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How To Naturally Cure Ear Infection In Adults

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How Are Ear Infections Diagnosed

How To Naturally Treat Ear Infection in Children & Adults

Your doctor will usually want to inspect your ears to make a proper diagnosis. That includes using a tool called a pneumatic otoscope, which allows your doctor to look at your ear and see if theres fluid behind your eardrum, the Mayo Clinic explains. When your doctor uses this, they gently puff air against your eardrum. If your ear is healthy, it should move if its filled with fluid, your doctor will see little to no movement, the Mayo Clinic explains.

How To Get Rid Of Ear Infection

While some cases require medical attention, most ear infections clear on their own. Rest and some home remedies will usually do the trick.

1. Holding a Warm Piece of Cloth over the Ear

Applying a warm compress relieves pain. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Dip a piece of cloth in warm water, drain and hold it over the affected ear.
  • Microwave a clean sock filled with either rice or beans for about 25 seconds and hold it on the ear.
  • Alternatively, do the same with one cup of salt. Heat some salt and put it in a bean bag. Place it on the infected ear while lying down making sure that the temperature is not too high to make you uncomfortable. The heated salt will draw out any fluid from the infected ear and subsequently reduce pain and swelling.
  • Do this for 10-15 minutes every day until the pain subsides.

2. Garlic

Garlic is an effective natural remedy for ear infection. It has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. You can use garlic in any of the following ways:

  • Start by eating one or two cloves of fresh garlic every day to boost immunity and fight the infection.
  • Crush a few cloves of boiled cloves add some salt before placing them in a clean piece of cloth and putting it on the affected ear.
  • Fry some cloves of garlic in mustard oil until they are dark. Strain and leave to cool before putting a few drops into the affected ear using a dropper.

3. Olive Oil

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

You may substitute white vinegar for ACV if thats what you have.

5. Tea Tree Oil

More Ear Infection Remedies

Top Foods for Ear Infections

  • Water: Helps maintain hydration and clear out mucus.
  • Wild-caught fish: Omega-3 fats found in wild-caught fish help to reduce inflammation.
  • Non-dairy baby formula: If a baby drinks formula, I recommend switching to coconut or goats milk-based formulas which tend to cause fewer allergies. However, breast-feeding is most ideal.
  • Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C: Keeps immune system strong, which helps the bodys ability to ward off infection.

Foods to Avoid

  • Potential food allergens: Some common allergens include conventional dairy, gluten, shrimp and peanuts.
  • Conventional dairy: Pasteurized-cow dairy products can be mucus-producing and worsen infection.
  • Sugar: Reduces immune function and encourages inflammation.
  • Processed foods: These foods may contain added chemicals and dyes that young children can be sensitive to.

Supplement Ear Infection Remedies

  • Garlic oil ear drops Garlic oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Zinc Zinc boosts immune function and promotes healing.
  • Vitamin C Vitamin C enhances immune function and lowers inflammation.
  • Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 helps support the immune system.

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Two Home Remedies For Earaches That Are Best Left On The Shelf

1.OTC numbing drops

Dr. Nguyen-Huynh recommendsavoiding numbing drops. The effect is very brief, and sometimes it does theopposite and stings the ear.


Be it garlic, tea tree or olive people swear by putting oil in the ear to help with ear infections. Whilegarlic does have antibacterial properties, Dr. Nguyen-Huynh urges caution. If youreusing it for a middle ear infection, it wont get to the source of the problem.And even if you do have a hole in your eardrum, there arent studies showingits safe to put garlic in there.

What Is An Inner Ear Infection

Best 25+ Middle ear infection symptoms ideas on Pinterest ...

Otitis interna, is the medical terminology of the inner ear infection. It is a disease that involves inflammation of the inner ear .

Now, this may become pretty painful, if proper care is not given, especially during the initial stages. Thus, if you are an adult having an ear infection, it is advised that you give serious attention to its symptoms and see a doctor as early as possible.

A condition diagnosed as an inner ear infection may actually be a case of inflammation and not an actual infection. An inner ear infection is inflammation or irritation of the parts of the ear called labyrinthitis, which is responsible for balance.

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Ear Infections And Kids Anatomy

Its their anatomy that makes them particularly susceptible.

Older children and adults have a more efficient system for clearing colds. The fluid that builds up in the ear during and after an upper respiratory illness drains down the Eustachian tube, the canal that links the ear to the nose and throat.

In children younger than age 7, the Eustachian tube is shorter and more horizontally positioned, so the fluid takes longer to drain. The build-up can press on the eardrum, causing pain that is especially noticeable to kids when they lay down, breastfeed or suck on a bottle.

When To Use A Home Remedy

The best home remedy for an earache depends on the cause. If a cavity is to blame, your earache may not improve until you see a dentist. However, if its an ear infection, using a natural remedy could make the illness bearable as your body fights off the infection.

Many ear infections clear up on their own in about a week or two, with symptoms starting to get better after a few days. Be sure to check with your childs pediatrician if your child has ear pain, especially if they are under 2 years of age.

If your child is running a high fever, or if a fever lasts longer than a day, seek immediate medical care. A high fever for children is defined as:


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Earache Remedies For Kids

Since children are especially prone to ear infections, given smaller eustachian tubes, there are some medications on the market specifically for earaches in kids. Drugstores sell pain-relieving eardrops that can help your child feel better if their earache is due to a cold or flu, swimmers ear, or allergies.

In addition, childrens formula acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used as earache remedies to help ease discomfort from inflammation in kids 6 months or older. Be sure to consult your childs pediatrician before giving NSAIDs and avoid aspirin for children under 16.

How Can I Treat An Ear Infection At Home

How to Cure an Ear Infection Naturally | Ear Problems

If youre wondering how can I treat an ear infection at home, then be sure to check out this list of tips and tricks on how to heal your ear infection faster. Remember to consult a medical healthcare professional if your symptoms persist.

What are you waiting for? The path to healing awaits!

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How To Use It

  • Apply about half an ear dropper full of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution into the ear canal.
  • Let it bubble and fizz.
  • Allow it to drain properly by turning your head to the side and pulling back on the top of your ear.
  • Use drying drops or a hairdryer to eliminate any moisture that is left behind in the ear.
  • If using OTC drops, follow the directions on the label.

    What’s The Outlook For A Person With Chronic Earaches And Ear Pain

    • Often ear infections resolve without medical intervention.
    • Individuals that require antibiotics also resolve the infection quickly, and pain relief should occur within a couple days.
    • Associated symptoms, such as hearing loss or the feeling of ear fullness, may take longer to improve.
    • Referral to an otolaryngologist may be needed for people with continuing infection, or those who get frequent, recurring infections.

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    Home Remedies For Inner Ear Infection

    Natural or home remedies include effective diet plans and a couple of precautions that can help you protect yourself and your family against infection of the inner ear regardless of your age.

    The basic home remedies can help you get rid of the pain and other symptoms that you may be experiencing from the infection in your ear.

    You may use the following natural substances in order to relieve from otitis interna.

    • Hydrogen peroxide drops
    • warm or hot water.
    • steam inhalation

    Given below are 4 effective home remedies for an adult that can aid you to overcome problems with the infection.

    Easy Ways To Cure Ear Infection

    Natural Ear Infection Remedies &  One that WORKED

    Ear infections are relatively common in both adults and children. Indeed, one in ten adults gets an ear infection at least once in their life, with more women getting it than men. The problem is estimated to affect nine in ten children before their third birthday. Also known as otitis media, ear infection is caused by bacteria or viruses in the ear canal. The infection causes pain due to fluid buildup and increased pressure against the eardrum. How to deal with it?

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    Uncommon Home Remedies That You Didnt Know Off

    Did you know that besides olive oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil, you can also use mullein oil to help cure ear infections and the pain associated with it? Mullein is a flower from which oil is extracted and converted into herbal ear drops. This herbal ear drops work towards curing the ear infection while also numbing the pain and making it bearable.

    Another home remedy, though uncommon, is using hydrogen peroxide for reducing the earache. Hydrogen peroxide is used topically on cuts and wounds and can also be used effectively to cure ear infections.

    It is also quite useful in removing excess wax from the ear and thus works as a double cure for both wax and an ear infection at the same time. Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water and soak a cotton ball in it. Carefully place the cotton ball inside the eardrum plugging it. When the liquid is absorbed by the ear, it will effectively remove excess wax and also cure the infection. There might be a slight stinging sensation when the liquid falls in the ear.

    After around 10 minutes, the ear should be bent down and any excess liquid should be drained out. Repeating this exercise for 10 days will show results by reducing infection and pain considerably.

    How To Use Them

    The dosage, type, and frequency of doses depend on the type of medication, the age of the person, their weight, and other mitigating factors such as medical history.

    If a child is under age 2 or has never taken this medication before, contact their healthcare provider before administering it.

    For children and adults, follow the directions on the package carefully.

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    Garlic Poultices Or Oil

    This seemed to be the most effective remedy, as our son fell asleep really quickly after we started this and slept through the night. He woke up feeling much better.

    Garlic is a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral but it can be too harsh for a childs skin when used alone. To remedy this, I sliced some garlic and placed the slices between four sheets of gauze . I sewed the edges shut and used a bandana tied around his head to secure it.

    The gauze kept the garlic from touching his skin directly but was porous enough to let the beneficial properties of the garlic get into the ear.

    We repeated this treatment the next night to be safe but he was symptom free after the first night. Ive also heard of using onions in the same way, but I had garlic on hand so I used it.

    An Amish friend swears by this remedy for more than just ear aches. If any of her children get sick, she makes similar poultices of garlic and onion and places on the feet, inside socks, during sleep. She said it hasnt failed her yet. Ive only tried once and it was really effective for my cold.

    I also now keep garlic oil on hand for use if any of the kids start to complain of itching or pain in the ear and weve avoided ear infections since starting this.

    Tested Home Remedies For Ear Infections In Adults

    Ear Infections: Prevention and Natural Treatment

    1. Salt Compress

    Salt can be one of the easily available home remedies for the ear infections. Just heat a cup of salt on pan/double boiler or microwave. Then take out the salt on a cloth and tie from top.When some heat is released, place the salt filled cloth over the affected ear for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day. Salt can be replaced with rice.

    2. Heating Pad

    Heat pad not only relieves pain quickly but also prevents micro-organism infestation. You need to use heating pad or warm water bottle to press against ear. Remember to apply heat for short periods. Start with 5 mins, and then remove. Apply few minutes later again.

    3. Make the Best of Garlic

    Naturally, garlic has the ability to relieve pain, especially earache. It can be used in different ways. You can prepare garlic oil by frying 2 cloves garlic in oil until blackish, strain and use as ear drops when slightly warm. Otherwise, just boil garlic in some water, crush and add salt, place in cloth piece and place over ear. The simplest way to apply garlic is to eat garlic daily.

    4. Apply Basil Oil

    Basil also works to relieve ear infections in adults. Minor earache and infections can be treated with basil. Extract juice of 4-5 basil leaves and apply on the ear and surroundings. Don’t let it enter into the ear canal. You can also mix holy basil oil with carrier oil. Soak in cotton ball and wipe it inside the ear.

    5. Apple Cider Vinegar in Cotton Ball

    6. Olive Oil to Clean

    7. Tea Tree Oil

    8. Mullein Drops

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    Top 5 Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection In Adults & Children

    People often have painful sensation and uncomfortable symptoms when suffering eye infection. Ear infection is often healed on their own therefore, the possible treatments may aim to alleviate the pain and control the problem. In severe cases of ear infections, it requires antibiotic medications.

    Here are the top natural home remedies for ear infection in adults & children you can follow:

    Boost The Probiotics In The Body

    Its time to eat more yogurts that have probiotics. Its the actual probiotics that you want to help to fight off the reason for the ear infection. When you fight off the reason, the ear infection symptoms will reduce to nothing.

    Most of our immune system is in the digestive system. This is the place where bacteria grow like crazy. Some bacteria are good, but if you dont help to boost that through probiotics, youll end up with more bad bacteria. The bad will prevent the digestive system from absorbing all the necessary nutrients and cause infection. Your immune system is hindered, trying to work on the bacteria growing in your gut.

    Some ear infections are symptoms of food sensitivities! Its your body telling you that there is a problem elsewhere and needs your help to rectify it. Its up to you to figure this out because your body isnt the best at telling you exactly what it is thats the problem.

    When you get more good bacteria into your body, it will kill off and starve the bad bacteria. The good overpowers the bad, creating a neutralized and supported the immune system. The rest of your body will thank you.

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    Ear Pain: What To Do In Young Ears

    Ear pain is common in children. However, since they are more sensitive than adults, some home remedies for ear pain in children need caution. For example, essential oils contained in mustard irritate the skin, which is why they should only be used sparingly. Onion wraps offer a gentle way to treat earache in toddlers. The warmth of a lukewarm cherry stone pillow also helps. Children often do not want the ear that hurts to be touched. In this case, a red light lamp can help, which warms the ear from a distance. However, this type of treatment may only take place under the supervision of adults. If there is suspicion of otitis media, an ENT doctor should be consulted to clarify the causes and explain treatment options to parents.

    When To See A Doctor For An Earache

    Quick Way To Cure Ear Infection

    Sometimes no amount of self-care or over-the-counter medication can help an ear infection. Knowing when to see a doctor can help further complications from developing.

    If your earache is severe or accompanied by other symptoms such as a fever or hearing loss, you should see a doctor. You might be referred to an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

    In some cases, people with a chronic ear infection may need to have surgery. Doctors can put small tubes into the eardrum that will help prevent ear infections. The tubes allow air to flow into the middle ear and fluid to drain.

    Leaving an ear infection untreated can cause the infection to spread or cause permanent problems with balance and hearing loss.

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    Onion Wraps For The Ears

    Onions not only taste delicious, but they are also a natural remedy! It has a disinfectant effect, so that drops of onion juice or onion wraps on the ear are the first remedy for ear pain. When in the form of ear drops, onion juice can work directly in the ear.

    How do you make an onion wrap? For this you need a finely chopped and slightly warmed onion. This is filled into a cotton bag and placed directly behind the ear. There it releases soothing essential oils. Alternatively, the wrap can be attached to the ear with the help of a headband or scarf. In order for the onion wraps to work best, leaving them on for at least 20 minutes is recommended. However, they can also remain in place for several hours if the person concerned prefers.

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