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How Much Is The Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aid

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Signia Silk Nx Invisible Hearing Aid Review | Best Invisible Hearing Aids? – UPDATED

Çevredeki gürültü konuma srasnda ekstra çaba sarf etmenize neden olur.

Pure 10 bu zorluu asmak için ustalkla donatlmtr. Otomatik olarak istenmeyen sesleri ve arka plan gürültüsünü filtreleyerek sesin geldii kiiye odaklanr. Herhangi bir güçlük ya da endie duymakszn, hayatn seslerini duymaya devam edebilirsiniz.

Beneficial Features Of Signia Hearing Aids

With numerous product lines and models to choose from, Signia hearing aids offer something for everyone. These devices incorporate advanced features to improve your listening experience. With enhanced hearing, youll feel more confident joining in and being part of the conversation. Some of the advanced features you can find on Signia devices include:

  • Dedicated Music Feature: Many Signia models have a designated music feature so that you can stream your favorite tunes straight to the devices.
  • Signias products can be paired with their many downloadable apps that give you added control and convenience with your hearing aids.
  • Integrates into All Parts of Your Life: Signia hearing devices easily integrate into all parts of your life, allowing you to make phone calls, listen to music, and discern sounds in conversation.
  • Discreet Design: Signia offers many options with a discreet design that doesnt protrude from the ear.
  • User-Friendly: Signia hearing aids are very user-friendly, allowing for easy adjustments in a matter of minutes.
  • Tinnitus Relief: In addition to helping you hear better, some Signia models have a unique feature to provide relief for ringing ears, known as tinnitus.

Siemens Signia Silk Nx Overview

  • 20% smaller than the previous model, meaning it is now a truly invisible option for more ears.
  • Ready to wear without the need for an impression of the ear canal
  • Silk Nx is a fully featured invisible option. No need to compromise hearing clarity and technology for size
  • Silk Nx is available with industry leading technology such as OneMic Directionality, ensuring superior hearing clarity in noisy environments such as cafes and restaurants.
  • Silk Nx is also compatible with the TouchControl smartphone app
  • Silk Nx is available across the three performance levels: Nx7, Nx5 and Nx3.

For more information on the specific features and price guides of the Signia family click here

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Find The Right Hearing Aids For Your Needs

Signia is one of the top brands in the hearing industry and is recognized worldwide as a producer of quality hearing aids. At Online Hearing, we are proud to bring the advanced and innovative products of Signia to our customers worldwide. Our team can help you pick out the right model to meet your needs, program the hearing aids, and send them straight to your door. The unique business model of our online store allows us to remove the middleman and pass the savings onto you. If you are interested in learning more about the Signia products we offer, please feel free to browse our selection or reach out to us for assistance.

Speech Clarity With Augmented Focus

Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aids

With AX, Signia has launched a brand new speech enhancement technology, , that the company claims makes it easier to follow conversations in background noise. In a true industry first, the AX platform incorporates two independent speech processors to handle sound coming from the front independently from sound coming from the back.

Both processors independently analyze their own sound stream with a resolution of 48 channels. Through this analysis, Augmented Focus determines if the signal contains information the wearer wants to focus on, relevant information in the background that helps the wearer stay attuned to the surroundings, or distracting background sounds the wearer wants to suppress

Outline of all relevant processing units in Augmented Focus: Analysis stage Processing Unit Mixing Unit.

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Is Signia A Good Hearing Aid

Signia offers hearing aid devices for mild to profound hearing loss and has a comprehensive range of options for high-tech, streamlined designs and rechargeability. Consumers looking for a one-stop shop for hearing aids will appreciate the selection and most likely find a model that fits their needs. But to make a final decision or determine which options fit their budget, customers must contact a local provider to get a quote pricing information is not available on the companys website.

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Phone Calls & Earbuds

Unlike hearing aids that sit behind the ear, Silk Xs microphones pick up sound inside the ear canal. This enables you to make phone call and listen to music in the way you are used to, including with over-ear headphones. Silk X is so discreet, you could easily forget youre even wearing hearing aids.

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Signia Silk Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids

Signia Silk hearing aids combine the best of aesthetics in hearing aids with the best technology. These discreet hearing aids are offering in Signias latest eXperience platform, as well as their Nx platform. These hearing aids can be utilized alongside their Touch Control app to give the user ultimate control over their hearing aids.

How To Change The Filter/waxguard In A Signia Silk

Signia Silk NX hearing aid

In order to see the filter, you need to remove the domes first. Just pull them straight off the Silk hearing aids. Then Remove the Wax Guard filter by carefully pushing the free side of the rod into the filter to be changed. Then pull it straight out. The new filter is already sitting on the other side of the tool.

Place it where you removed the old filter. When the new filter is placed correctly you can position the dome back again where it was before. When it sits correctly it makes a little clicking noise. Before inserting the Signia Silk back again into your ear pull a little on the dome to make sure it stays on the hearing aid.

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Signia Nx Prices: Are They Fair

Signia NX model prices can be more reasonable than other models but are still expensive compared to other brands. Hearing aids usually cost anywhere between $1,000 to $4,000 or more per aid, depending on brand and model. Since Signia is a private line, their models are considerably more expensive than other market brands and come one aid at a time.

Competitors like MDHearing offer high-quality hearing aids for under $1,000, and a buy one, get one free offer to lessen the impact a hearing aid takes on your wallet.

Models Features Prices And Reviews

David Copithorne

Signia is one of the largest hearing aid brands in the world. Signia hearing aids are manufactured by WS Audiology, the same parent company that manufactures Widex and Miracle Ear hearing aids. Prior to being purchased by Sivantos in 2015, and merged into WS Audiology in 2019, Signia hearing aids were manufactured under the Siemens brand name.


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A Comprehensive Review And Prices

Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer with a reputation for building quality hearing aids with the latest features. Since early 2019, Signia falls under the corporate umbrella of WSAudiology the largest hearing aid conglomerate in the world which owns many hearing aid manufacturers and retailers like Widex, Rexton, Sivantos, Audibene, TruHearing,, and HearUSA.

Never falling short when it comes to technology, the most expensive Signia hearing aids offer the following tech and more:

  • Smartphone app controls
  • Own Voice Processing
  • Tinnitus treatment

However, with some Signia hearing aid models priced at $2,300 per ear and sometimes over $6,000 per pair are Signia hearing aids worth the cost? In this comprehensive review of Signia hearing aids, well help you decide if this hearing aid brand is for you.

After finishing the article, you will have an in-depth understanding of:

  • Signia Models and Pricing
  • Signia Customer Reviews

Active X Vs Apple Airpods Pro


Lets compare the Active X to the most popular hearing-augmentation hearable on the marketAirPods Pro. AirPods Pro are capable of providing personalizable amplification for people with mild hearing loss for up to 4.5 hours. Winning on both fronts, the Signia Active X can meet the needs of people with mild to moderate hearing loss and delivers up to 26 hours of operating time on a single charge!

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Silk Nx Hearing Aid Range

Despite it being packed with the latest hearing aid technology and innovative features, the Signia Silk is incredibly small and up to 20% smaller than its predecessor, the Signia Silk Primax. The Silk Nx has Ultra HD e2e which enables a pair of hearing aids to equally share audio and data between them while being able to fully optimize the listening experience, even in noisy settings.

The Silk Nx range is also the first hearing aids with the ability to process the wearers voice separately from everything else, giving a much more natural and comfortable sound. The Silk Nx is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing it to connect with smartphones and Bluetooth devices, while its the only CIC device that offers CROS for people with hearing loss in one ear that cannot be helped by the use of a hearing aid.

The Signia Silk Nx price varies depending on where you purchase the hearing aids. However, you can expect to pay upwards from $1,399.

Signia Nx Hearing Aid Models

The company provides an improved perfect fit and recommendation system that keeps its customers satisfied.

SIGNIA also offers TeleCare 3.0, enabling live remote tuning that provides great assistance with effective and quick troubleshooting.

As mentioned above also these hearing aids are priced according to their technology levels. These models are available in 7x, 5x, or 3x levels.

All these models possess tinnitus therapy and all the models that are external wear also have exchangeable housing. This makes it easier for users to switch to their choicest color at home.

CROS configurations is possessed by Pure Charge& Go Nx, Silk Nx, and Pure 312 Nx models. Those people who have unaidable hearing loss in one ear can benefit from these.


  • Streamline App For Android

  • Noahlink Wireless Programming Hub

The Pure Nx from SIGNIA includes four different RIC hearing aid options for the ones who are suffering mild to profound hearing loss.

There is one extra-small Pure 10 Nx, and Pure 13 Nx featuring a robust battery.

The pure 312 Nx and Pure Charge& Go Nx are feature-packed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

All the users of Nx models can feel and experience the supreme sound quality while sitting, standing, or on the go. There are 11 color options and the users can stream audio from their TV, radio, or navigation app directly.

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Signia Hearing Aid Models And Pricing

Signia offers a range of hearing aid styles and technology, which it categorizes under different model names. Below youll find detailed descriptions of three popular Signia models, including their features, and pricing.

Signia hearing aids can cost between $1,500 to $2,300 per ear when purchasing from an online vendor. However, its not uncommon for consumers to pay is between $5,000 to $6,000 per pair. This is because most patients buy Signia devices from audiologists or hearing aid clinics, where markups are significantly higher due to cost bundling, where they dont separate the actual cost of the hearing device from the fees for testing, fitting, fine tuning, and follow-up care.

*As you read through the descriptions below, please reference the Signia Technology section for definitions of the tech features.

Ultra Hd E2e Processing

Signia Customer testimonials | Signia Nx hearing aids review

The all new Ultra HD e2e link between the Signia Silk Nx hearing aids allows for industry leading directional technology via OneMic Directionality system providing clear speech clarity in high levels of background noise.

Coupled with an extended dynamic range up to 113dB , the Signia Nx offers distortion free listening in all situations.

Signia Nx utilises a 3D classifying system of the environment to automatically provide outstanding hearing clarity.

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Ordering Signia Hearing Aids

To order Signia hearing aids, speak to your audiologist or hearing aid technician about the brand. They will match you with the best Signia hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss. With a prescription, you can purchase hearing aid models from the Signia brand store in person. Simply access the Signia website to find the nearest store.

What Is Signia Nx

Signia Nx is a line of hearing aid models featuring Ultra HD ear-to-ear technology and Signias OVP .

Signia Nx uses the Ultra HD e2e binaural system to power models like Motion and Silk with features fit for mild to profound hearing loss. This process uses the Nxs mic system to identify the wearers voice as it travels to the hearing aid.

However, their most notable voice processing OVP feature matches your own voice to the surrounding soundscape for better natural sound quality.

With 500 MIPS processing power, long-lasting batteries, advanced microphones, and more, this line of hearing devices is a good fit for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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See If Our Siemens & Signia Hearing Aids In Brooklyn Manhattan Queens & New York Ny Are Right For You

If you have any additional questions about our Siemens and Signia hearing aids, be sure to contact one of our friendly hearing specialists to learn more! For 5-star-rated hearing specialists for Siemens and Signia hearing aids in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens & New York, NY, call Advanced Hearing Center of New York.

Positive Signia Pure Charge & Pro Hearing Aid Reviews

Signia Silk NX Hearing Aids
  • One of the users John Brock said that he had bought a Signia Pure Charge And Go 3 NX for his right ear, Cros Pure charge for his left ear and just loved the amazing quality of them and felt that he got what he finally wanted to hear.
  • One more wearer Samuel really appreciated these hearing aids as they work brilliantly even in crowded restaurants and he could hear the conversations better than ever.
  • As we started with the aspect that SIGNIA offers superior-quality hearing aids which are priced similar to that of Costco, Unitron, and others. This comes around $5000 to $6000 a pair and thats pretty fine as they turn out to be worthy.

    Critics are a part of everything, and similarly, SIGNIA has also confronted this. Not a few but the majority of the users can decide and without a doubt, SIGNIA Nx is an excellent choice to go for. Do check the warranties also offered by the manufacturer before you invest.

    Audiologists or a hearing aid clinic, wherever you plan to buy hearing aids, this brand is great. There might be some low-cost options available in the market though, as the market is emerging with some of this stuff and they could cost you just a fraction of what SIGNIA will cost.

    Even experts also recommend going for quality stuff and you can try SIGNIA which is risk-free.

    Q1. For much, Signia hearing aids are priced?

    Ans: The Signia line of hearing aids covers a wide price range, from $1,095 to $3,622 per device.

    Alternative Brands

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    Contact Us For More Information

    If you are interested in learning more about our selection of Signia products, please feel free to browse our online inventory. Our team is also ready to answer your questions and provide advice on which devices will best meet your needs. With countless products to choose from, we’re confident we can find a suitable model to enhance your hearing and get you back to daily life. Please reach out to us today or take our preliminary hearing test to get started.

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    Signia Launches Silk Nx Hearing Aids

    Apr 20, 2018 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Products, In the Ear | 13 |

    Audiology technology company Signiaannounced its latest innovation, the new Silk Nx hearing aids. Re-engineered to be 20% smaller than its predecessor, these ready-to-wear, completely-in-canal devices now include key features of Signias Nx hearing aid technology that are designed to deliver the most natural hearing experience.

    Signia Silk Nx

    With the new Silk Nx solutions, hearing aid wearers do not have to sacrifice size for performance in their hearing aids. Despite having designed the already small Silk hearing aids to be even tinier with this new release, they are also more powerful than ever. The result is what Signia calls a discreet, instant-fit hearing solution with the highest level of sound quality.

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    Bluetooth Connectivity And Music Streaming

    Streaming music just got better with Signia devices, especially the AX and X models. You can easily stream your favorite band’s concert through an electronic device connected to your hearing aid via bluetooth hearing aid. This way, the music is played directly through your hearing aid. For Augmented Xperience models, his listening experience is possible with all bluetooth devices. Whether it’s a TV, smartphone or tablet, Apple and Android products are supported.

    Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aid

    Silk – Click. Fit. Go. | Signia Hearing Aids

    The Signia Silk Nx is 20% smaller than the Signia Silk primax providing users with ultimate discretion. It features Ultra HD e2e, enabling the hearing aids to communicate audio and other data across both hearing aids to fully optimize the users hearing experience, even in the noisiest of environments. Signia Silk Nx hearing aids are the worlds first to be able to process the users voice separately from all other sounds to make hearing your voice much more comfortable and natural. The only completely-in-canal CROS device for people with hearing loss in one ear that cannot be assisted by a device, the Silk Nx can be used with compatible smartphones thanks to their Bluetooth streaming capability.

    The Signia Silk Nx price varies depending on where you purchase the product aids. However, be ready to pay between $1,400 and $3,200, placing the cost of the Silk Nx in the mid-tier range.

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