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Can An Ear Infection Make You Tired

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Can I Scuba Dive After Having Labyrinthitis

Antibiotics and Viral Infections What your doctor isn’t telling you with Dr. Alan Christianson

Recovery from labyrinthitis is likely to take anywhere from a few days to six weeks for symptoms to disappear. Most doctors will recommend that it is safe to scuba dive after having an inner ear infection as long as you have been asymptomatic for a period of six weeks or more.

This means that you have not experienced any of the symptoms associated with an inner ear infection for this amount of time. This is advised so as to avoid any permanent damage to your inner ear that may be caused as a result of the pressure changes experienced when diving.

Why Do Antibiotics Cause Side Effects

All medication comes with potential side effects, and there are various aspects that can trigger them. It could be your bodys immune system overreacting to the medication, which in turn causes an allergic reaction. Some medications have a chemical structure that could be impact your body in unpredictable ways.

Another reason antibiotics may cause side effects is their bacteria-fighting properties. The human body is full of good bacteria that benefits and aids your body, especially in the digestive tract which is why stomach problems are such a common side effect of antibiotics. Taking probiotics while you are taking antibiotics may lessen the side effects of losing beneficial bacteria.

Its important always to follow your doctors advice when taking antibiotics. Since some antibiotics must be taken with food, and other antibiotics must be taken on an empty stomach.

If need to speak to a doctor about the side effects youre experiencing, download the Air Doctor app on or the Apple Store.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Your Immune System

Ever notice that when you have a cold or flu, you get really tired and even minor mental or physical activities wipe you out? You often get achy and have bad brain fog. Sometimes, youll get a sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes.

Any of those sound familiar?

If you scroll back up and look at the list of cardinal symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, youll notice that nearly all of the symptoms are the same ones we experience when we get sick. So its no surprise that there is a connection between chronic stimulation of the immune system and chronic fatigue syndrome. But we are all exposed to pathogens and toxins on a regular basis and catch a bug every once in a while.

Why then, do some people recover fully while others end up with a chronic disabling condition?

It appears that part of the answer lies in the genetic polymorphisms or variances in our bodies response to infection and inflammation.

How a Hidden Infection Can Cause Chronic Fatigue

When faced with pathogens or irritants, the body releases a number of substances known as cytokines. In simplest terms, cytokines are proteins secreted by immune cells that communicate with other cells in your body and signal them to perform a certain action.5 When certain pro-inflammatory cytokines are released, they activate and ramp up inflammation in order to target and attack the invaders.

In a normal individual, a simplified version of the process goes something like this:

  • Pro-inflammatory cytokines are released.
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    What Causes A Dental Abscess

    Dental abscesses are usually caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene or dental care. However, diets high in sugar, grinding or clenching the teeth, other trauma to the tooth, or even previous dental work can increase the risk of developing a dental abscess.

    Many dental abscesses begin as a cavity that goes untreated, eventually becoming so deep that it reaches the pulp of the tooth. This causes pain and inflammation. In some cases, the damage can be reversed with proper treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes the tooth begins to die, and the damage is irreversible. Once the pulp dies, the tooth becomes necrotic and an abscess forms.

    With Antibiotics Knowledge Is Power

    Sick Budgie with infections

    Antibiotics can be a double-edged sword. After their surprise discovery in 1928, they have impacted so many peoples lives. Some for the better, and some for the worse. While saving many peoples lives over the years, they have also included some damage in the way of side effects. The destruction of bacteria has left some immune systems devastated, and sometimes unable to recover. The lingering side effects also sometimes cause their problems that can send your health into a tailspin. Now you know a little bit more about antibiotics and the influence they have on your body and overall health. We hope you or your caregiver use this information to make the right informed decision for you. We are here for you. For more information on antibiotics, their side effects, and finding what works for you or your loved ones, please visit

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    Will Ibuprofen Help A Uti

    The study researchers say their findings are enough to state that ibuprofen treatment for UTI isnt a safe recommendation because of the risk of serious upper urinary tract infections and other complications. Initial treatment with ibuprofen could reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics in this group.

    What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    The term chronic fatigue syndrome is not necessarily a diagnosis in itself. Rather, its a label to identify a group of symptoms caused by an unidentified underlying condition.

    A diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is often a diagnosis of exclusion. Meaning, doctors will first rule out other potential conditions that can cause fatigue, such as hypothyroidism, sleep deprivation, or adrenal burnout, before diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome.

    The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is often multifactorial and different in each individual. Researchers have identified several underlying issues that can contribute to the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, including: 2,3,4

    • Poor immune system response
    • Increased activity in mast cells
    • Food allergies and sensitivities
    • Oxidative stress
    • Hormonal imbalances

    Nearly all of the identified potential root causes have something in common. They all share a common pathway of dysfunctional immune activation and long-term inflammation.

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    Inner Ear Infection Treatment

    If youre experiencing any of these symptoms and they dont resolve in a few days , see a doctor. And by a doctor, we dont mean an emergency room doctor .

    A doctor can look into your ear with an otoscope. They will be able to see whats abnormal and decide on a treatment for you.

    This may include medications like steroids, antibiotics, antivirals. They may be in pill or ear drop form.

    Avoid trying to take care of it yourself with home remedies, as this could result in worsening the issue. Untreated ear infections may lead to permanent hearing loss, so its important to see a medical professional.

    Your ear should be better anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on severity. Inner ear infections sometimes take up to 6 weeks to heal, but it all depends on how bad it is and the treatment you get.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Sinus Infections

    Can a sinus infection make you dizzy and tired ? | Health and Life

    Just like any illness, symptoms for sinus infections range depending on who you are and how your body works and reacts to the infection. However, there are a few symptoms that are very common with sinus infections. Although not everyone gets these specific symptoms, and some people get these plus other symptoms not on the list. In other words, these are typical symptoms that come with a sinus infection.

    Theyre symptoms you should ask yourself if you have if you suspect you might have a sinus infection. These infection symptoms include:

  • Pain in the face, head, sinuses, back of eyes, ears, and/or forehead
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • If you are exhibiting signs , ask your doctor about it as soon as youre able to.

    Now, since weve discussed some common symptoms of sinus infections, lets now discuss the second part of what were here to talk about and find out about today.

    Mental illness, and a sinus infection. How are they connected? Lets find out now, starting with anxiety.

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    Ear Infection Symptoms Causes & Risk Factors To Avoid

    By Jillian Levy, CHHC

    Wondering if your painful symptoms are pointing to an ear infection and what you should do to help these potential ear infection symptoms go away?

    Symptoms of ear infections usually include earaches or throbbing pain, sometimes a fever, and signs of inflammation near the ears like redness or fluid leaking out. Although antibiotics are assumed to be the treatment of choice for ear infections, you might want to reconsider this approach. According to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, The majority of middle ear infection cases will usually clear up on their own within a few days, with or without treatment. The main aim of treatment is to relieve the symptoms Antibiotics only slightly influence the course of middle ear infections, and they can have side effects.

    Another surprising finding about using antibiotics to treat ear infection symptoms? While about 80 out of 100 children who take antibiotics no longer have earaches after two to seven days, 70 out of 100 who dont take any antibiotics have the exact same results. That means antibiotics only help about an additional 10 percent of the population who suffers from earaches. Plus, side effects of antibiotics can sometimes include nausea, diarrhea and skin rashes, in addition to altering gut health and possibly contributing to future infections.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Inner Ear Infections In Adults

    By Coastal Urgent Care Ruston

    We heard your ear is bothering you. Are you wondering if its an inner ear infection?

    Its important to recognize the signs of an ear infection so that you can seek treatment. Sometimes, they go away on their own, but if symptoms persist, it can lead to damage or hearing loss.

    Keep reading to find out about the symptoms of inner ear infections in adults so you can stay happy and healthy.

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    Ear Infection Causes And Risk Factors

    Children under 6 years old develop ear infections most often, especially if they spend a lot of time near other children in day care centers, do a lot of swimming in pools or outdoors, or if they have allergies.

    There are several general causes for ear infections:

    • Many ear infections begin as someone is overcoming another infection or illness, especially a cold, respiratory infection, virus or the flu. This can cause more fluid and bacteria than usual to accumulate in the mucous membranes, which wind up backing into the ear canal. In the case of a middle ear infection, its been found that other illnesses cause inflammation of the membranes lining the Eustachian tube in the ear and trap fluid.
    • Swimmers ear is another ear infection caused from water and bacteria getting trapped inside the ear canal, usually due to the buildup of wax. Bacteria can either enter the ear canal through water and then get trapped inside, where they can proliferate and cause infections, or someones own normal bacteria can become trapped.
    • Ear infections are also caused by allergies, especially middle ear infections. Allergies can affect the entire upper respiratory system and lead to infection because they cause fluid to build up in the ear .

    Other than being a child, risk factors for developing ear infections include:

    Conventional Treatment for Ear Infection Symptoms

    What Else Causes Feeling Tired And Unwell

    How to Unclog Ears From Congestion Naturally

    Not surprisingly, because the immune system is involved, any infection in the body bacteria, viral, or fungal can lead to fatigue. Its not uncommon to feel the need to rest and sleep when fighting off some other communicable ailment. In fact, fatigue is a well recognized symptom of the common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu, and even more disturbing diseases.

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    What Are The Signs Of An Inner Ear Infection

    The signs of otitis interna depend upon the severity and the extent of the infection. Some dogs may show no outward signs at all, but you may notice your dog is reluctant to chew or seems to be in pain when opening his mouth. He may shake his head or paw at the affected ear.

    Your dog may develop a head tilt, usually to the side of the infected ear, and he may even lean, fall, or roll toward the infected side. His balance may be completely altered making it difficult to walk properly, and he may even walk in circles toward the side of the infected ear. If both ears are involved, you may see him swing his head from side to side like an elephant swinging its trunk, and he may have a difficult time staying on his feet. Also, dogs with active otitis interna cannot hear on the affected side.

    What Is An Inner Ear Infection

    First, its important to understand what makes up the inner ear.

    The inner ear is responsible for hearing and balance. It consists of semicircular canals, cochlea, and vestibules.

    Collectively, these parts are known as the inner ear. It can become infected by bacteria or viruses. Or, it can seem infected if theres inflammation happening.

    Ear infections are more common in children and for them, they tend to go away quickly and on their own. The same isnt always true for adults.

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    Are There Different Kinds Of Skin Cancer

    There are many types of skin cancer. Your doctor can tell you more about the type of skin cancer you have.

    Basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers are much more common than melanoma and dont often spread to other parts of the body. Melanoma is more deadly because it is more likely to spread to other parts of the body.

    Skin And Nail Fungal Infections

    Inner Ear Infection Symptoms

    Just like in your gut, there are bacteria on your skin that prevent Candida from growing uncontrollably.

    All bacteria thrive in different conditions, including varying temperature, moisture or acidity levels.

    Thats why a change in the environment on your skin can allow Candida to overproduce.

    For example, cosmetics, soaps and moisturizers can alter skin conditions, especially the antibacterial varieties.

    While skin candidiasis can affect any part of the body, areas that are warm and moist, such as the armpits and groin, are particularly prone to infection.

    Itching and a visible rash are the two most common symptoms of skin fungal infections.

    An overgrowth of Candida can cause conditions like athletes foot, ringworm and toenail fungus .

    While not life threatening, skin fungal infections can be very uncomfortable and significantly decrease quality of life.

    Summary: An overgrowth of Candida on the skin can cause conditions like athletes foot, ringworm and nail fungal infections.

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    What To Do If You Suspect You Have A Tooth Infection

    If you suspect you have a tooth infection, you should see a dentist right away for treatment. Dental infections dont usually go away on their own, and they can spread to other parts of the body. Left untreated, they can lead to life-threatening infections in the heart or brain. If you have a fever accompanied by swelling of the face or jaw, the situation could be dire, and you should go to the emergency room if you cant see your dentist right away.

    How To Fight Candidiasis

    The best way to treat candidiasis and prevent recurring infections is to address the underlying cause.

    The food you eat plays an important role in maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

    Refined sugars, carbs and high-lactose dairy products can encourage Candida and other bad microorganisms to grow .

    Eating too many of these foods may promote infection if you have a suppressed immune system.

    On the other hand, certain foods have specifically been shown to encourage good bacteria to grow and inhibit the growth of Candida.

    The following foods have been shown to help fight Candida infections:

    If you require medication, speak to your healthcare provider.

    If you require medication, speak to your healthcare provider.

    • an antifungal substance called allicin, which has been shown to act against Candida yeasts in animal and test-tube studies (

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    How Is Otitis Interna Treated

    Otitis interna is a very serious condition. If your dog is unable to eat or drink normally due to nausea or disorientation, then hospitalization for intravenous fluid therapy is generally warranted. Nausea must be controlled and dehydration avoided. It may also be necessary to sedate or anesthetize your dog in order to adequately see the ear tissues, take samples for bacterial culture, and appropriately clean the ear.

    Treatment of the underlying infection is very important, and your veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate medications. Medications will be administered directly in the ear and orally. Antibiotics will be used for a bacterial infection for 6-8 weeks minimum. If the infection is fungal in nature, an anti-fungal medication will be prescribed. Whatever medications are chosen, it is critical that they be given precisely as prescribed.

    “If your dog has an altered balance, restrict his activity during treatment to prevent falling injuries.”

    If your dog has an altered balance, restrict his activity during treatment to prevent falling injuries. These dogs should not have access to stairs as they may take a tumble. You may also need to hand feed your dog temporarily – reaching down into a dish may stimulate nausea.

    Types Of Sinus Infections

    Extreme Dizziness A Sign Of Early Pregnancy Ear Infection ...

    There are 3 different types of sinus infections that people can develop. Each one having a different duration of how long it lasts, and the severity ranges between them as well.

    The 3 different types of sinus infections are the following:

    1. Acute Sinusitis

    This type of sinus infection has the shortest duration, typically only lasting about 1-2 weeks, and is typically brought on by the common cold.

    2. Subacute Sinusitis

    This type of sinus infection can last up to 3 months, and is typically brought on due to seasonal allergies.

    3. Chronic Sinusitis

    Finally, this type of sinus infection lasts longer than 3 months, and although it can be irritating, bothersome, and painful at times, it is often a less severe form of sinusitis.

    Now that weve learned about the different types of sinus infections out there, lets discuss the symptoms that may come along with them.

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