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A Person Wears A Hearing Aid That Uniformly

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A Natural Listening Experience

Hearing Aid Self Help

While traditional hearing aids capture and process sound outside of the ear, Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify and give you a full, natural listening experience. Because Lyric is placed in the ear canal near the eardrum by a trained professional, it is a 100% invisible hearing aid.

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Invisible Hearing Aid Trials

Try invisible hearing aids for risk free***

To experience Lyric, simply visit one of our authorized Lyric Providers. Many currently offer risk-free trials***.

During the appointment, Lyric will be placed in your ear so you can experience the clear natural sound of an invisible hearing aid and understand the accompanying benefits.

Lyric is sold through authorized Lyric Providers on a subscription basis. A subscription covers one year including replacement devices and servicing throughout the year period.

Each Lyric device lasts for months at a time. This duration can vary, depending on the patient and their individual ear conditions. However, unlike standard hearing aids which need to be replaced Lyrics yearly subscription provides you with new devices on a regular basis.

Whenever you need a new Lyric, simply visit your provider. Your hearing care provider will fit you with a new in the ear hearing aid. Every replacement can be done in just a few minutes time.

There are no repairs or battery replacements needed, and you will receive technology updates as they become available.

Subscription costs are largely affected by where you live. You should also discuss payment options for a Lyric subscription with your hearing care provider. These may vary locally, and they will be happy to discuss them with you.

Many hearing care providers offer risk free*** trials of Lyric invisible hearing aids.

To learn more about Lyric trials, please visit our costs & subscriptions page.

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An Invisible Hearing Aid

Wherever you go, these invisible hearing aids go, too.

Lyric was designed to remain out of sight and out of mind. It is invisible in the ear canal and can be worn 24 hours per day, seven days a week for months at a time.

Lyric provides benefits unlike any other hearing aid for unrestricted living. It can be worn in the shower**, while wearing a helmet for active, physical sports and with headphones in. And because you can wear Lyric while sleeping, once you wake up, you dont have to put them in or turn them on like traditional hearing aids.

Unilateral Conductive Hearing Loss

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A unilateral severe conductive hearing loss with a second normal-hearing ear is not uncommon. If fit with a BAHA, these patients will have binaural hearing where the two cochleae can be independently stimulated enough to allow sound localization to occur. These studies found that the BAHA contributes significantly to sound localization and suggest that the sound perceived by the cochlea nearest to the BAHA can complement that perceived by the other ear enabling directional hearing in patients with unilateral severe conductive hearing loss.

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Are You Eligible For Hearing Aids From The Va

To receive hearing aids or similar devices , you first must qualify for VA health benefits. Once enrolled, veterans can seek out benefits for hearing tests, examinations and hearing aids. To begin this process, veterans should apply for enrollment online or by calling 1-877-222-VETS or visiting a local VA healthcare facility or regional office.

Micro Hearing Aid Engineering

The precision and technology behind invisible hearing aids.

Lyric is designed to sit comfortably in the ear around the clock, and it incorporates the best of Swiss precision with Silicon Valley origins to create a work of technological art.

A broad size range consisting of 7 sizes from XXS to XXL models is available to comfortably fit as many different ear sizes as possible. The various sizes provide more client satisfaction and wearing comfort.1

Lyric delivers a more natural hearing experience because sound is processed analog. It also uses your natural ear anatomy to localize sound. To learn more about the wonders of invisible hearing aids, make an appointment with an authorized Lyric provider.

Risk-free trials**** of these small hearing aids are available in many markets.

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Baha And Conventional Hearing Aids

In 1994, Browning et al. wrote use of and benefit from a hearing aid are two separate issues, it is being not uncommon for a patient to be wearing a hearing aid with flat battery yet reports that it is of value. Therefore, It is important not solely to rely on patient report of use and benefit, but to back up these where possible with objective measures. The amount an aid is used is a combination of benefit along with need and motivation. The latter can be greatly influenced by the attitude with which an aid has been provided, enthusiasm being greater for new expensive models. As an example of this, Belus , reported the very interesting result that some BAHA patients had improvement in reception without the hearing aid connected to the abutment, which he called an antenna effect. This reinforces the comments above that subjective benefits are fraught with complicated factors affecting measured results. Despite this, an increasing number of studies have supported the advantage of BAHA compare to other hearing aids:

Why Hearing Aids Fail : Why Hearing Aids Are Frustratingly Imperfect And Continue To Be A Tough Challenge For Technology To Solve

Deaf Talk: I am ashamed to wear my hearing aids

This article explains why hearing aids do not fix your hearing. Hearing aids help some people some of the time, but hearing aids also are limited. Although this article is old , most of the information is still true today. Hearing aid technology will continue to improve, but will also continue to have some limits.

Some of the text in this article is accessible for people using screen reading software. However, images do not use well-written alternate text to describe them for people who can see them and links may be confusing when using screen reading software.


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Invisible Hearing Aids And A Modern Lifestyle

Are invisible hearing aids for me?

There are many advantages to Lyric hearing aids. Most importantly, they are convenient and easy to use. Once they are fit by a hearing care professional, they are designed to be worn 24 hours a day for months at a time. Better still, Lyric requires no maintenance or batteries to change or charge.

And they are truly invisible hearing aids no one will know you are wearing them. This means you can decide whether or not youd like to let people know you wear hearing aids.

You can also watch informative videos about Lyric here.

Ready To Speak To An Expert

Find an audiologist in your area

Knowing you have a hearing loss is only half the battle, speaking with an expert can provide you with the best guidance on what is best for you. Our online search tool is easy to use and will connect with a Phonak expert in your local area. Dont wait until its too late, connect with an expert today.

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Unilateral Inner Ear Deafness

The head shadow effect is an important phenomenon which occurs when the head is between the auditory signal and the better hearing ear. In this case, the head attenuates the signal intensity reaching the better hearing ear by 10 to 16 dB in frequencies above 1000 Hz. Therefore, people with unilateral deafness have difficulty hearing people on their deaf side. In addition, they have an inability to localize sound, and difficulty in understanding speech with background noise.

A unilateral sensorineural hearing loss or dead ear has been considered by some to be a relatively minor handicap which does not require help. If this was rehabilitated, then the traditional option was a CROS hearing aid. This has many drawbacks such as poor aesthetics and patient acceptance. . The above studies have found that about 20% of hearing aid owners were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their CROS hearing aids, more than 10% did not use their hearing aid, more than 20% experienced stigma when they used their aid and almost all reported poor general performance in noisy environments.

Can You See A Local Provider

A person wears a hearing aid that uniformly increases

Thanks to the MISSION Act of 2018, veterans now have greater access to hearing care providers in their local community. VA Community Care, as its known, may be available to you if you live too far from a VA clinic, or if there is a long waiting time to get an appointment at the closest VA facility. This welcome kit provides more detailed information. Increasingly, the VA is also offering teleaudiology for veterans who can’t travel far.

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Air Conduction Hearing Aids

Although some authors report that BAHA is significantly superior to air conduction hearing aids in all respects , some found no difference but the majority reported conflicting results depending on the underlying disease process that mandated the hearing aid. However, even studies with ambiguous results have found that BAHA was more favourable than AC hearing aids in patients with chronically discharging Ears.

Lyric Hearing Aid Testimonials

What people are saying about Lyric

The placement of Lyric deep in the ear canal means it takes advantage of the natural benefit of the ear anatomy to provide a clear, natural sound.

Myron Butler, Oklahoma, Lyric wearer

Im amazed at how natural sounding my wifes voice is.

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal making it 100% invisible. It requires no maintenance or batteries to change or charge. This means patients can forget they are even wearing a hearing aid. Due to these unique benefits, Lyric clients report experiencing higher self-esteem than those who wear a traditional hearing aid.2

Carolyn Hartfield, Georgia, Lyric wearer

I love being able to hear waterfalls and leaves rustling when I am out leading hikes. However, the best benefit of wearing Lyric is it allows me to engage in conversation without saying, Huh or What’.

88% of Lyric users agree that Lyric comes close to giving them their natural hearing back,**** and a whopping 93% would recommend Lyric to a friend or loved one.*****

You can learn more about the impact of small discreet hearing aids with these Lyric testimonials.

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A person wears a hearing aid that uniformly increasesthe sound level of all audible frequencies of sound by30.0 dB. The hearing aid picks up sound having a frequencyof 250 Hz at an intensity of 3.0 3 10211 W/m2.What is the intensity delivered to the eardrum?

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Textbook: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Volume 1, Technology Update
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The Advantages Of The Baha

How do hearing aids work?

The BAHA system uses an osseointegrated titanium implant to propagate sound directly to the inner ear through the skull, bypassing the impedance of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Most patients express a clear preference for the BAHA over conventional bone-conduction hearing aids. The device has been thoroughly evaluated by various implant groups. Since its introduction in 1977 until 2004, more than 15,000 patients have been fitted with BAHAs worldwide.

A key advantage of the BAHA is that the ear canal is not occluded by ear-moulds, preventing humidity build up and skin irritation. Certainly, there are obvious advantages of the BAHA over air conduction hearing aids when there is no external ear canal, such as in cases of congenital or acquired external canal absence. The expected outcome of BAHA surgery can be assessed preoperatively by using the head-band or test rod , tremendously helping patient selection. Moreover, the absence of the interposed soft tissues in BAHA results in a better sound quality, requires less energy, and offers greater comfort than the traditional bone conduction hearing aids. Hakansson summarized the audiometric results from 122 patients with an average follow-up time of 5.6 years. They found the improved quality of life reported by their patients is a combination of improved audibility and quality of sound , improved comfort, and relief from middle ear and ear canal diseases occasioned by conventional hearing aids.

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Predicting Hearing Ability With The Baha

The BAHA introduces the sound into the mastoid bone directly , bypassing the damping effects of the skin and subcutaneous tissues . The BAHA is expected to be better in many respects since the titanium screw delivers sound directly to the skull without soft tissue interference. The headband or test rod, although crude in many ways, still offers an easy, fast and objective way of assessing bone conduction capacity which allows the patient to directly experience bone conducted sound, and so helps in decision making for him/her.

Preventing Hearing Loss In Today’s Military

Veterans over 65especially those who spent an extended amount of time deployed in combat zonesare at nearly twice the risk of developing severe hearing loss compared to their peers.

Current service members can protect themselves against future hearing loss by following these protective measures:

  • Minimize exposure to noisy environments: While it may not be possible to choose your level of exposure to loud sounds, do try to limit loud sound exposure, both at work and off-duty. Members of the military are at high risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

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Once You Are Approved

Once approved for VA health care benefits, all Veterans “shall receive a hearing evaluation by a state-licensed audiologist to determine the need for hearing aids,” according to the VA’s 2014 directive for eye and ear care. However, not every veteran will necessarily receive hearing aids. As the directive explains , the following veterans are most likely to receive hearing aid care are:

  • “Those with any compensable service connected disability.
  • Those who are former Prisoners of War.
  • Those who were awarded a Purple Heart.
  • Those in receipt of benefits under 38 U.S.C. 1151.
  • Those in receipt of an increased pension based on the need for regular aid and attendance or by reason of being permanently house-bound.
  • Those who have a visual or hearing impairment resulting from the existence of another medical condition for which the Veteran is receiving VA care, or which resulted from treatment of that medical condition.
  • Those with significant functional or cognitive impairment evidenced by deficiencies in activities of daily living, but not including normally occurring visual or hearing impairments.
  • Those visually or hearing impaired so severely that the provision of sensori-neural aids is necessary to permit active participation in their own medical treatment.”

Page 3 of the directive further explains what levels of hearing loss meets the criteria for an audiologist to prescribe hearing aids in this group.

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