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What Are The Indicators And Signs Of Hearing Loss

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What Signs Can Indicate A Hearing Problem

What are signs of hearing loss?

If there are situations where your child is not responding to sound appropriately, this may be a sign of hearing loss. The single most important sign of hearing loss in children is the failure to develop or the delayed development of spoken language.

If children have severe or profound hearing loss, it is usually obvious that they do not respond to sound, but sometimes it is difficult to detect mild forms of hearing loss, including hearing loss in only one ear. Even a mild hearing loss can significantly impact a childs ability to learn, impacting language and speech development. Children with mild hearing loss may struggle in school and have attention, behavioral or social problems in the classroom.

Loud Noises Are Painful

Rumbling subways and car horns can be loud and irritating, but the sounds shouldnt be painful. If they are, these could be signs of hearing loss. When you lose your hearing, your ear is less able to dampen loud noises, which may cause your ears to hurt around loud noises, says Dr. Pincus. The pain is hard to describe, but its somewhere between a sharp shooting pain and a dull ache.

Heres why you should think twice before cleaning your ears with a cotton bud.

Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Contributed by Joy Victory, managing editor, Healthy HearingLast updated May 24, 20212021-05-24T00:00:00-05:00

Like any medical condition, the sooner you address hearing loss the better. Here are 10 common signs that you may have hearing loss.

Be mindful of how much you’re turning up the volume on your phone.

  • You have trouble hearing on the telephone. Cell and landline phones are equipped with a volume control setting, so you might not have trouble hearing your friend, co-worker or client because youve amped the telephone to the max. Check the volume setting, and if you find yourself inching the volume up louder and louder, you may have hearing loss.
  • You have trouble following a conversation when people are talking at the same time. Our ability to process multiple incoming and competing signals deteriorates over time, so being a little lost in conversation occasionally isn’t always a sign of hearing loss. However, if youre at a work meeting or eating dinner with family, and you frequently have a hard time keeping up when two or more people talk at the same time, you may have hearing loss.
  • The family complains that your TV is too loud. Television programs can be hard to follow, particularly during times when music is drowning out dialogue. Turning the TV up louder doesnt always help make the sound clearer. If you consistently need the TV turned up so loud that its uncomfortable for others in the room or if your neighbors can hear it, its time to get a hearing test.
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    What Causes Conductive Hearing Loss

    With conductive hearing loss, a problem in the outer or middle ear blocks the passage to the inner ear. Ear infections that cause fluid to build up in the ear are the most common cause of conductive hearing loss and can typically be treated with medication.

    Other causes include:

    • colds or allergies that cause fluid to build up in the ear
    • small objects that become stuck in the ear
    • excessive ear wax in the ear canal
    • non-cancerous tumors that block the ear canal
    • congenital deformities of the outer or middle ear

    Identify The Warning Signs Of Hearing Loss

    8 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Hearing Loss You Should Be ...

    by Faze Staff

    Hearing loss symptoms can affect an individuals health, quality of life, relationships, and career. Understand the warning signs so you, or someone you love, can seek help immediately.

    The symptoms you might be experiencing depend on the type of hearing loss you have as well as the severity. There are general symptoms of hearing loss that are commonly experienced by older adults, and there are also three main specific types that can affect individuals of any age.

    The first step is to contact your locally owned and operated hearing aid clinic. Find a clinic that offers on-site repair such as the Acoustica Hearing Clinic in Burnaby they offer a great senior discount and service thats fast and friendly.

    Before you do that, consider your symptoms and what they might mean. Read on to identify the warning signs of hearing loss.

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    Checkyour Hearing Online For Free

    If you believe you have noticed any of the above signs of hearing loss, take our free online hearing test. The outcome of the test will help indicate if you need to take further action to prevent hearing loss. For a full diagnosis, we recommend you consult a healthcare professional who could help establish the root cause.

    Devices To Help With Hearing Loss

    Your doctor or specialist may suggest you get a hearing aid. Hearing aids are electronic, battery-run devices that make sounds louder. There are many types of hearing aids. Before buying a hearing aid, find out if your health insurance will cover the cost. Also, ask if you can have a trial period so you can make sure the device is right for you. An audiologist or hearing aid specialist will show you how to use your hearing aid.

    Assistive-listening devices, mobile apps, alerting devices, and cochlear implants can help some people with hearing loss. Cochlear implants are electronic devices for people with severe hearing loss. They dont work for all types of hearing loss. Alert systems can work with doorbells, smoke detectors, and alarm clocks to send you visual signals or vibrations. For example, a flashing light can let you know someone is at the door or the phone is ringing. Some people rely on the vibration setting on their cell phones to alert them to calls.

    Over-the-counter hearing aids are a new category of regulated hearing devices that adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss will be able to buy without a prescription. OTC hearing aids will make certain sounds louder to help people with hearing loss listen, communicate, and take part more fully in daily activities. OTC hearing aids are expected to become available in stores and online in the next few years.

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    Identifying The Signs Of Hearing Loss

    In hearing aids, hearing loss, lifestyle by Candace WawraJanuary 15, 2017

    Identifying Hearing Loss

    Our ability to hear affects the ways we can interact with the world around us from negotiating traffic to enjoying a dinner conversation with friends. It is the core sense we use in everyday communication and our ears are constantly bringing us new sounds to process.

    We are continually using our sense of hearing and because most hearing loss happens gradually it can be hard to detect if hearing loss is affecting you. The ability to still hear sound leads many people with hearing loss have the feeling that their hearing is fine, but they are just having trouble with comprehending what they hear. On average, individuals with hearing loss delay having their hearing examined for seven years from the time they first suspect they may be experiencing hearing issues.

    If you suspect you are experiencing hearing loss, it makes sense to set up an exam for your hearing as soon as possible. The stress of long-term untreated hearing problems is linked to anxiety, isolation, depression and even dementia. Conversely, most hearing loss can be managed if treatment is sought. Treating hearing loss has been shown to increase quality of life from a sense of safety and strengthened relationships to increased earnings. Once you recognize signs of hearing loss in yourself, stay proactive and seek a doctors help to stay on the road to wellness.

    Volume Signs
    Comprehension Signs
    Take Action, Reach Out

    Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

    Early warning signs of hearing loss

    Bone conduction hearing aids are recommended for people with conductive or mixed hearing loss who can’t wear a more conventional type of hearing aid. Bone conduction hearing aids vibrate in response to the sounds going into the microphone.

    They can also sometimes help people with no hearing in one ear and normal or mild hearing loss in the other ear.

    The part of the hearing aid that vibrates is held against the bone behind the ear by a headband. The vibrations pass through the mastoid bone to the cochlea and are converted into sound in the usual way. They can be very effective, but can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

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    Babies 29 Days To 9 Months

    • Peculiar response to sounds in their environment
    • Baby suddenly starts to babble less, or noises produced do not vary much in pitch.
    • Communication or developmental delay
    • Bacterial meningitis or other infections known to cause sensorineural hearing loss.
    • Head trauma
    • Ototoxic medications
    • Otitis media with effusion for three months or longer.

    It Seems As If Everybody Mumbles These Days

    It used to be just the kids, but recently, the news anchor, your neighbor, and your spouse all have taken to muttering when they talk to you. Could it actually be possible that suddenly everyone in your life has poor enunciation.

    Its more likely that you might not be hearing words in the same way. Mumbling or dropped off consonants like S or T is one of the first signs that your hearing is changing.

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    Early Indicators Of Hearing Impairment

    Oct 16, 2017 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

    People often take years before they realize that they have a hearing problem since hearing loss is a gradual process that develops over time. It is important to familiarize yourself with the early warning signs that can help identify hearing loss so that it can be treated in a timely manner.

    During the initial stages of hearing loss, you may have trouble hearing regular sounds around the house, such as the ringing of a doorbell or telephone, someone calling your name out loud from the next room, or the dialogues on the television.

    Due to hearing loss you may be tempted to turn up the volume on your television or cellphone to the maximum level and still have trouble making out speech. If you find yourself constantly asking people to repeat themselves during face to face conversations or over the telephone, you might have hearing loss.

    Some people experience a ringing sensation in the ears as a result of damage to the ears or a condition known as tinnitus, which can be a precursor to hearing loss. It is important to get your hearing checked if this is the case to make sure there is no serious injury to the ears and to make sure you get this condition treated before it worsens.

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    How Do I Know I Have A Hearing Problem

    Signs Of Hearing Loss To Look Out For
    • It sounds like people are mumbling when they’re talking to me
    • I ask people to repeat themselves, even when its quiet
    • I get tired from concentrating to understand what people are saying
    • I have difficulty hearing in restaurants when there is a lot of background noise
    • I find it difficult to work out what direction sound is coming from
    • I find it harder to hear female or childrens voices
    • I find it difficult to hear from a distance in a quieter environment
    • I need the TV up louder than others
    • People tell me I speak loudly
    • I feel I need to lean in when I’m talking to somebody
    • I have a family history of hearing loss
    • I have a history of exposure to noise in my workplace

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    Hearing Loss: A Common Problem For Older Adults

    On this page:

    Hearing loss is a common problem caused by noise, aging, disease, and heredity. People with hearing loss may find it hard to have conversations with friends and family. They may also have trouble understanding a doctors advice, responding to warnings, and hearing doorbells and alarms.

    Approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, and nearly half of those older than 75 has difficulty hearing. But, some people may not want to admit they have trouble hearing.

    Older people who cant hear well may become depressed, or they may withdraw from others because they feel frustrated or embarrassed about not understanding what is being said. Sometimes, older people are mistakenly thought to be confused, unresponsive, or uncooperative because they dont hear well.

    Hearing problems that are ignored or untreated can get worse. If you have a hearing problem, see your doctor. Hearing aids, special training, certain medicines, and surgery are some of the treatments that can help.

    You Dread Talking On The Phone

    Its easy to make excuses for phone issues like:

    • Im not used to my phones newer technology yet.
    • I dropped my phone in water or on the ground.
    • My phone is out dated.

    Think about why you dread using our phone. If you have the volume all the way up and cant comprehend what is being said, let a friend test the phone for you. If they can hear the conversation and you cant, your hearing is the problem.

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    Prevention And Treatment Of Hearing Loss

    Although hearing loss can happen at any age, there are things you can do to help prevent hearing loss. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear hearing protection. When working in noise, using power tools, hunting, going to concerts, etc. use some kind of hearing protection. Noise induced hearing loss is the second most common type of hearing loss. It can only take one exposure to extremely loud noise to damage your hearing.
  • Take hearing breaks. If you are in groups frequently, always have music on , etc. take some quiet time and reduce the noise around you.
  • Have your hearing tested regularly especially if you work in noise or have family history of hearing loss. The earlier its caught the better outcomes with treatment.
  • Speaking of treatment, what is available for hearing loss treatment? The most common for all types and degrees of hearing loss is hearing aids. State of the art hearing aids are not like the ones even from 10 years ago. These hearing aids are sleek, stylish, and in most cases almost invisible. Check out the new hearing aids fromSignia! They also have some pretty high tech built into them, between the microchip that processes sound within milliseconds and their Bluetooth capabilities. Additionally, with or without hearing aids, making small shifts to communication styles can make a big difference.

    • Make sure someone has your attention
    • Speak face to face

    How Do I Know If I Have Hearing Loss Caused By Loud Noise

    Signs of hearing loss

    10 Signs of Hearing Loss

    If you have any of these signs or symptoms, you may have hearing loss caused by noise:

  • Speech and other sounds seem muffled
  • Trouble hearing high-pitched sounds
  • Trouble understanding conversations when you are in a noisy place, such as a restaurant
  • Trouble understanding speech over the phone
  • Trouble hearing speech consonants
  • Asking others to speak more slowly and clearly
  • Asking someone to speak more loudly or repeat what they said
  • Turning up the volume of the television or radio
  • Ringing in the ears

    Loud noise can cause ringing, hissing, or roaring in the ears . This usually occurs immediately after you are exposed to the loud noise, but then it usually, though not always, goes away. However, it can be an indication of early hearing damage.


    After you are exposed to loud noise, sounds that seem normal to most people may start to sound unbearably loud to you . People with this increased sensitivity to sound may experience discomfort or physical pain. And it may be a sign of hearing damage.

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Hypersensitivity to certain sounds
  • If you have any signs of hearing loss, get tested by a qualified healthcare provider.

    Prevention and Early Detection of Hearing Loss are Important

    Your doctor may refer you to a hearing specialist or other healthcare provider who is qualified to test hearing if you

    Children Should Have Their Hearing Tested

    Tips for People at Risk for Noise-Related Hearing Loss

    Learn More about Hearing Tests

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    General Signs Of Hearing Loss

    Early signs of hearing loss can include:

    • difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say, especially in group situations
    • asking people to repeat themselves
    • listening to music or watching television with the volume higher than other people need
    • difficulty hearing the telephone or doorbell
    • finding it difficult to tell which direction noise is coming from
    • regularly feeling tired or stressed, from having to concentrate while listening

    In some cases, you may recognise signs of hearing loss in someone else before they notice it themselves. Research suggests it takes 10 years from the time someone notices they have hearing loss, before they do anything about it.

    If you also hear a ringing, buzzing or whistling sound in your ears, this could be a sign of tinnitus, which is often associated with hearing loss.

    Read more about losing your hearing

    Causes Of Permanent Hearing Loss In Children

    Some of the conditions and events that may cause permanent hearing loss in children include:

    • hereditary conditions that cause the inner ear to develop abnormally
    • some genetic disorders, such as osteogenesis imperfecta and trisomy 13
    • exposure of the unborn baby to disease rubella is one of the diseases that can affect the developing ears of the fetus
    • loud noises, such as firecrackers, rock concerts or personal stereos
    • injuries, such as concussion or skull fracture
    • certain diseases, such as meningitis and mumps.

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    Symptoms Of A Perforated Eardrum

    Signs of a perforated eardrum, or an ear infection caused by a perforated eardrum, include:

    • sudden hearing loss you may find it difficult to hear anything or your hearing may just be slightly muffled
    • earache or pain in your ear
    • itching in your ear
    • fluid leaking from your ear
    • a high temperature
    • ringing or buzzing in your ear

    The symptoms will usually pass once your eardrum has healed or any infection has been treated.

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