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How To Unclog Your Ear From Ear Wax

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How I Got Impacted Earwax

How to Unclog Your Ears

I always thought I was doing the right thing, carefully drying my ears with cotton swabs after taking a shower. I was always careful to avoid going in too far with the swabs. I knew not to touch the eardrum. Ive done this all my adult life.

Now, in my mid-60s, I suddenly had a problem with impacted earwax in my left ear. Evidently, I was pushing the wax deeper and deeper over time.

According to the Mayo Clinic, using cotton swabs or other items to clean ones ears may remove some wax, but it actually pushes more wax into the ear canal even deeper.1

How To Deal With A Clogged Ear

by Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services | May 22, 2019 | Hearing Loss Articles

You try swallowing hard and yawning but its no use, your ears are clogged and you cant do anything about it. Youve tried chewing gum, popping your ears, and opening your ear canal with your finger. Hoping your ears will simply unclog by themselves, at some point you may just stop trying. But if you have discharge, pain, or the symptoms of an ear infection, this would be an unwise idea.

Your Eustachian tube, a small passageway that connects your middle ear to the space behind your nose and controls the air pressure level in your ears, can become blocked if it stays closed or open for longer than it should. You might hear a crackling or popping noise in your ears as this tube opens and closes when you swallow or yawn. A virus, sinus infection or allergy might cause the ear to remain closed, while hormonal changes can cause the ear to remain open. Both issues will go away over time, but it might take quite a long time for your ears to return to normal.

Plugged ears can also be caused by a buildup of earwax. Ear treatment can clear this kind of clog, depending on the severity, this can be at home or at the hearing professional. When dealing with plugged ears, here are some suggestions:

How Can I Unclog My Ears At Home

Cold weather is not all about pretty snowfalls, campfire and cozy garments. It also brings about several health issues such as stuffy nose and clogged ears. Clogged or stuffy ears may cause considerable discomfort that includes

  • A sensation of ear pressure or fullness
  • Ear pain

Your ears are connected to your nose through a tube-like passage known as the eustachian tube. Swelling or blockage of the eustachian tube causes clogged ears. This may affect one or both ears. Clogged ears may result due to several causes such as

  • Sinus or ear inflammation due to colds, allergies or infections
  • Fluid accumulation in the ears
  • Inflammation of the eustachian tubes
  • A growth or tumor in the ear

You may try the following home remedies to unclog your ears

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How To Deal With A Blocked Ear

May 22, 2019 | Gomer Hearing Center

You try swallowing hard and yawning but to no avail, your ears are clogged and you cant do anything about it. Youve tried popping your ear, chewing gum, or trying to open your ear canal with your finger. Hoping your ears will simply clear up by themselves, eventually, you might just stop trying. And honestly, you wouldnt be incorrect to try waiting a little bit to see if the situation clears up on its own unless, of course, you have soreness, discharge, or other symptoms of an infection.

A little passageway that connects the middle ear to the place behind the nose and controls the pressure that goes the ears, called the eustachian tube, will get plugged if it remains open or closed for too long. You may hear a crackling or popping noise in your ears as this tube closes and opens when you swallow or yawn. Normal hormonal changes cause the ear to stay open and viruses or ear infections will cause the ear to remain closed. Both issues will clear up over time, but it could take quite a long time for your ears to return to normal.

Blocked ears can also be caused by a buildup of earwax. Ear treatment can clear this type of blockage, depending on the seriousness, this can be at home or at the hearing specialist. Here are a few guidelines when dealing with plugged ears:

Try Droplets Of Hydrogen Peroxide Into Your Ear

How To Unblock Clogged Ears Naturally  Home Remedies ...

Hydrogen peroxide, if properly applied, can break up earwax. Hearing experts suggest that you mix the solution with warm water making sure that the water isnt too hot and then place a drop or two into your ear with a pipette. After you tilt your ear upward and put the drops in, a few seconds should be enough to break up the wax blockage. You might need to repeat this several times a day for a couple of days, but ultimately, the clog should clear.

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Avoid Using Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs should only be used to clean the outer part of the ear in fact, they tend to push the cerumen towards the bottom of the ear instead of removing it. This can lead to the formation of cerumen impactions and in the most serious cases the perforation of the eardrum. To eliminate the earwax, you should opt for gentler and more effective solutions.

Homemade Ear Wax Solution

  • Add few drops of mineral oil or glycerin into 1/4 1/2 cup of warm water.
  • Lie down on your side with the clogged ear facing upwards.
  • Pour this solution into the ear using a utensil of your choice.
  • Stay in this position for about 10 minutes.
  • Then tilt your head on the other side to drain out the solution from the ear.
  • Gently pull the ear lobe down to completely drain out the solution.
  • Do not repeat more than 3 times in a day.


  • Avoid trying this process if you have plugged ears due to an infection.
  • If you have symptoms such as yellow or green discharge, feeling feverish or pains, then consult a doctor.

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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Food grade hydrogen peroxide can help you get rid of a buildup of ear wax quickly and effectively which can help you to unplug your ear. Hydrogen peroxide has an antiseptic effect that can help to prevent skin infections. According to doctors at WebMD, the bubbling action helps to bring up dirt and loosen it.5

Researchers from Harvard Medical School recommend using 3% hydrogen peroxide for ear wax removal.6

If you want to get rid of a congested ear using hydrogen peroxide, this is what you should do:

  • Put two drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in your clogged ear. Dont exceed that amount or you could damage your eardrum.
  • Wait until you hear a fizzing sound .
  • Let it fizz for few minutes until it stops.
  • Tilt your head to the side, so that the solution and ear wax can drip out.

Do this every time you need to unclog your ears from excess ear wax.

Hydrogen peroxide can also treat ear infections due to its antiseptic properties, and you can read more about in my article on how to use hydrogen peroxide for an ear infection.

For more ideas on how to use hydrogen peroxide read my post about 11 amazing uses for hydrogen peroxide.

How To Unclog Your Ear From Wax Review

How to remove ear wax and unclog your child’s ear

If your ears seem waxier than most, take heart:Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide otic.Hold the outside of your ear and pull it gently upward.

Hydrogen peroxide can also treat ear infections due to its antiseptic properties, and you can read more about in my article on how to use hydrogen peroxide for an ear infection.Thankfully, many cases of a clogged ear can be treated with some simple home.But sometimes the wax can harden, forming a blockage that leads to symptoms like an earache, feeling of fullness in your ear, a ringing sound or noises in your ear, decreased hearing, dizziness.

Make sure you drain all of the oil out of your ear so that it.Tilt your head and pull your outer ear up and back to straighten your ear canal.Gently squeeze the syringe to squirt the water into the ear canal.

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The Side Effects Of Excessive Earwax

But for many people, earwax is manifestly too much of a good thing. An ear canal plugged up with earwax can cause earaches, infections, and other problems. If it gets lodged in a certain way, earwax can cause a cough by stimulating the branch of the vagus nerve that supplies the outer ear. And, not surprisingly, an excess of earwax can result in some loss of hearing.

Guidelines from the American Academy of OtolaryngologyHead and Neck Surgery stress a let-it-be attitude toward earwax and warn against removal unless the earwax is causing a problem. Of course, sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the wax is the source of a problem without removing it and seeing whether the problem goes away.

What Causes A Clogged Ear

Clogged ears can disrupt the balance, affect hearing, and also cause pain and discomfort. Both internal and external factors can trigger the condition. They include:

  • Barotrauma It occurs when your ears cant adapt to the changing pressure on an airplane .
  • Ear Infection It is a result of fluid build-up in the ears that may cause virus or bacteria to multiply . A cold or flu often triggers an ear infection.
  • Earwax Impaction It occurs due to an excessive production of earwax, which causes a build-up of wax in the ear canal .
  • Presence of a foreign object like cotton inside the ear
  • Swimmers Ear This condition results from water being trapped in the ear .
  • Smoking

Some of the lesser common causes of ear congestion are migraines and spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leakage.

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You Dont Usually Need To Remove Earwax But Sometimes It Can Build Up And Create A Blockage

Earwax is a wondrous multitasking substance that serves two main purposes: stopping dust, germs, and small objects from damaging your ear and protecting the skin in your ear canal from irritation if water gets in there, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Also known as cerumen, earwax is made from ceruminous glands that secrete wax and sebaceous glands that pump out oil.

In most cases, your earwax slowly oozes or falls out of your ear. The only reason to remove earwax is if its blocking your hearing or bothering you, Nina Shapiro, M.D., otolaryngologist at UCLA Health and author of HYPE: A Doctor’s Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims and Bad Advice, tells SELF.

But sometimes the wax can harden, forming a blockage that leads to symptoms like an earache, feeling of fullness in your ear, a ringing sound or noises in your ear, , dizziness, and even a cough, the Mayo Clinic says. Then, obviously, youll want to do something about it. But that something shouldnt involve a cotton swab for the aforementioned reasons.

Clogged Ears Home Remedy: Salt Water


Salt water is so gentle in unclogging ears that you can even use it to treat small children and babies. It does just as good a job on adults, too.

  • First, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt into around one half a cup of lukewarm water and squirt some of the salt water mix into your clogged ear.
  • Leave the mixture in your ear for around 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse out your ear with warm water.
  • While the salt water mixture is at work in your ear, you can seal your ear with a cotton ball.

Heres a tip: Fill a small spray bottle with this home remedy and apply your clogged ears remedy gradually over the course of a day instead of all at once.

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Preparing For An Appointment

Youre likely to start by seeing your family doctor or a general practitioner. In some rare cases, however, you may be referred to a specialist in ear disorders .

As you prepare for your appointment, its a good idea to write a list of questions. Your doctor may have questions for you as well. He or she may ask:

  • How long have you been experiencing symptoms, such as earache or difficulty hearing?
  • Have you had any drainage from your ears?
  • Have you experienced earache, difficulty hearing or drainage in the past?
  • Have your symptoms been continuous or occasional?

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The Purpose Of Earwax

The chemical name for earwax is cerumen. It has a definite purpose. It helps protect us by keeping foreign bodies and outside contaminants, such as dust and insects, from entering the ear canal.

Dust and pollen will get caught in the wax and not go deep into the ear canal, which could damage the eardrum. The wax can also prevent the ability for bugs to crawl into your ear. Think of it as flypaper.

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The Five Most Common Ways To Unclog Your Blocked Ears

Oct 13, 2021 | Patient Resources, Troubleshooting

Your ears need wax. Earwax is a natural substance produced by the body to combat various other harmful conditions.

You may have already experienced this sensation after you went swimming and got water in your ears. Imagine that feeling 24/7 thats what clogged ears feel like.

A buildup of wax, or impacted wax, can present itself in many ways. The most common of which will be the feeling of your ears being blocked or clogged up.

Too much earwax, or impacted earwax, can present many different challenges if left unattended. Temporary hearing loss, a feeling of fullness in your ears, dizziness, headaches, or even balance issues can all be due to wax buildup.

While there are many ways to create impacted earwax, we have noticed a clear number one cause cotton swabs. This everyday bathroom staple used to remove earwax can actually push it deeper into your ear canal, which leads to blockage.

I have seen this problem in many people who think they have a hearing loss. This is relieving when they find out that the problem is a blockage and can be treated quickly.

Our team of professionals is trained in the removal process and can promptly have your hearing back to normal.

You dont have to look far online to find someone promising you relief from your hearing issues.

How Can I Drain My Ears At Home

Clogged Ears | How to Remove Ear Wax At Home With Hydrogen Peroxide

Although a clogged ear is an annoying distraction, its usually treatable with home remedies. Use the Valsalva maneuver. This simple trick helps open your Eustachian tube. Inhale steam. Turn on a hot shower and sit in the bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes. Dislodge trapped fluid. Take over-the-counter medication. Ear drops.

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How To Remove Ear Wax Safely

So how can you best handle ear wax woes?

Sometimes, trying to clean them causes more problems than its worth, says Dr. Nguyen-Huynh. Ears are like self-cleaning ovens. When the outer layer of skin in the ear canal sheds, the wax will fall out with it.

If ear wax is becoming a nuisance, Dr. Nguyen-Huynh recommends several easy ear cleaning methods:

How Did I Clog My Ear In The First Place

Your ear gets clogged when too much ear wax accumulates in the ear canal and clumps together forming a blockage. Ear wax, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies also known as cerumen, actually helps to keep our ears healthy. It protects you against bacteria and helps to rid your ear of dirt or other foreign substances. In a way, our ears actually clean themselves.

However, when too much cerumen builds up in your ear it can clump together and clog your ear. The risk of getting a clogged ear is greater when foreign objects regularly push ear wax even further into the ear the most common culprits being in-ear headphones, ear plugs or cotton sticks.

After a swim is a typical time to find yourself with a blocked ear. Ear wax partially absorbs water and clumps together easier. With increasing age, the glands responsible for producing ear wax shrink, thus clogged ears may gradually become more frequent.

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Try Alcohol And Vinegar Eardrops

Alcohol can help evaporate the water in your ear. It also works to eliminate the growth of bacteria, which can help prevent infection. If the trapped water occurs due to earwax buildup, the vinegar may help remove it.

  • Combine equal parts alcohol and vinegar to make eardrops.
  • Using a sterile dropper, apply three or four drops of this mixture into your ear.
  • Gently rub the outside of your ear.
  • Wait 30 seconds, and tilt your head sideways to let the solution drain out.
  • Dont use this method if you have any of these conditions:

    If you have middle ear congestion, depending on the cause, OTC decongestant or antihistamine therapy may help. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Here are some other remedies to try.

    Choose A Saline Solution

    Check out the easiest trick to clear a clogged ear!

    Many saline solutions designed for cleaning the ear canals are sold in stores, but you can also make them yourself. To do this, just mix a tablespoon of sea salt in half a cup of warm water. Then, soak a compress in the solution and let the liquid flow drop by drop into the ear canal with your head tilted to the side. Saltwater can also be used as a preventative measure.

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