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How To Get Free Hearing Aids For Seniors

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How We Chose The Best Hearing Aid Brands

free hearing aids for seniors

ReputationFinding a company with a great reputation matters so that you can avoid cheaply made devices. Its easy to find companies with a reputation for quality at an audiologists office, but choosing companies online is more difficult. We were careful to only include brands that have received significant positive press or attention from experts in the industry. We avoided all brands that appeared to be extremely new without any reviews.

ProgrammingWe only included companies that allow significant personalization of their hearing aids. Most companies on our list will create four or more customized sound programs for their users. By and large, companies make their customizations using a patients audiogram , though there are exceptions. Some brands on our list provide apps for user-led customization instead.

ServiceProper maintenance of hearing aids is crucial, so we selected companies with an eye on how service is performed. We excluded brands that sell locked devices that can only be serviced by a particular franchise. The exception to this may be that some local audiologist offices will be unable and/or unwilling to service hearings aids that were bought online. All online hearing aid brands that we have included can be serviced directly by the company if you ship them back.

Do Medicare Advantage Plans Cover Hearing Aids

Part C Medicare is a private policy offered through Medicare that offers the same benefits as Part A and B, as well as potentially some additional coverage. These extra benefits may include dental and/or vision insurance, prescription drug coverage, and in some case hearing aids. To date, most Medicare Advantage Plans still do not offer hearing aid coverage.

The Best Hearing Aid For Seniors In 2021


An estimated 40%-50% of all seniors have a measurable hearing impairment. For some, the effects of the loss are minor, while for others it impacts nearly every facet of life. Hearing loss all too often causes communication errors, embarrassments, and a sense of isolation. Aside from the possibility of cochlear implants, hearing aids are the main method of treating hearing loss, from the minor to the profound loss.

With hearing loss being so common in seniors, one might expect that the use of hearing aids would be widespread as well. Surprisingly, only 30% of those who would benefit from using hearing aids have ever even tried them. Some seniors develop hearing loss so gradually that they dont recognize how much they need help. Other seniors fear that people will treat them differently if they wear an assistive device. Perhaps the largest factor preventing seniors from getting hearing aids is cost. For those who dont know how to find a good deal or get financial help, the purchase can seem out of reach.

Ultimately, most of the barriers to getting a hearing aid can be overcome through education. By learning about the variety of options on the market, seniors can feel confident enough to find the help they need. This guide for both seniors and caregivers explains industry terms and introduces ten of the best brands on the market. The end of this article also includes sections on navigating the steps of the buying process and on finding financial help.

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Medicare And Medicaid Coverage Of Hearing Aids

Medicare does not usually cover hearing aids. You may have some options depending on the type of hearing loss and if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan. Read more about Medicare and hearing aids.

Medicaid coverage for adult hearing aids varies by state and eligibility is subject to change. This page from the Hearing Loss Association of America lets you look up Medicaid coverage for hearing care by state. You can also contact your states Medicaid program or visit Medicaid’s national website for more information. In every U.S. state, children’s hearing aids are covered by Medicaid.

How Can I Get A Free Nhs Hearing Aid

Mini Small In The Ear Invisible Sound Amplifier Hearing ...

You will need a GP referral for a hearing assessment with an NHS service. If your hearing assessment shows that a hearing aid will be helpful, then you are eligible for a free hearing aid. Most hearing aids prescribed through the NHS are digital and usually behind the ear types.

NHS services are located in hospitals or health centres. In some areas of England, the NHS asks some private companies to carry out hearing tests and dispense hearing aids on its behalf.

Most people find NHS aids very helpful, but not all types of aids are available. It can be a good idea to try a free NHS aid and see if it suits you, before thinking about buying one.

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What Is Meant By Medically Necessary

Remember that patients who have coverage with Original Medicare generally must pay 100 per cent of hearing tests and hearing aids because they are routine care. If the healthcare provider suspects you may have a disorder that will require medical treatment, and a balance test or hearing exam is required for proper diagnosis, then Medicare Part B may cover up to 80 per cent of Medicare’s allowable rates after you pay any necessary deductible). To help you understand medical necessity, consider the case of a patient who presents to the doctor reporting at least two episodes of vertigo, each of which had a duration of between 20 minutes and 24 hours . The patient may have experienced vertigo or a full sensation in the ears and reported hearing loss. The hearing test would then be needed to confirm the hearing loss.

Mdhearingaids Goal Of Charitable Giving

MDHearingAid understands that businesses are part of a wider community and can use their resources to bring positive change. As such, we have been looking at ways to expand our charitable contributions.

This initiative was spearheaded by our very own Natalie Ziemba, Content & Affiliate Marketing Manager, who has a long relationship with H.O.M.E.

Ive been involved with H.O.M.E. in some way or another for over 20 years, said Natalie. When our CEO, Doug Breaker, broached the subject of charitable giving, I knew it was the perfect organization with which to partner.

Upon Natalies recommendation to partner with H.O.M.E., and learning about the impact our hearing aids could have for seniors struggling with hearing loss, CEO Doug Breaker was inspired:

At MDHearingAid, our goal is to help one million Americans hear better by 2025.

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Will It Be Hard To Adjust To Hearing Aids

It may take from several weeks to months for you to get used to your hearing aids. You may find that:

    • Sounds seem strange. It’s good to remember that hearing aids will not make you hear like you used to. And nothing will ever sound completely normal. If noises are so strange or shrill that they are distracting you, tell your hearing aid provider.
    • You hear things you haven’t heard in a long time. For example, you may hear background noises much more clearly.
    • You are more aware of sounds close to you. Your footsteps, heartbeat, or car motor may be much more noticeable. With time, your brain will get better at ignoring these sounds.
    • Your hearing aids can be uncomfortable. But they should not be painful. Before you leave the hearing aid provider’s office with your new hearing aids, make sure they fit. Your hearing aid should not hurt your ear or be loose in your ear.
    • Sometimes your hearing aids will make a buzzing noise when you use a cell phone. This noise can be annoying, and it can make it hard to hear the person on the phone. If you use a cell phone, make sure your hearing aid provider knows. He or she can suggest hearing aids that work better with cell phones. And when you buy a new cell phone, buy one that is compatible with hearing aids.

Here are some general tips to help you adjust to your new hearing aids.

College Students / Working People

Are you Eligible for Free or Discounted Hearing Aids? with Brad Ingrao, AuD

Prospective and current college students and others of working age might qualify for financial assistance for hearing aids, assistive technology, and other rehabilitative services from state vocational rehabilitation agencies. If you are working but concerned you could lose your job because of your hearing loss, you might be eligible for services on that basis.

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What Causes Hearing Loss In Older Age

Most people who experience hearing loss as they get older do so because of wear and tear to the tiny hair cells in the inner ear.

There are also other factors that can cause hearing loss, such as:

  • regular exposure to loud noise
  • a history of middle ear disease
  • a family history of hearing loss.

Some people have a condition called tinnitus, which causes you to have persistent noises such as ringing or buzzing. This can also be linked to hearing loss.

Standard Level Hearing Aid Pricing

Standard level hearing aids are one step higher than essential level hearing aids in terms of features. This technology level hearing aid will help you hear well in relatively quiet or calm listening environments. This may not be a recommended option for an active person or a person with an occupation, although it can work well for people who live a more sedentary lifestyle. Prices for this level range from $2,000 to $2,500 per hearing aid and if youre eligible for ADP in Ontario, your price will be $1,500 to $2,000 per device.

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Lions Club Harp/hearing Aid Recycling Program

However, eyesight is not the only concern of the organization. Another major contribution of this company is its help towards the hearing impaired. Indeed, the HARP initiative is influential in providing Lions Club hearing aids to those who require it. Not only do they give testing to those who are suffering from hearing loss, but they also assist those who are legally deaf.

The HARP program runs worldwide in many centers and provides aid and resources to the hearing challenged. It is essential a donation program establish to provide help to the needy. Furthermore, they educate both the affected individuals and doctors on the different treatments and methods that are beneficial to the patients. The Lions Club hearing aids come very handily to the elderly and deaf individuals who are suffering from hearing loss but cannot afford them.

Children With Hearing Loss

Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Seniors, TWS Digital Hearing ...

Children with hearing loss might be able to receive hearing assistive technology at no cost if their Individualized Education Program specifies they need the assistive technology in order to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education . For more information, see the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act .

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Are There Different Types Of Hearing Aid

Hearing aids differ in shape, size and price. With modern technology, aids are getting smaller and more discreet some aids fit entirely inside the ear. Smaller aids are also easy to insert in your ear, but they can be fiddly to adjust because of the very small controls.

Some aids have additional features to improve hearing. For example, some digital aids can clear unwanted background noise. Ask the hearing aid dispenser about any additional benefits or features of the aids available.

Your audiologist should advise which model should suit you. Ask if you can trial your hearing aid for a few weeks to make sure its comfortable and helpful. Make sure you can confidently put it on, take it off, change the volume level and change the batteries.

When you use a hearing aid for the first time, everyday sounds may seem quite loud. It could take you a couple of months to get used to hearing sounds with your hearing aid. If at any stage the sound is uncomfortable and you cant wear the hearing aids, it is best to return to your audiologist for advice.

Hearing Aids Purchase Process


Before you can request hearing aids, you must have a complete hearing assessment. This assessment may be done by an AADL vendor or by an audiologist working for Alberta Health Services. Once a diagnosis is made and any possibility of medical intervention ruled out, you may proceed to discuss your hearing aid options.


The hearing professional will use the information from the assessment to make recommendations regarding your hearing aids.


When the hearing aids are ready, an appointment is made to fit the devices. The devices are checked for proper fit and comfort, and the aids are programmed to meet your specific hearing needs.

You will also receive instruction on the proper care, use and maintenance of your hearing aids. At the fitting, the vendor will ask you to pay your cost-share portion and any upgrade costs, if applicable.

Trial period

You will be given a minimum 28-day trial period with the hearing aids. Should you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with your vendor.

Validation Certificate

After your trial period, you will sign an AADL validation certificate if you are satisfied with your hearing aids. If you are not satisfied, do not sign the Validation Certificate. You may continue your trial with further adjustments, or you may return the hearing aids.

AADL billing by the vendor

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Hearing Aid Fundraisers That Work

Medical fundraisers can be a powerful tool to find the hearing aid financial assistance you deserve. With fundraising through a crowdfunding program like GoFundMe, its easy for you to find the help you need when you need itand a 0% platform fee for organizers means that more of the money you raise goes directly toward your new hearing aids.

Supports Available To Cover Hearing Aid Costs

Hearing Aids For Free

With the Treatment Benefit Scheme, the Department of Social Protection pays half the cost from particular hearing aid suppliers. This is up to a maximum of 500 for each hearing aid, every 4 years. It also pays half the cost of repairs to hearing aids.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pay to get a hearing aid through the service.

If you have private health insurance, check with your insurance company whether your policy covers hearing aid costs.

You may also be able to claim tax relief on hearing aids.

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A Few Tips To Get The Best Free Hearing Aids For Seniors

Sometimes applicants for free hearing aids fail to get financial assistance, grant money, or a free hearing aid because they made some crucial mistakes in their application. So to avoid confusion and to get help for seniors fast, remember these tips:

  • Get your correct diagnosis

Before you submit your application for free hearing aids for seniors or to get financial aid, double-check your diagnosis from your physician or audiologist. Be sure that he or she puts down your correct diagnosis otherwise, your application will be invalid.

Most organizations and groups that offer this kind of assistance will ask for a copy of your diagnosis, so be prepared to hand this over. If you have not seen a doctor about your condition lately, do so and seek screening and tests as well. By your test results and your diagnosis ready, you can apply for your free hearing aid or financial aid with confidence.

  • Check your insurance coverage

If you have health insurance from a private company, then you must check if they offer coverage for hearing aids or hearing tests. The US States, like New Hampshire, Arkansas, and Rhode Island, require insurance companies to provide hearing aid coverage for adults. So be sure to double-check this with your provider, especially when you belong to any of these states.

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Check organizations
  • Get help with application forms
  • Get correct information

National And State Resources For Free Hearing Aids

Many agencies and foundations at the national and state levels provide assistance to seniors in purchasing hearing aids. For seniors seeking financial hearing aid assistance, it is just a matter of contacting these foundations and filling out any necessary applications to see if you qualify for help. It can take some time, but if it saves you thousands of dollars, we think it is worth it!

For a list of financial assistance options, visit You may also find an option through the list provided by the Hearing Aid Project at the state or national level. Your local Area Agency on Aging may also be able to direct you to local resources.

Starkey Hearing Aids Lineup

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Legislation To Help With Hearing Aid Costs

Congress passed the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act in August 2017, making hearing aids more accessible to patients with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. After the Food and Drug Administration composes updated regulations that assure the safety of these products, the OTC hearing aids will become more widely available for purchase without a doctor’s prescription. This legislation is a step in the right direction to help people who cannot afford to pay the high price of hearing aids, but for many people, the price will still be restrictive. The goal of the new law is to continue to reduce hearing aid prices in the future to make them accessible to more people.

Some Of Our Fully Government Subsidised Hearing Aids

Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids For Seniors In 2019 ...

Insera CIC

This small hearing aid that sits completely inside the ear canal and is one of our exclusive free government subsidised hearing aids. This hearing aids sleek and modern design allows the hearing aid wearer a visually undetectable and comfortable experience.

Stride BTE

The Stride BTE is a hearing aid that sits behind the ear. This hearing aid is designed to be one of Unitrons smaller behind-the-ear models doing away with bulky and outdated hearing aid designs. This hearing aid is also available in 8 different colours so you can decide if you want your hearing aids to stand out or blend in.

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