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Which Brand Of Hearing Aid Batteries Last The Longest

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Hearing Aid Battery Life Survey: Results

5 Proven Tips to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer [CC]

We got a ton of data to share, and some findings which may actually surprise you. Lets take it one step at a time and start with the number of survey submissions. The current count sits at 513 total survey respondents. We are leaving the survey open, so we hope for that number to increase in the future.

Respondents came from a total of 36 countries, with the top 3 countries being the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The first question on the survey, What size hearing aid batteries do you use? As you can see from the image below, size 312 batteries were the most popular hearing aid batteries, followed by size 13, size 675 and finally size 10.

Icell Tech Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries

The fact that they do not have mercury in iCell batteries makes them environment friendly. They have a zinc-air system instead that is neither reactive nor flammable. As such, disposing and recycling is easy. Additionally, they have a high energy density and therefore can hold more energy than similar brands, which increases their run-time. The batteries can last for approximately three years when sealed. However, you should note that the type of your hearing aid also affects longevity. These batteries comply with the new IEC test directives, as each piece undergoes an inspection before release to the market. The bundle includes 120 batteries, each measuring 5.8×3.6 millimeters. Because they are size ten batteries, you will identify them by their yellow tab. The packaging is easy to open, making it ideal for people with limited hand coordination. Likewise, it saves you time during replacement.

What We Like
  • Mercury-free
Our Verdict

Although cheaper than other brands, these iCell batteries still maintain excellent performance. Whats more, their long life reduces the frequency of store visits.

Ask Your Audiologist For Advice

If you have any questions about replacing or changing batteries, or youre finding that your batteries are running out faster than they should be, dont hesitate to give your audiologist a call and ask for advice. Your audiologist will be able to give you some tips to prolong battery life and answer any questions or queries.

If you use hearing aids, youll need to change the batteries on a regular basis, but its natural to want to get the best results for your money. There are some simple steps you can take to make your batteries last longer, which will save you time and reduce spending on new batteries. Try and avoid buying in bulk, lift the tab off when youre ready to use the new battery and then wait five minutes to ensure the battery is fully activated. Keep your hearing aids in a dry, safe place always. Invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier if youre worried about moisture, always check the expiration date before placing a new battery and dont be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions or problems.

If youd like more information or you need advice, call Desert Hearing Care today at 480-985-2544.

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How Do I Care For My Hearing Aid Batteries

Store disposable hearing aid batteries at room temperature and avoid placing them in extreme temperatures, such as in the refrigerator, which can quickly drain battery life. Also, avoid storing hearing aid batteries in the bathroom where high humidity levels can shorten battery life.

Turn off your hearing aid when not in use to extend battery life. And when you go to bed, open the battery compartment to reduce the risk of condensation, which can drain battery power, or remove the battery entirely.

Dont remove the hearing aid tab on disposable batteries until youre ready to use themremoving the tab activates the battery and begins to drain it. Once you remove the tab, wait about 5 minutes before inserting the battery in your hearing aid to help extend the batterys life by a few days.

Do You Stream Audio To Your Hearing Aids From Your Phone Tv Or Other Devices

Hearing Aid Batteries Size A312 60 Pack Long Lasting ...

Our survey results showed that 62.5% of respondents do not stream audio to their hearing aids from their phone, TV, or other devices. On average, those who reported using wireless streaming reported receiving 8 hours less than those who reported not streaming. Total hours of use was 93.5 hours for the non-streaming users and 85.5 hours for the streaming users.

Do you stream audio to your hearing aids?

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Hearing Aid Brand And Battery Life

Our survey also asked participants about which hearing aid brands they use. As you can see Widex, Oticon, and Starkey were the highest rated on this measure. However we do want to draw attention to the fact that our sample size is likely too small to draw any firm conclusions from. Another factor is wireless streaming, and this may differ from brand to brand.

Be Careful About Buying Hearing Aid Batteries In Bulk

Buying your hearing aids in bulk seems like the obvious way to save money. If you have a membership at Sams, Costco or another discount warehouse store, you can buy a 6 month supply. But hearing aid batteries, like all batteries, slowly lose their charge even while unopened.

This doesnt mean you shouldnt buy in bulk if you can. But dont buy too much at once and to get the most battery life for your money, wear both hearing aids for at least 8 hours a day to get your moneys worth.

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Amazonbasics Pack Of 60 Hearing Aid Batteries

AmazonBasics Batteries are designed to provide you with long-lasting performance. They also deliver clear sounds and work nicely with todays advanced hearing aids. They are size 312, and, therefore, ideal for in-the-ear and behind-the-ear devices. These batteries are also available in other sizes such as Size 675, Size 13, and Size 10. It comes in a perforated card that ensures easy transport by minimizing packaging size.

With that said, expect to find whatever you are looking for. Reusability is rechargeable, which is wonderful because you get to save a lot in the long run. Other specifications include voltage of 9 and dimensions of 10 by 5 by 3 inches. Batteries are shipped in certified frustration-free packaging so you can receive them in excellent condition.

  • 1.45V Zinc Air technology ensures that batteries drain evenly
  • 4-year shelf life allows you to buy in bulk
  • Battery tabs are longer and wider as well as having a very large surface area
  • Rear door is easy to open and close plus it protects batteries

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Best Hearing Aid Batteries On The Market? | NEW Rayovac ProLine Advanced!

Any battery review is highly likely to include the Duracell brand. Heres our top Duracell hearing aid battery choice in size 312.

Duracell stands behind its Activair name with an easy returns policy. However, satisfied customers say the battery is reliable upon receipt and stores for up to 3 years in a sealed package of 6 cells.

The 312 includes Duracells EasyTab design so its simple to insert into your hearing aid.

The cell pack comes in a re-closable protective case so you can take extra batteries along. Given these great features, Duracell has still managed to keep the price point down on the 312, making it a very attractive buy.

  • Made to highest quality standards
  • Extra-long shelf life and long battery life
  • Resealable protective case

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Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Long Lasting Battery With Easytab For Ease Of Installation 8 Count

  • Size 312 Brown: Duracell size 312 hearing aid battery is designed so its extra-long tab is simple to handle, and its packaging easy to open
  • Ease of Installation: Designed with an extra long tab making Duracell batteries easy to handle and install.
  • Long Lasting Power: Duracell batteries for hearing aids are engineered for long lasting performance.
  • Guaranteed for 4 years in Storage: Duracell Hearing Aid batteries are guaranteed for 4 years in storage.
  • #1 Most Trusted Battery by Hearing Aid Users: Duracell Hearing Aid batteries are available in 4 sizes 10 , 312 , 13 , 675 .

Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury

Rayovac says this is the longest-lasting hearing aid battery in the world. We cant vouch for that, but the company actually makes this statement in writing, which is a vote of confidence for the Proline.

The Proline was originally developed to be sold exclusively through audiologist offices. Verified customers say they can confirm that it really is that good. Power is strong out of the package and consistent during wear.

Rayovac confirms that it sells all of its Proline batteries within three months of manufacture and packaging. That means this model will perform well after 2-3 years of storage on your own shelf. Customers say they buy in bulk knowing the batteries will be good to go when they are.

  • Originally developed for audiologist offices
  • Guaranteed shipment within 3 months of manufacture and storage
  • Super long-lasting battery life

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Wait Five Minutes Before Installing Them In Your Hearing Aids Get 3 More Days

Its so tempting to pop a battery out of the package and insert it. You want to get your hearing back as quickly as possible. But allowing the zinc about 5 minutes to activate after removing the tab before inserting it can give you as many as 3 more days on that hearing aid battery life. Thats huge!

How To Choose The Best Hearing Aid Batteries

Best Which Brand Of 312 Hearing Aid Batteries Last The Longest

If you are buying hearing aid batteries for the first time, then you will have to understand certain things before you buy them. Whether it is a minor hearing problem or major, your hearing aid will need batteries. It is always good to choose something that will last for a very long time. These simple things can help you choose the right hearing aid batteries for your loved ones or for yourself.

Type of hearing aid battery:

Earlier, people used the mercury batteries for their hearing aid devices. But the latest devices work with the zinc air button batteries. There are a number of rechargeable batteries also available in the market today, but still people opt for the zinc air batteries due to their performance and long life. There will be a small sticker or tab for the battery. You will have to keep the battery along with the sticker. You need to remove it only when you are going to use and that means the battery is active.

Size of the batteries:

Life of the batteries:

As we discussed earlier, larger devices need large power for them to work and hence we use large batteries. Large batteries have long life and small batteries have less life. Here is the life of the batteries:

  • 10 Size : 3 to 7 days
  • 13 Size : 6 to 14 days
  • 312 Size : 3 to 10 days
  • 675 Size : 9 to 20 days

Along with one battery being used, you need to have a spare battery that can be used in case of emergency.

Hearing loss:

Easy to dispose:

Battery shelf life:


Altitude and Humidity:

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How To Extend The Life Of A Hearing Aid Battery

While there arent any foolproof ways to extend non-rechargeable battery life, these tips will ensure the power isnt being wasted.

Turn the hearing devices off when not in use and leave the battery compartment door open overnight. Not only will this help keep battery power from being wasted, it will allow any moisture that has built up from the day’s use to evaporate overnight.

To get optimal performance from your batteries, always store them at room temperature. Heat exposure and humid environments such as a bathroom will shorten battery life. Also, batteries shouldnt be carried loose in pockets, a purse or a backpack where they might come into contact with other metal objects like coins or keys that can short-circuit the hearing aid batteries.

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Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

These hearing aid batteries from Rayovac are affordable and convenient. They come in a case that makes them easily portable so you can travel with them or just keep them handy in case you need them.

This set of hearing aid batteries comes with 16 total batteries for extended use. The batteries are made in the US with parts from the US and other countries.

Product Features

  • battery package has a reclosable door for travel
  • long, wide tabs on the batteries makes storage easy
  • they have a 4 year shelf life so you dont have to worry about the expiration date


  • made with a mercury free formula
  • designed to last longer than many comparably priced hearing aid batteries
  • batteries are size 312 which works in many different hearing aid models


  • package doesnt contain as many as other brands, which may lessen the value
  • expiration date may be hard to locate on the package

This set of hearing aid batteries from Rayovac is affordable and designed to last. These batteries have a tab that makes them easy to remove from the package and easy to replace in your hearing aid.

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How Do I Extend My Battery Life

One of the best ways to save your batteries is to turn your hearing aids off when theyâre not in use. You should also open the door to the battery compartment, as this can help dry out moisture that commonly accumulates there. At night when you sleep, you should remove the battery from the compartment. Moisture will cause your battery life to decline, as well as cause deterioration of the inside of the hearing aid over time. As such, when you store batteries, make sure that theyâre not exposed to moisture or hot and cold temperatures.

Should Hearing Aid Batteries Be Refrigerated

ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries | 5 Tips To Maximize Performance

Prior to todayâs zinc batteries, it was common practice to store hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator to prolong their life. This is no longer the case, since zinc batteries are very susceptible to moisture damage and storing them in such a cool environment can cause moisture to seep into the packaging, causing them to lose their charge. Make sure to store your batteries in a dry, room-temperature environment.

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Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries

No Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longer

RAYOVAC® 10 batteries are formulated to provide quality performance over the life of the battery and deliver more power when you need it. Our easy-to-use package features longer battery tabs, a secure dial and a reclosable door.

  • Duracell hearing power, better price based on ANSI runtime
  • Ideal for the high use devices and features likes streaming video, audio and phone calls
  • Innovative package design
  • Our Batteries dont swell, leak, or damage devices
  • Made in the USA with U.S. & global parts
  • Holds power for 4 years in storage

Types Of Hearing Aid Batteries

The most common type of hearing aid battery available is the zinc-air button battery. This mercury-free, air-activated battery is inactive until the factory seal is removed by the consumer. Zinc-air batteries remain stable for up to three years. They should be stored only at room temperature, in a dry environment. Avoid exposing your hearing aid batteries to heat, humidity, or refrigeration. Rechargeable batteries are also available, although much less frequently used by consumers.

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Which Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longest

It should be useful for anyone who uses hearing aids to know which of these devices have the longest battery life, as you will likely want to avoid having to change those batteries more frequently than absolutely necessary. Theres the expense of changing batteries to consider, as well as the inconvenience of making these changes, which can be difficult if youre not as dexterous as you once were.

While you should not choose an auditory aid based solely on its battery life, it should at least be a consideration when youre choosing a style of aid that will work best for you.

Secrets To Making Your Hearing Aid Batteries Last

Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Brown long lasting battery ...

How can you make your hearing aid batteries last longer? Here are a few tips and tricks.

Ever notice how hearing aid batteries seem to die just when you need them the most? Hearing aid batteries can drain faster depending on how often you use them, whether you use them for streaming or constant noise or if you live at a high elevation.

In theory, a typical hearing aid battery could get over 100 hours. But in the real world, you can get anywhere from 3-22 days out of a battery depending on whether you use advanced functions that take more energy or follow certain maintenance methods and precautions that impact battery life.

Some of this extra battery drain is completely worth it. When youre celebrating your birthday with the family in a noisy restaurant, you want to be able to hear every word. Isnt that worth an extra 10 cents?

But in other cases, you may be draining your batteries for no reason unaware that its even happening. Its important to have a little background on your hearing aid batteries so you can understand what theyre capable of and what causes them to die a little faster on you.

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What Brand Of Hearing Aid Do You Use

Phonak was the most popular hearing aid brand in our survey with more than one-quarter of participants reporting Phonak as their hearing aid brand. Following behind was Oticon, then Resound, Starkey, Widex, etc.

What brand of hearing aid do you use?

We were just asked why Costco hearing aids werent included in our survey. We want to clarify that Costco does not manufacture hearing aids, but rather sells hearing aids manufactured by companies like Phonak under their brand Kirkland Signature. We actually grouped the Costco hearing aids in with the relevant hearing aid manufacturers when compiling the results of this survey.

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