binocular microscope used with this treatment means doctors can clearly see the ear canal and the presence of wax. This makes it significantly easier to get rid of all traces of it. Safety-wise, its always better to have an accurate view of the area being treated.

  • Unlike the ear syringing method, you wont need to use ear drops before your appointment. Prior to your ear syringing appointment, youll need to use ear drops to soften the wax for at least a week beforehand. This makes it possible for the wax to be removed with the syringe. If you dont put in the prep work, the wax may be too hard to remove and you may need to rebook. With a microsuction wax removal appointment, you dont need to do any preparation. The suction device is able to remove wax safely without the need for pre-lubrication.

  • Its a neater treatment with no messy water used. Ear syringing involves water being flushed into the ear, but theres no need for that with microsuction. Not only does this reduce any risk of infection, but it also makes for a more comfortable experience for patients.

An Accurate View Of The Ear Canal

MicroSuction Ear Wax Removal

If optimal safety is to be ensured, it is crucial that the person removing the ear wax has an accurate view of your ear canal. The best thing about microsuction is that it gives quite an impressive view of the ear canal and the obstruction as well owing to the use of a binocular microscope. Thus, the professional has a clear view of what he is doing, making the procedure a whole lot safer.

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Places To See In Borehamwood

Borehamwood also has a local theatre, cinema, several gyms, a swimming pool, and a soft-play centre for children.

One major attraction in Borehamwood is the Elstree and Borehamwood Museum, which shares the history and legacy of almost 100 years of film and television in Borehamwood and Elstree.

For an entertaining evening out, visit the Ark Theatre which puts on a range of work from touring production companies and local community groups acts including drama, tribute bands, dance, and comedy.

Fans of retail therapy can enjoy Borehamwood Shopping Park, which offers a vast range of retail stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

Why Choose Earwax Removal With Bupa

Our service is only £50 for both ears with no hidden surprises. And if theres no wax, you wont get charged.

Its easy to book online or by phone.

If there is any reason the procedure can t go ahead and you need further investigation the Health Adviser can refer you to a Bupa GP or provide information to your NHS GP.

This will incur an additional charge.

Microsuction is a safe, quick and effective way of earwax removal.

Plus, you dont even need to be an existing Bupa customer to book an earwax removal appointment with us.

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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Micro-suction is a water free, safe and effective way to remove excess ear wax. At Earworx clinics, micro-suction and curettage is performed by qualified, registered nurses to assist people who are suffering from excessive earwax or earwax impaction. Micro-suction is widely considered a gentle and effective way to remove wax. Along with curettage , it is the preferred wax removal method of Ear Nose and Throat surgeons. This procedure is now available in dedicated Earworx clinics which enables the avoidance of at-home remedies such as cotton buds which can often push wax further down the ear canal, worsening symptoms.

A Guide To Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Honiton Earwax Microsuction removal

If your ears feel clogged and your hearing is reduced, this could very well be due to earwax buildup.

Your ears produce wax to protect the eardrums from dust and debris which could result in infection. While the wax usually just falls out by itself, it can sometimes harden or get pushed deeper into the canal. In this case, youll need to get professional ear wax removal such as ear syringing or microsuction removal.

Microsuction ear wax removal is a treatment that has been around for a long time. It has increased in popularity over the years as patients prefer the experience and more medical professionals become certified to carry it out.

In this article, were going to be taking a closer look at microsuction ear wax removal and when you may need it. Also, well be looking at the main benefits of this method to see how it compares to private ear syringing.

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What Are The Benefits Of Microsuction And Why Is It The Safest Method Of Wax Removal

This method of wax removal uses gentle suction to clear the wax from the ear. The hearing specialist uses a microscope to view the ear wax, ear canal and eardrum, which means they can always see what they are doing, thus making it much safer for them and you.

The procedure is usually carried out by an ENT Surgeon, Specialist Nurse or Audiologist. Historically, this procedure was only available privately or on the NHS in specialist ear clinics and is still rarely used in local GP practices or NHS treatment rooms. It is however, the most common method used in many private ear wax removal clinics by an audiologist who has undergone specialist training. The procedure is quick, safe, painless and in most cases does not involve having to put any liquid ear drops into your ear, which can often cause further loss of hearing or discomfort for the short period they are being administered.

In addition to this it is safe to have Microsuction if you have an ear infection or a perforated ear drum because the procedure is done dry, without water. Other than with a sterilised specula at the ear canal opening there is no contact with the skin of the ear canal or tympanic membrane and which significantly reduces the risk of infection. The tube through which the wax is removed comes in a variation of sizes and therefore it is also the preferred method for clearing blockages from narrow ear canals.

The process takes between 10-20 minutes perform.

Microsuction Earwax Removal Is The Safest

Microsuction for ear wax removal is the best method we have come across. it is completely safe, instant, effective and comfortable earwax removal. Microsuction involves no introduction of liquid or any other material to the ear canal which completely ensures that no infection can be introduced. It also means that there is absolutely no chance of over pressure bursting the eardrum.

Because I can clearly see what I am doing through the microscope the chance of injury to the ear canal or eardrum is greatly reduced. There is hardly ever a time that the ear wax can not be removed in one session. Even better for both the Patient and myself, it is completely mess free.

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Deafness Or Tinnitus Caused By Micro

There are some studies out there in relation to micro-suction for ear wax removal but not a lot. First I will look at the issues at hand and then I will discuss the studies. If you have pre-existing tinnitus, micro-suction ear wax removal may exacerbate it. Normally, the problem will be temporary, but there are people who have reported ongoing problems with their tinnitus after micro-suction. There are also people who have reported the onset of chronic tinnitus from micro-suction. There are little statistics to tell us how many and during my searches across the web, I only came across about ten. That is not to say that there are not others.

As I have said, micro-suction is a noisy procedure and noise within the ear canal can get quite loud. For this reason, most professionals will try to ensure the probe is in your ear canal for the least amount of time possible. However, any exposure to noise can cause a temporary threshold shift . Normally, that is all it will be, a temporary problem, however, some people have reported that micro-suction has caused them a long-term hearing loss. Again, there are few if any statistics and I could only find about six during my searches. Let’s address the studies that are out there and the noise levels of the machines.

Allows For Ear Examinations

Microsuction earwax removal available at our Practice

With micro suction, a thorough ear examination can be carried out to check for any perforations or middle ear infections, and the ear can be treated appropriately. This is much safer than with irrigation where there is no way to examine the inner ear first, potentially causing more damage with the procedure.

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Integrate Hearing Offer A Range Of Hearing Services At Our Clinics In Stockport Runcorn And Wrexham And Also For Domiciliary At

Visited Olivia today at Cheadle for ear wax removal. I was very impressed with her professionalism and friendliness which I feel would put even a nervous patient quickly at ease. The treatment was trouble free and pain free and reached a successful outcome with complete removal of the wax. I would not hesitate to recommend Olivia to any potential patients.

Norman Wall.

Limitations Of Micro Suction

There are few limitations or cons of micro suction earwax removal, microscopes or loupes if used provide a narrow view. However, it just means that we re-adjust our positioning so we can get the view we need. Micro suction ear wax removal is regarded as being exceptionally safe and well tolerated. However no treatment of ear wax is completely risk-free. Like other ear wax removal methods there is a possibility of :

Damage and trauma to the ear canal and eardrum, this is an exceptionally rare event that is usally caused by a sudden movement by the customer.

Micro suction can be a bit noisy because of the suction, however newer suction pumps are much quieter.

As we said, safe, comfortable and with little or no risk when undertaken by an experienced and qualified professional, if you are looking for ear wax removal in Dublin or across Ireland, call us on 1800 848 888 or book online now.

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Is Ear Microsuction Painful

Many people report that they like the sensation of microsuction and find it soothing. It is very gentle and immediately restores hearing. If tinnitus is present due to the ear canal being blocked, this is often alleviated when the blockage is cleared. There is a wind-like noise when the probe is in the ear canal and modern machines have greatly reduced operating noise. If the wax is very soft a soft sucking sound can be heard as the debris is sucked up the probe and into the tube.

How Long Has Ear Care Lab Been Providing Ear Wax Removal Services


Our Ear Cleaning Clinic in Ealing, London, has successfully provided ear wax removal using microsuction for thousands of patients over a number of years. We officially started offering this service to patients outside of our registered list 3 years ago. All our microsuction specialists have several years of experience in performing this procedure.

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How Do I Know If I Need To Remove Earwax

Our ears are self cleaning, so you shouldnt need to remove earwax at all. For some people though, earwax can cause problems in one or both ears, such as:

  • Muffled hearing
  • Tinnitus
  • Earache, itching or discomfort

Its important to be sure that any symptoms you have are caused by earwax and not an infection or other problem, as this service is designed for those suffering with excessive earwax. People who commonly need ear wax removal are:

  • Users of in ear headphones
  • Users of hearing aids
  • Regular cotton bud users
  • People who use ear plugs regularly

If this is the first time youre experiencing these symptoms, you have other symptoms or youre just not sure, you should first see a GP to check you need this service.

Find your local Bupa health centre that offers earwax removal

Most people wont need to remove wax, and some might be able to remove it themselves at home. However, there are options available from healthcare providers if your earwax is proving troublesome. Bupa currently offers earwax removal treatment at 16 locations:

Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, London , Manchester, Nottingham, Reading and Solihull. In addition, employees for HSBC, GS and Citi can attend their on-site health centre.

You dont need to have health insurance to book one of our earwax removal appointments.

  • If you use a hearing aid, only use earwax softening drops at night and avoid wearing your hearing aid straight after putting drops or spray in, as this can damage your hearing aid.
  • The Pros And Cons Of Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal

    Ears feeling blocked up, hearing a ringing sound, having some problems hearing conversation?

    The solution may be simple, the problem may be simply ear wax

    Modern ear wax removal is far easier than the ear syringing of old, it is safer and far more comfortable. One of the most popular methods of ear cleaning is micro suction. Let’s talk about what it is and the pros and cons.

    Completely safe : Micro-suction is the Safest method of treatment for guaranteed effective and safe removal of ear wax.

    Microsuction Earwax Removal

    Microsuction earwax removal is performed using a microscope to see what we are doing, and a medical suction device to suck out the wax. A very thin steel fitting is fitted to the end of the suction tube which allows us to gently suck out the earwax from your canal.

    The first part of the process is a questionnaire in relation to ear health, ear surgeries and any previous experience, We will then will examine your ear using a microsope and, using the low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage. We will use a video otoscope to show you the condition of the ear before and after the treatment.

    Why micro suction?

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    Who Needs Microsuction

    Microsuction is required when the ear has occluding or troublesome wax, debris or excessive skin. It can generally be performed on anyone because it is a completely dry procedure. Many of the risk factors which would prevent you from having your ears irrigated by the GP do not apply to microsuction. This means that microsuction has a very high success rate.

    What Our Patients Say

    What Is The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Technique?

    I would thoroughly recommend Becky at Southsea Ear Clinic for her professional service from start to finish, Becky patiently explained my proposed treatment at every stage and also explained aftercare/preventative tips for my ear problem. Five star treatment.

    Anita Stepnitz, Patient

    Much better than Syringe , the procedure was explained beforehand and as all my questions were answered , much better than my experience at the Drs and having what felt like a firemans hose in my ears will certainly be using again.

    James Evans, Patient

    I met this lovely lady today, Becky, when she gave extra special care to my 97 year old client. My client said her ears feel so much clearer. So much safer and more comfortable than the old style syringing. Would recommend to anyone.

    Julia Minty, Carer

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