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Can Over The Ear Headphones Cause Ear Infections

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Earbuds Push Ear Wax Further Inside The Ear

Doctors Warn Earbuds Can Increase Risk Of Ear Infections

Earbuds essentially block the ear canal, which can cause moisture to build inside, Brown said. “This increase is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, and if circumstances are right, an external infection can occur.”

He sees the most earbud-related ear infections in young adults but said that anyone who wears them for a prolonged period of time is at risk. “Many people now wear these throughout the day as they take calls for work for example, and they may be surprised to find out that they can develop an ear infection from them,” Brown said.

“Especially in a remote work environment, patients wear earbuds for many more hours per day than they used to,” agreed Paul Neubauer, an ear, nose and throat physician who treats ear infections five days a week at Stamford, CT-based Ear, Nose and Throat Center.

“For some people, wearing them all day causes ear wax to become impacted in much the same way as hearing aids or Q-tips do. Impacted ear wax frequently leads to ear canal infections,” which is swimmer’s ear.

When moisture gets inside the ear it creates “a fertile environment for bacteria to grow,” Neubauer said. Ear wax acts as a wick, and earbuds push the wax in. This causes clogged ears, which are more prone to moisture getting stuck inside, he said.

His patients typically wear earbuds “in the neighborhood of six hours a day,” Neubauer said. While some recommendations suggest not wearing them more for than 90 minutes at a time, there is no great data on that, he said.

What Are The Best Headphones With Volume Control

So weve established that volume control is key, but if you have a job where you just cant get away from using headphones all day, you can at least set yourself up to do the least damage possible to your ears. Notably, some studies have found that hearing devices with noise-cancellation features allow individuals to listen at lower volumes, since background noise is muted, says Kozin. Active noise-canceling headphones can use technology to either block out sounds similar to the way earplugs would, or process out sound waves from outside noise.


Sonys WH-1000XM4 headphones are the king of this latter method of noise cancellation, featuring two microphones on each earcup that capture ambient sound and balance your noise levels in real time, adjusting to a range of environments. The additional microphones also means more isolated, crisper sound while talking on the phone, and an overall reduction of loud high-frequency sounds that might be more damaging. If youre looking for the most adaptive sound control on the market, these headphones are the way to go.



Reasons Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears &

As for any other music lover out there, indulging in my favorite pastime is downright impossible for me without popping a pair of headphones on my head. And why is that? Well, they are splendidly convenient, and, honestly, they look wicked. But why do headphones hurt my ears?

It pains me that, time and time again, I ask myself the same question. It doesnt matter which headphones I get, they all end up causing me some discomfort. My old pair of over-ear headphones used to give me pounding headaches. I swapped them for on-ear ones that ended up chafing my auricle so much that I had to give them up, too. Finally, I settled on a pair of in-ear ones. That decision got me an ear infection.

Naturally, I had to visit an otorhinolaryngologist. As it turns out, the infection could have caused hearing damage, which I didnt know at the time. Besides that, I got plenty of useful tips from the ear doctor on how to protect my ears while using headphones. Read on to find out why they hurt the ears and what you can do about it.

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Five Steps To Prevent Your Ears From Earache

1. Turn it down you must set up your volume limits, dont operate your listening device above 60 percent volume. When using earphones while sleeping put your volume at a 30 percent level.

2. Turn it offHearing damage occurs at loud volumes for long periods of is always suggested by doctors to use the 60/60 rule which means using earphones at 60 percent volume for 60 minutes, then take a break for 30 minutes or more to allow your ears to rest and recover.

3. Choose over-the-ear headphones over earbudsEarphones can be up to 9 dB louder than over-the-ear headphones. Moreover, earphones can feel pain in the outer ear if used for long hours, Whereas headphones cover your whole outer ear with soft padding.;

4. Choose noise-canceling headphones it is an important feature for the hearing devices if you use then in noisy environments, like busy city streets, while traveling in trains.

5. Its all about that bassIf youre a big fan of the deep vibration and extra bass effect of music, use the equalizer on your device to turn up the bass. Even by turning down the volume, youll still get the feeling that pleases you.

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Prevention Of Fungal Infection In Ear

Can headphones cause ear infections

Prevention of fungal infection in ear includes:

  • Washing the ear canal with warm, soapy water.
  • Keeping the ear canal clean.
  • Avoiding swimming in warm, humid environments.
  • Try to avoid swimming in hot tubs and pools.
  • Stay away from the exposure to water that has been in the sun for a long time.
  • Do not share ear buds or headphones.
  • Avoid using cotton buds.
  • Please try to avoid using earwax remover.

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How To Clean Earbuds

A common misperception is that people think there is bacteria on the pods themselves when in fact, the bacteria is already in the ear, Neubauer said. “Bacteria have a hard time staying on a dry environment.”

That said, Brown recommends using an alcohol wipe to clean the earbuds on a weekly basis, which he said “is probably sufficient to prevent infections. Anytime one sees a build-up of wax on their earbuds, clean this off with a damp cloth or wipe and it will help tremendously.”

Neubauer stressed that people avoid using cotton swabs. “They worsen ear wax” and wearing earbuds pushes wax in. “Just do nothingfor most people, if you do nothing, the ears will stay clean.”

Also, an ear canal infection is not contagious, Neubauer added.

He also recommends giving your ears time to dry after a shower before putting in earbuds. Air dry your ears with a towel, “then take breaks and not wear them more than an hour and a half to two hours at a time.”

It’s also a good idea not to put earbuds too far inside the ear. “The skin is thin and farther in, the skin is attached to bone and has no give to it,” Neubauer said. It’s the only skin in the human body directly attached to bone, so there’s no fat underneath so it’s very sensitive.”

Doheadphones Increase Ear Wax Production

Thats the million-dollar question, isnt it?The short answer is yes, they can contribute to wax buildup, depending on which ones you use and a few other factors. ;

Earsare very delicate, which is why experts advise you to care for themaccordingly. When you listen to music with headphones on for example, itsimportant that you keep from turning the volume up too loud for too long. Ifyou have ear wax buildup though, you might not hear as well as you would if itwere cleared out, leading you to turn up the volume higher than you should.

Whenyou have wax buildup in your ears, those blockages can cause complications.They can also lead to infections, which are extremely uncomfortable. You shouldtake good care of your ears, especially if you use headphones regularly.

Listeningto music with headphones can add to ear wax woes, but its not the only reasonyou might have more ear wax than usual. Sometimes, your genetics play a role inhow much ear wax your ears produce. Hygiene and lifestyle though are among themost common causes.

Thetype of headphones you use can also exacerbate ear wax problems. When you useheadphones that go over your ears, these lessen the chances of wax buildupsolely by using them alone. Youd need to neglect your hygiene to really causea problem with over-ear headphones. Earbuds though go into your ear canal,which can be a direct cause for your ear wax buildup.

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Main Reasons Can Earphones Cause Earache

1. You may experience some tingling sensation in your ear when you put on headphones during the dry season. But this is normal as tingle is quick and doesnt last long.

2. Some individuals have unusually dry skin which can store static electricity in humans.

3. Having contact with electrical devices at the same time can cause stress on the device and/or on your body.

4. Your ear design may not be so perfect for commonly used headphones and may not fit your ear properly. They may be too big, too small, or too tight.

5. You may experience symptoms which are named as listener fatigue. That is where your eardrums work hard to manage the volume that flows through your ear canal. The louder the volume, the bigger the pressure on your eardrums, which then causes the feeling of fatigue.

6. How long have you been wearing the headphones? It is always a good thing to go for 60/60 law, this is important because of the fact that the longer you wear headphones, the more your ears may hurt.

Visit The Doctor If Symptoms Of The Infection Are Visible

Clogged Ear Due to Ear Infection or Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Itching, discharge, soreness in or outside the ear are some of the symptoms of an infection. One must visit a physician if these signs are visible to rule out the infection.
  • Visiting a physician is also necessary in case the infection has already occurred. In this case, preventing the infection to spread becomes essential.

Ear Hygiene is an important aspect of overall hygiene. Following simple tips can prevent long-term medical implications.

Amrik Singh Arora, Founder EarGuru is on a mission to increase awareness of Hearing Health among the masses. Hearing loss is increasing at an alarming rate due to noise pollution and lifestyle activities. He strongly believes that knowledge & awareness is the first step in the prevention of Hearing loss

For more information and free personalized guidance, talk to Credihealth Medical Experts today.;

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Causes And Risk Factors

Outer ear infections are usually caused by . They are sometimes caused by a fungus, such as a yeast, but thats less common. Viral illnesses like the flu or a certain type of shingles may also lead to an outer ear infection. And sometimes allergic reactions for instance, to a shampoo are to blame.

Outer ear infections are also often called “swimmer’s ear” because germs can easily get into the ear canal while you’re swimming. This means that people who swim a lot are more likely to get outer ear infections.

Minor injuries to the ear for instance, through the use of cotton ear buds to clean your ear, or regularly wearing headphones that you stick inside your ear can increase the risk too. People who have already had an outer ear infection or are generally prone to infections are also more likely to get outer ear infections.

How Do You Get Rid Of Fungus In Your Ear

The first thing you should do is wash your ear with warm water and soap. Then, you should take a hot shower and make sure you completely dry your ears out. If you have a few drops of olive oil, you should put 1-2 drops in your ear to completely flush out the fungus.

You may use ear drops to treat otomycosis. They may include Clotrimazole, Fluconazole, and Acetic acid.

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Common Symptoms Of An Ear Infection And How To Get Over One Quickly

  • Common ear infection symptoms include fever, ear pain or fullness, and a headache.;
  • Children tend to get ear infections more frequently than adults, and often develop a fever.;
  • Ear infections can get better on their own, but antiobiotics can clear up most ear infections.;

Medically referred to as “acute otitis media,” ear infections can cause several symptoms, including fever, ear pain, and difficulty hearing.;These symptoms can vary among adults and children.

Can Sharing Headphones Or Earphones Trigger Ear Infections

Doctors Warn: Wearing Headphones Too Long Can Cause ...

Many bacterial and viral infections are contagious, and its often through shared surfaces and objects that we can get these infections.

If youre sharing your headset with someone that has an infection, the chance of you getting that infection is increased tenfold.

Even just quickly letting someone listen to a song you love can be enough to pick up the virus or bacteria on your headset. The best is to unplug your headphones and listen to the music through the device. Even sharing with close friends and family can be a bad idea, while no one wants to pass on an infection, its not something we always think about.

A study done by the Manipal Centre for Infectious Diseases found that frequent and constant use of earphones and other similar devices increased the bacterial growth in the ear.; When comparing bacterial growth on the external ear in association with earphones, they found that frequent use of earphones resulted in a significant increase in the number of bacterial growths as well as heavy growth, compared to those who used earphones less.

Sharing earphones, headphones, airline headsets, and even a stethoscope earpiece at the doctor was also found to spread pathogens and cause-related issues such as otitis externa.

As a general rule, I avoid sharing my headphones or earphone. If you really have to share them, just make sure you disinfect them before they go back onto or into your ears.

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Heres How To Avoid Outer Ear Pain Fromearphones

Headphones that are worn over or around the ear can exert pressure and cause damage on the outer part of your ear, called the pinna.

Due to Bending or squeezing the delicate cartilage of the pinna under headphones can cause pain, and also developed the risk of causing a skin scratch that could get infected.

You can also cause inflammation of the cartilage, called chondritis, which can be difficult to treat.

Note: Your earphones or headphones should fit firmly but not too tight.; Know that if you are experiencing pain, it means that it is indicating that something is not right. If your headphones hurt, immediately switch to high-quality customized-designed earphones/headphones.

Common Symptoms Of An Ear Infection Include:

  • Fever
  • Ear pain or a feeling of “fullness” in the ear
  • Headache;

While adults can also get ear infection, they are more common in children, because children have shorter eustachian tubes they have a harder time draining out any fluid trapped in the ear. “Over 50% of all children with ear infections will experience a fever,” says Douglas Hildrew, an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Yale Medicine.;

Here’s what you need to know about the most common symptoms and causes of ear infections and how to treat them.

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Causes Of Fungal Ear Infection

The inner lining of the ear is protected by wax, known as cerumen.; If the cerumen is removed you become susceptible to fungal infections.

  • The cerumen can be washed away by water like in swimming or bathing in the river.
  • Inept self-cleaning of the ear canal can damage and cause fungal infections.; Moreover, ear wax can be damaged by overuse of cotton buds.
  • Prolonged use of earphones or AirPods for work or recreation.
  • In addition fungal ear infections are more common in warm and moist climates.
  • Having diabetes, HIV, or a weakened immune system may make you more susceptible to otomycosis.
  • Similarly any trauma to the ear canal increases the chance of fungal infections.; Also eczema inside the ear can be a cause.
  • Q&a: Can Wearing Earbuds Increase My Risk For An Ear Infection

    Sarah Says: What causes an Ear Infection?

    Wearing earbuds for hours on end can increase the risk of an ear infection because our ears should not be clogged or obstructed for extended periods of time. Extensive wear of earbuds can prevent wax from exiting the ear canal and create buildups that can lead to infection. Additionally, the surfaces of earbuds are prime environments for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. Inserting earbuds that are unclean can introduce these elements into the ear canal where they can flourish.

    To reduce the risk of developing painful earinfections, you should sanitize earbuds on a regular basis by wiping them downwith alcohol pads or recommended cleaning solutions. ;Store earbuds in a clean case, if they arestored loosely in a bag or drawer they can pick up bacteria and debris.Minimize the amount of time that you wear earbuds. ;Most importantly, do not share them withanyone, sharing increases your risk of exposure to bacteria.

    All content of this newsletter is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a medical professional before adopting any of the suggestions on this page. You must never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment based upon any content of this newsletter. PROMPTLY CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN OR CALL 911 IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

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    Wearing Earbuds Regularly Could Cause Ear Infections Health Professionals Warn

    Wireless earbuds may be practical and look cool, but they could actually cause big problems for your ears.

    An expert has warned that wearing earphones, such as Apples AirPods, could lead to smelly, itchy and often painful infections.

    Our ears produce wax to protect the skin of the canal, help in cleaning and lubrication, and also provide protection from dust and other foreign particles.

    But when this natural process is obstructed, it can lead to a build-up of wax which is actually a combination of dirt, sweat, oil, dead skin and hair.

    Anything that obstructs that natural pathway of wax out of the ears can lead to wax buildup. As with earplugs and hearing aids, earphones sit in the part of the canal where wax is produced, and can actually stimulate the production of more wax when they are in use, Lisa Hellwege, clinical director of Earworx, told Yahoo News Australia.

    She explained that the risks were particularly high for those that live in a more humid environment.

    Water trapped behind built-up wax, especially in humid environments, can lead to ear infections. Symptoms can include pain, odor, discharge and itching, Hellwege said.

    She added that people need to allow their ears a good chance to clean themselves, so encouraged a switch to over-ear alternatives instead.

    Experts have long warned that we should allow our ears to self-clean, and never shove a cotton bud in there.

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