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What Is Fuck You In Sign Language

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What Is The Law On Swearing In Public

People who are deaf show us how to swear in sign language | You Can’t Ask That

At law and in linguistics a words offensiveness depends on the context in which it is used. Offensive language crimes do not prohibit swearing per se . Rather, in Australian states and territories, the use of offensive, indecent or disorderly speech in public is punishable by fines ranging from $660 to $6,000 and can attract up to up to six months imprisonment.

Offensiveness is defined in the case of Worcester v Smith as such as is calculated to wound the feelings, arouse anger or resentment or disgust or outrage in the mind of the reasonable person. In reality, police and judges adjudicate offensiveness. Police overwhelmingly target the swear words fuck and cunt, and in 2015 despite the ubiquity of these words charged 1,613 adults with using offensive language in NSW . Indigenous Australians made up one-third of those convicted in 2015 .

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Obscene Hand Gestures Around The World

I know that in Canada, a nice flip of the bird is a good way of showing someone that they should probably keep their distance from you. However, the middle finger doesnt mean the same thing everywhere in the world. So, I thought that it would be fun and educational to share with you 10 Obscene Hand Gestures Around the World that are just as rude to that of the middle finger.

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What Is The Middle Finger Called

24947. Anatomical terminology. The middle finger, long finger, or tall finger is the third digit of the human hand, located between the index finger and the ring finger. It is typically the longest finger. In anatomy, it is also called the third finger, digitus medius, digitus tertius or digitus III.

What Is The Chinese Sign Language

" Funny

The Chinese Sign Language is known in Mandarin as .

CSL has two dialects! More details below.

NOTE CSL is not related to the Taiwanese Sign Language .

Just like the ASL or BSL are based on English letters, CSL draws its reference on Chinese characters.

Check out this videos to have a quick look at how different are ASL and CSL:

The very first deaf school in China was established in 1887 near Qingdao by an American missionary, Annetta Thompson Mills.

A second school was established in 1897 in Shanghai by a French Catholic organisation.

These two schools developed CSL as we know it today and created its two dialects:

  • Northern CSL, influenced by American Sign Language.
  • Southern CSL, influenced by the French Sign Language.

Like most other sign languages, CSL use the combination of hand gestures and facial expression to convey a message.

CSL also has an alphabetic spelling system close to pinyin.

Check out how to sign Chinese alphabet and numbers in this video:

The standardisation of CSL began in the 1950s, and the first manual phonetic for Modern Chinese was published in 1959.

And in 1990 the term was officially chosen for the Chinese Sign Language.

In 2019, The National List of Common Words for Universal Sign Language was released, a first of its kind in China, with 5,000 words for daily usage, with more to come in the following years, according to the State Language Commission.

Actually, you might already know some Chinese Sign Language!

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Why Is Middle Finger Called The Bird

middle finger held up in a rude gesture, slang derived from 1860s expression give the big bird to hiss someone like a goose, kept alive in vaudeville slang with sense of to greet someone with boos, hisses, and catcalls , transferred 1960s to the up yours hand gesture (the rigid finger representing the

What A Stupid Fuck Offensive

Fuck can also be used as a noun, but there is usually in adjective describing what type of fuck the person is. It is also used in a negative context.

  • Sarah lost her purse again, what a dumb fuck.
  • He wouldnt give me 25 cents! What a stingy fuck.

Here are some examples of being a dumb fuck:

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To Further Improve Your Sign Language Skills We Suggest You Do The Following:

  • Learn the alphabet:: this is the basic and the building blocks to signing like a pro.
  • Practice with native signers:: hanging out with Deaf people is a good away to practice as it is going to force you to use the signlanguage.
  • Subscribe to 1 or more Sign Language teaching channels on Youtube:Check outSigned With Heart andASL Rochelle channelsto name just a few.

YouGlish for:

What Is A Sign Language

Deaf People Teach Us Bad Words | Deaf People Tell | Cut

There is no better way than to start with an official definition, so here you go from the Cambridge Dictionary:

a system of hand and body movements representing words, used by and to people who cannot hear or talk

As a matter of fact, there is more than 300 different sign languages in the world.

Yes, you read that correctly, it is not a typo!

Every country had a different sign language, just like it has its own spoken language.

You might already be familiar with the term ASL or BSL .

The Chinese Sign Language is referred to as CSL.

Someone practicing CSL might not understand ASL.

Just as French, Spanish and Italian have Latin roots, German, Dutch and English have Germanic roots, sign language have similar roots which evolved with time, based on each countrys culture, body expressions and spoken language.

Quick history lesson!

The very first person credited with the invention of the sign language was Pedro Ponce de León, a Spanish monk from the 16th century.

However, it is known that Native Americans used sign language as well before that to better communicate with other tribes and facilitate business with Europeans.

Building on Leóns work, another Spanish cleric, Juan Pablo Bonet, created a manual method to learn the alphabet, one shape representing one letter, which work was published in 1620.

In 1755, a French priest Charles-Michel de lÉpée invented an even more comprehensive method, even creating a signing dictionary.

Is there a Universal Sign Language?

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Swearing And Political Protest

Those who drop the f-bomb in protest do so because this word has unique and essential functions in the English language: expletives can elicit shock, vent anger or frustration without resorting to physical violence and succinctly challenge ideas in a way that few words can.

These important functions of swear words were illustrated in the US Supreme Court case Cohen v California. On April 26, 1968, Paul Cohen wore a jacket to a Los Angeles courthouse bearing the phrase Fuck the Draft. He did so to protest military conscription in the Vietnam War. Cohen was arrested and sentenced to 30 days imprisonment for disrupting the peace by offensive conduct.

Cohen appealed his conviction to the US Supreme Court. The Court quashed his conviction on the basis that, consistent with the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution, the State may not make the simple public display of this single four-letter expletive a criminal offense.

The US Supreme Court reasoned:

To many, the immediate consequence of this freedom may often appear to be only verbal tumult, discord, and even offensive utterance That the air may at times seem filled with verbal cacophony is, in this sense not a sign of weakness but of strength.

The Court suggested that a strong society is one that allows for, and even protects, dissident voices. Although swear words might be shocking or even distasteful to some, the real question is whether they deserve criminal punishment.

Mother Fucker Fuckface Fucktard Fuckstick Offensive

Here are some various names you can call someone that have the word fuck in them. Mother fucker is considered to be one of the worst names you can call someone, as it means you have sex with your own mother.

  • Fuckface is another word for a cock sucker, except instead of sucking cock, the guy just fucks your mouth.
  • Fucktard comes from the word retard.
  • Fuckstick is another word for dildo .

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Here Are 3 Tips That Should Help You Perfect Your Signing Of ‘fucking’:

  • Look at the way native signers say ‘fucking’: use YouGlish for that purpose. Repeat the track as much asyou need and if required, slow down the speed of the player.
  • Record yourself signing ‘fucking’ on camera then watch yourself. You’ll be able to mark the points of weakness in your techniques.
  • Look up tutorials on YouTube on how to say ‘fucking’ in Sign Language.

Swearing In Sign Language

Items similar to fuck you in sign language on Etsy

Swearing can be quite cathartic. I myself do not casually swear and never swear in anger at other people. But I cannot prevent the occasional Oh, shit! escaping from my lips when I do something stupid or careless or when some unfortunate event occurs. In the video below, we see how swearing is done in sign language for those who cannot verbalize it. It may also come in useful when the recipient can see you but cannot hear you.

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Where To Learn Chinese Sign Language

It is possible to learn a sign language, and youll have a better chance to find resources or a course in your home country, teaching the local sign language.

However, if you wish to learn online, there is a lot of resources on the internet.

Be aware though, most of them teach the American Sign Language .

For example, Signlanguage101 offers complete programs, and Gallaudet University offers free ASL lessons.

If you want to learn the Chinese Sign Language though, there is unfortunately very few online resources in English.

You can find some videos on or some websites, but youll have a better chance to find useful resources on Baidu, if you can understand some Chinese.

Go Fuck Yourself Offensive

Used in similar situations as fuck you,go fuck yourself, is used to express anger, frustration, hatred, or contempt with someone else. Go fuck yourself literally means to masturbate.

PG-13 versionGo screw yourself.


  • Someone asks you if you want to pay for the bill. And you respond, Hey I got a better idea, why dont you go fuck yourself?

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Whats The Real Damage

When Wright declared Fuck Fred Nile he did so to counter Niles views against marriage equality. Nile believes homosexuality to be a choice which is both immoral and unnatural. He has questioned the bases on which homosexuality was removed from the APAs Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders . Using slippery slope logic, Nile has stated:

If homosexual marriages were allowed and legally recognised, then there will be a push to affirm child brides, incestuous partners, bigamous or polygamous partners.

Highlighting the damage wrought by such views, Holcombe said in the counter-protest:

People over there are contributing to an epidemic of LGBTI youth suicide, self-harm and mental illness Whats the real damage? Me saying fuck them or we need to stand against them and make sure us using bad language about these fuckers is nothing compared to the epidemic of suicides these people contribute to.

The International Day Of Sign Languages

The REAL Origins Of The F-Word? | Susie Dent’s Guide To Swearing

And to finish this blog, lets talk a bit about the International Day of Sign Languages.

The International Day of Sign Languages is celebrated every year on the 23rd of September.

is a unique opportunity to support and protect the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all deaf people and other sign language users

According to the United Nations

The day was first celebrated in 2018, making it a very recent event!

It happens during the International Week of the Deaf that was established in 1958.

The 23rd of September was specifically chosen because it is also the date when the World Federation of the Deaf was established in 1951.

According to the Chinas Disabled Persons Federation there are 20.54 million deaf people in China.

Although the standardisation of a Chinese sign language is fairly new, the country is working hard on making sign language education more accessible.

Did you know there was a Chinese Sign Language? Let us know in the !

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All About Chinese Sign Language

So, I just found out that the International Day of Sign Languages is coming up and is set every year on the 23rd of September.

I have always been interested in learning sign language and just never really had the time to settle down and sign up to a course, but thats another story!

While doing some research I discovered that each country actually has its own version of sign language!

I dont know why I always thought sign language was a universal language, but I was WRONG.

Then I thought, is there a Chinese sign language? If so, where to learn it?

There are so many interesting questions that I will try to bring some answers to in this blog, according to my research from the fantastic source of information that is the internet.

DISCLAIMER I am not in any way an expert on the subject, so if you spot any incorrect information please let us know in the comments section.

Nsfw: 9 Smutty Sign Language Phrases

Learning a new language is always a two-part process. You go to class and learn the basics of polite conversation and everyday objects, like “How are you?” “What is the weather like?” and “Where is the library?” Then you go home and search on your own to try and find out how to say the dirtiest words you can think of. Everyone does this. After four years of learning French in high school, the two sentences I remember best are “I would like a ham sandwich” and “You have a porcupine stuck up your behind.” I think it’s human nature to want to learn about the raunchy side of a new culture.

It was the same in college, when I started to learn American Sign Language. My friends and I would learn new vulgar words and phrases, and excitedly share them with each other. It was so interesting to see what this other culture did to express the same taboo concepts, to see how we were united in that, hearing and deaf alike, we all thought about these unmentionable things and put names to them. And the more I learned about American Sign Language, the more I wanted to share it with people! I wanted to let everyone else see how exciting and fun it was. After two and a half years of a successful YouTube channel posting videos as I’ve learned new phrases, I’m proud to share my new book, “Super Smutty Sign Language” , chock full of the best and filthiest phrases I’ve learned in ASL. Here are a few examples:

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Examples Of More Recent Usage

In 1928, English writer D. H. Lawrence‘s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover gained notoriety for its frequent use of the words fuck and fucking.The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger featured the use of fuck you in print. First published in the United States in 1951, the novel remains controversial to this day due in part to its use of the word, standing at number 13 for the most banned books from 1990 to 2000 according to the American Library Association.

The first documented use of the word fuck on live British television has been attributed to theatre critic Kenneth Tynan in 1965, though it has been claimed Irish playwright Brendan Behan used the word on Panorama in 1956 or the man who painted the railings on Stranmillis Embankment alongside the River Lagan in Belfast, who in 1959 told Ulster TV’s teatime magazine programme Roundabout that his job was “fucking boring”. The EMI and the Grundy incident was a controversy that ensued in 1976 when Today host Bill Grundy interviewed the Sex Pistols, after guitarist Steve Jones called Grundy a “dirty fucker” and a “fucking rotter”.

Ways To Tell Someone To F*ck Off In A Different Language

fuckoff Men
  • 0

Knowing how to curse someone out in a different language is maybe not the most necessary skill in the world, but its not the least. My family speaks Hindi and sometime after I learned how to ask for a cup of water, I insisted they teach me how to swear. It was pretty enlightening. If youre going to learn the basics of a new language, profanity should always be included.

This list is courtesy of thesewonderfullyfoul-mouthedsites, as well as people from all over the world who were a little too excited to teach me to curse in their language. The non-Latin script is not included because this list is offensive enough without it becoming apparent that my mastery of a modern keyboard isnt good enough to type Chinese characters. My bad.

Half of these phrases really do mean fuck off, and the other half are a compilation of other useful curse words. This is partially because fuck off doesnt translate in every language, and partially because I can only type the word fuck so many times before I rethink every conversation Ive ever had and doubt my life choices.

NSFW. Unless you work in Hollywood, a 50s ad agency, or in an office where its appropriate to call someone a son of a fucking cocksucker.


1. Kon da ti go natreseMeans: Get fucked by a horseUsed as: Fuck off

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