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How Do Tinnitus Hearing Aids Work

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Three Strategies Optimum Results

How do hearing aids work?

Signia hearing aids offer three different strategies against tinnitus.

Static noise tinnitus therapy and ocean wave tinnitus therapy cover up the disturbing tinnitus sounds with individually tuned therapy signals which divert attention away from the tinnitus and thereby reduce its impact. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on what you want to hear.

Signia hearing aids are the only ones with in-built Notch Therapy, which is proven to reduce the annoyance of tonal tinnitus and may even make it disappear completely.*

Static noise tinnitus therapy signals

Soft and gentle sounds that take away the annoyance of tinnitus

Signia hearing aids feature a tinnitus noiser function that generates additional sound in the form of a soft therapy signal. This effectively distracts you from the tinnitus, helping you to relax and enjoy life. In addition to a range of preset signals, the therapy signals can be customized to your specific needs.

Static noise therapy signals use a form of sound that mixes in with the tinnitus sounds and distracts from it. Signia hearing aids offer five different types of signal so that your Hearing Care Professional can help you choose the most comfortable solution for you.

Ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals

What could be more relaxing than the sound of a seashore?

Your Hearing Care Professional can help you choose from four different signals to find the one that is most relaxing and comfortable for you.

Worlds first: Tinnitus Notch Therapy

What Are Bose Soundcontrol Hearing Aids

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids with CustomTune technology are the first self-fit hearing aids you can purchase, fit, program, and control on your own, without assistance from a health care professional. Their lightweight behind-the-ear design is discrete and comfortable to wear all day. Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids use CustomTune technology to offer clinically proven audiologist-quality customization to help adults 18 years and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss hear better.


How Hearing Aids Can Help Tinnitus

Hearing aids have, based on one study, been reported to give tinnitus relief to up to 60% of participants. For 22% of those individuals, the relief was significant. However, hearing aids arent designed specifically to treat tinnitus. The benefits appear to come by association. So if you have tinnitus along with hearing loss then thats when your hearing aids will most effectively treat the tinnitus symptoms.

Heres how tinnitus symptoms can be decreased with hearing aids:

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Will My Own Voice Sound Different When Using Bose Soundcontrol Hearing Aids

Yes. The sound of your own voice may sound louder when wearing Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids. You may prefer the open tips over the closed tips if youre sensitive to the volume of your own voice. Practice speaking with a trusted partner in a familiar environment to adjust to the new sound with low pressure before moving to higher-pressure social situations.

Mental Health Care Is Key

How Does A Hearing Aid Work & Timeline

Mental health care is an important part of tinnitus treatment.;As;the Journal of Family Practice;states“some patients experience extreme anxiety or depression in response to tinnitus and should be referred to a mental health professional on the day they present with symptoms.” A therapist with experience treating tinnitus patients can use a combination of sound-based and cognitive-behavioral therapies to help you manage both your physical and mental symptoms.

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Get Started With Ear Id

There are a number of easy-to-follow steps when beginning the Ear ID assessment. These steps are designed to ensure that:

  • the earbuds are corrected fitted in your ears
  • testing environment is sufficiently quiet
  • all components are working and the test is ready to begin

Successfully completing these steps enhances the accuracy of the Ear ID profile.

Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus 2019

If youve ever experienced tinnitus, youll understand how uncomfortable and debilitating this condition can truly be. Unfortunately for tinnitus sufferers, most individuals develop this condition as a symptom of hearing loss. This usually occurs from hearing damage, trauma to the auditory system or naturally through age.

Thankfully, those who experience tinnitus symptoms may be able to lessen the ringing in their ears by using hearing aids or other sound amplification devices. While hearing aids are not a cure for tinnitus, they can provide relief for tinnitus symptoms. Hearing aids may also be used with other various tinnitus treatments, depending on the severity of the tinnitus symptoms.

A recent study of 230 hearing care professionals reported that about 60% experienced minor to major relief of tinnitus symptoms when wearing hearing aids. About 22% experienced major relief.

On the flip side, less than 2% of patients experienced worse tinnitus symptoms when using a hearing aid, while about 39% experienced no benefit either way.

Its clear that those suffering from tinnitus may look to hearing aids for relief.

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How Do Hearing Aids Provide Tinnitus Relief

The most basic way hearing aids can help you if you experience tinnitus is by subtly amplifying background noise to help reduce the awareness of tinnitus. This means your brain can focus on the sounds you want to hear instead of the sound of your tinnitus.

Hearing aids can also help keep tinnitus from interfering with your ability to participate in conversations and other social situations by gently amplifying sounds that are directed right at you. This will help you focus on the sound of someone’s voice, the television, or whatever else you’re trying to listen to instead of your tinnitus symptoms. If these sounds are made to be just a bit louder than your symptoms, then your tinnitus will no longer interrupt your ability to enjoy them.

In an article by researchers Heller and Bergman, they indicated that 94% of people with normal hearing experienced tinnitus when in a quiet environment. Under these circumstances, your brain is able to pick up on existing soft-level sounds that we don’t notice in a noisy world. Therefore, if you have hearing loss that’s not being appropriately amplified, you’ll experience more quiet environments and can be made more aware of your tinnitus.

It’s also highly recommended that you pair the use of hearing aids and sound generators with other forms of tinnitus management such as education programs, counseling, and support groups.

Why Should I Buy Today

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing loss can cause early dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression. Many people are stubborn and wait longer than they should have before buying hearing aids, and it costs them big time! Don’t be that person! Imagine the smile on your family’s face when you can hear every word of the conversation!

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Can Bose Soundcontrol Hearings Aids Stream Music Can I Take Phone Calls

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids cannot stream music nor take phone calls directly from your device. To take calls, try holding the phone speaker slightly above and behind the ear so that it is in closer proximity to the microphones. Please note when used like this, phone audio will be heard in one hearing aid only.

White Noise Machines And Masking Devices

A white noise machine can help you find sleep more quickly.

White noise is commonly used to drown out or mask tinnitus. Depending on your tinnitus frequency, similar noises, such as nature or ambient sounds, can also be effective. With the right app, such as ReSound Relief, your phone can be a white or ambient noise machine. You can also find earbud-style tinnitus maskers or radio-like white noise machines, such as the one shown above. These masking devices can cover the full sound spectrum.

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Time With Your Hearing Specialist

If youre getting a hearing aid, you need to see a hearing specialist. This is especially essential if you have tinnitus. So one of the most important ways that a hearing aid could help you manage your tinnitus is that it brings you into contact with your hearing specialist.

Your hearing specialist will be able to:

  • Determine the severity of your tinnitus symptoms.
  • Evaluate whether a hearing aid might help.
  • Recommend which type of hearing aid may work for the particular noise youre hearing.
  • Suggest other ways to manage tinnitus

Theres no cure for most forms of chronic tinnitus. But that doesnt mean you cant find a treatment. A properly calibrated hearing aid can allow you to fully live your life and experience the joys of the world without being overwhelmed by buzzing, ringing, or any other tinnitus-related sounds. For many people who live with tinnitus, hearing aids are the treatment of choice.

Making The Ringing In Your Ears Harder To Notice

How Hearing Aids Work

Tinnitus and hearing loss often manifest and in hand. Sometimes they have the same root causebut sometimes they dont. In any case, as your hearing declines, your tinnitus may become more prominent. Theres less competition, and that ringing or buzzing can really stand out .

Your hearing aid will be able to turn the ambient volume of the world up. Your tinnitus will once againto your reliefget lost in the details. This can help you focus on and enjoy the day-to-day.

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Our Favorite Hearing Aid Tinnitus App Options

Embrace Hearing

Embrace Hearing offers built-in tinnitus sound therapy on every hearing aid style it sells, and its Bluetooth hearing aids can connect with any tinnitus app on the market. There are dozens of apps for tinnitus, calming sound therapy and white noise, and Embrace Hearing lets you choose the app that works for you. Embraces built-in tinnitus technology uses a broadband sound generator that is customized to mask the tone and frequency of your tinnitus.

Embrace Hearing

Tinnitus Treatment & Therapy Options

Do you experience ringing in your ears? While theres currently no cure for tinnitus, Miracle-Ear hearing aids offer tinnitus treatment, featuring three types of tinnitus controls: static noise, ocean waves and Notch Therapy.;;

Dr. Jason Meyer, Au.D.

Tinnitus treatment can be found in a wide range of Miracle-Ear solutions and hearing aid styles, even in our most discreet options. Our hearing aids for tinnitus features an added convenience: you can also use our free Miracle-Ear app to remotely and discreetly control your tinnitus program.

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But Wait There’s More

Signia hearing aids

The ideal combination of tinnitus therapies and outstanding hearing

Signia offers a large selection of hearing aids with the most modern hearing technology that includes various tinnitus therapies. These therapies provide an optimum individual solution for an outstanding sound quality and hearing experience.

Available in a range of small, discreet styles for every form of hearing loss, theres a model to meet every need. And for complete convenience and discretion, they can even be controlled remotely via a mobile phone app.

Your Hearing Care Professional will help

Ask about the tinnitus therapy options from Signia.

Read more on our blog

How Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus

How Hearing Aids Can Help With Tinnitus

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have questions about our services, you can or if you prefer, call us at .

Tinnitus can be everything from a temporary ringing in the ears after exposure to a loud sound that is only slightly annoying to a 24-hour-a-day, long-term condition that causes serious distress.

Tinnitus is a symptom, it is not a disease. It refers to hearing sounds that arent present in the environment. People with tinnitus describe the sound as:

  • Whistling
  • Chirping
  • Ringing

It doesnt matter how you describe it, you just want it to stop. Tinnitus can be caused by many conditions. It can be the result of hearing loss, high blood pressure, ear or sinus infection, head injury, or many other reasons. Tinnitus symptoms may appear gradually or come on suddenly.

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What Is The Typical Battery Life

With typical usage, Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids will get up to 56 hours of runtime. Each battery can provide up to 4 days of use, assuming you use both hearing aids for 14 hours per day. Battery life may vary by battery brand, age, frequency of use or if you only use a single hearing aid. When a replacement is needed, use only size 312 zinc-air batteries.

What Type Of Data Is Collected Through The Bose Hear App

When you connect your SoundControl Hearing Aids to the Bose Hear App, we automatically receive information about the product and how the product and the Bose Hear App are used. This information includes technical, diagnostic, environmental, and usage data as described in our Privacy Policy. Usage data includes your use of Bose Hear App features and the settings of the product, such as World Volume level and other product usage information. You can opt out of the collection of diagnostic and usage data by visiting the Settings menu in the Bose Hear App and restarting the App. For more information about data collected from connected Bose products, please see the Privacy Policy.

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Stress And Anxiety Management

Tinnitus and stress can form a vicious cycle. Tinnitus may cause stress, which then makes the tinnitus worse. Addressing stress with anti-anxiety measures like listening to soothing/calming sounds, exercise, and meditation can be an effective form of tinnitus treatment. Getting adequate sleep and quitting smoking are also good for your overall health and helpful for fighting tinnitus.;

How Much Will Tinnitus Impact My Life

Advanced Hearing Technologies

Tinnitus can be more bothersome and debilitating than the hearing loss it is often related to. Unfortunately, the medical community has traditionally given patients poor advice on managing it. There is a considerable market for tinnitus pills and tinctures, none of which are effective.

Fortunately, we have a better understanding of tinnitus as a brain thing rather than an ear thing, and several effective treatments exist. We cant fix it, but you can decide how much it impacts your life.

To wrap it all up, here are two of the analogies I use with my patients to kick start the shift of their emotional response from negative to neutral.

The Cousin and the Coffee

The Sister and the Sweat Socks

You and your sister share an apartment. Shes an avid runner and has a habit of leaving her smelly socks in the living room on her way back from her daily jog. As you pass them, you can either get worked up or shift your focus away from the floor. While they could be annoying, her sweaty socks pose no threat to you. As such, you can choose how much of an effect their presence has on you. You can do the same with tinnitus.

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Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus In 2021

Our experts reviewed and researched th 19 best hearing aids for Tinnitus and narrowed the list to their top 5 recommendations.

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Top Ranked Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Masking And Attentional Effects

Hearing aids can augment the volume of external noise to the point that it covers the sound of tinnitus. This makes it more difficult to consciously perceive tinnitus and helps the brain focus on outside, ambient noises. The masking impact of hearing aids is particularly strong for patients who have hearing loss in the same frequency range as their tinnitus.

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Will Sounds Be Different When Using Bose Soundcontrol Hearing Aids

Yes. Better hearing requires getting used to new sound, which can make some sounds annoying. For example, squeaky environment sounds, water sprays, or spoken consonants . You may need to practice listening to new sounds on your own before relying on them for conversation. Some people may not wish to make large adjustments to the World Volume and Bass & Treble adjustments, in which case, the sounds wont be much different at all.

How Does Tinnitus Sound Therapy Work

Martin discusses how hearing aids help his tinnitus

Tinnitus sound therapy uses a process known as habituation to retrain the way the brain interprets tinnitus. Essentially, the brain learns to reclassify;the unwanted sound as something;neutral or unimportant.

You can hear a sound that sounds just like your tinnituslike cricketsbut when you go camping in the wilderness and hear the crickets, it has a different meaning,Christina Lobarinas, Au.D., tinnitus coordinator for the UT Southwestern Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Program, explained. When the sound is constant and your brain is confused as to where its coming from, thats when the tinnitus sound becomes bothersome.

Sound therapy helps a person “forget” about the sound. That might sound tricky, but your brain already does it all the time.;

Its very similar to when you put on your glasses and your nose ;start sending signals to the brain that theres something on your nose, Dr. Lobarinas said. After awhile, you tend not to think about the feeling.

There are different methods and types of sounds that can help, and an audiologists trained in tinnitus therapy can explore several options.; One common way to initially try sound therapy is;selecting a relaxing, neutral soundlike ocean waves crashing, rain falling, white noise;or instrumental musicand playing it as background noise throughout the day.;

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