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What Is The First Sign Of Hearing Loss

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Great Progress In The Treatment Cure And Prevention Of Hearing Loss

Vital Signs – Symptoms of hearing loss

I contacted Hearing Solutions after experiencing problems with my hearing for several years. I was struggling to hear my customers and finding myself becoming isolated when I was out with friends. A lady came and did all the tests at my home. I tried a pair of Hearing Aids that immediately eradicated all my hearing problems immediately. It was like magic.They have changed my life.

I had experienced hearing loss since a teenager but I was really starting to really struggle when out with friends in a noisy bars and restaurants. I bought a pair of hearing aids from Hearing Solutions that are concealed in my ear, they link to my phone so I can control the settings, but also listen to music and have phone calls through them. Best purchase ever.

I hated the idea of wearing hearing aids but my wife was nagging me about having the TV and music volume up loud all the time and told me to get my ears checked. Hearing Solutions came to see me and I bought a pair that go in my ear canal and no one can see. My wife no longer nags me!

What Are The First Signs Of Hearing Loss To Look Out For

Apr 20, 2021 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources |

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues in the US today. 1 in 3 people over 65 and half of the people over 75 have a hearing loss.

This can be due to patients not identifying their problems when they first arise. We are dedicated to raising awareness and educating the residents of Maryland.

The reason we need to raise awareness about hearing loss is that, unfortunately, it is not part of the yearly physical, and it is left undetected.

This is the number one problem we face as audiologists.

In most cases, by the time a patient has come to see us, the damage has been done, and all we can do is help manage the issue and limit its progress.

The Birds Have Seemingly Disappeared

Take a moment and thinkwhen was the last time you heard birds singing or crickets chirping? Do you hear the cars turn signal when its blinking? Are you having trouble hearing your wife or grandchildren when they speak?

These higher pitched sounds and voices register at frequencies of 2,000 Hz or higher, which those with high-frequency hearing loss have trouble hearing.

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What Can Be Done

Once hearing loss is acquired, it continues to progress throughout life, in large part due to presbycusis or hearing loss due to aging. A regular assessment will not only identify hearing loss sooner but also increase the chances of retaining the hearing capabilities that currently exist.

You can schedule your comprehensive hearing assessment here and one of our professionals at Holland Hearing Center will be able to help no matter your situation.

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What Are The Treatment Options For Hearing Loss

Blogs on Hearing Aids

If you develop hearing loss due to a buildup of wax in the ear canal, you can remove the wax at home. Over-the-counter solutions, including wax softeners, can remove wax from the ear. Syringes can also push warm water through the ear canal to remove the wax. Consult your doctor before attempting to remove any object stuck in your ear to avoid unintentionally damaging your ear.

For other causes of hearing loss, youll need to see your doctor. If your hearing loss is the result of an infection, your doctor may need to prescribe antibiotics. If your hearing loss is due to other conductive hearing problems, your doctor may refer you to a specialist to receive a hearing aid or a cochlear implant.

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Early Signs Of Hearing Loss Can Be Difficult To Spot

The first signs of hearing loss tend to be subtle. Its not like you wake up one day and, very suddenly, you cant hear anything quieter than 65 decibels. Instead, the early signs of hearing loss camouflage themselves in your everyday activities.

Or, you can think about it another way. The human body are amazingly adaptable. When your hearing starts to fade, your brain can start to compensate, helping you follow conversations or figure out who said what. Likewise, if your left ear starts to fade, maybe your right ear starts to pick up the slack and you unconsciously start tilting your head just a bit.

But your ears and brain can only compensate so much.

Types Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss comes in many forms. It can range from a mild loss, in which a person misses certain high-pitched sounds, such as the voices of women and children, to a total loss of hearing.

There are two general categories of hearing loss:

  • Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. This type of hearing loss is usually permanent.
  • Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound waves cannot reach the inner ear. The cause may be earwax buildup, fluid, or a punctured eardrum. Medical treatment or surgery can usually restore conductive hearing loss.

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Devices To Help With Hearing Loss

Your doctor or specialist may suggest you get a hearing aid. Hearing aids are electronic, battery-run devices that make sounds louder. There are many types of hearing aids. Before buying a hearing aid, find out if your health insurance will cover the cost. Also, ask if you can have a trial period so you can make sure the device is right for you. An audiologist or hearing aid specialist will show you how to use your hearing aid.

Assistive-listening devices, mobile apps, alerting devices, and cochlear implants can help some people with hearing loss. Cochlear implants are electronic devices for people with severe hearing loss. They dont work for all types of hearing loss. Alert systems can work with doorbells, smoke detectors, and alarm clocks to send you visual signals or vibrations. For example, a flashing light can let you know someone is at the door or the phone is ringing. Some people rely on the vibration setting on their cell phones to alert them to calls.

Over-the-counter hearing aids are a new category of regulated hearing devices that adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss will be able to buy without a prescription. OTC hearing aids will make certain sounds louder to help people with hearing loss listen, communicate, and take part more fully in daily activities. OTC hearing aids are expected to become available in stores and online in the next few years.

Frequent Requests To Repeat

Signs of hearing loss

The situation when a loved one has not heard you at a distance of several meters doesnt mean anything yet. But if requests to repeat appear more and more often, then its time to conduct diagnostics. Moreover, the more often a person asks you to repeat, the stronger the sign of an incipient problem is manifested.

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‘did You Say Show Or Throw’

If youve lived long enough to develop presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, you may have lost your ability to hear high-frequency sounds. In speech, that translates to the consonant sounds S, F, Th, Sh, V, K, and P. These sounds are important because they help you distinguish between like-sounding wordsfor example, show and throw or keep and peep.

As a result, you may misunderstand important parts of the conversation and respond inappropriately or think people are mumbling. In other words, you can hear, but not understand.

How Better Hearing Health Begins

Hearing is checked beginning at age 50 .

An otoscopic inspection will look for any anatomical and/or medical issues with the ear, ear canal, and eardrum.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation, pure-tone testing air & bone conduction, speech testing , and impedance audiometry will identify early hearing loss and establish a baseline. These tests are easy to administer and non-invasive.

Its important to not only audiometrically evaluate hearing but also to take a thorough medical history and assess the subjective perception of a persons hearing and how it impacts their communication situations.

Therefore, questionnaires should be employed that assess how an individuals hearing affects them and evaluates the perceived benefits of treatment with amplification .

Here at Berkeley Hearing Center, we also incorporate Cognivue. Because of the strong correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline, Cognivue provides our clinicians objective measurements of cognitive function that can be monitored over time.

It is a screening tool to identify a potential decline in cognitive function relative to baseline test performance of other age-normal adults. If indicated, we can then refer those patients for appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment.

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Does Your Loved One Have A Hearing Loss

It can be difficult living with someone who has a hearing loss, especially when the other person is unaware of their challenges. Some common signs of hearing loss in a loved one are:

  • They have no idea what you just said. You have to ask them if they heard you.
  • They complain they cant hear you because you walked away.
  • They speak loudly when they are trying to whisper.
  • They cant hear you if you whisper.
  • They go into another room when the family is together.
  • They do not contribute to group conversations and seem lost when the subject of conversation changes.
  • They turn up the TV way too loud or have to use closed captioning to watch it.
  • They avoid talking on the phone.
  • They cup their hand around their ear to hear better.

Some Possible Signs Of Hearing Loss In A School

Untreated Hearing Loss Link to Dementia and Falling ...
  • Does not follow simple commands, such as get your shoes, or understand simple directions
  • Is easily frustrated or experiences communication breakdowns
  • Is falling behind with speech and communication skills
  • Cannot understand what you are saying unless they are looking directly at you
  • Cannot identify where sounds are coming from
  • Is exhausted at the end of school from concentrating to understand speech
  • Shows signs of behavioral problems or social difficulties
  • Experiences problems keeping up at school or grades slipping

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Why Are Regular Hearing Assessments So Important

Establishing a baseline test is important for future comparison. With all the research on the correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline, it is more important than ever to treat hearing loss sooner rather than later.

We care for all ages and hope you become part of our family or patients for life because of our focus on long-term audiological care, which we feel is the best way to look after your hearing health.

No matter how small your question or concern about your hearing health, call us! Theres no obligation to come see us, although we hope you will visit and get the first of your yearly hearing assessments with us. Email or call us today.

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Look Out For These Subtle Signs Of Hearing Loss Too

There are some signs of hearing loss that dont seem to have much to do with your hearing. These are subtle signs, no doubt, but they can be a leading indicator that your ears are struggling.

  • Frequent headaches: When your hearing begins to decline, your ears are still straining to hear sounds. Theyre working hard. And that prolonged strain also strains your brain and can translate into chronic headaches.
  • Trouble focusing: If your brain is having to devote more resources to hearing, you may have less concentration power available to get through your daily routines. As a result, you may notice some trouble focusing.
  • Restless nights: Insomnia is, ironically, a sign of hearing loss. You might think the quiet makes it easier to sleep, but the strain puts your brain into a chronic state of alertness.

When you notice any of these signs of age-related hearing loss, its worth scheduling an appointment with a hearing specialist to determine whether or not you are experiencing the early stages of hearing decline. Then, you can formulate treatment plans that can protect your hearing.

Hearing loss is a slow-moving process. With the right knowledge, you can stay ahead of it.

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First Signs Of Hearing Loss In A Loved One

Hearing loss can develop gradually over time, and as such, people learn to live with it. Below are some glaring signs that a loved one is dealing with hearing issues.

Responding Incorrectly Responding to a question with an answer that doesnt make sense indicates that your loved one may not have understood but is trying to answer anyway.

Pardon me Asking people to repeat themselves more often is a definite first sign.

Not engaging A group setting can be a very intimidating place for a person who has a loss of hearing. If you find your loved one holding back in group settings or avoiding them altogether, then it could indicate that they are experiencing a progressive loss of hearing.

Issues With Different Voices

Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Someone who has a hearing loss may also struggle to understand those who speak at different pitches and with alternative accents.

If youre a man with a lower voice, you may find it difficult to understand children and women who generally speak in higher tones.

Likewise, if you watch the television and can understand some voices but not others, its important to speak to Dr. Holland or me about a possible hearing loss.

Are you concerned about a hearing loss or know someone else who is? Contact Holland Hearing today by calling us at , and well help you to address this issue very soon!

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Why Do So Many People Have An Undiagnosed Hearing Loss

Most people have a hearing loss for 7 to 10 years before realizing they have a significant enough problem to have their hearing tested. By then, a certain amount of permanent damage has occurred in the hearing system. Hearing screenings and early intervention are so important.

Much of the reason as to why people wont get their hearing checked has to do with perceptions and stigmas, especially about hearing aids. People say:

Hearing aids will make me look old.

They just make everything louder.

They cant help me hear better in noisy environments.

Much of this was true with older hearing aids that were large and bulky and had a number of technological limitations, but todays hearing aids are marvels of miniaturized technology.

They are literally a mini supercomputer in your ear. They communicate with each other, can tell exactly what sounds are in the environment, and can make changes to the hearing devices to maximize your hearing in milliseconds.

Anyone who has a hearing loss owes it to themselves to wear a set of the hearing aids for a no-cost, one-week trial to see the difference they can make.

What Are The Signs Of Hearing Loss In Adults

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss in Adults?

As we age, our hair may turn gray, our golf swing may get a little weaker, and our hearing might decline. Age-related hearing loss is a gradual process. It doesnt happen overnight and if it does, you should seek medical attention immediately! The signs and symptoms of hearing loss may be subtle even undetectable to the untrained eye , but the compounding effect will eventually become impossible to ignore. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, the average patient wont seek treatment for their hearing loss for seven years putting them at risk for advanced hearing loss side effects such as depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline. This is why its important for adults to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of hearing loss that will develop as we age.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, schedule a hearing screening with an audiologist to determine the type and degree of your hearing loss to begin developing the right treatment plan for you.

Treating your Hearing loss can be intimidating, but youre not alone. Most Americans over the age of 65 experience age-related hearing loss. Those who seek treatment and diagnosis drastically improve their quality of life through the use of hearing devices fitted and prescribed to them by a doctor of audiology.

Call today for a free hearing consultation with a doctor of audiology atThe Villages Health.

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How Do I Know I Have A Hearing Problem

  • It sounds like people are mumbling when they’re talking to me
  • I ask people to repeat themselves, even when its quiet
  • I get tired from concentrating to understand what people are saying
  • I have difficulty hearing in restaurants when there is a lot of background noise
  • I find it difficult to work out what direction sound is coming from
  • I find it harder to hear female or childrens voices
  • I find it difficult to hear from a distance in a quieter environment
  • I need the TV up louder than others
  • People tell me I speak loudly
  • I feel I need to lean in when I’m talking to somebody
  • I have a family history of hearing loss
  • I have a history of exposure to noise in my workplace

You Strain To Listenand Its Exhausting

Causes of hearing loss

If you find you’re straining to listen to the conversation and are more exhausted than usual at the end of the day, you may have listening fatigue. Like a fading radio state or bad phone connection, you have difficulty following the conversation.

Most people are surprised to learn that hearing is a brain activity. When your auditory system is compromised, it takes a lot more effort for your brain to process the sound it receives from your inner ear. In effect, the signal is broken.

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