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How To Adjust Starkey Hearing Aids

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Which Is Better Starkey Or Phonak

How to Re-Pair Your Hearing Aids to a Starkey Accessory

Starkey and Phonak are premium hearing aid providers that offer a range of solutions for people with hearing loss.

In terms of features, both manufacturers are fairly competitive. Starkey provides technologically advanced models, such as the Livio Edge AI, which has built-in artificial intelligence to improve its sound performance.

The best hearing aid company for you depends on the features you require and the model you choose.

Both companies offer hearing aids of a similar price range and quality. The best option for you depends on your personal choice.

Five Steps To Hearing Success

The following principles have been used by thousands of hearing aid wearers to successfully transition to better hearing health:

  • AcceptanceSurprisingly, the first step begins before the purchase of hearing aids. Accepting your permanent hearing loss prepares you to get the help you need to begin your journey towards better hearing.
  • Positive attitudeStep two is about making a personal choice to achieve better hearing with a positive attitude. Simply purchasing hearing aids does not signal success. To overcome hearing loss, you must have a desire to learn and determination to increase your ability to hear. Those who approach hearing aid use with a positive attitude are far more likely to achieve success.
  • EducationStep three, the most effective remedy for hearing loss is personal education. The more you know about your hearing loss and treatment, the more actively you can participate in your adjustment to hearing aid use. Hearing requires more than the ears. It is a complex function that requires the cooperation of the brain and your other senses.
  • Will Insurance Pay For My Hearing Aids

    Most health insurance plans dont cover hearing aid costs, but a few options could help cover the cost:

    • Private Health Insurance Certain plans may cover hearing tests or hearing evaluations, or offer complete coverage for hearing aids. Check your individual policy for details.
    • Medicare Original Medicare plans do not pay for hearing aids or exams, but certain Medicare Advantage plans may cover hearing aid costs. Consult your plan for details.
    • Veteran Benefits If you are a U.S. military veteran, you are likely eligible for free premium hearing aids if you qualify for general Veterans Affairs healthcare. To determine your eligibility, visit or your local VA clinic or medical center.

    Contact your healthcare provider to verify the hearing coverage available to you.

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    How Should I Choose Which Type Of Starkey Hearing Aid

    The choice of which Starkey hearing aid to buy will depend on your individual needs and situation. The factors you should evaluate include:

    • Your level and type of hearing loss: Consider not only your current degree or level of hearing loss, but also your possible future needs if your hearing loss worsens over time.
    • Your choice of hearing aid style: From behind-the-ear to completely-in-canal, the right device model and fit will depend on each customers preferences.
    • Your use cases: Consider where and how you will be using your Starkey hearing aids: one-to-one conversations, noisy environments, making phone calls, streaming TV and music, etc. Look for devices that have features such as directional microphones and wireless technology.
    • Your activity level: Users who are highly active and on-the-go may want to consider special models such as rechargeable or waterproof hearing aids.

    What If I Need Help For My Starkey Hearing Aids

    How To Use Your Hearing Aids Controls

    The company offers online hearing tests for mild to severe hearing loss without an office visit, as well as an online customer support portal for simple problems with your Starkey hearing aids, including frequently asked questions, instruction manuals, and how-to videos. You can get support through phone and live chat or schedule an appointment with a healthcare hearing professional for more advanced issues.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids Cost And Payment Options

    You cant buy Starkey hearing aids online, but you can purchase Starkey hearing aids at a hearing center or from a licensed hearing care professional. Starkey hearing aid prices vary depending on the model and your provider. You can find Starkey hearing aids for prices ranging between $1,000 to $3,000 per device, or $2,000 to $6,000 per pair.

    ZipHearing is one the largest discount hearing aid providers in the United States, and it can connect you with its network of local hearing care providers, who can help you choose your hearing aids, install them, and provide ongoing care. ZipHearing offers a 45-day, 100 percent money-back guarantee if youre unhappy with your purchase.

    Starkey Customer Service And Satisfaction

    You will work directly with your hearing professional or audiologist for most customer service and support issues related to your Starkey hearing aids. The Starkey site features a support page with numerous troubleshooting articles and how-to videos. Additionally, the Thrive Control and Thrive Care apps allow you to schedule virtual consultations with your doctor so they can remotely adjust your hearing aids. Existing Starkey hearing aid customers can call 866-637-9243 for technical support.

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    Do Starkey Hearing Aids Come With A Warranty Or Guarantee

    Starkey offers a comprehensive Worry-Free Warranty plan for all of its brands, which covers any hearing aids that are still in proper operating condition. The coverage of the Starkey hearing aid warranty includes:

    • Repairing the failure of internal components
    • Repairing external damage
    • Remakes due to poor fit of a Starkey hearing aid.
    • A one-time replacement due to loss, theft, or destruction

    The company also gives customers a 30-day trial period for their new devices, allowing for returns and exchanges. For specific details about the warranty of your Starkey hearing aids, speak with your audiologist or hearing care professional.

    Are Starkey Hearing Aids Covered By Insurance

    TruLink Hearing App Tutorial: How to adjust volume to your hearing aids

    Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover hearing tests if theyre related to getting hearing aids, says Glick. And Medicare does not cover the costs of hearing aids. Many insurance companies dont, either, adds Glick. With that said, Medicare Advantage plans may cover some of the costs associated with hearing aids. Contact your insurance company to check what coverage they offer. Its also worth checking to see if funds in a health savings account or flexible savings account can be used to cover the cost.

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    How Do I Connect My Starkey Livio Hearing Aids To My Android Phone

    • Find and tap the Settings icon on your phone.
    • Select Bluetooth®.
    • If Bluetooth appears to be off in this screen, change the setting to On. Then open and close the battery drawer of your hearing aids
    • Under Paired devices you will see your first name followed by hearing aid , as soon as the device recognizes your hearing aids. If your name doesnt appear in the Devices list within 5-7 seconds, tap Accessibility in the top left corner, then tap Hearing Aids.
    • Tap the hearing aid name to pair the hearing aid with your device.
    • The devices are now paired.
    • Go to the App Store or to the Play Store .
    • Select Search, in the search bar, type Starkey Thrive.
    • Press the download button to install the app.
    • Once the app is installed, open the Starkey Thrive Hearing Control app from your home screen.
    • Free donation to charity
    • More than 5000 worldwide customers

    How To Adjust Hearing Aid Volume By Using A Toggle Switch

    The toggle switch is like a light switch that you can push it in either direction. After it is pushed, the switch will automatically return to its centered position. When you push it up or toward the top of the hearing aid it increases the volume. When you press it down it decreases the volume.For multiple steps louder or softer, you need to press the button multiple times. DO NOT PRESS AND HOLD. A press should be a quick 1 second push. If the push is over 3 seconds, the hearing aid will not interpret that you wanted the volume louder.

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    General Information On How Hearing Aid Volume Controls Work

    A few things to first review that apply to practically every hearing aids.

  • Hearing aid volume changes are temporary. As soon as the hearing aid is turned off and turned back on the hearing aid will go back to the default setting or the level at which your audiologist last programmed the hearing aid to be. This is a good thing because you can never mess up the settings of your hearing aid.
  • Most hearing aids run some sort of autopilot program in which they are analyzing the environment that you are in and automatically adjusting the hearing aid program, microphone directions and volume to be best for you. The goal of these autopilots are to help you hear better without having to think about needing the volume louder or softer.
  • When you change the volume, the autopilot function will still run but you just used a manual override on it.
  • Increasing volume does not necessarily mean added word recognition or speech clarity.
  • After Update 33 App Wont Connect To Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey Livio 1600 RIC R

    I use the Thrive app for my Starkey Livios. I use my Apple iPhone for them. After updating the app, the hearing aids do connect to the iPhone, but not the app. They connect to the app on my iPads just finebut who wants to haul an iPad around when an iPhone is what we need? I paid $8000 for my aids. The selling point was the accompanying app. The best thing you could do is post the former app version so we can reapply it to our devices, or further update the lousy updated 3.3 version. Its very inconvenient to drive more than half an hour to my audiologist to have them try to fix the problem, by the way. Please, just fix the app! UPDATE: Thank you for your reply. I called the number for support and got an EXCELLENT tech who helped me get my hearing aids connected to the app. Interestingly, I went through all the steps you recommend in your reply but it didnt workthe tech walked me through the same steps, and voila! It worked. Like magic! Lesson learned: call Starkeys customer support line, they will be invaluable help 🙂

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    Picasso Invisible Hearing Aids

    Picasso is an invisible in-the-canal hearing aid that use size 10 hearing aid batteries. Picaso is compatible with Starkey’s 2.4 GHz streaming accessories that provide wireless connectivity with external microphones and the TV. And feedback cancellation prevents annoying whistling. In terms of pricing, we suspect the prices are roughly in line with pricing for Starkey Livio.

    Adjust The Volume On Your Hearing Aid By Using An Iwatch Or Iphone

    If you are a techy person who loves all things Apple, I sure hope you bought hearing aids that were made for iPhone compatible. In 2019 those hearing aids are: Oticon Opn, Resound Linx, Starkey Halo or Livio AI, or Signia Pure BT. You connect them using your iphone by going into Settings> General> Accessibility> MFI Hearing Devices. Then open and shut both battery doors of the hearing aids. Both hearing aids should be found on the screen, it will likely say your first name and have which indicates that both the right and left hearing aids were found. Then click on your name and the phone will ask you to pair to your hearing aids.Now, the settings of the hearing aids can be adjusts using your phone as a remote. Simply click the home button 3 times quickly and up will pop a hearing aid remote screen.You could also download the hearing aid app made by the hearing aid company which will give you more options. They also have apps for the iWatch to adjust your hearing aids with as well.

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    How To Adjust Tinnitus Sound For Starkey Hearing Aid

    Tinnitus refers to a ringing in the ears that typically accompanies hearing loss. Based on the stats from the Hearing Health Foundation, an approximated 48 million people in the US and practically 477 million around the world experience these signs, specifically as they grow older. While initial tinnitus rarely indicates a major condition, it can be very tough to live with as it advances and becomes more serious. how to adjust tinnitus sound for starkey hearing aid

    There could be many possible causes of tinnitus. It might differ from direct exposure to loud noises, age, genetic factors, or perhaps specific constraints in ones diet plan. Unfortunately, as soon as tinnitus sets in, it is really challenging to eliminate the ringing sound. There are some medical treatments for it, however due to its minimal success at completely restoring good hearing, people now aim to alternative natural solutions to supply relief or perhaps prevent it from taking place entirely.

    In the myriad of available options, customers can get extremely baffled as to which are good options to require to address their tinnitus challenges. We intend to evaluate the available choices and sort out the best tinnitus relief supplements for 2021. We likewise detail how we evaluate and made our choice at the end of this article. So, make sure to check out till the end if you would like to know how we did our comparison. how to adjust tinnitus sound for starkey hearing aid

    Is There An Adjustment Period To Wearing Hearing Aids

    How to Adjust Hearing Aid Audio While Streaming

    It can take up to four months for you to get accustomed to your hearing aids and to really get the most out of them. You will notice small changes right from the start, but its important to be patient. If you have questions or concerns about your progress, be sure to call your hearing professional for help. Hearing aids often need to be adjusted several times during the trial period. This is a team effort, so do not be afraid to speak up.

    Be realistic

    Remember that your hearing loss has been gradual over the years you have lost the ability to hear certain sounds in the speech spectrum and normal sounds of the environment, such as traffic and wind noise, the hum of machinery and other background noises.


    When you begin to wear hearing aids, these sounds will be restored but your brain will need practice and re-education in order to selectively focus on and filter sounds. Some sounds may even startle you at first. Know that your brain will acclimate to these sounds again over time.

    Be patient

    It takes time to adapt to hearing aids. Wear them as much as possible at first to become more skilled at recognizing sound direction and to learn which hearing aid settings work best for you in different situations.


    The adjustment period may be tiresome. Its a lot like retraining a muscle that has not been used in a while. But the benefits will be worth it after youve made the adjustment.

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    Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review

    Underlying research:

    • 96 models considered
    • 600 users surveyed

    Our experts have spent more than 2,500 hours conducting thorough research on hearing aids. Throughout this process, we did the following:

    • Deeply researched the hearing device category
    • Consulted with audiologists and hearing device experts
    • Mystery shopped 30 brands
    • Surveyed more than 600 hearing aid users
    • Read and reviewed the current relevant studies
    • Read thousands of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot

    Starkey Hearing Aid Reviews

    Founded in 1967 with headquarters in Minnesota, Starkey is one of the Big Six international hearing aid manufacturersa group of six companies that collectively make up the vast majority of the global hearing aid marketand the only one thats U.S.-owned and operated.

    Starkey competitors include Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, Resound

    Starkey currently sells hearing aids under its name and other hearing aid brands such as Audibel, MicroTech, and NuEar. The company also operates the non-profit Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides hearing aids to people in need in the United States and worldwide.

    The good news is that Starkey hearing aids are suitable for multiple degrees of hearing loss, from mild to severe hearing loss. This means that Starkey can help many of the 29 million Americans who could benefit from hearing aids.

    But this raises another question: are Starkey hearing aids worth it? In this article, well go over everything you need to know about Starkey hearing aids, Starkey hearing aid special features, Starkey hearing aid reviews, how to choose a Starkey hearing aid, the cost of Starkey hearing aids, and more about hearing enhancement.

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    Effortless Hearing Has Arrived

    Starkey’s most advanced hearing technology gives you the best Starkey Sound. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, Evolv AI is expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment so you can hear and enjoy life. With Evolv AI, an effortless hearing experience is what you can expect. You now have a complete line of hearing aid options that fit seamlessly into your unique lifestyle.

    Who Should Purchase Starkey Hearing Aids

    About Starkey Hearing Aids and How They Can Help Hearing Loss

    Starkey hearing aids are available for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Evaluation by an audiologist can help you choose the best Starkey hearing aid for your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and listening environments.

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