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Is Lyric Hearing Aid Covered By Insurance

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How To Get A Lyric Hearing Aid

Are hearing aids covered by insurance? || Hearing Aid FAQ || #Shorts

To start the process to get a Lyric hearing aid, the first thing you need to do is find a Lyric hearing care provider near you, using this tool.

Before fitting you with your Lyric hearing aids, your provider is going to conduct a thorough examination of your ears and complete a hearing test to ensure you are a candidate.

Here is the profile of a Lyric hearing aid candidate:

  • Mild to moderately-severe hearing loss
  • No ear canal conditions such as growths, skin conditions, ear infections, or extremely thin or dry skin
  • No history of radiation therapy to the head or neck
  • No middle ear conditions such as tympanic membrane perforation, PE tubes, cholesteatoma, and chronic/recurrent otorrhea
  • Not an avid scuba or skydiver
  • Sufficient cognitive abilities to understand the device
  • No TMJ disorder with otalgia

If you are on prescription anti-coagulation therapy, have an immune disorder or uncontrolled diabetes, or have undergone chemotherapy within the last 6 months, your hearing care provider will request medical clearance from your physician.

If you meet all the above criteria, you can typically begin your trial period with your first devices at that initial consultation appointment, as Lyric providers keep plenty of the devices in stock.

Your hearing care provider will select the correct size for you , and will insert and program your lyric hearing device and instruct you on use.

Eargo Hearing Aids Review

Best for Comfortable In-Ear Hearing Aids

Eargo offers some of the least visible completely-in-canal hearing aids available, and unlike the majority of other hearing aid brands, all four Eargo models are rechargeable. But what makes this brand unique is its approach to inner-ear comfort and sound amplification.

Featuring soft silicone earpieces that are suspended within the ear canal rather than plugging it, Eargo hearing aids give users with mild to moderate hearing loss a far more breathable option than ever before. Eargos Flexi earpieces fit deep inside the ear, hiding the hearing aid from view, and they leave plenty of room for bass-heavy sounds to travel into the wearers eardrum unamplified while only high-treble sounds are picked up and aided by the device. The result is natural sound and unrivaled comfort.

Eargo hearing aids are sold directly to consumers via the companys website, Though these hearing aids are not pre-programmed using individuals audiogram results, Eargo offers a capable and user-friendly app through which users can program their devices and reach Eargo hearing specialists.

Eargo Hearing Aid Device Features


Eargo Max hearing aids retail at $1,500 for a set of two and come with ten extra Flexi Fiber earpieces.

A set of Eargo Neo hearing aids retails at $2,000 and comes with six medium-sized Flexi Palm earpiece replacements.

Neo HiFi

Eargo 5

Pros and Cons of the Eargo Hearing Aid Brand


Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Best Monthly Payment Program

Audicus was founded with the goal of increasing access to hearing tools for everyone. It developed its direct-to-consumer, online-based model in order to offer high-quality hearing aids at a much lower price than the industry average. Its online hearing test was developed with a neuroscience engineer and guidance from audiologists to make it easy for anyone with an internet connection to access personalized hearing aids while staying within their budget.;

Audicus hearing aid purchase prices are lower than the industry average, and its unique monthly subscription program makes hearing aids even more affordable. It is also the only company to offer this first-of-its-kind, all-inclusive hearing aid membership. Rather than purchase a hearing aid from Audicus outright, members pay a monthly fee and receive a pair of Audicus hearing aids of their choice , unlimited reprogramming and customer support, new batteries every 3 months, and more. Monthly payments for the membership start at $39 per ear per month with no long-term contract or commitment.;

Audicus monthly membership can be ideal for those who are unable to or dont want to put a large sum of money down for a hearing aid purchase, and makes it easier for those at a range of budgets to afford quality hearing devices.;


$899/$1,798 $1,399/$2,798


For more information about Audicus, read our in-depth review of the company.;

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Who Qualifies For One

The Lyric hearing aids are not designed for everyone, with the company recommending a pair for those who suffer from mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.; Only a certified Lyric hearing professional will be able to assess your hearing levels, medical conditions, ear size/shape and lifestyle to determine if the hearing aid is designed for your hearing needs.

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What Is The Lyric Hearing Aid

Does Insurance cover hearing aids? How much do hearing ...

Made by Phonak, one of the worlds most respected hearing aid brands, the Lyric hearing aid is a one-of-a-kind extended-wear hearing device.

What is an extended-wear hearing device?

Its a hearing device that can be worn 24/7, for months at a time, without needing to remove it daily for things like sleeping, bathing, and dealing with batteries, like you would a traditional hearing aid.

Its a hearing device that , can be left alone for months on end, until the battery dies and needs replacing.

Here is a great introductory video

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What Should I Do If I Think I Need Hearing Aids

You have some options if you think you have a hearing problem and are thinking about getting hearing aids. You can see your doctor or an audiologist and be fit for prescription hearing aids by a licensed hearing aid provider. But you might consider buying an over-the-counter hearing aid.

If you choose to use an audiologist, they can help determine what type of hearing aid will work best for you. The audiologist will pick a hearing aid based on the type and how much hearing loss you have and other factors. They can help you learn how to get the most out of your hearing aids. In general, it usually is better to wear hearing aids in both ears, even if the hearing loss in the ears is not equal.

Prescription hearing aids need to be fitted by someone trained specifically in hearing problems. An audiologist or licensed hearing aid provider can make sure your hearing aids fit and work for your type and degree of hearing loss.

Over-the-counter hearing aids, which may be called personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs, may be an option if you have mild to moderate hearing loss. These are available without a hearing test. Read reviews of these devices online and choose one with good ratings. Be careful of low-priced OTC hearing aids.

You also need to consider cost. Hearing aids can be expensive, and they are not always covered by insurance. Be sure to ask about a return policy, in case you are not satisfied with the hearing aids, and any warranties.

How To Find Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are expensive. Even reputable companies that manufacture inexpensive hearing aids charge around $200 per ear for analog and $400 per ear for digital. MDHearing Aid, for example, sells low-cost hearing aids with its analog Pro model priced around $199 per ear and its digital Air model starting at $399 per ear.Â;

Before buying a lower-cost model, make sure to check the fine print. Some retailers and online distributors advertise cheap hearing aids, but they are actually selling personal sound amplification products , which amplify sound, but they do not provide the same level of support as a hearing aid.Â;

Hearing aids are typically sold through an audiologist or big-box retailer like Costco. However, you can also find inexpensive hearing aids online through direct-to-consumer companies like MDHearing Aid, Lively, or Eargo, which manufacture and sell their own devices directly to consumers.Â;

If you want a more expensive hearing aid that’s only offered through an audiologist, you can purchase through an that sells high-quality hearing aids like Phonak and Signia, but at a reduced cost. You still work with a local audiologist to get fitted and set up with your device, but the company facilitates the ordering and purchase process with the hearing provider, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.Â;

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Phonak Hearing Aids Cost

Phonak hearing aids come at all price points set by the hearing aid providers, and you can compare the prices to the average in our Best Hearing Aids Guide. The most affordable devices are about $1,300 per aid or $2,600 for a pair. The most expensive Phonak hearing aids are the Lyric model, which are the size of a pencil eraser and sit entirely in the ear canal, so they are invisible to others. Because a professional must insert Lyric hearing aids and remove them every few months, Phonak sells this model using an annual subscription between $3,000 and $6,000 a pair. Theres no Medicaid or Medicare coverage for Lyric devices.

Widex Hearing Aids Review

Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage Basics | 7 Types of Insurance

Best for Artificial Intelligence Features

Widex is one of the worlds largest and most technologically advanced hearing aid brands, and since merging with hearing care provider Sivantos, has become part of one of the largest businesses in the world. This brand specializes in technologically-advanced hearing aids, but Widex also provides industry-leading sound adjustment and personalization tools, providing audiologist assistance in person and advanced app features at home.

Widexs EVOKE line of hearing aids comes in a broad variety of fit styles, colors, and feature sets, so we have selected two of these devices which we believe represent the variety of the EVOKE line. Each of these devices is equipped with machine learning capabilities that other brands have not yet incorporated into their user technologies a feature which Widex has named SoundSense. EVOKE hearing aids leverage artificial intelligence to gradually learn about the users most frequented kinds of sound environments and preferences.

Widex now also offers a MOMENT line of hearing aids, which offer new technology for a natural sound as well as other exciting features. Beyond the AI integration of EVOKE and MOMENT hearing aids, both lines also provide a comprehensive range of technology packages. Each EVOKE and MOMENT hearing aid is available in a variety of feature levels, though all are fully directional and come with sophisticated noise reduction capabilities.

Widex Hearing Aid Device Features


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Who Is A Good Candidate For Lyric

Lyric is designed for people with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. A Lyric trained hearing professional will assess hearing loss, ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle to determine if Lyric is the right choice. Approximately half of the people with hearing loss may be Lyric candidates.

Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews

I may only be 36 years old but have worn hearing aids ever since I was 2 years of age, so hearing aid life is all I know. I have no basis to compare how my hearing quality is now with hearing aids compared to, say, when I was younger and my hearing had been perfect.

I have used a wide variety of hearing products through the years from Starkey, Oticon, and now Phonak. I honestly feel that Phonak has been the best brand for me thus far in terms of durability, power, and ability to address my hearing loss needs. I have severe, bordering on profound, hearing loss in both ears, so I’ve always only been able to have a smaller set of hearing aids to choose from through the years because of the power needed for my particular loss.

I grew up with analog hearing aids, meaning no digital capabilities through the 80’s and 90’s. It wasn’t until my prior set of in the ear Phonaks that I made the jump to digital and that was huge 10 years ago That pair had lasted me with minimal issues – only needing to send out for cleaning and maybe one repair – I did have some issues with the wax traps holders popping out after years of wear and that had to be fixed a couple times. I just got my newest pair of hearing aids and I told my audiologist I absolutely wanted to stick with Phonak because of my positive experiences with them. I now have the Phonak Virto Marvel M90-312s in the ear hearing aids.

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Financial Assistance For Seniors Buying Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be a significant expense, especially medical-grade devices purchased through an audiologist. However, the price tag shouldnt deter you from seeking professional hearing care if you need it. Hearing aids undoubtedly improve everyday quality of life for those who struggle to hear, and studies have shown that wearing them can even improve brain function for those with hearing loss.;

Additionally, there are some financial assistance options available for seniors that can make hearing aids more affordable. Below, we explain some of the most common sources of help paying for hearing aids.;

Can I Swim With Lyric

New 100% Invisible Hearing Aid

Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof**. Therefore, underwater swimming and diving are not recommended. However, Lyric can be worn in the shower or during water activities in which the head is not fully submerged under water. Speak to your provider about protecting your devices during water activities as swim molds can be worn with Lyric.

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What Is The Cost Of Lyric Hearing Aid

The cost of a Lyric hearing aid ranges from $1,500 to $1,700 perear. They are one hundred percent invisible and are placed in theear canal by a trained hearing professional.

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Phonak Hearing Aids Review

Best for;Invisible;Hearing;Aids

Phonak was founded in Switzerland in 1947, and today continues to aspire to a mix of Swiss craftsmanship and Silicon Valley technologies. Under ownership by hearing care giant Sonova, the Phonak brand is manufactured by Sonovas German hearing aid engineering firm, Hansaton, which also manufactures Phonaks sister brand, Audicus.

Phonak is a prolific brand offering numerous hearing aid models in a broad range of fit styles, including multiple custom-fit options. One of the products that set Phonak apart is the Lyric. The Lyric is the first-ever 100% invisible hearing aid and remains the only one available today. This unique device sits deeper inside the ear canal than other styles of hearing aids, rendering it completely invisible and producing natural sound. In addition to the Lyric, Phonak offers several almost-invisible hearing aid models, giving those looking for a discreet hearing aid plenty of options.;

Phonak Hearing Aid Device Features

Varies; some models No

Note: Phonaks product line is extensive. The above table is not an exhaustive inventory of available Phonak hearing aids, but represents the variety Phonak currently offers. Additionally, older-generation Phonak devices, such as the Virto B, may still be available from third-party retailers.;

Audéo Paradise

Naida Paradise

Virto Marvel

Virto M hearing aids are 3-D printed to fit the users ear canal and are suitable for varying levels of hearing loss.

Bolero Marvel


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Why Invest In High

You deserve to get the most out of your hearing aids. Watch this video to see why it’s worth investing in high-quality hearing aids and a relationship with a hearing care professional.

High-quality hearing aids use the;latest technology;to provide many advanced features, like speech isolation, voice recognition, binaural direct streaming, tinnitus control and;rechargeability.;

In addition, not all ears are the same. Investing in high-quality hearing aids means your solution will be completely customized to you, both in the fit of the device itself as well as the programming of the software to meet your unique needs.

Finally, its quite common that hearing aids will need regular adjustments and even repairs. Purchasing a high-quality hearing device ensures you will have a relationship with a hearing care professional for all of your aftercare needs. If you purchase a PSAP or another low-quality hearing or amplification device, you will not receive this comprehensive service.

“Miracle-Ear is worth every penny. You can never put a cost on the ability to live your life freely, happy and full of confidence”;– Lorraine, Miracle-Ear Customer

Does My Health Insurance Policy Cover A Trip To The Audiologist

Coverage for hearing aids

Once you have decided to schedule an appointment with the audiologist, youll still need to make sure that your visit is paid for. Many people wonder if their health insurance will cover all or some of the costs of their visit. As you know with seemingly every medical clinic, the extent that you are covered will strongly depend on the specific details contained within your policy.

Fortunately, a basic visit to a hearing center is much more affordable than many people assume. Even at some of thebest audiology centers in the United States, you can expect to pay only about $60 for a standard hearing test and about $80 for a full tinnitus evaluation. Typically, the first visit to one of these clinics will take about 90 minutes. It is also important to note that if you cannot afford the cost of audiology treatment, there may be financing options available.

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Does Lyric Help With Tinnitus

Phonak has published some evidence that the Lyric can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. This makes sense given the general role that hearing aids in relieving the symptoms of tinnitus related to auditory deprivation. But, with Lyric being worn at night, the device offers a unique approach to helping relieve tinnitus even at night, when it can be most bothersome to some. While the evidence is still emerging, it seems reasonable that many people would expect an improvement in their tinnitus by wearing Lyric.

Oticon Hearing Aids Review

Best natural sound

With its first hearing aid being developed in 1914, Oticon is a historically dependable brand that has adopted modern technology to bring users clear, comfortable hearing aids. Oticon prides itself on being an industry rule-breaker, developing technology that brings users better quality sound and new, innovative features.

After years of research, it developed the Velox technology platform which features BrainHearing technology. This technology features fast processing technology able to follow the ever-changing soundscapes around a user for natural sound in real-time. The Speech Guard and Speech Rescue technologies recognize speech and amplify it over other background noises. This allows users to better follow and understand conversations in any environment.

And with the majority of Oticon hearing aids featuring Bluetooth technology, users have the ability to connect to nearly any smart device for audio streaming. Connecting directly to media sources not only allows users to hear the audio clearly, but it allows them to do so without affecting anyone else who might be in the immediate area.


Oticon Xceed
Yes Yes


For more information about Oticon, read our in-depth review of the company.

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Which Hearing Aid Is The Best On The Market

When determining the best hearing aid on the market, you need to consider positive user reviews, expert recommendations, cost, features, warranty, technology, customer service and support, range of hearing loss it supports, and wearability.

Overall, the best hearing aid is the one you will wear consistently. When shopping, make sure to only buy what you need. Some devices come with an extensive list of features that many people never use, but make the product significantly more expensive. Take note of your needs and goals for wearing a hearing aid. Also, consider fit. The best hearing aid will fit you properly and be easy to remove and care for.Â;

Some popular brands of hearing aids include Phonak, Eargo, Lively, Audicus, Signia, Widex, Oticon, Starkey, and ReSound.Â;

Questions To Ask Insurance Company About Hearing Aids

What to Know About Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids
  • What is the health plan benefit for hearing aids?
  • Do I have to use specific providers, and, if so, may I have a list of providers in my area?
  • If the health plan has an allowance or benefit, do I have to pay the provider the full amount and then submit paperwork to get reimbursed? Can the provider bill the health plan directly?
  • Is the benefit limited to specific hearing aid models or technology? Ask your plan representative to specifically define terms such as routine hearing aids.;
  • Are there any criteria or stipulations for coverage? Some health plans may require that your hearing loss must be a certain degree in order to receive their benefit.
  • Always be sure to check with your insurance provider to determine if you or your loved one qualifies for a hearing aid benefit.

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    What Are Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

    Lyric hearing aids are hassle-free and are worn for up to two months at a time. They do not require batteries and you can sleep and shower with them in your ears. You may even forget youre wearing a hearing device.;Hearing loss should;not hold you back, and neither should your hearing solution. Lyric;is a different way to hear better without having to wear hearing aids over the ear. Lyric hearing aids are also 100% invisible so nobody will know you have them in your ears.;

    Lyrics inventors had an original mission to create the best possible hearing solution. They knew that amazing sound quality was key and that the closer a device could get to the eardrum, the more natural the sound quality would be. But to achieve incredible sound quality and comfort, Lyrics team of ENT physicians and engineers had to break past the existing limits of acoustics, processing and power supply.;

    Today, Lyric hearing aids use advanced micro-engineering that leverages the ears organic shape to capture sound and amplify it with minimal processing.

    With Lyric, sound enters the outer ear and flows naturally toward the eardrum, so it delivers pure, beautiful sound. And it does all this for months at a time without the need for battery replacements or daily maintenance thanks to patented moisture protection mechanisms and breathable materials all while staying completely out of sight.

    What Level Of Hearing Improvement Is Reasonable

    Despite advances in hearing aid technology, no hearing aid has been designed that will filter out all background noise. However, directional microphone technology and improved signal processing can significantly improve word understanding in many noisy situations. We will be happy to discuss this option during the hearing aid consultation.

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    We Listen To Our Patients

    Why people are choosing Click Hearing

    Houstons First Certified Lyric Providers

    Advocates fight for children’s hearing aids to be covered by insurance

    Untreated hearing loss can impact your life in a number of ways, on both professional and social levels. As such, it is important that you book a hearing loss evaluation with your Houston hearing experts to determine whether you would benefit from wearing a hearing aid.

    At Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C., we provide a full range of audiology services to pinpoint a hearing aid solution that addresses your hearing challenges. We will sit down with you and find an appropriate hearing aid solution that will meet your needs and wishes.

    One of the most convenient solutions we offer is the Lyric® hearing device. As the worlds first 100% invisible hearing aid, Lyric devices deliver natural sound, exclusive battery technology, and hassle-free wear.

    Now you can sleep and shower with your devices, never worrying about changing batteries or carrying a spare. Lyric® hearing aids are true 24/7 clear hearing. Consult with our certified Lyric providers to determine if you are a candidate for this maintenance-free hearing solution today by calling our office at;.

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