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Can Supplements Cause Ringing In The Ears

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Reason For B12 Deficiency

Tinnitus “Ringing in the Ears” is an Insulin Problem â Dr.Berg

Dietary habits can result in B12 deficiency. Vegetarians and those who consume few dairy products are more likely to be deficient. Another group of people who are likely to be vitamin B12 deficient are those with pernicious anemia, which affects 1 to 2 percent of adults. This is characterized by a lack of intrinsic factor, and they cant properly absorb vitamin B12 into the gastrointestinal tract. High doses of oral vitamin B12 or intramuscular supplements may be effective treatments.

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Also, up to 30 percent of older people have lower amounts of hydrochloric acid secreted into their stomachs, and this means theyre less likely to be able to absorb vitamin B12. Also, lower hydrochloric acid levels might increase the growth of normal intestinal bacteria that use vitamin B12. That reduces the amount of vitamin B12 available to the body even more.

Without vitamin B12, your body wont make enough red blood cells, and the cells it does make will be too large. Red blood cells are needed to provide enough oxygen to tissues and organs. Without enough oxygen, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia.

What Does The Medical Research Say About Vitamins And Mineral Supplements For Tinnitus

If you’re wondering what the medical literature reveals, I recommend the article The Allure of the Magic Pill: What Science Says About Dietary Supplements to Help Tinnitus by Dr. Cláudia Barros Coelho, MD, PhD, a Brazilian otolaryngologist who has specialized in the management of tinnitus and hyperacusis for over 20 years.

“If youre determined to try … then you should have blood work done to determine if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and discuss with your physician which supplements would be appropriate based on those results,” she advises.

Her article summarizes the evidence for gingko biloba, zinc, vitamin B12, melatonin, flavonoids, and magnesium. While nothing stood out as very effective, in some cases a diet lacking in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to tinnitus, so it’s important to see your doctor first, she said.

“If youre determined to try them … then you should have blood work done to determine if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and discuss with your physician which supplements would be appropriate based on those results,” she advises.

The good news is that the search for new tinnitus treatments and therapeutics continues, with exciting research happening all over the world.

But we also dont need to wait for the next big breakthrough, because valid treatments already existjust not in a bottle of supplements or ear drops.

What Are The Best Supplements And Vitamins For Tinnitus

Are you deficient in these vitamins for tinnitus relief? Discover the top dietary supplements and vitamins that help with the treatment of ringing ears.

If youre looking for ways to find some relief, there are particular supplements and vitamins for tinnitus that can help to ease the symptoms. The most frequently recommended ones are listed below


Remember to consult your healthcare professional before you start taking supplements or a course of vitamin treatment.

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Tinnitus Triggers You Should Know

Many veterans experience tinnitus due to excessive noise or chemical exposure while serving in the military. If you have tinnitus, youve probably noticed certain tinnitus triggers that can set off your symptoms or make them worse. Use this guide to help identify your tinnitus triggers and keep your symptoms at bay.

Chemotherapy Drugs For Cancer


There are many different types of chemotherapy medications. The type youre prescribed will be determined by the type of cancer you have.

Chemotherapy drugs, especially platinum-based drugs, can be highly ototoxic. For this reason, your oncologist may have your hearing monitored during treatment, to determine if dosage changes or other types of changes should be made.

Chemotherapy drugs may cause permanent or temporary hearing loss and tinnitus. If you already have hearing loss, you may be more vulnerable to ototoxic effects.

Some chemotherapy drugs that can cause tinnitus include:

  • cisplatin: used to treat testicular, lung, bladder, cervical and ovarian cancer.
  • carboplatin: used to treat head and neck, lung, ovarian, breast, bladder, and other cancers
  • oxaliplatin: used to treat colorectal cancer

Loop diuretics are prescribed medications used to reduce fluid retention caused by conditions such as:

  • heart failure
  • edema
  • hypertension

Tinnitus caused by loop diuretics is typically temporary and resolves after the medication has been stopped. However, if loop diuretics are taken in large doses or with other ototoxic medications, they may cause permanent tinnitus.

Loop diuretics known to have this effect include:

  • furosemide

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Can Dietary Supplements Help Tinnitus

While the Food and Drug Administration has not approved any dietary supplements for the treatment of tinnitus, some believe that they can provide relief. Unfortunately, no well-designed studies have showed them to be helpful.

This article by Cláudia Barros Coelho, M.D., Ph.D., overviews some of the claims about dietary supplements and what the research shows to be true her findings are summarized below.

True Or False: Can Lipo

Lipo-Flavonoid is an over-the-counter supplement that contains ingredients like vitamins B-3, B-6, B-12, and C. Its main active ingredient is a proprietary blend that includes eriodictyol glycoside, which is the fancy word for a flavonoid found in lemon peels.

All of the nutrients and vitamins in the supplement Lipo-Flavonoid are believed to work together to improve the circulation inside your inner ear. Problems with blood flow are sometimes to blame for tinnitus.

How helpful is this supplement really? There isnt lot of scientific research to tell us, but the few studies that have been done werent encouraging.

A small study randomly assigned 40 people with tinnitus to take either a combination of manganese and a Lipo-Flavonoid supplement, or the Lipo-Flavonoid supplement alone.

Of this small sample, two people in the latter group reported a decrease in loudness, and one noted a drop in annoyance.

But all in all, the authors couldnt find enough evidence that Lipo-Flavonoid helps with tinnitus symptoms.

Lipo-Flavonoid contains added ingredients such as food dyes and soy that may cause side effects for certain people who are sensitive to these ingredients.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery doesnt recommend Lipo-Flavonoid to treat tinnitus because of the lack of evidence that it works. Research has uncovered other treatments and supplements that have better benefits.

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What Spices Stop Ear Ringing

Turmeric extracts have been found in studies to have a good anti-inflammatory effect in ear problems. Furthermore, turmeric therapy for middle ear infections, which usually produce tinnitus symptoms, was shown to be as effective as antibiotics. Black pepper contains capsaicin, which has been shown to be effective in relieving pain caused by nerve damage. Cinnamon may help reduce fever and pain caused by arthritis or other conditions. And garlic has antiseptic properties that may help prevent bacteria buildup in the ears.

Spices are inexpensive and widely available resources for treating common health issues. They may not work for every person, but they are worth trying if you’d like to limit your use of drugs that can cause hearing loss.

The best strategy is to follow a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, and fish. Add more herbs and spices to your meals. Go easy on sugar eat natural sweets such as honey or fruit juice instead of cookies or candy. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and herbal tea. Get at least five hours of sleep per night.

There is no one remedy that will fix any hearing problem. If you’re experiencing hearing difficulties, consult with your doctor to determine the cause. He or she may suggest medications, supplements, or alternative treatment options.

Top Vitamin For Tinnitus

A Tinnitus Vitamin to Stop Your Ears From Ringing? One Secret to Control Your Symptoms

What you need to know: These arevitamin D3 tablets manufactured by one of the most trusted supplement manufacturers and include calcium to support bone growth.

What youll love: Nature Made is one of the most popular supplement manufacturers on the market, and there are no reasons to doubt the products quality. One bottle comes with 220 tablets that contain 50 micrograms of vitamin D3 and 105 milligrams of calcium. Vitamin D3 can help with keeping ear bones strong and healthy.

What you should consider: Some people may prefer to take vitamin D2 over vitamin D3, especially if they dont consume animal products.

Where to buy: Sold by

What you need to know: This is a methyl B12 supplement that is affordable, and the lozenges are soft and easy to swallow.

What youll love: Now Foods is one of the leading supplement manufacturers. These B12 lozenges are soft, sweet and easy to swallow. Its not manufactured with allergens or tree nut ingredients.

What you should consider: This product does contain fructose and cant be left out for too long in humid conditions.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb

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How Vitamin D Affects Your Ears And Your Tinnitus

Vitamin D levels in your body decide how much calcium is absorbed by your intestines. This Harvard study concluded that only 10% to 15% of dietary calcium was absorbed when Vitamin D levels were poor. A normal absorption rate is much higher at 30% to 40%. In other words, your body may not have enough calcium to use even if you are consuming a calcium rich diet, because of low Vitamin D levels.

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Why Is My Ear Making A Weird Noise

Ringing in your ears, or tinnitus, starts in your inner ear. Most often, it is caused by damage to or the loss of sensory hair cells in the cochlea, or the inner ear. Tinnitus can present in many different ways, including sounds related to the ocean, ringing, buzzing, clicking, hissing or whooshing.

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Is It Possible For Foods To Impact Tinnitus Symptoms Current Theories Suggest That Drinking Water And Eating Bananas Can Have Positive Effects On Symptoms Whereas Drinking Coffee May Have A Negative Effect What Are Your Thoughts On These Theories

It is thought that a diet rich in vitamins, potassium and zinc can have a positive impact on your tinnitus in the sense that it can often reduce the symptoms. Although these are all theories, my thoughts are and will always be: try and maintain a balanced diet.

If you find that your diet has high salt content, then look to reduce it. Additionally, where possible you should try to avoid caffeine such as coffee before bed or when feeling highly stressed or anxious.

Book an appointment here with your local audiologist, who will be able to offer you further advice and discuss hearing aid options. For information about pulsatile tinnitus, you learn more about how to manage it here.

Gordon HarrisonBAAT, RCCP

In 2017 Gordon joined Specsavers as Head of professional advancement and group clinical lead for Audiology for the UK and Ireland and leads the clinical support team in our desire Read more

Can Ringing Ears Be Cured

Did My Beta Blocker Propranolol Cause Tinnitus?

Tinnitus has no known remedy. It can, however, be transient or persistent, mild or severe, progressive or sudden. The purpose of therapy is to assist you in managing your perception of sound in your mind. There are several therapies available to help lower the perceived severity and omnipresence of tinnitus. These include: behavioral strategies , pharmacotherapy , and electroconvulsive therapy .

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What Is Ringing In The Ears A Sign Of

Tinnitus is typically caused by an underlying ailment, such as age-related hearing loss, an ear injury, or a circulatory system problem. Tinnitus often improves with treatment of the underlying cause or other therapies that lessen or conceal the noise, making tinnitus less obvious. Some people are not bothered by tinnitus, while others find it extremely distracting and unpleasant. Whether you hear ringing or another type of sound, tinnitus can have a significant impact on your life.

Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing in the ears. This symptom usually indicates some sort of problem with your ear, such as fluid in your middle ear or infection. However, there are other causes of ringing in the ears including neurological problems and certain medications. If you are experiencing ringing in your ears, see your doctor to determine the source of the problem.

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Hidden Costs: These Products Dont Come Cheap

At this point, knowing the risks, a tinnitus sufferer may still say, Nothing else is working, what do I have to lose?

If you have persistent hearing loss, be sure to get yourhearing tested. Tinnitus and hearing loss are linked.

Some of these products are not inherently dangerous if your doctor is monitoring you and they give their approval. But one troubling fact still remainsthese products are expensive.

When a company wants to create a dietary supplement product like many of the over-the-counter tinnitus nutraceuticals, it follows a pretty simple formula: Source various inexpensive and common dietary ingredients, combine them into a proprietary blend, mark up the price, and then sell and market the finished product to tinnitus sufferers.

The truth is that in almost every case, all of the common ingredients found in these products can be purchased for far less money when not combined into a tinnitus product.

Expense alone is not necessarily a reason to avoid a product but when you also consider there is no actual evidence for the efficacy or safety of any of these products, it becomes relevant.

A quick search for tinnitus supplements on Amazon reveals that many of these products cost anywhere from $20 to $50 for a one-month supply. And many of these companies tell you that it can take up to three months to see results, which means you arent buying one bottle, but three.

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Can Vitamin B12 Cure Tinnitus

After six weeks of B12 therapy, participants in Group A of vitamin B12.deficiency showed a dramatic rise in their tinnitus severity index scores. None of the participants in the control group or those in. Group A without a preexisting deficiency displayed an improvement. The findings are encouraging, as B12 may help reduce tinnitis symptoms among those who are vitamin deficient. To learn more about the latest available tinnuk treatments or to. Contact Pinnacle ENT Associates today to schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist. pinnacle ENTassociationtoday.

Are Your Habits Contributing To Tinnitus

Easy Tinnitus Treatment – Ask Doctor Jo

While you are in the process of finding the best vitamins and supplements for tinnitus treatment, you might want to take a second to look at your behaviors and habits to see if they are contributing to your symptoms.

For example, this study at West Virginia University revealed that about 79 percent of musicians admit they never wear any form of hearing protection despite being aware of the risks.

Could loud music be the cause of your tinnitus? If you are a musician or constantly listen to loud music, it could very well be the trigger of your tinnitus symptoms.

Always protect your hearing whenever possible! These Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs are highly rated on Amazon, and are the perfect solution for concerts, musicians, motorcyclists, noise sensitivity conditions and more.

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What Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Tinnitus

Scurvy was traced back to a specific vitamin deficiency: Vitamin C. So is there an identified deficiency that causes tinnitus? Researchers have been attempting to discover the answer to that question for years, though no clear favorite has been identified. Some research suggests that a vitamin B12 deficiency is related to tinnitus.

Other research suggests that zinc levels tend to be lower in those who have non-hearing loss-related tinnitus. Zinc is technically a mineral .

Unfortunately, its difficult to draw a single, clear path from either of these deficiencies to tinnitus. In part, thats because tinnitus itself is a rather fluid ailment the ringing and buzzing in your eareven when not related to hearing losscan have a myriad of causes.

But people think of vitamins as if they were the same thing as a pain medication. When youre in pain, taking pain medication typically helps. But if you have tinnitus, taking a specific vitamin will only help if its both true that you have that vitamin deficiency and thats whats causing your tinnitus.

When To See Your Doctor

Tinnitus is rarely a sign of a serious medical condition. Talk to your primary care doctor if you are unable to sleep, work, or hear normally. Your doctor will probably examine your ears and then provide you with a referral to an audiologist and otolaryngologist.

However, if you are experiencing facial paralysis, sudden hearing loss, foul-smelling drainage, or a pulsating sound in sync with your heartbeat, you should go to your local emergency department.

Tinnitus can be extremely distressing for some people. If you or someone you love is thinking about suicide, you should go to the emergency room right away.

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Dont Stop Taking Prescribed Medication Without First Consulting Your Doctor

If youve been prescribed an ototoxic medication, dont stop taking it without first discussing an alternative with your doctor.

If you think you may be developing tinnitus as a result of the medication, your doctor may be able to prescribe a different dosage or a medication that does not have tinnitus as a potential side effect.

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