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What Are The Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries

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Powerone Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries

The made in Germany sign on the front of this batterys package indicates their genuineness. Likewise, the batteries have undergone durability tests and certified safe for use in harsh weather with excellent results. Finally, because their structure lacks mercury, these batteries are useful in reducing the environmental pollution. They are also safe for humans and pets if you handle them correctly. Thanks to the strict manufacturing process that this product undergoes, the Powerone batteries can support every hearing aid that uses size 312. Their Zinc-air quality also ensures longevity. This not only applies to operational life but also shelf life. As such, they are valid for approximately three years in original packaging. Furthermore, the case opens quickly, saving you time when retrieving the batteries. They are also simple to install. That way, people with hand difficulties have an easy time using them. Since they can go into your pocket, you can carry extras when traveling.

What We Like
  • Convenient for travel
Our Verdict

The batteries can power your device regardless of its energy requirements. Combining excellent performance and value for money, this product is a lifesaver.

Take Precautions When Changing The Batteries

Begin with clean, dry hands. The life of the battery is adversely impacted by humidity, dirt, and grease. Until its time to use the batteries, be sure to leave the plastic tabs in place. The latest hearing aid batteries mix zinc with the air to power on. You dont want that to happen before you are ready.

It is worth letting them sit out for five minutes after you remove the tab but before you put them in. The battery could be prolonged by days if you do this.

Robit Hearing Aid Batteries

Robit Hearing Aid Batteries come in a protective package that is portable and easy to use. They are also easy to install, as all you do is remove the tab and put them in hearing aids battery slot. However, leave them in the open for several minutes to energize. Touch the batteries with clean hands, as grease can lower performance. Instead, use the sticker tabs as handles to avoid contact with the batteries. Ensure you position them correctly. Placing them upside down could prevent the devices battery slot from locking. The cells are mercury-free, which contaminates the soil, air, and water. Instead, the batteries they have an innovative zinc-air technology that not only stabilizes the batterys voltage to increase their run-time but also eliminates noise. When it comes to security, they have an insulating ring between the cathode and the anode. Their shells are stainless steel, which resists corrosion.

What We Like
  • Environment-friendly
Our Verdict

Despite prioritizing low prices, the manufacturer does not compromise on quality. Their value pack guarantees service for several months.

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Now You Can Get Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids may drain too rapidly for a number of reasons. But by taking some precautions you can get more life out of each battery. You may also think about rechargeable hearing aids if youre going to buy a new set. You dock them on a charger every night for a full charge the next day. And you only have to change them every few years.

How Much Do Hearing Aid Batteries Cost

12 Pack Energizer Size 312 EZ Turn &  Lock Longest Lasting ...

Hearing aid battery costs will vary based on the type of disposable battery. Generally, you can purchase them at pharmacies or big box stores, but it can be helpful to purchase them from hearing clinics where you can rely on the knowledge of hearing aid experts for the right fit. In some cases, you can receive free batteries along with a warranty on your hearing aids.

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Zenipower Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675

Each of the ZeniPower batteries measures 11.6×5.4 mm. The blue color at the top of the case ensures you select the correct size. Furthermore, its smart packaging makes it easy to retrieve batteries. The case is also strong enough to prevent ripping. That way, batteries are safe from heat and moisture that may reduce their power. Another feature that preserves their energy is the sticker tabs. These ZeniPower products retain their juice for three years if their original packaging is not broken, reducing the store visits to get fresh batteries. It also eliminates the annoying low-battery beeps that are common in substandard products. Unlike their mercury alternatives, they protect the environment and have a higher capacity. As such, they can support hearing aids with a heavy current drain well.

What We Like
  • High drain output
Our Verdict

These ZeniPower batteries guarantee a longer life than similar products. Based in China, the manufacturer has spent more than 21 years developing a patented technology that will satisfy users. As such, you get to enjoy a clear sound quality as well as reduced distortion and volume adjustment.

When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Batteries

Your hearing aids will give you some clues about when you should change the batteries. Consider changing your hearing aid batteries if you find yourself turning up the sound more than usual, if sounds become distorted, or if you hear a beeping sound that alerts you to slow battery life. If everything you hear sounds like its in slow-mo, its probably not your hearing aids instead, you might want to go back to 1992 and change the batteries in your Walkman.

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Battery Sizes And Lifespan

Batteries for hearing aids come in four main sizes: 10, 13, 312 and 675. These are usually denoted by tabs that are peeled off before inserting them into the hearing aid.

  • Yellow: Size 10
  • Brown: Size 312
  • Blue: Size 675

Each hearing aid only accepts one type of battery, and the type of battery it accepts mostly depends on the size of the hearing aid. The smallest hearing aids use a size 10, and these typically include the following hearing aid subcategories:

  • Completely in the canal
  • In the canal
  • In the ear

In some cases, size 13 batteries are used for in-the-ear hearing aids, especially full-shell designs, which completely cover the concha and the antihelix. These batteries are slightly larger, but they usually last longer and offer more power.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids often use size 312 batteries, which have a brown tab. These hearing aids often need more power because they usually have more features, including telecoils, more power and higher processing requirements .

The biggest hearing aids and cochlear implants use size 675, denoted by a blue tab. This size offers the most power, but the hearing aid may make use of that power, draining it faster.

Audio Streaming And Battery Life

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

As has been documented in the past, audio streaming to hearing aids can use up an awful lot of batteries. Our survey respondents seem to confirm this. We were somewhat surprised that the difference wasnt larger! I suppose some respondents may have included telecoil audio streaming or other forms of less battery intensive audio streaming.

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Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675

Once again we find Duracell in the lead, with loads of positive customer experiences. This time we reviewed the size 675.

This battery has the convenience of an extra-long tab so its simple to handle. The package is easy to open. Customers say these little touches can be a huge benefit, especially if they have difficulty manipulating small objects.

The Duracell 675 has a long life and lasts on the shelf up to 4 years. We love that Duracell color-codes this battery series so you dont accidentally reach for the wrong one.

  • Extra-long shelf life and long battery life
  • Color coded so youre sure to choose the right battery size

Our Rating

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The Hearing Aids Need To Be Stored Properly

To prevent drainage of power you will normally have to open the battery door at night. Also, you will want to:

A dry, cool place is where you should keep the batteries. Battery cells are adversely impacted by high temperature and moisture. Room temperature is fine just keep them out of the sun and away from heat sources include light bulbs.

Also, a dehumidifier is a smart consideration. Both the batteries and the hearing aid itself are protected in this way. Their delicate components are easily destroyed by moisture in the air.

Play Around With Different Batteries And Battery Sources

#10 Rayovav Long Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries

Quality batteries have a longer life than bargain ones, obviously. Think about not only the brands, though, but what types of hearing aid batteries youre using and where you purchase them, as well. If you buy in bulk, you can get good batteries for less at some big box stores.

If you buy them online, especially from auction sites like eBay, use caution. Batteries have an expiration date that they need to be sold by. Once they expire, they shouldnt be used.

Ask your hearing specialist for advice on where to find batteries at affordable prices.

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How Fresh Is The Hearing Aid Battery Package

You may not think of freshness when it comes to hearing aid batteries, but any batteries can lose their mojo after years on a warehouse shelf.

Check for a guarantee that batteries are shipped within 6 months at most on the shelf . The package should come stamped with an expiration date thats at least 2 years into the future. If not, contact the supplier.

The Trick To Making Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Hearing aids can be life-changing, but they cant help you if they dont have the battery power they need to keep working. Hearing aid wearers know that when they hear that little beeping noise, theyd better have a spare pack of batteries handy.

Hearing aid batteries typically last between 3-7 days, depending on factors like:

  • The type and size of hearing device you have
  • The type and size of the battery
  • The number of hours per day youre using your device
  • The technology level of the device
  • The environment you live in
  • The way you take care of the battery

Luckily, there are several best practices you can use to keep your hearing aid batteries well-maintained and help them last as long as possible.

1. Always use your oldest package of hearing aid batteries first.

Although hearing aid batteries can be stored for quite a while, the longer the batteries sit in storage, the shorter their life will be. If you always use the oldest package first, your spare batteries will never get too old.

2. Store extra hearing aid batteries in a dry, room temperature place.

Extreme temperaturesboth hot and coldand high humidity levels are not good for the life of your hearing aid batteries. For this reason, never store your hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator or bathroom.

3. Dont remove the plastic tab from each packs battery until youre ready to use it.

4. Wash your hands before replacing your hearing aid battery.

7. Use a hearing aid dehumidifier.

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Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries

If you are in the market for a new hearing aid, you may have considered a number of factors: size, technology, fit, and price. These are common considerations, however many consumers overlook the tiny, but important, hearing aid battery. Every hearing aid requires a battery to work, and the average lifespan can range from just 3 days to almost 20, depending on the hearing aid you select. For many users, changing a battery every 3 days is just too much inconvenience. Learn more about the longest lasting hearing aid batteries to keep your hearing aids charged and confident.

Power One Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

5 Proven Tips to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer [CC]

Heres another economic, high-performing choice from Power One. This mercury-free battery has a convenient installation tab. Its discreetly packaged in wheels of 6 batteries each.

The Power One size 13 battery has a long expiration date . Its a great value as well. While it isnt the most inexpensive battery on the market, it lasts longer and saves customers money, users say.

Reviews are extremely positive for the battery itself, the shipping, and customer service. It carries the well-known Power One name, making it a more trustworthy buy than some brands. The manufacturer verifies that the battery is mercury-free.

  • Long battery life and shelf life
  • Convenient, compact wheel-style packaging

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Starkey 60 Pack Hearing Aid Batteries

Starkey Batteries are manufactured under strict tolerance to make sure they fit your hearing aids properly and meet all your needs. They are mercury-free, just like other top-notch batteries. Moreover, these batteries are proudly made in the US, and this means they are of good quality.

One battery case holds up to 60 batteries so you can have sufficient for what you need the case for. The battery case holder is travel-friendly, and, therefore, will prevent you from losing your hearing batteries again. Since these batteries are made in the US, they are shipped fast hence, there is no significant decrease in their life.

  • 1.45V Zinc Air technology provides maximum operating time
  • Size 312 fits all hearing devices that use a 312 battery
  • Keychain battery case ensures optimum portability
  • Advanced technology proves that batteries are well made and efficient

How Long Do Batteries Last

There are many variables that determine how long your battery will power your hearing aids.

A standard zinc-air battery lasts anywhere from three to 22 days, depending upon the type of hearing aid, the capacity of the battery, and the amount of hearing aid use throughout each day. The smallest hearing aid batteries, used for 12 to 16 hours per day, may need to be changed every three or four days, while the largest hearing aid batteries used for only a couple hours each day may go several weeks without needing to be changed.

To minimize battery drain, turn off the hearing aid when its not in use. Opening the battery door is also an option, and a good way to dry out accumulated moisture. But if the hearing aids wont be used for an extended period of time , removing the battery entirely is the best method.

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Hearing Aid Battery Sizes

There are four standard sizes of disposable hearing aid batteries: 10, 312, 13 and 675. These battery sizes are associated with a given color, as seen in the above table. These colors can be found on battery packaging or on the protective seals of the batteries themselves.

the type of disposable battery you need will depend on the hearing aid you use.

Across the industry, 312 batteries are common, as they can work in a wide variety of hearing aids. However, the type of disposable battery you need will depend on the hearing aid you use.

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries: Size 10

Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries, Size 312, 8

This is the third listing from Duracell in our list and these are the size 10 batteries which are also manufactured by this leading brand. Just like any other hearing aid battery from Duracell, they come with Easy Tab technology and they are available in a compact packaging as well. The batteries offer a voltage of 1.45 colts and this pack contains a total of 80 batteries.

If you are not concerned about spending a few dollars extra then you can certainly go ahead and purchase these batteries because when you buy batteries from Duracell, you can really be assured about the quality of the batteries and the backup that these batteries will offer you. This is surely sufficient supply for the whole year for you.


  • Duracell is one of the best brands that you will find in the market.
  • Easy to open and easy to install because of easy tab technology that is used to pack the batteries
  • Available in a pack of 80 which is yet another advantage of purchasing the pack.


  • Slightly expensive when you look at the price of these batteries.

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Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Size 312

If you are looking for batteries brands apart from Duracell and Powerone then you must check out this listing on our page. These batteries are from Rayovac and they are zinc air batteries which are easily available in the market. You can choose between a pack of 60 batteries and 240 batteries depending on your consumption but it must be noted that these batteries come with an expiry of 3 to 4 years which give you enough time to use the batteries.

In addition to this, the batteries are quite affordable when we talk about the price perspective. Every single pack contains 6 batteries and you can order these in 10 packs or 40 packs if you have high consumption. The voltage output of these batteries is 1.45 volt and as per the company, they are the worlds longest lasting batteries.


  • 312 batteries available in a pack of 60 or in pack of 240.
  • Made in the USA and hence the quality is quite good.
  • The battery has an expiry of 3 to 4 years and hence you need not worry about the spoilage.


  • Some people reported an issue with the voltage.

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