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Can You Send Hearing Aid Batteries Through The Mail

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Buying Hearing Aids Online

How to Order VA Hearing Aid Batteries via Phone through DALC

Buying hearing aids online is a relatively new development, but the concept behind it isn’t. Many major brands bypass the middleman and sell directly to consumers online. Some, such as Dollar Shave Club, use this method almost exclusively.

Hearing aid manufacturers sell online to make it easier and less expensive for people to buy high-quality hearing aids. By selling directly to consumers, the manufacturers save money on expensive storefronts and pass those savings on to their customers.

Online hearing aid brands can do everything big-box stores can do. You can take a free online hearing test similar to the one you take at a hearing center. A hearing professional makes recommendations for the best hearing aid for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Fittings and adjustments are done over FaceTime or Skype or through a smartphone app. This could be especially valuable for people interested in reducing in-person appointments to limit their risk of COVID-19.

The entire process is supervised by an audiologist and your hearing aids are dispensed by a licensed health professional. Most companies provide personal support for as long as you own your devices.

Hearing aid costs are much lower when you buy online from the manufacturer.MDHearingAid, for example, offers a value-priced model for $400 a pair. Audicus sells a Bluetooth-enabled device with several popular features for $500 a pair.

Which Hearing Aid Batteries Are Best

If you are uncertain on which hearing aid batteries will suit you and your hearing aid, we’ve put together some valuable resources in our blog:

  • It doesn’t bother me
  • I’ve been told it’s a problem by other people
  • I feel like I’m missing out
  • It impacts everything I want to do
  • Yes, I wear one now
  • No, Ive never worn one
  • Yes, but I dont wear it

Hearing Aid Battery Essentials

Battery size will be down to the make or model of your device, whereas brand will very much be a preference. Certain sized cells function more efficiently for certain styles of hearing aids. Your device manual will highlight the right size for best performance.

Our online store is home to a broad selection of hearing aid batteries. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Choose from all the key sizes including 10, 13, 312, and size 675.
  • Multi-packs of 6, 8, 60, and 120 are available too, at a reduced cost to save even more money.
  • Long-lasting power from a range of recognised brands.
  • Long-shelf life on all cells makes them perfect for storage.
  • Easy to insert and remove cells from your device.

Did you know? We also supply rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

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Damaged Defective Or Recalled Lithium Batteries

Damaged, defective, or recalled lithium battery shipping is restricted to ground transportation by law and is only accepted by UPS for the lower US 48 contiguous states and excludes service to Alaska Hawaii Puerto Rico Avalon, CA Catalina Island, CA Beaver Island, MI Mackinac Island, MI The Bass Islands, OH Kelleys Island, OH and San Juan Islands, WA.

UPS provides ground service for compliant and fully regulated Damaged, Defective, or Recalled Lithium Batteries within the contiguous United States when prepared under 49CFR §173.185 and tendered under our contracted hazmat service.

UPS provides service for Damaged, Defective, or Recalled Lithium Batteries when compliantly prepared under U.S. Department of Transportation Special Permits as authorized under 49CFR Part 107, Subpart B. This DDR LB DOT-SP service requires UPS pre-approval and a specialized service agreement, please contact your account representative for more detail on this program.

Storing Your Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries Safely

24 Pcsx Ast Hearing Aid Batteries 13A Zinc Air A13/p13 ...

Now that you know, you can see why its important to keep your hearing aid batteries safe from little hands or inquisitive pets. If you have small children or animals in your house, its important to find a safe place to store your batteries. Here are some dos and donts:

  • DO invest in a container with a snap-tight lid. Store it on a shelf in a closet which has a door you keep shut
  • DO store your batteries at room temperature. Heat shortens battery life and, contrary to popular opinion, battery life is not extended by storing them in the refrigeration
  • DONT store batteries next to metal objects, such as coins and keys. These are common items found in pant pockets and purses
  • DONT store your batteries with your medications. Many pills are the same size and shape as hearing aid batteries. Many cases of accidental battery poisoning have occurred from people who mistakenly ingested a hearing aid battery while taking their daily medications

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Reviewing Your Hearing Loss Claim

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll send you a letter to tell you if we are able to accept your claim.

We try to send this letter as soon as possible but it depends on how long it takes for us to get the medical information and other information we need. During this process, we’ll contact you if we need more information from you.

Do Your Homework On Packaging

As every hazmat pro knows, eligible and compliant are two entirely separate things. Your batteries might be eligible for shipping via U.S. mail, but you need the right battery packaging to make those shipments compliant.

You must follow USPS Packaging Instructions 9D strictly to prevent batteries from short-circuiting, overheating or catching fire. Your outer packaging doesnt have to be UN Specification, but it does need to be a strong, sealed and cushioned package to prevent movement.

International packaging requirements require solid, rigid packaging thats adequately sized to see the lithium battery mark without folding. International shipments in padded and poly bags are only allowed with button cell batteries under a very specific set of circumstances.

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Option : Order By Mail

Fill out a Veterans Request for Batteries and Accessories card. If youre ordering hearing aid wax guards, please write down the type of guard if you have that information from your audiologist.

You should have received a VA Form 2346a in the box with your last order.

Mail the completed form to:

VA Denver Logistics Center

Tips For Lowering Hearing Aid Costs

How to Order VA Hearing Aid Batteries by Mail.

In most cases, buying hearing aids directly from the manufacturer online is the most cost-effective option. Value-priced devices start at about $400 a pair while the most advanced devices start at around $2,000 a pair. That’s a savings of more than 50% over hearing center prices.

Here are other tips to help you save money on your hearing aids:

  • Buy the level of technology you need. The cutting-edge features in high-end hearing aids are appealing, but you probably don’t need many of them. For example, if you have a Fitbit, iWatch, or health tracking app on your smartphone, you don’t need to buy hearing aids with health monitoring capabilities.
  • Use your health savings account to pay for hearing aids. Hearing aids are qualifying expenses under HSA rules. That means you can withdraw tax-advantaged funds from your HSA without penalty to buy them. Paying cash up front with HSA dollars avoids the interest costs associated with financing.
  • Buy your hearing aids online and have them fitted by an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. If you’re concerned about custom fitting, you can buy your hearing aids online and get them professionally adjusted after you get them. You’ll still save hundreds or thousands of dollars on the devices themselves and only pay for the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist services you actually need.
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    Can I Appeal Any Decision Vac Makes About My Treatment Benefits

    Yes. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have the right to request a review There are two levels of review.

    • First Level Review The decision letter indicates how to submit a request for a first level review.
    • Final Review The decision letter for your first level review will indicate how to request a final review.

    Expert Insight #: Ive Heard There Are Shipping Restrictions For Rechargeable Batteries And Products Using Them Do The Restrictions Apply To Hearing Aids And Accessories That Use Rechargeable Batteries

    About Our Expert

    Barry A. Freeman, PhD

    Barry Freeman, PhD, is vice president of hearing and audiology for ZPower, and has been leader and educator in the global audiology community for over 35 years. Prior to joining ZPower, he was CEO and president of Audiology Consultants Inc , a private audiology consulting firm, and senior director of Audiology and Education for Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global manufacturer of hearing aids. Dr Freeman has served as chair and professor of Audiology at Nova Southeastern University and has taught full time or as an adjunct professor in some of the most distinguished audiology programs in the country. Additionally, he owned and practiced for 20 years at the Center for Audiology in Clarksville, Tenn, and Hearing Services of Kentucky in Hopkinsville, Ky. He is a past president of the American Academy of Audiology , served on the AAA Board of Directors for 6 years, and continues to serve on several professional boards.

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    How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

    According to a survey by Consumer Reports, the average price for a single hearing aid was about $2,560 or $5,120 a pair. Buying hearing aids as a pair dropped the price per device to $2,340 or $4,680 for a pair. Most peopleabout 85%buy hearing aids as a pair.

    Even though the average hearing aid price is over $2,500, it’s possible to get hearing aids for as little as $400 to $500 a pair. You may not get the highest level of technology at the lower price points, but depending on your lifestyle and type of hearing loss, you may not need all of the high-tech features.

    Information For Audiology Patients During Covid

    Size 675 Hearing Aids

    Our staff are still here to support you in the following ways:

    Need a hearing aid repair? We can repair this for you simply send your hearing aid to the team based at the hospital closest to you along with a brief description of the problem.

    Need replacement batteries? Just call 03033 304645 for Grimsby, 03033 302436 for Scunthorpe or e-mail us at and we can post these out to you.

    Our teams have created the following YouTube videos which we hope you find useful.

    Our audiology departments offer diagnostic hearing tests, tinnitus assessment, newborn screening and provide and maintain NHS hearing aids.

  • Contact details
  • Audiology is the diagnostic assessment, rehabilitation and habilitation* of people with ear, hearing and/or balance difficulties. *Rehabilitation focuses on restoring a skill that is lost. In children, the skill may not be there in the first place, so it has to be taught, hence the services are habilitative, not rehabilitative.

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    How To Safely Ship Lithium

    When you are shipping your personal effects and household goods overseas it is quite likely that youll also need to send some items with batteries.

    This can raise quite a few questions as there can be restrictions on shipping batteries overseas, especially by air, due to their hazardous nature. There is a lot of misinformation and incorrect guidance on forums surrounding batteries or devices which contain batteries, lithium-ion or otherwise. Many people will tell you that you cannot ship them.

    However, you are permitted to ship batteries by both air and sea freight, but you must follow the respective guidelines.

    This guide has been written to address this issue and give clear and correct advice about sending lithium and lithium-ion batteries abroad no matter whether by air freight or sea freight. It also discusses how you need to prepare and pack your batteries or devices containing batteries.

    It is important to note that there are different regulations when sending them by air or by sea freight, so pay attention to these differences depending on your situation.

    NB: Whilst you can ship batteries in unaccompanied luggage, we recommend that wherever possible you take them with you as hand luggage. Although this is usually not a problem for items such as laptops and mobile phones, it may not be practical for trades people shipping power tools and other items.

    How To Ship Batteries Overseas By Sea Freight

    The following regulations apply when you are relocating possessions, including batteries, in a shipping container. This also includes a shared shipping container often referred to as groupage.

    Shipping Standard lithium metal batteries by sea

    When you need to send regular lithium metal batteries such as AA or AAA batteries, you need to send them in a hard plastic casing. Alternatively, you could leave them in a product that also has a hard plastic casing.

    On the whole, it is not recommended to transport these batteries overseas because the risks outweigh the costs. They are more likely to corrode or leak in damp and humid conditions especially if they are part used.

    Lithium-ion Batteries

    These commonly used rechargeable batteries can be sent by sea freight if they are left in their respective devices or if they are placed in a hard and sealed case.

    Shipping Power Tools By Sea

    You can send your power tools such as drills and electric screwdrivers with their batteries if they are kept in a hard container.

    There are no restrictions on the number of batteries you can keep in each box.

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    How To Ship Batteries Overseas By Air Freight

    Stricter regulations from International Air Transport Association apply to shipping batteries by air as there are increased risks in the advent of fire.

    We therefore generally advise NOT shipping batteries in unaccompanied luggage by air freight.

    Note, when travelling by air you are usually required to keep them in your hand luggage and are not allowed batteries in your checked-in luggage. You should consult your airline and airport about rules for carrying batteries with you onto the plane.

    Here are the guidelines that you need to follow when sending batteries overseas as part of your unaccompanied personal effects in the cargo hold of an aircraft.

    Shipping Standard Lithium Metal Batteries By Air

    When sending every-day lithium metal batteries by air freight, you need to send them inside the product they work in. For example, if you send your TV remote and choose to send your current half-used AAA batteries as well, the batteries must be sent inside the TV remote.

    This differs from sending lithium batteries by sea freight because you cannot send them packed separately.

    However, as previously stated these have a greater danger of leakage so it would be best to purchase new ones on arrival.

    You cannot send lose spare lithium metal batteries by air freight.

    Lithium-ion Batteries

    Power Banks

    Power banks and power / battery packs used to recharge mobile phones / tablets etc. are classed as batteries and cannot be sent in the cargo hold of planes.

    Shipping Power Tools

    Disposable Vs Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

    How to Order VA Hearing aid Batteries via Email through DALC
    Dr. Mandi Solat
    Audiologist and Owner of Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center

    It is well known that the power source for hearing aids are batteries. A patient recently ran out of batteries and asked us to mail some to their house. We sent them, only to realize we sent the usual disposable tabbed batteries and not rechargeable batteries! How embarrassing! We did not think to look if the patient was using disposable, rechargeable, or Z-Power batteries. We only looked at the battery size they needed.

    Since we have been in this business hearing aids have been powered by disposable batteries. We have only replaced a handful of rechargeable batteries, but that is all changing! Now, the first rechargeable batteries that we fit years ago are starting to need replacement. We need to train our brains to remember this!

    Many newer hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries. What is the difference between disposal batteries and rechargeable batteries? Let us take a quick look at a few pros and cons about each kind. When deciding between disposable or rechargeable batteries most decisions are based on what is best for your lifestyle.

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    Learn How To Safely Pack And Ship Batteries

    We have assembled this illustrative guide to help you safely pack and ship many kinds of batteries. In some cases, such as with alkaline or certain nonspillable lead-acid batteries, your responsibilities may be limited to simple steps such as: selecting strong outer packaging carefully protecting battery terminals to prevent sparking or short circuit and carefully preparing the interior package components to keep tools or other metal objects away from batteries.

    Other Good Tips For A Gentle Start With Hearing Aids:

    1. Wear them for most of the day. You will not get the most out of them if you use them infrequently.

    2. Use them in quiet situations, and in one-on-one conversations at home.

    3. Listen to the radio or TV start by listening to commentators, as they tend to speak more clearly. Then continue with other programmes.

    4. Use them in noisier environments such as near a busy road and at your local supermarket.

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    Seal And Label The Package

    Using the H taping method, apply at least three strips of pressure-sensitive adhesive plastic tape that is at least 2″ wide to both the top and bottom of the carton. Tape all seams or flaps. Place the shipping label on the top of the largest side. Ensure that all required outer markings, labelings and documentation appear.

    • UN 3028, Batteries, dry, containing potassium hydroxide, solid
    • UN 3292, Batteries, containing sodium

    Faqs For Purchasing Hearing Aids Online

    60 X Hearing Aid Batteries 312 312A Za312 A312 Pr41 312 ...

    While it’s common to purchase prescription eyewear and other health devices online, buying hearing aids online is relatively new. It’s normal to have questions about quality, safety, and the buying experience.

    Is it safe to buy hearing aids online?

    Hearing aids sold online meet the same FDA regulations as brands sold by audiologists and hearing centers. You work with a hearing specialist during the testing and purchase process and devices are dispensed by licensed medical professionals. You get a similar or greater level of guidance and support as you would if you bought in person at a hearing center.

    Are online hearing aids professionally fitted and adjusted?

    Online hearing aids are usually preset to improve the most common hearing loss issues. Although the settings are not customized to each user, they are based on data and research conducted by audiologists.

    Most hearing aids allow for some level of customization by the user. Some have a smartphone app for even more fine tuning. The apps use the same type of software audiologists use to fit hearing aids. Online hearing aid manufacturers typically offer personal phone and video support to help users get the best results.

    What if you need repairs or replacement?

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