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Where To Get Hearing Aids Repaired

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During The Warranty Period

How to Get Your Hearing Aid Repaired

Most hearing instrument specialists offer a one or two-year manufacturer warranty with hearing aids they dispense. Although the exact terms will vary , this initial warranty includes replacement or repair of miscellaneous parts and, usually, one complete replacement. You may still need to pay a hefty deductible for replacement in some cases, as much as several hundred dollars. Still, a few hundred dollars is always better than a few thousand.

Worn Or Broken Hearing Aid Parts

Like any other electronic device, hearing aids can wear out or physically damaged due to dropping, crushing, etc. Buttons, switches, dials, ear hooks, microphones, receivers can simply just wear out from use. When this occurs, the only real option is to have your hearing aid professionally repaired. If your hearing aid is still under warranty, the best option for you is to send it back to the original manufacturer for repair. For hearing aids not under warranty, you have two options:

  • You can take your hearing aid into a local hearing aid professional and they can send it into the original manufacturer or an All-Make hearing aid repair lab.
  • You can send your hearing aid into an All-Make hearing aid repair lab yourself. As hearing aids get older , the original hearing aid manufacturer may cease to support, service or even have parts to repair that specific product. In that case, your only option is to send your hearing aid to an All-Make hearing aid repair lab such as HearSource. HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab has been repairing all brands of hearing aids for over 20 years and maintains an extensive inventory of OEM or equivalent parts for repair.
  • How Long Will It Take To Repair

    You might find that your hearing aid repair can be completed then and there if it is small and simple enough. Indeed, hearing aid repairs can be performed in no less than thirty minutes. However, the issue may also be complicated, and if thats the case, it could take a couple hours at least. You may even be asked to leave the hearing aids with them for repair if they do not have the right part they need.

    Usually, in cases like this, you will be provided with a temporary replacement set of hearing aids.

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    Offering Resound Oticon And Phonak Hearing Aid Repairs In San Antonio Tx

    A pair of prescription hearing aids are an essential piece of equipment for many with auditory issues. They let you connect with friends and loved ones and carry out basic everyday tasks.

    So when these amazing pieces of technology dont function correctly, it can be particularly troubling.

    Thats why our expert team at Audicles Hearing Services is now offering repairs for hearing aids if your devices break unexpectedly.

    If you have a hearing aid concern that may not require a visit to our warm, cosy clinic, you can get rapid support via our telehealth service, Virtual Audicles.

    But if there is something that cant be mended by a person without the right knowledge, our specialists will happily diagnose and repair your devices at our San Antonio clinic.

    In addition, if your hearing aids have a problem that requires further technical assistance, our team can contact your manufacturer to find the best possible solution.

    If you require any help or have any questions, then either call the office at or complete the form on this page.

    Easy Troubleshooting Tips For Hearing Aids Repair

    Hearing Aid Repair Shop Pricing 2019

    It might be possible that your hearing aid stops working today which was working its best until yesterday. The reason behind this could be anything either the battery door may be disturbed or the battery may be dead

    In these cases, you cant run to an audiologist every time. You need to learn to fix this on your own. Troubleshooting step helps you to overcome the simple issue with the hearing aids.

    If the troubleshooting does not improve the quality of sound then you can move to a repair center for the examination and repairing of the hearing aids.

    Some of the easy troubleshooting tips for hearing aids issues are given below:

    If you listen to a distorted sound from your hearing aids.

    Clean out the possible earwax from your hearing aids. The hearing aids are the small and sophisticated device which captures dust and earwax easily. So, the regular cleaning of hearing aids can provide clean sound without interference. Still, if you are unable to listen clearly then, do check with the hearing aids battery contact which can be corroded.

    If your Hearing aids are not working

    Do check the power to a Hearing aid is On or not. Usually, the power and sound buttons are similar to each other on the hearing aids. And you might switch-off the power button instead of the sound button. It can happen to anyone so be sure that you touch the right button as the hearing aids dont work when they are switched off until the power is On.

    If you hear a whistling sound from the hearing aids

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    Conditions When Hearing Aid Is Beyond Repair

    It takes a professional to determine if the hearing aid can be repaired or it is beyond repair. But for you to know if the device is beyond repair, check for the following conditions:

    • If there is no sound from the hearing aid.
    • Already tried troubleshooting and the aid is still not working properly.
    • If the sound from the hearing aid is not loud enough.
    • If you hear an unclear or cracked sound from your hearing aid.
    • Excessive feedback and whistling signals about the improper fit, especially in a custom hearing aid or BTE earmold. This may be because of the change of shape and size of the ear over time.
    • If the damage is irreversible, such as a cracked case or a visible hole in the shell or faceplate.
    • The circuit can short in many conditions.
    • If the earmold tubing is loose or needs to be replaced .
    • If you need to change the batteries of hearing aid much quicker.

    For all these repairs, there are many walk-in clinics where you need not take any prior appointment. Some clinics also offer postal repair service. But regular cleaning, routine maintenance, and diligent care will go a long way to keep hearing aids in your ears and out of the repair service shop.

    Reason To Buy Hearing Aid Insurance

    Hearing Aids comes with a limited warranty based on its level of technology. While some hearing aid providers may increase the limit so that you can purchase it, that covers factory defects or faulty workmanship. Still, it will be beneficial to search for other hearing aid insurance which may cover situations like water damage, lost hearing aid, and hearing aid repair.

    For any high-end device, the price averages approximately Rs 20,714 a year per aid. This may seem expensive, but the average cost of a hearing aid is around Rs 1,58,804. After seeing this, it will probably a wise decision. It can ensure both, replacement and repair.

    Ear Service and Midwest offer cover for all types of hearing aids and replace it in case of loss or damage with the same model. If not so, then with a comparable model. Whereas Starkey hearing aid manufacturer will cover replacement of lost or damaged product with a Starkey product only.

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    Common Hearing Aid Issues

    You may try to turn the hearing aid on in the morning and find that there is no sound or you may find that the battery door has come unhinged. These things do happen, even when the hearing aids are properly cared for. If you should experience an issue that requires a repair, take the hearing aids to your hearing care professional. They are equipped and trained to evaluate and diagnose broken hearing aids. Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done in the office setting in a short period of time others may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Your hearing professional can help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing aid is not working properly. Your hearing specialist will work as a liaison between you and the manufacturer should it require being sent away, to ensure you are up-to-date and know when youll be getting your devices back.

    Why Is My Hearing Aid Distorted

    DIY Hearing Aid Repair – Broken Tone Hook

    My hearing aids sound muffled, or my hearing aids sound funny or distorted are common hearing aid complaints. Hearing aid voice distortion can be a muffled sound or a crackling sound.

    Solution: Check battery terminals for rust or dirt accumulation. You will notice two shiny strips inside the battery compartment these are the positive and negative terminals which carry the current from the battery to the circuit. If any of them is rusted or has dust coating, it will not send the current efficiently giving rise to distortion. Take a cotton bud or a Q tip and clean the battery terminals.

    Low batteries are also one of the reasons please refer to the procedure given above for checking batteries.

    Moisture in a hearing aid can cause distortion humidity interferes with the working of the electronic circuit and can distort the speech.

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    The Home Support Service

    We know how important it is these days for you to have access to assistance whatever your situation. Thats why our team can offer you direct support via our Virtual Audicles telehealth platform. So if you have a recurring issue or just want some advice about how to solve a simple problem, feel free to schedule an appointment with our friendly experts.

    Contact Your Hearing Aid Provider

    We know many audiology providers are trying to book face to face appointments where they can, but some providers are experiencing long waiting times.

    Contact your hearing aid provider if youre waiting to have your hearing aids adjusted or repaired. They should be able to give you an update on when this might happen.

    Many hearing aid providers offer a postal repair service. This means you can send your hearing aids to your provider and have them sent back once theyve been repaired.

    If you have trouble contacting your provider, contact us we can help you find information on who to contact.

    Do not visit your hearing aid provider unless they have told you to.

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    Living Without Your Hearing Aid

    Most people cant afford to buy a spare hearing aid for themselves, and this means that you may have to live without one until youre able to get yours back. Some companies offer rental devices that can help with this, though these are unlikely to be as good as the hearing aid youre used to. Its always worth making sure that you wont find yourself in a bad position without your hearing aid before you send it off to be repaired.

    Here at Valley Hearing Center, our expert team of audiologists has a wealth of experience when it comes to hearing aid repairs. Not only can we help you to fix devices like this, but we can also support you when youre choosing them and working to maintain them into the future. If youd like to get started with your hearing aid, give us a call at 831-240-4162 and well be happy to do whatever we can.

    5- Min Hearing Survey

    How Do I Stop My Hearing Aid From Whistling Or How Do You Fix Hearing Aid Feedback

    Hearing Aid Service &  Repairs

    There are multiple reasons which cause a hearing aid to squeal. Lets look at some of them.

    You Have Not Worn Your Hearing Aids Properly

    Whether its a BTE, a RIC or a CIC, any style or type of hearing aid has to fit well into the ears. If the ear mould or the CIC fits loosely, the sound will leak out and result in whistling or squealing due to hearing aid feedback.

    Solution: Push the ear moulds or the ITC/CIC hearing aid into the ear canal. At times, we need to twist the hearing aid a little or pull the earlobes a little to make room for the hearing aids to get into the right fit and position.

    Watch this informative video to understand better.Coutesy: Beltone

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    Are Your Hearing Aids Exposed To Sweat And Moisture

    Electronics and moisture do not get along water can spoil a hearing aid unless your hearing aid is water-resistant. This can happen if the humidity levels are high you were caught in the rain or forget to take off your hearing aids before a shower.

    Solution: Use a stay dry box or an electric dehumidifier. Leave the hearing aid in the chamber for a few hours, do not forget to remove the battery and leave the battery compartment open. It is very important to keep hearing aids dry. Use hearing aid sweat covers if you sweat a lot. To know more, read our blog on protecting your hearing aids from rain and water. Using a good dehumidifier will reduce hearing aid repairs.

    Why Do Hearing Devices Malfunction

    As well as damage caused by accidents hearing devices are subjected to moisture, wax and sweat so it is understandable that on occasions they will malfunction. If your hearing aid is within warranty, then you should be able to send/take it back to where you purchased the device so that it can be repaired by the manufacturer for no additional cost. However, once your hearing aid is out of warranty you will often have to pay to have any faults fixed.

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    Why Use Hearsource Hearing Aid Repair Lab

    Over 22 years experience repairing ALL brands, types and styles of hearing aids. For those who depend on hearing aids for better hearing, we provide an inexpensive and reliable alternative to a local hearing aid office. Local hearing aid offices dont do their own hearing aid repairs in-house, they send them off to a hearing aid repair lab, similar to ours. This added layer of administration adds additional cost and turn around time to you, the consumer. Using HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab eliminates this additional layer of expense and time. The benefits of repairing your hearing aids with us include:

    • Discount Hearing Aid Repairs
    • Skip the middle man, repairs are done by us in our laboratory
    • No sales pressure or extra charges
    • Any Brand of hearing aid
    • Any Type of hearing aid
    • Any Style of hearing aid
    • Any Age of hearing aid

    HearSource hearing aid repair technicians can repair almost any hearing aid, regardless of its make, style, type or date of manufacture.

    How Do You Know When You Need Hearing Aid Repairs

    What to Do if Your Hearing Aids Need Repair or Replacement

    Its not always easy to tell when your hearing aids might need to be repaired. Common issues might start small and worsen gradually, making them difficult to detect. In addition, many people who use hearing aids arent aware of the relatively simple fixes available for a wide variety of problems, like:

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    Get Your Hearing Aid Repaired Today

    Dont wait any longer to start hearing life again. Heres how it works:

    • We will assess the hearing aid and let you know what needs to be done to repair the aid.
    • Once we have repaired the hearing aid, you will be on your way. In many cases we can fix the hearing aid while you are in the office.

    We are truly the best place to get hearing aids repaired or serviced. We make it a priority to put you first and help you hear as best as you can.

    Are The Ear Moulds Hurting You

    Solution: The ear mould or the dome has to be the right size and comfortable, if its an ITE type, the hearing aid has to be inserted into the ear canal properly. If the ear moulds or the ITC/CIC is slightly big and hurts the ear, the user will not insert it properly which will cause hearing aid feedback,

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    How Much Will It Cost

    The cost of hearing aid repairs can vary. It typically depends on the device and the issue as well as how much time it will take to fix. Basic issues can be repaired for just under forty dollars. If the problem is more serious or the hearing aids are advanced tech, you could be looking at significantly more than that. You will also find that prices differ depending on the service that you choose. Thats why it is worth comparing and shopping around the market, getting different quotes for your hearing aid repairs.

    Troubleshooting Hearing Aid Issues

    Hearing Aid Repairs â O
    • Change the battery one time.

    • If that doesnt work, check the date on the battery packaging.

  • Clean your hearing aid, particularly the part that goes into your ear.

  • If that doesnt work, change the hearing aid wax filter.

  • Brush/clean the microphone covers.

  • If you have a thin tube hearing aid design, remove the thin tube from the hearing aid case and run the thin tube cleaning tool through the tube. If you dont have a thin tube cleaning tool, use a piece of fishing line.

    • If that doesnt work, change the wax filter.

  • Brush/Clean the microphone covers.

  • Usually, moisture is the issue with static sound in hearing aids.

    • Remove the hearing aid from your ear.
    • Clean or change the wax filter.
    • Allow the hearing aid to dry out.
    • Consider a hearing aid drying accessory.

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