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Are Eargo Hearing Aids Any Good

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Getting Started With Eargo

Eargo 6 Online Hearing Aid Review COMING SOON! #Shorts

Ordering hearing aids through the Eargo website is easy, intuitive, and does not involve in-person appointments and visits to an office. The sites sleek design makes it easy to evaluate its main products and compare specs without getting lost.

  • Take the hearing test. Like many direct-to-consumer companies, Eargo offers a free hearing test on its website. This brief three-minute test presents a series of tones in different background environments to determine if you suffer from hearing loss. Online hearing tests help to determine if you suffer from some level of hearing loss, but its worth noting that in-office testing is capable of being more comprehensive. To learn more, visit our full online hearing test guide.

  • Review your results. To obtain your online hearing test results, complete the simple form with your name, email address, phone number, and zip code. Eargo will present your results and will email or call you to consult on your best options.

  • Make your selection. Based on your hearing assessment and the specifications you desire, decide which of Eargos models will work best for you.

  • Checkout. Eargo accepts all major credit cards and offers several payment options, including installments through the company Bread if you qualify. See Insurance, HSA, and financing options for more information below.

  • How To Get Started

    Eargos website is a good place to start to get an overview of the hearing aids and how they work. The website has many short videos with details about the use and maintenance of the hearing aid.

    Eargo offers a free hearing check and evaluation of your lifestyle to help determine if Eargo will work for you.

    You can ask for a sample device to see how the Eargo models fit in your ear. The sample device isnt a working model.

    You can call Eargo to ask questions. The company also offers an online Zoom hearing auditory screening with a trained professional to help you select the best product for you.

    Eargo offers this consulting service with an auditory professional free for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

    How Much Do Eargo Hearing Aids Cost

    Eargo hearing aids range in price from $1,450$2,950 per pair, with differences of $500 between each model.

    Generally, you will pay more for extra features, such as:

    • More advanced sound processing
    • The ability to take at-home screenings and make adjustments using the Eargo app on your smartphone

    While Eargo hearing aids are not the cheapest on the market, they are less expensive than some other over-the-counter hearing aids like Phonak and Signia.3

    Eargo offers financing options on all of its models, so you can pay a monthly fee rather than paying 100% of the cost up front.

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    Is Eargo A Hearing Aid Or Amplifier

    The difference between a hearing aid and an amplifier is a subtle but essential one. Hearing amplifiers boost all sounds, making them useful on certain occasions but potentially damaging to your hearing when used all day. Ideally, hearing amplifiers should be used for specific activities like theatre-going or birdwatching. We will go into further detail about the Eargo hearing device.

    Hearing aids, on the other hand, are sophisticated devices designed to help people who have frequency-specific hearing loss. This means hearing aids dont crank up the volume of the world around you. Instead, they help add clarity to the sound.

    For instance, Eargo, which are considered hearing aids, are designed to allow bass sounds to pass through the hearing aid unimpeded. They only enhance sounds high in the treble, which helps those with frequency-specific hearing loss.

    How Do I Purchase Eargo Devices


    All Eargo hearing aid models are purchased directly from the company through their website. Customers receive a personal hearing screening and a demonstration with company representatives who are licensed audiology professionals, all through private video appointments. You can request a sample non-working Eargo device to test the comfort level, then after you order the active devices, you will have a 45-day trial period to return them if they dont work for you.

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    What Makes Eargo Different From Other Hearing Aids

    Eargo has five ways it differentiates itself from other hearing aids. The first difference is affordability. Eargo hearing aids are inexpensive when compared to the competition. If youre on a budget, they offer monthly payment plans that make Eargo an option for almost everyone.

    The second another way that Eargo separates itself from other hearing aids is its design. Eargo hearing aids are made to fit directly into your ear canal, making them nearly invisible to other people. Many people avoid hearing aids due to the uncomfortable conversations they may spark, but that wont be an issue with Eargo hearing aids. Ironically, its more likely youll find yourself pointing them out to others to show how discreet they are.

    These hearing aids are also made to be worn all day. They are made with Flexi Fibers, a soft material that keeps the aid in the ear without entirely blocking the canal. If you look closely, they appear like theyre floating in the ear canal, even though they are secured enough to stay in place during moderate physical activity.

    Weve already discussed how Eargo hearing aids allow the bass to pass through without diminishing the sound while enhancing treble sounds. However, unlike behind-the-ear hearing aids that amplify the sounds behind you, Eargo helps boost the sound of whats happening in front of you. The way Eargo helps you hear is the fourth significant difference.

    Eargo 6 Hearing Aid Reviews

    Product Info, Reviews, and Prices


    4.9 stars from 41 reviews

    Available at

    Angela Flores, AuD

    In January 2022, Eargo launched its latest product, Eargo 6a rechargeable completely-in-canal hearing aid with Sound Adjust, a new feature that provides automatic sound adjustments. Eargo claims the new hearing aid also has improved performance in background noise and water resistance.

    The Eargo 6 product bundle costs $2,950 and includes two hearing aids, a charger, a 2-year warranty, and lifetime customer support. Like other Eargo hearing aids, Eargo 6 is intended to help people with mild to moderately-severe high-frequency hearing loss.

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    Why We Chose Eargo

    To help you find the best hearing aid for your needs, we researched dozens of brands. From traditional hearing aids sold through a doctors office to direct-to-consumer brands, our reviews team took a close look at what each company has to offer.

    We chose to review Eargo because they offer discreet hearing aids that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , as well as a free trial program. We searched and read through verified customer reviews and evaluated the various Eargo hearing aid models, to help you decide if theyre right for you .

    Buying A Hearing Aid Online

    Eargo 5 Hearing Aid: How It Works

    Having the ability to buy hearing aids online is a huge win for buyers it eliminates some barriers that may prevent people from seeking care for their hearing loss. However, its important to consider that buying hearing aids online isnt for everyone.

    In some cases, hearing loss may be caused by a medical problem. Consultation with a medical doctor and an audiologist prior to buying hearing aids would uncover potential medical causes for your hearing difficulty. Buying hearing aids without that intervention may allow an underlying medical problem to persist.

    Its also important to keep in mind that your ability to find the right hearing aid for your needs may depend on your specific type and severity of hearing loss. Hearing aids that are bought through an audiologist are programmed individually for each person, according to the specifics of their audiogram . Many online hearing aid companies have an audiologist who will interpret audiograms and program hearing aids accordingly, but others do not.

    If you arent sure what type of hearing aid you need, speak with an audiologist or hearing aid specialist who can guide you in the right direction.

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    Which Features Are Important

    In our survey, 53 percent of people who wear hearing aids said that rechargeable batteries were one of the most important features they looked for when purchasing a hearing aid. Smartphone capabilities or tinnitus masking was noted as most important by 43 percent, and 42 percent said automatic noise level adjustment was most important.

    Forty-one percent said that the option of multiple program settings was one of the most important features they looked for. Forty percent mentioned advanced microphone features, and 37 percent said wireless connectivity to other devices was most important. Other key features, according to hearing aid experts, include the following:

    TelecoilAn option on many modern hearing aids, a telecoil is a small sensor or copper wire that is placed in the hearing aid. When activated, it wirelessly picks up a magnetic signal from hearing-aid-compatible telephones and public address systemssuch as those that may be in conference rooms, concert halls, museums, taxis, and even subway trainsand converts that energy into sound. An audio induction loop, or hearing loop, which is a wire that circles a telecoil-compatible room or space, emits the signal that the telecoil picks up.

    Digital Noise Reduction Improves listener comfort and communication in noisy environments by blocking out some background noise. This makes it easier to hear and understand speech, though it is not a fix for all situations.

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    What Customers Are Saying

    Eargo users report that Eargo hearing aids are comfortable to wear and very easy to conceal, which appeals to individuals who may be uncomfortable using hearing aids that others can see. Multiple reviewers said that Eargos customer service and post-sale support are exceptional, as are Eargos instructional videos.

    Some Eargo users mentioned that they wish there was a volume dial on the hearing aid, although they recognize that the lack of volume dial is due to the small size of the devices.

    Some complaints have been filed against Eargo with the Better Business Bureau, most of which involve issues with warranty claims. One unhappy customer reports that when they returned a defective Eargo hearing aid within the 45-day return period, they werent granted a 45-day return on the replacement device.

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    Using My Eargo Hearing Aids

    Eargo hearing systems are designed to be user-friendly. To insert a hearing aid, you pick up the device by the plastic removal thread, flip it over, and gently insert it into your ear canal. Each device is marked R and L for identification. I found it easier to insert the devices by pulling gently on my earlobe with one hand and inserting the device with my other hand. The device will sit entirely inside your ear canal with the removal thread resting on your earlobe facing downwards.

    To remove the device, grasp the removal thread and gently pull. The important thing with handling these devices is to treat them with care. They are delicate, so you dont want to jam them in or out of your ear.

    Eargo devices work by pressure switches, so if you want to change sound profiles at any time, you simply tap on your ear. The method that worked best for me was using the flat of my hand to double-tap on my ear canal. You will know it worked when the device says the sound profile name such as program two. In the factory settings, one is the lowest amplification and four is the maximum amplification.

    The Eargo mobile app can adjust bass and treble along with personalizing environment settings. Default audio environments include restaurants, crowds, theaters, and meetings.

    Lets Start With Some Background On Eargo

    Pin on Freebies

    Eargo was founded in 2010 by Florent Michel and his son Raphael Michel along with Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Daniel Shen. In 2018 Eargo was named among Time Magazines best inventions of the year. The brand raised more than $100M from venture capital firms between 2010 and their IPO in 2020. Why did they need all that money? Instead of licensing a product from one of the established players in the hearing world, Eargo built everything from scratch.

    The brand was the first to create a rechargeable and invisible hearing aid. It pioneered several other innovative features like flower petal ear tips that allow the ear to breathe.

    As if building a new app, new hardware, and a new design wasnt enough, Eargo also disrupted how hearing aids were programmed by asking consumers to take a test at home and use an app to customize their products instead of going to a local audiologist.

    All this disruption makes Eargo is the Tesla of the hearing aid world. But does it all work?

    In this guide, Ill break down my experience and share a list of pros and cons to consider with Eargo.

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    How Well Do They Work

    Eargo hearing aids were released to critical acclaim. One model, the Eargo Max, was named one of Time Magazines Best Innovations in 2018, and other models have received positive reviews upon their release.

    It should be noted that not everyones hearing loss is the same. This is why some models of Eargo hearing aids have custom sound profiles, making it easy to adjust the volume. You can also set individual hearing aids to different profiles. So, if there is a greater loss of hearing in one ear than the other, you can set the hearing aids for an extra boost in that specific ear.

    Overall, the reviews are clear. Eargo hearing aids are more comfortable, less expensive, and work better than other hearing aids on the market.

    Best For Comfortable In

    Providing hearing loss solutions since 2010, Eargo is a company focused on providing a consumer-centric experience utilizing the latest technology. Eargo is a DTC company, which means that customers can purchase hearing aids directly from Eargos website without seeing a hearing specialist, making it a faster customer-led buying experience.

    Eargo partnered with one of the market leaders in micro-acoustic mics and speakers to develop one of its smallest models, the Eargo 5. The unique silicone earbud creates a secure fit and anchor for the speaker to sit closer to the eardrum. This leaves more space within the ear canal to catch sound whereas standard hearing aids tend to block most of the ear canal. Because of their small size and ability to be suspended deeper into the ear canal without attaching to the outer ear, weve ranked Eargo as the Best For Comfortable In-Ear Hearing Aids among our list of the best hearing aids.

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    What You Should Know About Eargo Hearing Aids

    Prospective Eargo customers should be aware that the company offers the following:

    • Free Hearing Screening: Eargos hearing test evaluates customers hearing abilities as well as their lifestyle and personal needs. While wearing headphones, prospective clients will answer questions about their unique situation and test their hearing.
    • Introductory Demo Call: Customers will be able to schedule a video chat with one of Eargos licensed hearing pros after receiving their hearing aids. Theyll learn how to properly wear their devices, adjust settings, use the charger, and keep them clean.
    • Samples: Eargo offers customers a try before you buy free, non-functional hearing aid sample to test drive the fit and style of their devices before they make their purchase.
    • Risk-Free Trial: After purchasing Eargo hearing aids, customers have 45 days to decide if the product is right for them. If its not right for them, theyll receive a full refund.
    • Lifetime Telecare: For the lifespan of the hearing aids, Eargo provides support from licensed hearing professionals to help consumers get the most out of their purchase.

    What Is Included With Eargo Hearing Aids

    Eargo Hearing Aid Review | Eargo 5: The Online Invisible Hearing Aid

    Included with the pair of Eargo hearing aids is:

    • A charger with a USB cord and plug. The charger needs to be fully recharged weekly.
    • A cleaning cloth and brush.
    • Large Flexi fibers , regular Flexi fibers , and large Flexi domes . The Flexis need to be changed every 3 months.
    • Extra wax guards and wax guard changing tools. The wax guard needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months.
    • Small portable case.

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    Setting Up The Eargo 5

    Inside the box, under the Eargo 5’s round 2.93 diameter x 0.79-inch charging case, you’ll find:

    • a quick user guide
    • a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and AC transformer
    • medium and large closed and open “petal” tips the buds in the case are pre-fitted with an additional pair of medium closed petals, which will be fine for most folks
    • a cleaning tool to remove earwax off the petals, the mic caps, and the battery contacts

    The Quick User guide is nice, but it’s just an appetizer. The meal is when Eargo hooks you up with an actual audiologist, sessions that are included in the price of the hearing aids. Over a video meet or regular phone call, an audiologist will hand-hold you through the entire setup process all you need do is make sure the buds are fully charged for four hours .

    This setup includes completing the Smart Match hearing test. Over the course of 10 minutes or so in a quiet room, you are stepped through a series of test tones in various frequencies and volumes for each ear to establish a custom hearing profile and personalized recommendations and settings. Lacking Sound Match, the Neo HiFi more-or-less supplies one-size-fits-all amplification.

    Eargo also offers a dozen short video guides that I recommend you watch if you’re considering an Eargo 5 purchase the videos provide a comprehensive overview of what using and maintaining the Eargo 5 entails.

    Eargo Hearing Aids: Review Prices And An Affordable Alternative

    Eargo is a direct-to-consumer hearing aid manufacturer that shipped its first hearing aids in 2015. Although its a newcomer to the hearing aid industry, Eargo has already established itself as an innovator of tiny hearing aid tech.

    The ear, nose, and throat surgeon who founded Eargo Florent Michel launched the company with the goal of developing discreet, functional, rechargeable hearing aids that consumers can purchase over the internet without visiting a clinic.

    Eargo also claims to be affordable, but with prices ranging from $1,850 to $2,950 per pair, these hearing aids are far from inexpensive and more in line with the prices youll find when visiting an audiologist for custom-fitted hearing aids.

    So the question is:

    Is the high price of Starkey hearing aids worth it when more affordable, high-quality alternatives are available?

    In this guide, well look at Eargo hearing aid technology and styles and some telling customer reviews to provide a complete picture of this hearing aid brand. Finally, well compare Eargo to its primary direct-to-consumer competitor, MDHearingAid.

    Please use the following links to navigate this guide:

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