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What Can Happen If An Ear Infection Is Left Untreated

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How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Without Vet

Swimmer’s ear can lead to serious problems if left untreated

It is strongly recommended you consult a vet for treating a dog ear infection.

Especially chronic ear infection i.e. if your dog repeatedly seems to be suffering from ear problems.

However, if you are unable to get to a vet look for a gentle treatment that will alleviate your dogs symptoms until you can get a professional diagnosis of the cause. Cleaning around the outside of your dogs ear and applying hot compresses can also help with their discomfort.

When To Worry About A Tooth Infection

If you suspect you have a dental abscess, dont wait until it ruptures to seek treatment. Dental infections should be treated promptly to prevent the spread of the infection. Common symptoms of a dental infection that requires urgent dental care include:

  • Noticeable sore under the gums
  • Swelling and inflammation near the affected tooth
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Loose tooth
  • A severe, throbbing toothache that doesnt go away
  • Swollen and painful lymph nodes in the neck
  • Pain when chewing or biting down


Tooth abscesses are dental emergencies. They need to be drained by a professional quickly to prevent spreading. A noticeable sore and severe, throbbing pain are the most common symptoms.

What Causes A Middle

The middle ear connects to the throat by a canal called the eustachiantube. This tube helps even out the pressure between the outer ear and theinner ear. A cold or allergy can irritate the tube or cause the area aroundit to swell. This can keep fluid from draining from the middle ear. Thefluid builds up behind the eardrum. Bacteria and viruses can grow in thisfluid. The bacteria and viruses cause the middle-ear infection.

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Complications Associated With A Middle Ear Infection

Complications from middle ear infections are extremely uncommon, but can occur, especially in very young children with a not yet fully developed immune system. These complications include:

  • Mastoiditis: When the infection spreads into the bones of the ear. Symptoms include fever, pain, tenderness, headache and a creamy discharge from the ear. This condition is treatable, but seeking medical attention early is important.
  • Cholesteatoma: A result of tissue build-up from recurrent instances of infection. If left untreated, the condition can cause serious damage. Treatment typically involves surgery.
  • Labyrinthitis: A condition that occurs when an infection in the middle ear spreads to the inner ear. Symptoms include dizziness, hearing loss, vertigo and loss of balance. It is treatable.
  • Other complications: Other possible complications include facial paralysis, meningitis and brain abscess, but these conditions are extremely rare.

Middle Ear Infection & Meningitis

sunshineandhealthcare: Are you suffering from ear infection?

Unfortunately, in the case of Mister Broadhurst, his mid-ear infection became so serious that it infected the mastoid bone. It either eroded the attic of the mid-ear and entered the brain or the infection crossed the attic bone. Either way, the outcome was the same. Mister Broadhurst developed meningitis and because of it, he developed encephalitis which killed him.

Dr Declan Costello, a consultant at the hospital where Mister Broadhurst died, said: “Andrew had a middle ear infection that had moved backwards towards the bone behind the ear, the mastoid bone. Because of closeness to the brain, it is very easy to spread upwards and cause meningitis.”

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Prevention Is Key How To Clean Dogs Ears

The old adage is true, prevention really is key.

If your dogs in an overall healthy condition, there shouldnt be a need to clean their ears very often. The process takes care of itself naturally.

Do always make sure you dry the exterior of their ears properly after you have bathed them, or they have been for a swim. When you do need to clean their ears just wipe gently around the outer area and in any creases and flaps to remove any dirt.

One product we recommend to help in both prevention and when you have an issue is the Pet-MD Ear Cleaner Wipes.

Living With An Ear Infection

If your child suffers from several ear infections each year, youll want to look out for symptoms every time they have a stuffy nose or congestion.

Never stick anything in your childs ear to relieve the pain of an ear infection, to remove the tubes or remove a foreign object. See your childs doctor to have it removed.

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What Are The Possible Complications Of Ear Infections

The common ear infection can sometimes lead to hearing problems and, rarely, serious and even life-threatening complications.

The common ear infection can sometimes lead to hearing problems and, rarely, serious and even life-threatening complications.


Ear infections arent usually a huge cause for concern. Theyre not contagious, and in most cases they clear up on their own or with over-the-counter pain medicine and a round of antibiotics.

Theyre also very common, especially among children. In fact, at least 8 in 10 children will have one or more ear infections by their third birthday.

Complications, though rare, do occur. When they do, they can be serious.

Complications can happen at any age, but they’re much more common in children under the age of 1, says Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD, a partner at ENT and Allergy Associates in New York City.

We’re really aggressive when a small baby comes in with an ear infection because their preformed pathways between the brain and the ear there are a couple that are open, which makes small children more prone to complications, Dr. Chandrasekhar says. Young children we treat early and aggressively to prevent complications.

The following are some complications associated with ear infections:

How Is An Ear Infection Diagnosed


Your doctor will check for an ear infection by using a small scope with a light to look into your childs ear. They will know if the eardrum is infected if it looks red. Other signs of infection they may see include fluid in the ear or a ruptured eardrumwhich leaves a hole. Your doctor will also look for other symptoms in your child, such as a runny nose, cough, fever, vomiting, and dizziness.

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When To Seek Medical Advice

Most cases of otitis media pass within a few days, so there’s usually no need to see your GP.

However, see your GP if you or your child have:

  • symptoms showing no sign of improvement after two or three days
  • a lot of pain
  • a discharge of pus or fluid from the ear some people develop a persistent and painless ear discharge that lasts for many months, known as chronic suppurative otitis media
  • an underlying health condition, such as cystic fibrosis or congenital heart disease, which could make complications more likely

Read more about diagnosing middle ear infections

Dog Ear Mites Vs Yeast Infection Know What To Look For

If your dog has ear mites or a yeast infection their exterior symptoms and behavior may look similar. There may be signs of irritation and dark flecks or substances.

Your dog may be itching and scratching around their ears and shaking their head a lot. Dog ear mites are barely visible to the human eye, unlike fleas.

These little parasites feed off your dogs ear wax. An infestation of ear mites can lead to further bacterial infections. Yeast infections may look similar, but your dogs ears will often have an odor or funky smell.

If you suspect your dog has ear mites or a yeast infection in their ears, a vet check is needed to establish the cause and treat properly.

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Top Best Answers To The Question What Happens If A Dogs Ear Infection Is Left Untreated

Ear infections, left untreated, are very serious stuff.

Untreated ear infections that spread to the inner ear can result in permanent deafness, eye problems, loss of coordination and balance and facial paralysis.

Symptoms of canine ear infections include head shaking, scratching at or rubbing the affected ear, discharge, bad odor, redness inside the ear, swelling of the ear canal, pain, itchiness and crusts or scabs inside the ear or along the ear margin.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «What happens if a dogs ear infection is left untreated?» often ask the followingquestions:

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Infection Of The Blood Vessels In Your Sinuses


Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis is the infection of the blood vessels in the sinuses resulting in a blood clot at the base of the brain. It is a rare and life-threatening disorder where the infection from the eyes, nose, ears, or teeth runs through the veins around your face and triggers more facial disorders.

Its highly dangerous and should be treated immediately upon diagnosis. The best way to treat this disorder is to identify the source of infection through a series of tests and drain the disease-causing bacteria.

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How Is Swimmers Ear Treated

With proper treatment from a healthcare provider, swimmers ear often clears up in 7 to 10 days.

Treatment may include:

  • Taking ear drops to kill bacteria
  • Taking ear drops to help reduce swelling
  • Taking pain medicine
  • Keeping the ear dry, as directed by your provider

Your provider will give you instructions on how to use ear drops. Follow the instructions to be sure you get the right dose of medicine.

How Long Does Hearing Loss Last After An Ear Infection

Ear infections are common in children, but even adults deal with ear infections. Hearing loss from an infection can occur when fluid builds up in the middle ear. This prevents sounds from getting through to the eardrum, which causes auditory loss. This is called conductive auditory impairment, which means that there is an obstruction. When you have hearing loss from an ear infection, it usually isnt permanent. However, there are a lot of factors that can influence how long the impairment lasts.

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The Link To Hearing Loss

Middle ear infections can affect your childs hearing. This can be unsettling, but its almost always temporary and doesnt result in any permanent hearing loss. Still, any hearing loss should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.

Addressing hearing loss is important because infants and toddlers who suffer from chronic ear infections experience stretches of mild hearing loss during a crucial learning period for speech and language.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Middle

Reversing Hearing Loss Caused by Ear Infection â AMITA Health

Common symptoms of a middle-ear infection in adults are:

  • Pain in 1 or both ears

  • Drainage from the ear

  • Sore throat

You may also have a fever. Rarely, your balance can be affected.

These symptoms may be the same as for other conditions. Its important totalk with your health care provider if you think you have a middle-earinfection. If you have a high fever, severe pain behind your ear, orparalysis in your face, see your provider as soon as you can.

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After I Get An Ear Infection Will I Get My Hearing Back

by Atlanta Hearing Associates | Aug 15, 2018 | Hearing Loss Articles

An ear infection is the well-known name, but its medically called otitis media or AOM. These ear infections can affect children as well as adults, especially after a sinus infection or a cold. You can even get an ear infection from a bad tooth.

How long will loss of hearing persist after having an infection of the middle ear? To come up with a complete answer can be rather complex. There are a lot of things happening with ear infections. To understand the risks, you should learn more about the damage these infections can cause and how they impact hearing.

Inner Ear Inflammation And Damage

Hearing problems and poor balance are common consequences of severe middle ear infections. However, the problem may be much more serious than many parents realize. When otitis media complicates, it can affect the inner ear structures sitting in the labyrinths of the skull. The condition is therefore known as labyrinthitis or otitis interna . The hearing apparatus and balance system are located here and if affected it can lead to hearing loss and/or poor balance.

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When To Contact A Doctor

If you think you are experiencing ear infection symptoms, and the symptoms last longer than one or two days, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes ear infections do resolve on their own after a couple of days, but if the pain worsens or lingers, you should seek medical attention.

Additionally, if you have fluid draining from your ear or your hearing is impaired by any of the symptoms listed above, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you think you have symptoms of labyrinthitis then it is best to contact a doctor right away.

If properly treated, ear infections will not lead to any other complications. If left untreated, however, your ear infection can, in rare cases, pose more serious health issues, including:

  • Mastoiditis a rare inflammation of a bone that is adjacent to the ear
  • Permanent hearing loss
  • Eardrum perforation
  • Facial nerve paralysis
  • Occasionally, Menieres disease a disease that manifests as symptoms of vertigo, hearing loss, pressure in the ears and ringing in the ears.

Letting an ear infection go on without treatment can lead to permanent hearing loss and possible spread of the infection to other parts of your head. If you suspect you might have an ear infection, consult with your doctor or visit an urgent care center to get treatment as soon as possible.

How Dangerous Are Untreated Ear Infections In Adults

Can Acid Reflux Cause Sinus and Ear Problems?

Itchiness or pain. Trouble hearing. Fluid leaking out of the ears. These symptoms may have been all too common when we were kids, but as an adult, the signs of an ear infection are probably something you have not felt in quite some time. While ear infectionsmiddle ear infections in particularare more common in children, they are not unheard of in adults. In this blog post we explore the risks and complications of leaving an ear infection untreated in adults.

In our last blog, we talked about the difference between middle ear infections , and outer ear infections , more commonly known as swimmers ear. Otitis media is caused by either bacteria or viruses. A common cold, the flu, or allergy symptoms that cause congestion and swelling of the nasal passages, throat, and eustachian tubes can sometimes lead to an infection. Anything that makes the nose stuffy has a tendency to cause swelling and blockage of the eustachian tubes. Swelling from colds or allergies can keep the eustachian tubes from opening and this leads to pressure changes and the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. This pressure and fluid will cause pain and sometimes persistent fluid can lead to an infection.

Potential Complications

Untreated chronic ear infections can also cause tears in the eardrum. These tears will typically heal within a few days, though in more extreme cases, surgical repair might be required.

Ear Infection Treatments

Ear Infection Prevention

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What Are The Different Types Of Sinus Infections

Most sinus infections are caused by viruses, and theyll usually go away on their own. In fact, if the infection doesnt clear up after a week to 10 days, it can be an indication that its caused by bacteria. It may have started as a bacterial infection, or a viral infection may develop into a bacterial infection after your sinuses become filled with fluid and bacteria then forms.

If you have sinus infections that seem to clear up only to shortly return, you probably have a bacterial infection. Thick, dark, or greenish-yellow nasal discharge is another indication, but your doctor can perform tests to verify the type of infection if needed.

Sinus infections can also be classified as acute or chronic. Acute infections usually start suddenly with symptoms such as a runny, stuffy nose and facial pain and can last up to four weeks. Chronic sinusitis occurs when your infection persists for at least 12 weeks despite attempts to treat it.

In the short term, a sinus infection can cause a long list of symptoms, including the following:

  • Congestion

Why Do Children Get Ear Infections

To be fair, children arent the only ones who develop ear infections. These can strike people of all ages. But the majority of ear infections are confined to younger patients. We can blame this on anatomy.

Because children are still growing physically, some of their internal organs may also be temporarily underdeveloped. This is true of the Eustachian tube, the canal that connects the middle ear to the nostrils, providing an outlet for fluid drainage. Because the Eustachian tube is smaller in children, it is more prone to swelling when this occurs, fluid is trapped in the middle ear. This fluid presses against the eardrum, causing pain, and can harbor germs that lead to infection. The result is an earache and, in some cases, loss of hearing. When the infection does not completely go away or returns often, it is referred to as chronic.

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Abscess In The Brain And Skull Spaces

An abscess is a collection of pus and with otitis media it can arise in the brain tissue or the space in the skull and spinal bones. This is known as a brain abscess or epidural abscess respectively. A brain abscess may arise when the infection extends directly from the middle ear to the brain tissue, usually near the temporal bone. An epidural abscess may occur when the infection erodes the bone lying in between or possibly spreads through the bloodstream. Both abscesses are very severe complications of otitis media and needs specialist medical attention.


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