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What Is Best Hearing Aid Brand

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Phonaks Variety And Quality

The 6 Best Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak focuses on a wide variety of styles and features, and has a much larger catalogue of hearing aids to choose from. They have multiple options for each style of hearing aid, and they offer many models which are sleek and discrete, so you can easily find the hearing aid that best fits your needs, and is barely noticeable, or completely unnoticeable. What really helps set Phonak apart from other brands is the exceptional sound quality of each model they offer. This is thanks to the Marvel technology that they employ.

Simplicity And Continued Care

Begin the process by completing an online hearing test followed by a pre-purchase video. Once you receive your hearing aids, youâll be connected with an audiologist via video conference who will program and adjust your hearing aids.

Thereâs no need to wait for an appointment or drive to a hearing center, which is especially nice during the pandemic. Working with an audiologist ensures you get hearing aids specific to your hearing loss. It also allows the opportunity to ask questions about the best way to use your hearing aids.

Faqs About Hearing Aids

Do hearing aids cure hearing loss?

Hearing aids dont cure hearing loss, but rather improve your hearing by amplifying the sounds around you. Think of the device like a pair of glasses: they dont cure your eyesight, but they help you see clearly while you wear them.

Are all Hearing aids programmable?

Not all hearing aids are programmable. Hearing aids sold by hearing care professionals are all programmable since they are professionally fine-tuned to meet your particular prescription. On the other hand, direct-to-consumer hearing aids arent programmable on average, and they typically come with two to six pre-programmed settings that address different hearing loss levels. This makes direct-to-consumer hearing aids less optimal than a programmable hearing aid, but they are usually less expensive.

Do hearing aids set off metal detectors?

A hearing aid wont set off metal detectors since most of its parts are made of plastic. For airports, the Transportation Security Administration specifically states that you arent required to remove your hearing aids or cochlear implant when going through the screening process. On the rare occasion that a TSA official asks you to remove your hearing aid to examine it via x-ray, you can request a manual inspection instead.

Are hearing aids waterproof?

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

How long will it take for me to adjust to my hearing aids?

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

At, we take transparency seriously.

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Top 10 Hearing Aid Brands Available In India

Surveys show that a many people whoâre advised hearing aids donât use them. And thats why today I have listed some of the best hearing aid brands that is available in India. But, before we move ahead, its important to know what is the reason for this trend? Why would people disregard a medical device, especially when it concerns one of the five senses? Surveys of these people reveal three reasons, namely,general price, reliability, and uncertainty. However, they should not worry. Several premium Hearing Aid Brands put all the above concerns at rest.

The brands that we discuss below have been picked based on the opinions of experts and feedback of users. However, people should seek professional recommendation ahead of opting for any of the brands.

As users and specialists have vouched for these brands, you can be certain about their quality. While a model of any of these brands may have a problem, the problem does not apply to all models. And while the models of these Brands will be expensive you can always opt for a cheaper model.

Before starting with the brands let us talk a bit about the pricing of hearing aids. The cost quote for a hearing aid include sits testing and fitting and the counseling of patients. Some professionals include their services in the product price and some separate the product price from their services.

Now, we will start with the best hearing aid brands in India:

Hearing Aid Technology Levels:

Best Hearing Aid Brands in 2018

All hearing aids come in a variety of technology levels set by their manufacturer. Technology levels are very important, since they determine how many features the hearing aid has, and how many extra features it could have if you chose a higher level.

When we say features, we dont just mean physical characteristics, such as telecoil, but programs that are added to the hearing aids processor. Its similar to the features in a smartphone: theres the device itself and the apps it has installed the hearing aids features would also include the apps.

Technology levels used to average at around three to four, but nowadays some manufacturers offer from one to six. To help you sort out what features a technology level usually has, weve organized this table with the average technology level name, and the features normally found on that level.


A telecoil, also known as a T-coil, is a coiled copper wire that can be added to your hearing aid. The coil is sensitive to magnetic fields, and it creates a magnetic signal that can be picked up by other objects with a T-coil. This gives you the option to switch from listening with your hearing aids microphone to hearing through the signals picked by the coil.

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The Best Hearing Aid For Seniors In 2021


An estimated 40%-50% of all seniors have a measurable hearing impairment. For some, the effects of the loss are minor, while for others it impacts nearly every facet of life. Hearing loss all too often causes communication errors, embarrassments, and a sense of isolation. Aside from the possibility of cochlear implants, hearing aids are the main method of treating hearing loss, from the minor to the profound loss.

With hearing loss being so common in seniors, one might expect that the use of hearing aids would be widespread as well. Surprisingly, only 30% of those who would benefit from using hearing aids have ever even tried them. Some seniors develop hearing loss so gradually that they dont recognize how much they need help. Other seniors fear that people will treat them differently if they wear an assistive device. Perhaps the largest factor preventing seniors from getting hearing aids is cost. For those who dont know how to find a good deal or get financial help, the purchase can seem out of reach.

Ultimately, most of the barriers to getting a hearing aid can be overcome through education. By learning about the variety of options on the market, seniors can feel confident enough to find the help they need. This guide for both seniors and caregivers explains industry terms and introduces ten of the best brands on the market. The end of this article also includes sections on navigating the steps of the buying process and on finding financial help.

Lively Hearing Aids Review

Best Customer Experience

Lively is a direct-to-consumer brand offering a hearing aid equipped with some of the best technology at a lower cost than many of its competitors. By primarily operating as an online company- there is only one brick and mortar location, in Manhattan- Lively is able to keep costs lower than the industry average while still providing a top-of-the-line product. Its hearing aids are designed to be user-friendly and come with a 3-year loss and damage coverage free of charge.

What really sets Lively apart from other companies in the industry, however, is the customer experience. The entire process, from the initial hearing assessment to ongoing adjustments, can all be completed from the comfort of users homes. Lively contracts with a network of professional audiologists to provide remote assessments, assistance, and adjustments for its customers. Each pair of hearing aids are programmed specifically for each users ears based on their remote hearing assessment, and the aids can continue to be adjusted as often as needed, since three years of follow-up care with audiologists is included with all Lively purchases. Using the Lively mobile app, customers can even contact audiologists for remote, on-demand adjustments to their hearing aid when they enter a new environment or just need a bit of a tune-up.

Lively Hearing Aid Device Features


$1,850-$2,400 per pair

The Lively

Pros and Cons of the Lively Hearing Aid Brand


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Make A Purchase Based On Your Individual Hearing Needs

Once youve decided whether youll purchase online or in person, and once youve had your hearing tested , then its time to choose a hearing aid and any accessories. The world of hearing aids is quite complex, so it really is best to ask for a recommendation from an audiologist. You may not go with the recommended brand, but you should definitely pay attention to the style of hearing aids and the specific features that are recommended for you.

Questions to Ask an Audiologist About Your Hearing Needs:

  • What fits are appropriate for my level of hearing loss?
  • Whats the minimum number of programs I should have, and should I look for specific types of programs or a specific number of channels?
  • Should I get a premium-level set of hearing aids, or will I do well with a relatively low number of programs and less technology?
  • Do you think I should use a hearing aid with a telecoil and/or Bluetooth streaming?
  • Do you think I need a particular kind of external microphone accessory?

Phonak Hearing Aids Review

Hearing Aid Types, Hearing Aid Brands | Best Hearing Aids 2020 | AGX 9 Active Lifestyle Hearing Aids

Best for Invisible Hearing Aids

Phonak was founded in Switzerland in 1947, and today continues to aspire to a mix of Swiss craftsmanship and Silicon Valley technologies. Under ownership by hearing care giant Sonova, the Phonak brand is manufactured by Sonovas German hearing aid engineering firm, Hansaton, which also manufactures Phonaks sister brand, Audicus.

Phonak is a prolific brand offering numerous hearing aid models in a broad range of fit styles, including multiple custom-fit options. One of the products that set Phonak apart is the Lyric. The Lyric is the first-ever 100% invisible hearing aid and remains the only one available today. This unique device sits deeper inside the ear canal than other styles of hearing aids, rendering it completely invisible and producing natural sound. In addition to the Lyric, Phonak offers several almost-invisible hearing aid models, giving those looking for a discreet hearing aid plenty of options.

Phonak Hearing Aid Device Features

Varies some models No

Note: Phonaks product line is extensive. The above table is not an exhaustive inventory of available Phonak hearing aids, but represents the variety Phonak currently offers. Additionally, older-generation Phonak devices, such as the Virto B, may still be available from third-party retailers.

Audéo Paradise

Naida Paradise

Virto Marvel

Virto M hearing aids are 3-D printed to fit the users ear canal and are suitable for varying levels of hearing loss.

Bolero Marvel


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My Pick: Phonak Virto M Titanium Iic

Phonak started manufacturing 3D-printed titanium hearing aids back in 2017 with Virto B. My mind was blown at the time, because I didnt even know it was possible to print metal. Apparently printed metal is a thing, and Phonak saw an opportunity to bring the technology into the hearing aid manufacturing process.

In a press release, Phonak stated that their titanium shells were 15x stronger and 50% thinner than traditional acrylic hearing aid shells. This meant deeper placement in the ear canal and a more discreet fit. In 2021, Phonak is still ahead of the pack when it comes to hearing aid visibility no other manufacturer is producing printed-titanium shells that compete on size or invisibility.

In terms of comfort, the new Virto M is about as comfortable as any other invisible in canal hearing aid on the market which is to say pretty comfortable for most people. Most people prefer open-fitting hearing aids over custom-fitted in-canal style hearing aids.

In terms of reliability, the Virto M Titanium is as reliable any IIC can be. Its the only one that Im aware of that has an IP68 for moisture and dust protection. Having said that, ear canals are a hostile environment for even the most robust of hearing aids, so if you are someone who perspires a lot or produces a lot of wax, you might want to consider going with a thin-tube style hearing aid that doesnt put any electronic components deep in your ear.

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say

Heather V.- April 1, 2021Beth is one of the most kind and patient focused providers I have ever met! I would trust her with my own family members Youre in excellent hands at Hear Today!!

John P.- September, 2021Beth and her staff did an excellent job providing me with the appropriate hearing assessment and hearing aide options. Very professional and transparent throughout the process. No pressure. Excellent hearing aide fitting and follow-up. I would highly recommend.

Sandra P January 17, 2021Good experience! Felt well received and was in good hands. Professional and confident, Beth was easy to work with and very caring.

Eric J September 22, 2020Friendly, efficient, very knowledgeable, honest when solicited for an opinion and not just out to make a sale ! These folks should be anybodys FIRST call !

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Signia Pure Charge& go X

Motion is part of your daily life and you carry conversations with you as you go. With the revolutionary Pure Charge& Go X hearing aids from Signia, you can move to your hearts content and hear everything and everyone important to you in crystal-clear sound quality. Wherever you go.

Thanks to their game-changing acoustic-motion sensor technology, Pure Charge& Go X hearing aids understand your personal hearing environment in greater detail than ever to deliver sound precisely tailored to you.

Runner Up: Costcos Ks9

Best Hearing Aid Brands in 2018

Coming up in second place is Costco with their latest Kirkland Signature hearing aid, the KS9, which is manufactured by Phonaks parent company Sonova. The KS9 is considered by many to be functionally the same as the Phonak Marvel, offering many of the same features and compatibility with Phonaks Roger wireless accessories.

A quick look through the state-by-state warehouse listings reveals that most of Costcos 558 US warehouses offer Hearing Aid Center services. In terms of access to in-clinic support, thats about 1000 less clinics than what Beltone has on the map, and word on the street is that wait times to get into any Costco Hearing Aid Center can be lengthy due to the popularity of their cheaper-than-average hearing aid offerings. As an example, a pair of Marvels might cost you 3x what youd pay for a pair of KS9s.

Hearing Aid Discounts Delivered to Your Inbox

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Types Of Hearing Aids

There are two different types of hearing aids: behind the ear and canal hearing aids. These devices come with either disposable or rechargeable batteries, the latter using its carrying case as a charger.

Each type connects to the outer ear and comes in a variety of shapes and styles. For BTE models, there are two styles: BTE, where the devices receiver is hidden inside the chassis, and receiver-in-canal , where the receiver is placed inside your ear canal. All BTEs come with a variety of domes to fit your hearing comfort, but if need be, you can also opt to get a custom earmold to fit your ear canal.

BTE hearing aids are the most feature-friendly device on the market, since their chassis size gives them enough room to place other non-hearing features, such as telecoil and Bluetooth.

Conversely, canal hearing aids are custom molded to your ear canal and are meant to be more lightweight and discreet. They come in four different varieties: in the ear , in the canal , completely in the canal and invisible in the canal . Due to their chassis size, canal hearing aids commonly come with little to no extra features and require disposable batteries.

BTE and RIC hearing aids pros and cons

  • Smaller batteries have shorter lifespans
  • Can be problematic to put on if you have dexterity problems
  • Small size makes it difficult to add technical features like Bluetooth
  • Easier to lose or misplace
  • Only address mild to moderate hearing loss

How Much Do The Best Hearing Aids Cost

Hearing aid prices vary mainly by the technology level of the hearing aid you end up with. In general, the basic or standard level hearing aids start from around $1,500 $2,800 for a pair anywhere north of $7,500 a pair for hearing aids with the very best technology.

The main difference between the technology level is how well the hearing aids perform in more challenging listening environments. The more expensive hearing aids generally have better performance in noise and more automatic programs for different listening environments.

As a general guide expect to pay the following prices for hearing aids.

Technology Tier
Premium $3,500 – $4,400

The price of hearing aids also depends on the level of service included with the devices. Some companies sell hearing aids packaged with an unlimited amount of service and tuning appointments at no additional costs while others un-bundle the price of the service from the cost of the hearing aid itself.

Service is a critical component of the purchase as clients generally need a number of follow-up appointments to get the most out of their hearing aids so when comparing prices of hearing aids, make sure you are comparing not only the price of the hearing aid itself, but also the level of service included with the hearing aids.

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