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What’s New In Hearing Aids 2020

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Best Hearing Aids For General Health

What’s NEW with Hearing & Hearing Aids in 2020?

To find the best hearing aids for general health, I looked at the following factors:

  • Usage reinforcement – Do the hearing aids encourage consistent usage?
  • Activity reinforcement – Do the hearing aids encourage you to stay physically active?
  • Fall monitoring – Do the hearing aids detect falls and alert your loved ones?

Oticon Xceed And Remotecare


The Oticon Xceed is a hearing aid available in super- and ultra-power models, both of which employ OpenSound Navigator, which enables the user to hear sounds from any direction, and OpenSound Optimizer, a technology that provides enhanced speech clarity in a variety of settings. The RemoteCare app enables you and your hearing care professional to have virtual follow-up appointments and adjust your hearing aids remotely, particularly during the early days of wear. The Xceed won a CES 2020 Innovation Award in the Health & Wellness category, while the RemoteCare was awarded one in the Tech for a Better World category.

Price and availability The exact price of Xceed isnt available, but without insurance, expect to pay roughly $1,200 per ear. For more information, visit the Oticon website.

Expert comment This is a great hearing aid for people with significant hearing loss that also provides wireless connectivity and access for your doctor and you to work together without needing to have an in-office appointment, says Humphrey.

Impressive Features Of Modern Hearing Aid Technology In 2020

Like most technology, hearing aids have made progress at an impressive rate. First introduced to the commercial market in 1913, hearing aids used to be the size of filing cabinets until they had advanced into the hearing aids of the 1970s that you may remember: bulky, beige, and hardly inconspicuous. Today, hearing aids are more akin to supercomputers than their old predecessors. While previous hearing aids would amplify all sounds around you and sit uncomfortably around your ear, new hearing aids have new and incredible features that could give sci-fi movies a run for their money, and the best is still yet to come. Here are just a few of the pioneering hearing aid innovations helping the hearing loss community in 2020.

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Who Is The Widex Iic Suitable For

The IIC is not suitable for everyone for two reasons. The device will only fit certain dimensions of the ear canal, if your ear canal is too narrow or has too tight a bend it might not be suitable. Other contraindications are things such as excessive waxy ear canals or perforated eardrums. If you face these issues, the IIC or in fact any invisible hearing aid, may not be the product for you. In these cases, other types of discreet hearing aids may be more advisable to consider.

The Widex IIC is available in three of the Menu technology levels, IIC 10, IIC 5 and IIC 3+.

Outstanding features of the IIC include:

  • Perfect fit: each IIC hearing aid is custom made to ensure a perfect fit
  • Better localisation: tight fit means users can better determine where sounds are coming from
  • All-purpose use: can be worn in all listening situations
  • Durability: all components are contained in one unit making it extremely durable
  • More comfort: no joined parts mean there are no hard edges

Things To Keep In Mind About Online Hearing Aids

Bose QuietComfort 35
  • No in-person assistance
  • No pre-purchase hearing health examination
  • Not suitable for severe or profound hearing loss
  • Lack of verification and validation measures, which can result in an improper fitting
  • Problems with self-tuning
  • Serious hearing loss conditions or diseases cannot be identified online
  • Website research and navigation not ideal for tech-challenged seniors
  • Ear pieces are not customized generic fits may not work well for all patients

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New Hearing Aid Options Are Coming In 2022

Hearing Loss Association of America

Kate CarrPresidentHearing Industries Association

By Barbara Kelley, Executive Director, Hearing Loss Association of America and Kate Carr, President, Hearing Industries Association

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration issued draft guidelines for over-the-counter hearing aids, a first step toward giving Americans more options to address mild to moderate hearing loss. When the rule is finalized, adults 18 and older will be able to purchase OTC hearing aids online or at retail outlets without a medical exam or fitting by a hearing care professional. While final regulations and the first OTC products are still months away, now is an opportune time to educate ourselves on the various types of hearing devices that will be available.

Today there are primarily three types of devices that provide hearing help:

  • Sound amplifiers: One-size-fits-all devices, called PSAPs , intended for recreational use for individuals with no hearing loss that simply make all environmental sounds louder. These are considered hearing amplifiers not hearing aids.
  • Implants: Cochlear implant solutions, or bone-anchored hearing systems, that are designed for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss.
  • Differences Between OTC and Prescription Hearing Aids

  • Technology Differences. There is a broad range of features offered on various hearing aids. As new products become available, youll want to check the features for the products youre considering. For instance:
  • The Best Hearing Solution For You: Concept By Iowa Hearing

    No matter where you are at in your journey with hearing loss, here at Concept by Iowa Hearing we can help you navigate through the next steps. With no conflicts of interest or pressure from manufacturers, our clinicians can impartially help find the best hearing solution for you. We are in the business of treating hearing loss and delivering top quality care. For more on your options, find a location near you.

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    Stay Tuned For Even More Innovations

    From smaller designs to more advanced technology and features, there is no doubt that this is just the beginning for the hearing aid industry. If you would like to learn more about trying any of these hearing aids for 30 days, make sure to click on the button below. One of our hearing experts will get in touch with you for a free consultation. You will learn more about the benefits of wearing hearing aids and how we can help you find the right device for you. There are no obligations and no risks to speak with us. Sign up today!

    Runner Up: Resound One

    BEST Hearing Aids of 2022 | 6 Top Rated Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aids

    ReSound was the first hearing aid company to offer support for both Made For iPhone and Android ASHA Bluetooth protocols, and Resound promises One will support the upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio protocol through a future firmware upgrade. While the Oticon More provides the same support , the product is still new, and has an unproven track record on ASHA support.

    You can get high-quality hands-free calling for the ReSound One with iOS devices. For Android, youll need to purchase the ReSound Phone Clip+ and pair it to your phone. The microphone on the Phone Clip+ which can be worn on a lapel is used to pick up your voice and send it to the caller. For those looking at Oticon More, youll need the ConnectClip to accomplish hands-free calling with Android .

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    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Although we have spoken about this in the past, I think 2020 will be the year where we see more and more brands begin to use features, apps and technology-driven by machine learning. Widex has already seen the fruits of their introduction of cloud machine learning technology with the Evoke range.

    I can’t wait to see what they will do with it in their new range coming this year. I would imagine that learning will also begin to cross over to Signia as well. Resound has been very busy in the background with AI research and they have already discussed how they hope to use it to make the experience better. I know that Demant and Sonova are diligently working away in the background on research and design around machine learning for their products.

    This type of technology really excites me, artificial intelligence and machine learning will radically change the function of hearing aids and increase innovation in hearing aid function like no other technology.

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    Heres Our Selection Of The Top Hearing Aids From The Worlds Leading Brands

    Here we compile a list of the latest hearing aids available in Toronto and the rest of Canada so that you can make the decision as to which hearing aids fit your lifestyle needs.

    This list is based on the most reputable manufacturers and their latest generation products. Come back here on a regular basis to find out what the latest devices are and how you can benefit from them.

    For each of these products we also aim to bring to you a more detailed page where you will find a more thorough explanation of features and updates.

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    A Transformation To Personalized Hearing Care

    Ian Windmill, PhD

    Tele-health, wearable health technologies, the transformation of the health care delivery system, self-diagnosing and self-treating apps, artificial intelligence and big data will all impact the delivery of hearing care in the future. As has become common understanding over the past decade, the trajectory of knowledge in health care is steeply upward, with hearing care a contributing partner.

    In a general sense, hearing care has been about the identification of hearing loss and the use of technologies to mitigate that loss, both in children and adults. In some respects this may be thought of as audiogram-based care as both diagnosis and treatment continue to revolve around responses to several pure tones in a narrow frequency range of hearing. Both conceptually and pragmatically, a shift in this foundation is necessary in order to advance hearing care.

    If the eyes are the window to the soul, the ear may very well become the window to health.

    A second area is the role of genetics in determining health outcomes. It is not hard to imagine a future where genetic profiling will occur and the risk for various forms of hearing loss can be determined, including risk for exogenous causes such as noise induced loss. This knowledge will force a more robust role in the prevention of hearing loss and their related comorbid conditions.

    Ian M. Windmill, Ph.D. is the clinical director of audiology at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center

    Whats In Store Next Year

    Oticon Opn S 1 Colors

    While we hope 2021 will be better than its predecessor in many ways, its never been a better time to seek treatment for your hearing loss. Whether youre upgrading to new devices or checking out hearing aids for the first time, theres something new for everyone. Want to learn more about how the latest technology and innovations can help you hear better? Schedule an appointment with us today!

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    Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much

    Hearing aid costs are typically bundled with other services to ensure the hearing devices you purchase match your or your loved ones specific hearing needs. This is frequently why hearing aids are so expensive.

    However, a bundled cost model can leave room for upcharges and unclear pricing.

    If youre interested in purchasing a hearing aid and are exploring potential ways to save on costs, ask about unbundling. With an unbundled price, you get a better understanding of what services youre paying for.

    You can also ask for an itemized sheet to really understand your costs. Online stores can also reduce the cost of hearing aids by selling their products and providing consultations entirely online.

    Buying Hearing Aids Online

    Most of the companies included on this page are direct-to-consumer brands, meaning that you can buy a hearing aid from them, usually online, without visiting an audiologists office. Many of them are FDA-registered, Class I medical devices. These FDA-registered hearing aids you can buy online are not PSAPs they are proper hearing aids designed to help people diagnosed with hearing loss.

    However, its important to note that FDA registration is not the same thing as FDA approval. Class I medical devices pose the lowest risk of harm to consumers and thus are not required to undergo the testing process necessary for FDA approval before reaching the market. Being FDA-registered simply means that the FDA knows that the product is being manufactured. On the other hand, FDA approval means that there has been sufficient testing of the product and it has been determined that the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

    Hearing aids sold directly to consumers online can certainly still be safe and effective as long as they are custom-programmed for wearers sound profiles, ideally by an audiologist. If youre on a budget, buying a hearing aid online from a company that offers remote care and adjustments with an audiologist can be the best way to get a high-quality and safe hearing aid.

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    Benefits Of Hearing Aids

    Only one in five people who would benefit from a hearing aid uses one, according to the Hearing Loss Association of AmericaHearing Loss Facts and Statistics. Hearing Loss Association of America. Accessed 4/27/2022. . Cost, confusion about and access to hearing care, and gradual hearing loss going unrecognized are all reasons for this underutilization. Vanity also plays a role, though hearing aids continue to become smaller and sleeker.

    Having hearing loss is like youre backing out 10 feet from a conversation, says John Coverstone, an audiologist in New Brighton, Minnesota, and host of the AudiologyTalk podcast. People feel more isolated, he says.

    Studies link trouble hearing with serious health consequences. Untreated hearing loss increases your risk of anxiety, depression, social isolation, falls and cognitive decline, research shows.

    Proper hearing aids can greatly improve hearing and, consequently, health, studies find. For example, wearing hearing aids appears to reduce the excess risk of dementia from hearing loss, according to a 2020 report in The LancetLivingston G, Huntley J, Sommerlad A, et al. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission. The Lancet. 2020 396:413-346. .

    Powerful Processing Chips Will Eventually Become The Norm

    BEST Hearing Aids of 2021 | Receiver-in-Canal Edition

    We have already witnessed Phonak’s PRISM sound processing chip that gave us twice the memory of its predecessor, , and a greater scope of Bluetooth connectivity and all using low-power consumption. More high-performance chips will no doubt follow which will make quicker and more efficient tailor-made amplification and connectivity. Resulting in a higher level of personalisation for wearers.

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    What Is The Strongest Hearing Aid Available

    Hearing loss is a serious issue for millions of people across the country. It can hamper your relationships, negatively impact your overall quality of life, and worsen over time. So, when its time to look for a hearing solution, there is a lot on the line. You may be asking what is the best hearing aid on the market in 2022? or what is the strongest hearing aid available? The hearing solution market is full of different hearing aid types and costs. In this blog we are going to look at some of the best, strongest, and most financially friendly hearing solutions.

    Phonak’s Bluetooth Capability & Tap Control

    While the new Paradise range from Phonak offers far more than just in-depth Bluetooth connectivity and Tap control, those are the things that I feel will make such a huge difference to hearing aid users moving forward. They are also the features that I expect to become ubiquitous across hearing aids over the next five years.

    Dual Connection

    The Bluetooth capability ensures that you can connect seamlessly to two devices at the one time and shift between them for audio and call streaming without an issue. That is a fantastic step forward for usability without hassle. I expect with the introduction of Bluetooth LE Audio across other hearing aid brands for this ability to spread.


    The hands-free phone call experience has just got better, it seems to have become more solid and less problematic than it once was. It appears that your caller can hear your voice on calls almost 100% of the time. Something that wasn’t true with the Marvel, especially in noisier environments. Again, I expect to see hands-free systems to spread across the hearing aid brands once Bluetooth LE audio hits and I would say ReSound will probably offer an amazing system simply because of their experience with Jabra.

    Tap Control

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    My Pick: Phonak Paradise

    While most hearing aid companies went down the path of providing Made For iPhone hearing aids , Phonak lagged behind, not launching their first Bluetooth-connected hearing aid until early 2018. For many, the wait was worth it. Because it was the first hearing aid to offer universal Bluetooth connectivity, Phonak Marvel was a raging success.

    The early days for Marvel were rocky, with only one Bluetooth connection supported at a time, and lacking support for Phonaks popular Roger wireless accessories. All of that was fixed with the Marvel 2.0 firmware upgrade, which added support for Roger and 2 simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

    Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

    Phonak was slow to jump into the world of Bluetooth connectivity, but ended up stealing the crown this year with Paradise, which provides significant upgrades to Marvels connectivity by adding support for up to 8 Bluetooth devices and 2 active Bluetooth connections. This means going back and forth between a phone and laptop, etc, is now as seamless as any other modern true wireless earbud. Connection stability and ease of pairing is as youd expect too.

    Phonak Audéo Paradise


    *Via Made For iPhone and Android ASHA protocols on select smartphones.**According to research from Oticon

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