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How To Reverse Hearing Loss Naturally

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What Is Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Do It Yourself – How To Reverse Ear Infection/Tinnitus/Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the stereocilia the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that convert soundwaves into electrical energy that is passed through the auditory nerve to the brain. Once these cells are damaged, they cannot regenerate on their own, leading to permanent, irreversible hearing loss Or so we thought.

How Does Reverse Hearing Loss Work

Reverse Hearing Loss claims to work by using a specific formula of foods and ingredients.

These foods can cure your hearing when taken at the right times of day and in the right order. Sam claims these foods work by repairing hair cells and other tissues within the body.

Basically, you read Reverse Hearing Loss, purchase all of the ingredients listed, then eat those foods at certain times of the day. If you do that, then Sam promises that you will have crystal clear hearing in 3 weeks or less.

Sam also claims that Reverse Hearing Loss has been used successfully by over 45,000 people.

Hair cells, by the way, are cells found in all vertebrates. They act as sensory receptors for both your auditory and vestibular systems. Basically, they transmit audio information into electrical impulses that can be understood by the brain and transformed into sound.

As you grow older, your hair cells can die off. Your body cannot regrow hair cells on its own which is why hearing loss is permanent without medical intervention.

Can Hearing Loss Be Reversed

In this article, we will discuss the most important things for you to know about hearing loss and how and when hearing loss can be reversed.

Hearing loss can be an incredibly frustrating condition to deal with. As you begin to lose your hearing, you will have difficulty engaging in fruitful conversations with others, enjoying your favorite albums or movies, and may increase your risk of driving accidents . Loss of hearing can also contribute to various mental health conditions, such as depression

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders claims that approximately 15 percent of American adults aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing.

At Sound Relief Hearing Center, one of the most common questions new patients have is Can hearing loss be reversed?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of hearing loss you have. While some cases of hearing loss can be immediately improved, others will require long-term treatment and some will be completely irreversible . In order for an audiologist to help, they will need to identify the underlying cause of your hearing loss, identify the specific type of hearing loss you are experiencing, and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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What If I Already Have Hearing Loss

Protect your hearing from getting worse and learn ways to help you hear better and adapt to your hearing loss.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ensures that children who have hearing loss receive special education during ages 3 to 21 years. For more information, visit CDCs Hearing Loss in Children webpage.

Take Steps to Keep It from Getting Worse

There is no medical or surgical treatment for hearing loss caused by noise. Damaged hair cells do not grow back. As much as possible, you should try to protect your hearing. If you do have hearing loss, you should take steps to keep it from getting worse.

  • Avoid noisy places whenever possible.
  • Use earplugs, protective ear muffs, or noise-canceling headphones when around loud noises.
  • Keep the volume down when listening through earbuds or headphones.
  • Ask your doctor for a hearing checkup if you suspect you have hearing loss.

If you develop a sudden hearing loss, contact your doctor immediately. Some treatments may help minimize the damage and reduce the severity of the hearing loss.

Many people with hearing loss can still hear some sounds. If you already have a hearing loss, there are ways to help you make the most out of the hearing you have. Read about the methods and devices below that can help.

Things You Can Do to Help Compensate for Your Hearing Loss

Consider Using a Device to Help You Hear

If you already have a hearing loss, hearing devices can help you make the most out of the hearing you have.

What Is The Relationship Between Tinnitus And Hearing Loss

How to Reverse Hearing Loss Naturally

Tinnitus is a condition defined as the ringing in the ears, the sensation of hearing ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling, or other sounds. The noise can be intermittent or continuous, and can vary in loudness. Tinnitus is not always connected to hearing loss but is sometimes the first sign. Many cases of tinnitus are often classified as sensorineural, meaning they occur as the result of hearing loss due to the damage to the cochlea or cochlear nerves. Many individuals living with tinnitus will also have a much more difficult time hearing Consider taking our tinnitus impact survey today to determine the severity of your tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a symptom, rather than a specific disease, meaning that tinnitus does not cause hearing loss, but is simply correlated with hearing loss. However, because there is so much overlap between tinnitus and other hearing problems, these conditions will often be treated together.

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When If Ever Can Hearing Loss Be Reversed

As suggested, reversing conductive hearing loss is significantly easier than reversing sensorineural hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can often be treated with non-invasive procedures such as ear cleaning or a simple removal of whatever object is found in the middle or outer ear. Even in cases where a more intensive procedure will be recommended, conductive hearing loss is consideredby farthe least permanent type of hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss, on the other hand, is much more difficult to reverse. Some types of sensorineural loss will be unavoidably permanent. There are, however, still quite a few reasonable treatment options available. Hearing aids are non-invasive and can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the individual patient. In other situations, cochlear implants may be the preferred option.

For some, sound therapy treatments might also be helpful. Sound therapy will be considered especially valuable for individuals who are experiencing tinnitus in addition to hearing loss and need a method for distracting from or mixing the ringing in their ears. Furthermore, while the irreversible nature of sensorineural hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating, things such as stem cell research, viral therapy, and gene therapy are all helping the hearing community make dramatic progress with each passing year. There are plenty of reasons for individuals with hearing troubles to be optimistic about hearing loss reversal.

Eucalyptus And Lavender Essential Oils

Again, there is no scientific evidence to justify this, but there have been cases where the use of eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils has helped in treating hearing loss. Eucalyptus is often used to treat allergies, so if your blocked ear is the result of some accumulated fluids due to an allergic reaction, eucalyptus oil will work wonders for you.

Lavender essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, so it can reduce any inflammation that may have occurred in your ear canal.

Hearing loss or tinnitus is reversible, and there are many other natural remedies that will bring you the results you desire. You can also use these above remedies as preventive measures to ensure that you are never at the risk of losing your hearing any time soon. However, be sure to contact your doctor before settling on your choice of natural remedy.

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Kinds Of Hearing Loss:


A conductive hearing loss is a type of hearing loss. It occurs when the ability of transmission of sound waves from the outer or middle ear to the inner ear is reduced or blocked.


It is a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. It indicates that there is damage in the outer, middle and inner part of the ear at the same time or damage auditory nerve.


Sensorineural hearing loss is a type of hearing the loss in which damage occurs to an individuals inner ear or neural areas of the auditory system.

Protect Your Ears From These Devices

How To Get Rid Of Hearing Loss Naturally | How To Reverse Hearing Loss

Did you know that some common household appliances can actually be harmful to your ears? You may use these devices on a regular basis, but over time, they might contribute to hearing damage. Keep in mind that sound intensity is measured in decibels , so noise-induced hearing loss can be the result of exposure to sounds at or above 85 dB over an extended period:

Hair dryer: At approximately 80 dB to 90 dB, the loud, powerful whirring noise of a hair dryer can contribute to noise-induced hearing loss, especially because of how close the device can get to the ears.

Blenders and coffee grinders: Most models that you purchase at the store land in between the 80 dB to 90 dB range. To soften the noise, try wrapping a large kitchen towel around the base where the motor is placed.

Lawn mower/snow blower: These appliances can reach up to a whopping 106 dB on the loudness chart. That means mowing the lawn twice a week, for one hour each session, over the summer can eventually contribute to noise-induced hearing loss.

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How To Reverse Hearing Loss Naturally And Effectively

Hearing loss can be of three types. The most common type occurs when the auditory nerves face some permanent damage. The second, less common type happens when there is some sort of blockage in the outer section of the ear, which is preventing sound waves from stimulating the eardrum. The third type occurs as a mixture of the first two types.

While these types of hearing losses require immediate medical attention, there are other types of hearing losses that are commonly the results of a bad cold, blocked sinuses and infections in the ear canal.


How To Improve Hearing Loss Naturally

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Throughout the year, a very popular goal is to exercise more. From New Years Eve resolutions to the desire to look good in a summer swimsuit, people vow to get moving every day to look their best. Did you know that this resolution can help you in ways other than losing weight and gaining strength? It has the power to impact other parts and systems in your body, including your ears and your hearing. Read on to find out the many effects of a cardio workout that can help hearing, too.

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Who Created Reverse Hearing Loss

Reverse Hearing Loss was written by a guy named Sam Miller. If that name sounds ridiculously fake and generic to you, then youre right: its a pseudonym for an unknown author.

At the Reverse Hearing Loss website, youll discover that the author wanted his identity to remain a secret, so he works under a pseudonym instead.

There are no further details available about the author although he does tell an entertaining story about how he discovered the ancient Amish hearing loss techniques and cured his own hearing problems.

Instead: Visit A Hearing Specialist For A Cleaning

Human hearing loss may be reversible soon : Dancing Astronaut

Seriously, lets just go back a second and reiterate something: do not pour anything in your ear unless explicitly directed to by a hearing specialist.

If youre looking for a simple way to improve your hearing, you should go to a hearing specialist for a cleaning. Earwax build-up is a significant cause of hearing loss for many, but it can be easily treated by a trip to a hearing specialist. Specialists have unique tools at their disposal that can quickly remove large waxy build-ups, allowing you to start hearing better immediately.

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Can Medicine Fix Hearing Loss

Currently, there is no medication available that can fix a hearing loss. Researchers are continuing to look for a medication that could help to cure hearing loss. An ongoing clinical trial is researching an injectable drug, known as FX-322. The researchers are aiming to identify if this drug can help regrow new hair cells that were damaged. The trials are ongoing, so this is unlikely to hit your pharmacy shelves any time soon.

Were still a long way off being able to walk up to your pharmacy and grab a pill to cure hearing loss. But the ongoing advances in the field of audiology are certainly exciting!

Instead: Add Iron To Your Diet And Get Your Hearing Back

It is true that your diet can affect your hearing. One main diet ingredient is iron, since iron deficiency anemia, caused by a lack of iron in the diet, is shown to cause tinnitus and hearing loss. Vegetarians and people with certain dietary restrictions should make sure to include plenty of iron-rich foods in their diet, such as beans, cereal, and leafy greens, and may even need to take iron supplements if advised by their doctors.

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How To Reverse Hearing Loss Naturally

Obviously, hearing loss can be extremely problematic and debilitating, and a person who has lost their hearing may bear the brunt of a lot of social and psychological stigma. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse the effects of hearing loss. There are some natural remedies available out there that can enable you to regain your hearing and gradually restore it to normal.

Here are five different natural remedies that can restore your hearing back to normal. Enthusiasts of natural healing strongly advocate these remedies, although there is little scientific data that can back it up.

The Reverse Hearing Loss Diet

Reversing Hearing Loss Caused by Ear Infection AMITA Health

Basically, Reverse Hearing Loss wants you to follow a diet for 17 days. Unlike most diets you find online, this diet isnt advertised as a weight loss diet.

Some of the key ingredients in Reverse Hearing Loss include:

Vitamin A Vitamin B12 Magnesium

Most of the foods in Reverse Hearing Loss involve delivering your recommended daily value of the above nutrients along with other important vitamins and minerals.

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Can I Restore My Hearing Naturally

Its estimated that up to 65 million Americans in the United States report some level of hearing loss. That equals almost 20% of the population!

Hearing loss can affect someone at any stage in their life. Infants may be born with hearing loss. For others, hearing loss happens gradually over time. This could be due to lifestyle or environmental factors, but there are other causes of hearing loss.

With so many people struggling with their hearing, its hardly surprising that people look for ways to restore their hearing. A common question for hearing healthcare professionals is how to cure hearing loss. Or how to quickly restore hearing to normal levels.

Sound familiar? If youve ever wondered if you can restore your hearing naturally, keep reading.

Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Recent studies suggest that a nutritious diet reduces the risk of hearing loss, however there is no single nutrient of critical importance.. According to Dr. Sharon Curhan, MD, a physician at Brigham and Womens Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the findings are often inconsistent.

For example, in animal models, combinations of certain nutrients were protective against hearing loss however, studies in humans have produced conflicting results Vitamins and hearing health | Healthy Hearing

Pigments known as carotenoids produce the orange color found in many fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids such as beta-carotene also act as antioxidants, enable communication between cells, and act as a precursor to Vitamin A.

In 2015, a study of over 65,000 participants showed a link between higher intakes of two carotenoids and better hearing health. Specifically, women with greater levels of beta-carotene and beta-kryptoxanthin enjoyed a reduced risk of hearing challenges.

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A Powerful Vitamin Combination For Noise

Researchers recently discovered which vitamins to look for in order to fight noise-induced and age-related hearing loss. If your hearing loss is related to exposure to loud noise, consider vitamins A, C, and E taken alongside magnesium. If your hearing loss is simply an effect of growing older, folic acid may help keep your ears sharp.

To reduce noise-induced hearing loss, vitamins A, C, and E coupled with magnesium may be the answer. Noise-induced hearing loss can occur from one incident alone or as the result of long-term exposure to loud noise. Either way, its a widespread problemabout 30 million Americans are regularly exposed to hazardous noise levels.

These Three Nutrients Can Help Reverse Your Hearing Loss

Reversing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is all too common these days. In fact, hearing problems have become a major health issue, affecting about 48 million people20 percent of all American adults.

And the statistics get even more dire the older you get. By the time you reach age 65, you have a one in three chance of becoming hard of hearing.

But the thing is, hearing problems dont have to be an inevitable part of growing old. In fact, new research shows that adding a few basic vitamins and minerals to your diet can dramatically improve your hearing

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Three Nutrients That Significantly Improve Hearing

Dr. Marc Micozzi stresses that the presence of free radical chemicals in the inner ear is a key factor in hearing loss, suggesting that antioxidants may play an important role in treatment.

In his Insiders Ultimate Guide to Outsmarting Old Age, he cites a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition where researchers found that higher intakes of antioxidant vitamins A and C, combined with magnesium, were associated with better hearing in nearly 2,600 participants.

Furthermore, the beneficial effects of these three nutrients were found at normal speech ranges and high-frequency ranges of sound. And when the nutrients were used together, the combined benefit was greater than the individual effects of each nutrient alone.

Thats not a surprise, really, because magnesium is a proven antioxidant booster. And in addition, research shows that magnesium may help restore blood flow to the hearing apparatus of your ear following damage from excessive noise.

Dr. Micozzi recommends 200 mg of magnesium daily, along with 500 mg of vitamin C, twice each day. And for good measure, he also suggests taking another important antioxidant: vitamin E, 50 IU daily.

As for vitamin A, he believes that we dont yet have sufficient data to determine the optimal dose, so he recommends getting your vitamin A from dairy, fish, and meat. And each of these foods contains essential fats, which promotes greater absorption because vitamin A is fat-soluble.

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