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How Long Do Widex Hearing Aids Last

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Style Of Hearing Aids

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last? | Hearing & Balance Doctors

Conventional wisdom in the hearing aid industry is that behind-the-ear styles tend to have a long lifespan than in-the-ear styles. The reason behind this wisdom is more of the electronic components sit in the damp environment of the ear canal with ITE styles. However, recent technical advancements in nanocoatings on internal and external components may soon make this durability difference a thing of the past.

Widex Rechargeable Hearing Aids

According to Widex, the MOMENT mRIC is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion RIC on the market. The mRIC represents Widex’s first foray into lithium-ion technology. Previously Widex worked with partner ZPower to supply retrofit silver-zinc rechargeable battery solutions, but with lithium-ion becoming the de facto rechargeable solution, all hearing aid manufacturers are now developing lithium-ion solutions.

Aside from achieving a tiny hearing aid size, the lithium-ion solution also helps to provide improved moisture protection. In the past, the silver-zinc batteries were interchangeable with disposable batteries, but lithium-ion batteries require sealed battery doors, and this means less vulnerability to moisture for internal components.

The Widex Moment: Lets Talk About It

I have spoken to Jodi Sasaki-Miraglia, AuD, Director of Education and Professional Training for Widex to better understand how hearing aids work, what can be done to prevent hearing loss and how hearing aids can help people who face a loss of hearing. There could be a number of reasons why you could be having hearing loss, no matter how old or young you are. A lot of what were seeing now is due to what we call noise exposure, so that is 100% preventable: the WHO just in 2019 said nearly 50% of people aged 25 to 35 years of age thats over a billion young people is at risk of hearing loss due to noise exposure like hanging out at the disco too long, listening to headphones at a loud volume and so on. Not only is the level of loudness important in terms of protecting your hearing, but its the time that you are exposed to that. Of course for audiophiles, or musicians, or other people who enjoy listening to music, you can do that at a safe level without damaging your hearing. Unlike glasses, where people can say oh, you cant see far, or you cant see near, with hearing the challenge is that your ears dont shrink and dont bleed, so you dont know that somebody has a hearing problem, young or old, until you start counting the uh?s, the what?s, and then you look at the TV volume and it used to be 20 bars, and now its 30 bars, and then its 45 bars

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Best Cheap Hearing Aid

The Kirkland Signature 10.0T is a high-quality hearing aid manufactured by a major brand at a more affordable price and comes with an in-person fitting if you have a Costco membership.

Pros: Made by a leading manufacturer, less expensive than competitors

Cons: Requires a Costco membership, can only be adjusted at Costco, phone app difficult for some, Costco doesn’t offer payment plans

Costco sells a variety of hearing aids, but its Kirkland Signature 10.0T, in particular, is manufactured by Sonova AG, the same company that makes our top pick of Phonak hearing aids. With this, you’re scoring its high-quality technology on a more cheap hearing aid, along with features like a telecoil. Plus, you’ll still be evaluated and fitted by a hearing aid specialist or audiologist at the in-store hearing aid center.

Nicholas Reed, AuD, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University, told Insider he loves Costco’s model of “leveraging their purchasing power to reduce the cost.”

The process has some drawbacks: Costco locks its hearing aids so they can’t be adjusted by other providers, so it’s near impossible to make small changes if you don’t live near a Costco hearing aid center. Also, the store requires membership and doesn’t offer a payment plan like an audiologist usually does.

Lastly, you’re more likely to work with a hearing aid specialist than an audiologist. While this is fine for a fitting, Dr. Reed noted you should likely see an audiologist for your initial checkup.

Choose A Safe Dry Place To Store Your Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

Hearing aid batteries can be damaged by exposure to wet, damp areas, so make sure you keep your hearing aids in a safe, dry place when youre not wearing them. The container you keep your devices in should provide protection from extreme temperatures and moisture. If you use the same receptacle, you should also find that its easy to locate your hearing aids when you want to put them in. Ideally, your hearing aids should be kept at room temperature at all times.

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Why Widex Is One Of Our Top Picks

Widex made the list in our best hearing aids review because it is one of the oldest brands in the industry and offers best-in-class technology. Its been in business for more than half a decade, and operates in five continents, so it has a solid international reputation. We also like that, although being an industry leader, its prices are similar or even lower than many of its main competitors. Its emphasis on using advanced machine learning to help customize sound and increase processing speed helps cement Widex as a top pick for one of the best hearing aids on the market.

Tips For Adapting To Your New Hearing Aids:

  • Utilize good communication strategies by being within 3-5 feet of the person you are talking to, being face-to-face, and being in the same room.

  • Wear your hearing aids all waking hours

  • Wear your hearing aids at the prescribed volume as much as possible. Keep in mind, the brain cannot understand what the brain cannot hear. If the sound never gets up to your brain, your brain cannot process it and it wont sound clear.

  • Clean your hearing aids once a day

  • Practice listening in quiet environments first getting used to soft common sounds like your clothes rustling, your footsteps on the floor & your refrigerator running. We often lose these sounds so gradually we dont even realize we were missing them until we get them back.

  • After 2-3 weeks of use, try visiting a quiet restaurant with someone you trust.

  • About 1 month after your fitting and once you have been adjusted to your full hearing aid prescription, try visiting a favorite restaurant with close friends

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Get Connected Stay Connected

With the Widex BEYOND made-for-iPhone hearing aid, you can enjoy the best that life has to offer. BEYOND brings you superior sound technology, Bluetooth connectivity and control of your hearing via your iPhone® and Android so you stay connected to your world. The customizable BEYOND app lets you design your own hearing, and it offers you connectivity anywhere and anytime.

  • Easy swipe technology, with an intuitive app that can be customized for sound settings and listening programs.
  • Instant connection to your iPhone, T-Coils, and Widex assistive listening devices.
  • 30 percent better speech understanding in wind, and a comfortable, natural sound in all listening situations.
  • Brilliant streaming sound when listening to music, taking calls, or watching TV.
  • Fewer battery changes, with the longest battery life in the industry.

Widex BEYOND is available in three technology levels and fifteen popular colors, offering a variety of options to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget. Ask your hearing health professional the BEYOND technology thats best for you.

Tips On How To Make The Most Of Hearing Aid Batteries

Ask An Audiologist: How long do hearing aids last?

Luckily there are a few ways to make hearing aid batteries work more efficiently. Our battery experts offer these tips for conversations about batteries:

  • Turn it off: Dont keep your hearing aid running at night or when it isnt in use. Open the battery drawer and remove the battery.
  • Use fresh produce: The fresher the batteries are the better, so pay attention to the expiry date. Do not keep large quantities of batteries in stock. And be advised that mercury free batteries have shorter lifespan than traditional batteries.
  • Keep it dry: Humidity can greatly decrease battery efficiency. Keep hearing aids away from water and as dry as possible when in humid environments.
  • Dont keep it too dry: An environment that is too dry can also damage the batteries. The ideal relative air humidity is somewhere around 50 60 percent. This is why it is not a good idea to store batteries in the fridge, where the air humidity is generally low. Make sure the battery is removed when using a dry aid kit.
  • Keep it cool. Batteries like cool environments so keep them away from the heat but do not store them in the refrigerator, where they may be damaged.
  • Keep them unopened: Dont remove the batteries from the original packaging before you need to use them.
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    Widex Hearing Aid Warranties

    The warranty provided by Widex depends on the model you are purchasing. Most warranties provided for Widex Hearing Aids last for around two or three years, but there are some models that come with just a one-year warranty. Make sure to check all the information about warranties properly before you make a purchase of any Widex Hearing Aid Model.

    Also, an extended period of warranty can be purchased. These extended warranties will last for an extra one or two years depending on the model and will cost between USD 75 to 150.

    These warranties cover damages, loss, and repairs. The main thing about warranties is that they provide peace of mind. However, there are some things about warranties that you need to know beforehand-

    • Warranties for damage and loss wont cover rechargeable batteries.
    • Warranties cover the main hearing aid device, rechargeable battery door, and charger only when they come to repairs.
    • There will be a fee for ordering replacement hearing aids.

    Tv Play Streams To Your Evoke And Moment Hearing Aids

    TV PLAY streams audio from your television direct to your MOMENT* and EVOKE hearing aids. Its easy to set up, with minimal cables that connect to the digital audio out and powered USB ports on your TV. The device can sit next to the TV or be easily mounted on its back. Sound levels can be controlled via the hearing aid control buttons, RC-DEX, or the EVOKE app. *Widex states that compatibility with MOMENT will not come until late 2020.


    When TV PLAY is powered up, pairing is automaticyou just turn the hearing aids off and back on. And with the EVOKE smartphone app, you can adjust the volume of the TV and the volume of the hearing aids independently.

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    Pros And Cons Of Widex Hearing Aids

    • Range of models for hearing loss ranging from mild to profound
    • Less expensive than other brands
    • Offers mobile apps for its main models
    • Provides remote care services and live chat support
    • Type of Hearing Aid: ITE and BTE
    • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to severe to profound
    • Rechargeable battery: Yes
    • Bluetooth streaming: Yes

    MOMENT is Widexs flagship hearing aid model, offering a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 2.4 GHz connectivity for Bluetooth streaming, and artificial intelligence capabilities for personalization. MOMENT is built on Widexs PureSound platform, which reduces the time needed for the hearing aids to process sound. In January 2021, Widex introduced a new ZeroDelay Accelerator sound processing pathway to improve sound quality and reduce processing delays to less than 0.5 milliseconds across frequencies.

    Also, in June 2021, the company released a set of Widex My Sound artificial intelligence features, which enable customization based on users activities and listing intent. Theres also a TruAcoustics feature that offers a highly customized sound. All this results in a hearing aid with industry-leading sound processing speed and AI-driven sound customization.

    Dont Stockpile Hearing Aid Batteries

    Hearing aid gets new look and sound from Widex

    Hearing aid batteries can last for years when theyre stored in unopened packaging, but as time passes, the power and performance will diminish. Its best to purchase new batteries as and when you need them, rather than keeping a store of unopened batteries at home. If you do have a few packets of batteries to get through, use the oldest first. Make sure you check expiration dates before you use your batteries.

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    So How Long Do Hearing Aids Last

    On average, modern hearing aids have an estimated lifespan of between five to eight years. Depending on the style of hearing aid, some may last longer. In-the-ear hearing aids tend to last around five years, while behind-the-ear hearing aids have a five to eight-year lifespan. As I said, aanything after that has to be viewed as a bonus.

    I hope this clears up the five-year question, in finishing, will it benefit you to upgrade your hearing aids every four to six years? Yes, it probably will. Will you have to upgrade your hearing aids every four to six years? No, you probably won’t. Any questions, get in touch.

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    How Long Do Hearing Aids Last

    FitHearingHearing AidsHow Long Do Hearing Aids Last? 0

    Hearing aids are by far the most important thing we can do to maintain our best hearing health as we experience hearing loss. In fact, studies have shown time and again that wearing hearing aids not only improves our ability to communicate, but has wide-ranging positive effects on our overall health and well-being.

    Untreated hearing loss tends to set off a cascade of negative effects that lead to a decrease in both social time and physical activity. It makes sense, doesnt it? When we cant hear well, conversation becomes less enjoyable, and even moving around in the world can become more difficult as we miss out on auditory cues. Almost without realizing it, we tend to spend less time doing the things that keep us socially connected and physically active.

    Fortunately, hearing aids can offset the effects of hearing loss to keep our lifestyles intact, even as hearing loss progresses. Those who get hearing aids report overwhelming satisfaction with them, when asked after one year, and studies show that hearing aid wearers are more socially connected and physically active than those with untreated hearing loss.

    One question that comes up frequently for new wearers is: How long will my new hearing aids last? For a few reasons, the answer tends to be about 4 to 6 years.

    Sensitive Parts in an Inhospitable Environment

    Advancements in Technology

    Hearing Aids with FitHearing

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    Widex: High Definition Hearing

    Widex hearing aids not only sound spectacular they look spectacular, too! Widex excels at combining technology with functionality and aesthetics in all their designs.

    The good stuff isnt just on the outside, either. The inner workings of a Widex hearing aid is designed to work, perform, and sound as close to perfect as possible.

    If youre ready to make the switch today, find your local team. We have:

    Give your local team a call today and never miss a sound again!

    Evoke Series Hearing Aids

    How Long Will Hearing Aids Last??

    EVOKE was one of the markets first smart hearing aids, and through continuous development, the EVOKE series from Widex has remained above average for its long battery life and extensive feature sets. To personalize the EVOKE hearing aid, the EVOKE app provides sound adjustments and suggestions, and other settings that users or their audiologists can select. Once the user has set up an EVOKE hearing aid to his or her preferences, the device remembers everything and automatically adjusts to all sound environments, whether noisy, quiet or moderate. Some EVOKE models are also compatible with the ZPower Recharging System, which makes any EVOKE model with a size 312 battery rechargeable.

    The EVOKE product line includes three receiver-in-canal , two receiver-in-the-ear , three behind-the-ear , two completely-in-canal and three in-the-ear hearing aid models. The behind-the-ear styles are available in 10 colors and in-the-ear styles come in a range of three colors. View the table below for details on several EVOKE series model.


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    Are More Expensive Hearing Aids Better

    No, you don’t need to buy the most expensive hearing aid to get a quality device. Which model and which technology level is best depends entirely on each person’s needs and lifestyle, Dr. Lerner shared during the medical review of this piece.

    Aside from differences from one brand or model to the next, most hearing aid models come in four to five technology levels, all of which vary in price point.

    A “standard” hearing aid is usually mid-level technology, which is what most people need if it’s fit and programmed correctly by an audiologist and then used consistently by the patient, said Catherine Palmer, PhD, director of audiology for the UPMC Integrated Health System, and former president of the American Academy of Audiology.

    That said, if you opt for a lower-level hearing aid that’s cheaper and it isn’t serving you well, talk to your audiologist about potential better options. All our doctors agree: The best hearing aid is the one the patient is comfortable wearing.

    How Do I Know Whether My Hearing Aids Are On Or Off

    During my fitting, the audiologist showed me a neat trick. To tell whether one of your hearing aids is on or off, place it in the palm of your hand, cover it with your other hand, and gently press your hands together. If you hear a feedback noise, it’s turned on. Press the button for three seconds to turn it off.

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    Where Hearing Aids Are Worn

    Hearing aids that are consistently in damp or dusty environments often have more performance issues than other hearing aids. If youre concerned about the environments in which you wear your hearing aids, consult your hearing care professional for ideas about protective measures. You may need to use protective sleeves or schedule more frequent professional cleanings to extend the life of your hearing aids.

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